1 July, 2022


BBS & MR Accusing Each Other: Who Is Responsible For The Anti-Muslim Attacks !

By Lukman Harees

Lukman Harees

Lukman Harees

In a classic case of pot calling the kettle black, during an interesting Press interview given by BBS, its’ spokesman Dilanthe Withanage let the cat out of the bag . In response to the accusations made by MR to BBC Sinhala Service, regarding the role played inter-alia by BBS in contributing to his defeat at the January 2015 Presidential Elections by engaging in anti-Muslim violence, Dilantha pointed out that they have evidence that it was people associated with Mahinda Rajapaksa who were responsible for Aluthgama and fashion Bug attacks . He further stated that it was precise the reason why there were no arrests made while making another tongue-in-the-cheek assertion that BBS have never been associated with or provoked any Anti Muslim violence. Very likely the journalists present may have enjoyed the joke and even wished they replay the recording of Ven. Galagoda Atte Gnanasara’s speeches specially the venomous and hate filled barks prior to Fashion Bug arson attack and Aluthgama mini-1983 style communal violence .

It was an open secret that BBS received wide state sponsorship through the agency of the powerful Gotabaya Rajapaksa, then secretary of the Defence Ministry during MR regime which encouraged them to operate without fear or sanction wherever they wished- whether government offices, way side meetings or on the streets. Dilantha as per local news reports, admitted that MR did attend one of the Sena’s meetings initially, but added it was his brother Gota who “understood our intentions better”. When public opinion turned against BBS after the anti-Muslim riots in 2014, Dilanthe further claimed that Gota helped the group. “We know him very well. He collected the right information from the army intelligence that favoured us”. “Then Presidential candidate Sirisena had largely kept silent about BBS during the elections. But we had to campaign against him as his manifesto directly attacked BBS and its alleged religious terrorism”.

It is however not the first time that MR accused BBS of being part of the conspiracy to defeat him at the Polls. In an interview with the French news agency, AFP, in early 2015, MR said that neither he nor his defense secretary brother, Gotabaya had anything to do with the BBS despite popular belief that the Rajapaksas were behind the group. He accused JHU leader Patali Champika Ranawaka of defending the BBS at a time when he wanted to take action against the group widely held responsible for a string of attacks against minority Muslims. MR said that he had finally came in to the sense that BBS was a result of a western conspiracy against him.”I lost the election partly because minority Muslims ditched me thanks to the work of the BBS.”. Ven. Gnanasara countered by stating that the defeat of MR was caused by activities of his own sons. MR’s recent interview to BBC was in reiteration of this assertion, stressing further that he knows how to keep BBS in its’ proper place.

When the BBS instigated Aluthgama violence targeted the Muslims physically , psychologically and economically, then MR regime tried their utmost to clear BBS name even doctoring the police and medical evidence against the culprits who mercilessly attacked Muslim businesses and homes, and shot innocent worshippers who took up positions to defend their places of worship. Then government shamefully instructed their representatives at the UN Human Rights Council to place the blame on the Muslims for having cast the first stone, thus branding the victims of this unfortunate human tragedy as the perpetrators.

Muslims quite rightly therefore joined hands with the other communities to defeat MR Regime which supported the racist reactionary forces like BBS which led a well-orchestrated hate campaign particularly against them. In fact, one of the cornerstone of the policy imperatives of the Yahapalana government which was ushered in after the defeat of MR was ‘National Reconciliation and Unity’ and they also formed an office to monitor the progress. Muslims therefore looked upon the new government to take concrete action to ensure they live as equal and dignified citizens of this country, while also act justly and fairly, particularly inquiring into the Aluthgama tragedy and punish the perpetrators. However, the issue was unceremoniously swept under the carpet. Ven. Gnanansara was once again back in action in full venom against the Muslims as usual, blaming them for all the ills facing Sri Lanka.

It was true that some initiatives were taken by this government, such as an attempt to bring in the Hate Speech Bill although it was later held in abeyance due to pressures from civic and legal groups . There were also efforts being made to draft a more equitable constitution as well. However, despite such progressive steps, signs are now clear that such measures are being sabotaged by racist forces such as BBS and newly emerging hate groups such as Sinhaleys and Mahasonas ,which are once again being allowed to operate freely to instil fear and a sense of insecurity among the minorities specially the Muslims . Justice Minister Wijeyadasa Rajapakshe has already gained reputation of having become their patron saint, batting for their side.

In this context, it is interesting that ‘new and fresh evidence’ have emerged both from the BBS and MR camps that those associated with the other camp are responsible for the immense suffering and destruction caused to the Muslims specially associated with the Aluthgama tragedy and Fashion Bug arson attack ( which case was withdrawn due to pressure exerted by Gota at that time). This ‘accusations- mud-slinging’ match strengthens the demand of the Muslim community made to the Yahapalana Government to initiate an inquiry to identify and punish those responsible, based on the revelations made by both these parties- MR and Dilantha at their recent Press interviews. Will the government take them seriously and act decisively, is a matter both people of Sri Lanka and the international community will eagerly watch as it will be an acid test for the government to prove that its’ promises of justice and fair-play to all are credible.

It is also important that the Yahapalana government stop ‘run with the hare and hunt with the hounds’ policy with regard to dealing with these racist hate groups and taking decisive action against them. There is no need to wait for a New/ amended Hate Speech Bill to be drafted, as the legal experts say that there is enough legal teeth available already to deal effectively with these reactionary elements which have been conspiring , perhaps with foreign collaboration, to make Sri Lanka slide into another war; this time a religious war. Moreover, when the Yahapalana Government under the leadership of HE Sirisena and Hon. RW is set to put in action a long time sustainable plan for development, which was unveiled on the 1st January 2017 to take Sri Lanka forward, it is imperative that national reconciliation and inter-communal harmony takes precedence and the confidence of all communities boosted to live as equal and dignified citizens. Otherwise, this plan will be like many other plans in the past, which also looked laudable on paper but later proved to be worthless in action.

