28 September, 2022


BBS Is Deployed To Mislead Minority Voters

The Bodu Bala Sena is to announce its support for the common candidate Maitripala Sirisena on Thursday, Colombo Telegraph reliably leant.



“This well planned move is to mislead minorities and planned from Temple Tress” a source close to the campaign manager of the UPFA, Basil Rakapaksa, told Colombo Telegraph.

When asked the BBS CEO, Dilanthe Withange said; “We have not decided yet, We are meeting tomorrow night to take a decision. BBS will have a press conference on Thursday to announce its stance”

However according to a source close to Galagoda Atte Gnanasara, the BBS has already decided to support Sirisena.


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    If a country is to progress , it has to ensure racial harmony at all times. The atmosphere has to be created in the minds of minorities, tamils, and muslims that the majority is respecting their rights as equal citizens of the country. This can be done only with the leadership given by any government
    In the way they handle this important issue.

    There is beauty in a country where multi race and multi relgious is respected and practiced and any form of exremism should be condemned by all good thinking citizens and if necessary banned by the government.

    In SriLanka, unfortunately we had missed the bus on several occasions, due to the politicians. During the recent past, organisations such as BBS etc have created a lot of suspicion amongt the minorities.
    Therefore, MS, the candidate proposed by UNP and other groups has to be very cautious in dealing with this group to avoid any loss of faith by the minoritues whose support in the presidential elections
    Is very vital to ensure agreat victory.

    and Muslims t

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    Let MS confirm this!!! It will be just pretension for spying or espionage…. In case, if MS agree on their support, let them sitout from round-table…

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    Is the UNP. TNA , Diaspora Alliance in tatters?

    Has the Cousin done the ultimate demolition job on Ranil?..

    TNA leader , Vellala Sambandan , says he is not decided yet even after the lengthy meet yesterday, with the LTTE proxy heavies in the Parliamentary team..

    He says he has to consult the Tamil Intelligentsia before he decides whom to back.

    I thought UNP is the party of the Intelligentsia. May be I was wrong.

    So Doughie must be the party of the others and I am right on the money there.

    Has Sambandan got the jitters having seen Gnanissara between CBK and Sira ?..

    Hope Sambandan doesn’t declare that he is going to back the incumbent?.

    We know what happened to Fonny after Ranil annexed Sambandan to the DNA..

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    So if the BBS supports Maithripala how could BBS have been supported by Gota? Has CT been cursing an innocent Gota for months? Its all so mysterious.

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    Sirisena can say goodbye the Presidency if BBS backs him. Keep these saffron terrorists at arms length. They are doing a contract for a party pooper.

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