18 April, 2024


Banning Tamil Diaspora Orgs Is A Proof Of Rajapaksa Bankruptcy: GTF

“This action now proves that President Mahinda Rajapaksa is bankrupt of political will to even attempt to resolve the root causes of the Tamil National Question. As the UN Human Rights Commissioner acknowledged after her visit to Colombo in August 2013 and in her recent report, Mahinda Rajapaksa’s authoritarian tendency is now giving rise for him to think that he can suppress freedom of speech even overseas.” Suren Surendiran, the spokesperson of the Global Tamil Forum (GTF) told Colombo Telegraph.

Suren Surendiran -Spokesperson GTF

Suren Surendiran -Spokesperson GTF

When asked his opinion on Sri Lankan government’s attempt to ban Tamil diaspora organisations categorising them “as foreign terrorist entities” Surendiran said; “GTF as an organisation has clearly articulated to the world and the people of Sri Lanka that we actively promote non-violence and we seek a negotiated political settlement for the Tamil National Question”

Military spokesman Brigadier Ruwan Wanigasekera yesterday said that the government of Sri Lanka is in a process to proscribe certain Tamil diaspora organisations.

The GTF spokesperson said; “By creating fear and by allowing ‘terror’ through white van abductions, killings and by targeting local media organisations and personnel he has successfully suppressed freedom of speech internally in the island. Now by proscribing organisations in Sri Lanka, Mahinda Rajapaksa is trying to intimidate members of international organisations like the Global Tamil Forum to give into his ‘terror’ tactics. Its a proven fact through the percentage votes his party gained in the recently held elections that his popularity internally too is weakening. UNHRC has given the authority to the Office of the UN HR Commissioner to initiate an international investigation into alleged breaches of international law in Sri Lanka. Fear has set in due to these combined reasons, is the only conclusion that can be drawn for his idea of proscription of organisations that function overseas. This is a typical reaction of dictators.

“We as an organisation will deploy all legal and political instruments that are at our disposal to send a clear message to the regime that none of these ‘terror’ tactics will work with us as we live in a free society where we cherish freedom of speech and democracy and democracy not as defined as in Sri Lanka but practicing democracy. Rajapaksa regime thinks that having elections by itself is democracy.

“This is yet another reason why the current human rights violations, crimes against humanity and abuses must be monitored and investigated by an international body like the UNHRC. International community must react decisively to let the Rajapaksa Regime know in no uncertain terms that there will be serious consequences for his actions or the lack of it.”

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      Here is one for the disbelievers of war crimes, must see to believe:

      U tube video;

      Callum Macrae ‏@Callum_Macrae 5h

      More disturbing (but as yet unverified) video has emerged https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=F2vAER7kcxs

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    “Diaspora Organisations” tell the truth of what is happening in sri lanka, to the world.
    What they say is confirmed by credible international human rights activists and organisations,
    Members of UNHCR believe only what they can confirm from many sources.
    Hence the 41 co-sponsors,and supporters, of the US resolution.
    Truth is eternal and cannot be hidden.
    By this ban, sri lanka only confirms the truth of what the diaspors say.
    The Rajapakse regime thrives on lies – hence only about 50% voted at recent elections which were the most flawed in recent history.

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    By banning non violent unarmed diaspora Tamil movements, Rajapakses have actually strengthened their cause.

    Infact of engaging with the Tamil community to find a lasting peace, Rajapakses are isolating them and further aggravate the issue.

    First Pres.Rajapakse stopped Navi Pillai coming to Sri Lanka. Now banning Tamil Diaspora organizations. What is next…………

    Rajapakses Playing Russian Roulett both with International community, Tamil Diaspora and the Sri Lanka’s opposition parties are difinitely going to warn and drain them out. You singgle handadly cannot fight enemy on many fronts.

    Better The one Family retire early than further deteriorating our country.

