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BASL Slams Local Judiciary, Calls For International Assistance

In a veiled and ambiguous statement the Bar Association of Sri Lanka (BASL) said that the local judiciary does not have confidence of ‘many concerned’ and admitted that international assistance and expertise is a necessity in addressing allegations of War Crimes.

Geoffrey Alagaratnam
President Bar Association of Sri Lanka

The statement cloaked with non-committal jargon and thinly veiled sentences however, calls for the need for a mechanism which is accepted by ‘all stakeholders’.

The BASL has continuously turned a blind eye to massive issues of chronic delays, unbearable fees asked my Lawyers, cronyism and procedural malfunctioning of the system.

However, during the end years of the Rajapaksa regime the BASL shifted to a politically motivated stance and challenged the incumbent regime, despite the continuance of chronic delays and lack of access to justice to the public.

The Colombo Telegraph learns the BASL has done very little for institutional and procedural correction, confining itself to conferences and non-specific media communiques.

Following is the full statement;

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