3 December, 2022


BBS Ally Takes To The Streets As Thousands Fall Victim To Floods, Landslides

While thousands of Sri Lankans languished from floods and landslides, following torrential rains which left at least 91 people dead, a close ally of the Bodu Bala Sena (BBS) took to the streets today against Muslim politicians. The protestors, representing the Sinhale Sanga Raju carried a distorted national flag and marched through the main roads chanting this is a Buddhist nation.

The protestors demanded the Human Rights Commission and the Police Commission to take action against Muslim politicians. Over the past few weeks, the BBS has been making statements to the effect that even though Muslim Ministers such as Rishard Bathiudeen has been accused of cutting down trees and destroying the Wilpattu national park, no action has been taken against him despite complaints even been lodged with the police.

Meanwhile, even though it was over 24 hours since the police deployed units to arrest BBS General Secretary Galagoda Atte Gnanasara, they are yet to make any headway. Since mid this week, Gnanasara has gone into hiding and the police have not taken any steps to interrogate any other members of the BBS to verify the whereabouts of Gnanasara’s location.

Today, at 7.00 pm, Gnanasara issued an audio message to his supporters via the BBS’s official Facebook page. “Don’t worry about me, I will look after my matter, help the people who are in need due to this disaster, because the government cannot handle this alone,” he said. Earlier, BBS’s Executive Director Dilantha Withanage said that Gnanasara had gone into hiding because his group had received information that there was a conspiracy to assassinate the firebrand monk. The police incidentally deployed the units only after Gnanasara went into hiding.

There has also been accusations that Gnanasara is currently housed in a safe house belonging to a minister in this present government, with whom Gnanasara shares close links. “If the police was genuine, they should have interrogated the BBS members to verify Gnanasara’s location,” a source pointed out.

By evening today, the Disaster Management Centre said that 91 people had died, while at least 110 had gone missing while over 53, 114 have been displaced from the floods and landslides.

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    Hush you guys… the Chef of Police wants the Police to meditate every moaning, so the Chef of the BBS can attain Nirvana…

  • 2

    Why is little Hitler hiding? Also Mr. IGP why can’t your good men find this monk. Is he hiding with the cops or is he at your place?

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    It’s amazing that a nation that defeated one of the most ruthless terror group in the world is unable to quell a raggety group like the BBS. The BBS’ secretary Gnanasara Thera flips two fingers at our laws and gets away with it.

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    Unauthorised Vihare is being constructed in the north, and this is ignored.

  • 1

    This spate of attack on Mosques and Muslims owned establishments seems to be a resemblance of the previous Greece Yaka provocative attack on Muslims. I have a reasonable doubt that this government too, like the previous government has been duped in to believe on a Muslim extremism in the country.

    Further the government appears to have given in to the pressure mounted by the BBS as it has removed the Commissioner General of Archeology as demanded by the BBS Monk.

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    The basic ideology of BBS is absolutely ridiculous and wrong.

    SL is not a “Buddhist country”. Truthful history is, whether Buddhism, Hinduism, Christianity or Islam came from outside at various stages.

    Further what is praciced in though called “Buddhism” is not Buddhism

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    It Is A Damn Bloody Disgrace To See Some People Are Making A Voice Against Ven Gnanasara Thero….Who Has Been Speaking On Behalf Of The Rights Of The Sinhalese Generations And The Damage What The Muslim Extremists have Been Doing From Some Time to The Heritage Of this Country……………I Doubt If This Country Is The Mother Land Of The People Who Are Attacking The Ven Gnanasara Thero…………..He Is Exposing The Damages That The Muslim Extremists Ministers Have Done To The Sinhala Buddhist Archealogical Sites And Our Countrys’Heritage And Destroying The Forest Reservations Etc …….According to a UN resolution Detroying Archealogical Sites If Done During the War Time Is A War Crime and Still For All The Culprits Can Be Brought Before That Law And Punished Severely ………..That is what The BBS Voicing for……………………..Is Not Any ONe Of These People Proud about our rich Heritage and the Archeaology Of This Country……….After These Damn Bloody Muslim Hooligans Destroy these Sites What Shall Our future generation have to Speak about our Civilization…………………..Are You People Not Worried or Do Not Care About It ………….We All Should Thank Ven Gnanasara Thero For Exposing All These Facts Bravely Without Any Fear To Any body

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