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    If you look deep, you will come to know the truth that Tamils have not been Radicalized, but victimised. New Delhi felt threatened by two major issues in the 60’s-70’s; one was the Tamil Nadu’s self-determination drive, and the other one was Sri Lanka’s foreign policy. President J R Jayewardene increased Sri Lanka’s bilateral cooperation with the United States to develop Sri Lanka. So, New Delhi decided to hijack the internal conflict of Sri Lanka to deal with Tamil Nadu Nadu’s self-determination drive and Sri Lanka’s foreign policy. New Delhi trained and supplied arms to the young Tamils to fight against the Sri Lankan government, and also to undermine the Tamils n Tamil Nadu and Sri Lanka by turning them as terrorist groups. In the past history Tamils had done well that is why the Tamil language is widely spoken in Asia than Hindi or any other Asian language. Somehow Tamils in Tamil Nadu and Sri Lanka got fooled by New Delhi and accepted arms to fight against the Sri Lankan government.

    MGR was an actor didn’t see the motive behind the New Delhi’s deal. Prabhakaran did not see either, because he did not even pass the 10th grade. The LTTE was created to act as a puppet of India; however that didn’t work, because of the Tamil diaspora. The West wanted a foothold in Sri Lanka, so it decided to influence the diaspora and pushed the LTTE to fight against the IPKF. India felt devastated, and was desperate to ban the LTTE and control the situation. The only way to bring the LTTE under control is by its radical approach to the situation. The assassination of the Prime Minister Rajiv Gandhi created a pathway to ban the LTTE, not only in India, but all around the world. The Rajiv Gandhi’s assassination helped India to ban the LTTE and control the situation. Here comes the billion dollar question. Who was really behind the assassination of Rajiv Gandhi? Why the Indian intelligence (RAW) could not prevent the assassination of Rajiv Gandhi? Was it necessary evil to allow Prime Minister Rajiv Gandhi to die, in order to save India by banning the LTTE which turned against India, and decided to work with the Western Countries to achieve its goal so called “Tamil Eelam”? I let you to answer.

    The British promised a homeland for the Jews, and delivered; but India has not delivered anything to Tamils even though Tamils have died for India. The Union Minister Sudarsana Natchiappan defended India’s abstention on the US sponsored resolution against Sri Lanka in the UNHRC, arguing that it was aimed at neutralising the influence of China. He also said that “leaders of the Tamil National Alliance were under the influence of the diaspora, which, in turn, was controlled by the remnants of the LTTE”. Minister wasn’t suffered in Sri Lanka; that is why he is making an unsubstantiated accusation that all Tamil diaspora are remnants of the LTTE. Tamils suffered under the ruthless Sinhalese regimes. But New Delhi hijacked Tamils struggles for its own interest and created the Tamil armed groups. The Tamils and Sinhalese have suffered for 30 years due to the New Delhi’s political blunder. Now the Tamils have upper hand since last Thursday, because the UNHRC passed the resolution to investigate the last stage of war. Now India and Sri Lanka are in trouble, because the Congress and Rajapaksa regime have been fooling the Tamils. I am a Sri Lankan Tamil diaspora. I never supported the LTTE which was created by New Delhi for its own interests. I urge the Minister to provide evidence that all of the Tamil diaspora are part of the LTTE. It is easier to fool the world that all Tamils are LTTE, and they deserve nothing than delivering what is right and acceptable to Tamils.

    You can’t ask the monkey to change its tricks; once you have trained the monkey to do tricks to make money as an entertainment. You can retrain the monkey, but meantime you can’t make money. Likewise the Sri Lankan leaders have trained the Sinhalese people to get votes, if the leaders try to change the people’s ideology they will lose the votes. The leaders have been encouraging language, race and religious disharmony among the people since 1948, in order to keep their power for generations. Hatred is in every Sinhalese’s blood; therefore uniting the country is impossible. It is very easy for the Rajapaksas to fool the people who have been fighting since the independence. The damage is already done, it is impossible to fix it or unwind. Let’s push for an international solution. It doesn’t matter whether New Delhi voted for the US backed UNHRC resolution or not, but I want to know what New Delhi is going to do for Tamils and how it is going to deal with the ruthless Rajapaksa regime. Remember, we were fooled by too many, we won’t easily fall into anyone’s trap anymore.

    Singaporean Foreign Minister called on countries to engage constructively with Sri Lanka and look to the future rather than dwell on the past. The world must know one important thing; we are not dwelling in the past. What we face in Sri Lanka is a real discrimination; we are not living in illusion. I have been to Sri Lanka in 2012. As a Tamil I couldn’t even get tickets to see tourist places as a local; the staff refused to sell local tickets to me even though I produced enough evidence that I was born in Sri Lanka. Mr K Shanmugam is a Tamil; he is a Minister for Foreign Affairs and Minister for Law, because he is from Singapore. If he is from Sri Lanka he would not have got that position. He does not know about the racist Sinhalese regimes as we do who were born among them. Let him talk, but we will push the international community for political solution. Now is probing the war, but it will be a political solution. We were fooled by too many, but not anymore. After all, we are Tamils :-)

    Banning the Tamil organisation is a dangerous move; it will widen the gap between the Tamil diaspora and the Sinhalese. Dividing the country into two is getting more practical and imminent under the Rajapaksa regime. The Rajapaksas are the most foolish leaders I have come across as government leaders in the world’s political history. The worst thing about the Rajapaksas is they are doing everything to divide the country after killing thousands of innocent people. When I compare the West with the Rajapaksas; the West is unbelievably powerful. The West will triumph. Why do I say this? I tell you the reason why I came to this conclusion. I started Asia Unites in May 2013, but not even one Tamil, Sinhalese or any other Asian donated one dollar to the organisation. It says a lot about the West and its powerful propaganda and the East’s foolishness. Just wait and see how the West is going to spin their heads; they deserve it, because of their stupidity. Don’t you think we are underestimating the intellectuality and the Western powers when we call Sri Lanka as wonder of Asia under the Rajapaksa regime? President Rajapaksa has underestimated the Western powers, the UN and the Tamil diaspora. He has been calculating everyone as he calculated Prabhakaran. He is not smart enough to know what is coming. If he does, he won’t talk about the general election in 2016.

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      “I have been to Sri Lanka in 2012. As a Tamil I couldn’t even get tickets to see tourist places as a local; the staff refused to sell local tickets to me even though I produced enough evidence that I was born in Sri Lanka”

      What kind of lop sided arguments is this?Once you sell your mother land for greener pastures,you are no longer considered a Sri Lankan. You can not be Sri Lankan only when it is convenient to you.
      It was already too late in banning all these parasites who live off plunder.
      what none sense is Suren talking about a negotiated settlement. They only remembered negotiations after being banned and until then it was always Geneva,UNHRC and the Hague.
      Who are they planning to negotiate with? The person they accuse being a dictator,Murderer, human rights violator, war crimes perpetrator and so on……
      Or are they planing to negotiate with the PSC appointed by the parliament or they can negotiate with Mr. Camreron!
      TNA and Diaspora had ample time if they were interested in a negotiated settlement but they wanted their pound of flesh in whole and like their beloved leader sun god will ultimately end up with nothing.
      Serves them right for being greedy!

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        you are such a plonker.
        (a)you live abroad and earn abroad and when you go to sri lanka you cant afford to pay 10 rupees but want to pay 10 cents?
        (b)did you bleach your self white before going there…or did you try to show off your boru foreign accent
        (c)do you know how much it cost to maintain all these tourist places?
        (d)in addition there is Rajapakse undiyal

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    I am no supporter of Mahinda. I am no supporter of people who are fighting for Tamil rights either. WHERE WERE THEY WHEN TIGERS WERE MASSACARING INNOCENT PEOPLE? WERE WERE THEIR CONCERNS FOR HUMAN?

    The Tamils are SOOO brave to blame Mahinda, but why were they silent when their ‘SUN GOD’ were buthering the innocent people.

    Didn’t you’ll know that the funds that you’ll collected was meant to kill innocent Sri Lankans?

    Stop shedding crocodile tears, you’ll Tamils has lost all credibility.

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      2 wrongs don’t make a right. -Fullstop.

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