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  • 19

    This is just staged based on Gota’s advice to win back the anti BBS votes.

    • 17

      Lukman Harees

      RE: BBS & MR Accusing Each Other: Who Is Responsible For The Anti-Muslim Attacks !

      Simple. Gota and Mahinda Rajapaksa, the crooks,initially wanted to be very Sinhala Buddhist at the expense of the Muslims. Their Communal Math did not work. The Sinhala Buddhists were not that stupid. They Lost the Muslim Vote. Mahinda lost the Presidency.

      Now, they know they cannot change the Sinhala Buddhist vote much.

      Therefore, they trying to split the Muslim Votes, usimng BBS again.

      A bunch of losers. They need Idiots, Modayas and Mootals.

    • 11

      Yes exactly, These men would not be burnt down even if they are put into 180degrees.

      These men are so devious and average inthis country are far away from their motives.

      That is why I told the people again and again true colours of Rajaakshe is not yet clear to any srilankens but some foreigners.

    • 9

      Dilantha has been revealing the secrets.
      Those who cant understand the contents of the tape.
      WHAT Dilantha has been telling the truth today

      a) Dilantha has been revealing the manner Mahinda Rajaakshe threatening BBS today.

      b) According to Mahinda as as Dilantha confirmed

      1) BBS-UNP deal – who says – Mr Medamulana
      2) BBS-RW – who says – Mr Medamulana
      3) BBS- OTHERS who says – Mr Medamulana

      2005 – According to MR – muslims have not voted him
      2015 – According to MR – muslims have not voted him

      He confirmed to keep the people away from realities about BBS, Basil Rajakashe warned SLTV and ITV and other pvt senders not to reveal the realities

      BBS monk s visit to Norway and USA is only according to MR all the harrasments were made on to INNOCIENT muslims.

      Dilantha says, MR is a shameless leader and his only target is to attack the others.

      Now with all becoming no good to Mahinda Rajakashe things will become really really dangerous for rise of JOint opposition.

      Not forgetting the most important facts. According to Dilantha those who rally round with MR today are the thugs that created Aluthgama riots and destroyed the livelyhood of Muslims:

      According to DIlantha, had there been issues against BBS, why could then govt stand against them ?
      Dilantha says they have enough documents to prove that THOSE criminals destroyed the lives in ALuthgama.

      Now over to FCID,Muslim leaders. it is your turn to collecte those proof documents from Dilantha to file the case against those culprits.

      • 2

        Dilantha looks as if he is shortly before leaving lay life. Why is that… Has his life with BBS lead done good to him ? Why the kind of lunantics end up this way… ?

    • 6

      BBS men – and their supporters country wide just less than to 20 000 as became clear in last elections.
      So, now thse men are in a problem.

      They have to open the pandora box.

      In which there are enough proofs who was behind Aluthgama attacks which took the lives of masses but belongin to Muslim community. Poor srilankens.

      And Dilantha reveals in the tape how he was threatened by MR keeping that Udaya Gonthadipila next to him. Gonthadipila has given a sign in that disucssion to DIlantha – that MR is a thug and nobody would become against him. If you would stand against, you have to face the consequences.
      ————->>>>>>>>> What are the consequences?

      Physical and mental threats – Can you imagine ? WHO IS REVEALING THIS ? NONE OTHER THAN THE ORGANISER OF BBS.

      And Mahinda Rajaakshe has attacked BBS lately that his defeat was due to not reacting against BBS activities.
      Dilanatha confirms

      1) All those attacks made on ALuthgama to any other muslim places were the attacks of JOIN OPPOTION men…..
      is this not sufficent to go against JOINT OPPOTION MEN ?

      He further says, they have enough documents to prove that ….

      caught in the act right ?

      Gotabaya is the person who handled them for MR regime -why then the FCID stays mum today ?

      2) Much more to be revealed, this is the best time frame to tame Mahinda Rajaakspke

      This way together with BBS the govt can reveal the world how MEGALOMANIAC MR has been

    • 2

      Friends, this Tape contains the following VERY IMPORTANT MESSAGE added by Dilantha (BBS secretary/spokesman) he says Udaya Gammanpila has finally confessed the real nature of former President……xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

      BBS s Dilantha confirms that even Udaya Gampanpila is tremoured by MR and his behaviours.
      Udaya to have said ” We never want to argue with MR, knowing the consequences to our lives if would stand against him අපි කවුරැවත් එයාට විරැද්ධ කතා නැහැ මොකද ජිවිත වලට තර්ජන ඇති වෙන්න පුලුවන් කියලා දන්න නිසා We never want to argue with MR, knowing the consequences to our lives if would stand against him අපි කවුරැවත් එයාට විරැද්ධ කතා නැහැ මොකද ජිවිත වලට තර්ජන ඇති වෙන්න පුලුවන් කියලා දන්න නිසාWe never want to argue with MR, knowing the consequences to our lives if would stand against him අපි කවුරැවත් එයාට විරැද්ධ කතා නැහැ මොකද ජිවිත වලට තර්ජන ඇති වෙන්න පුලුවන් කියලා දන්න නිසාWe never want to argue with MR, knowing the consequences to our lives if would stand against him අපි කවුරැවත් එයාට විරැද්ධ කතා නැහැ මොකද ජිවිත වලට තර්ජන ඇති වෙන්න පුලුවන් කියලා දන්න නිසාWe never want to argue with MR, knowing the consequences to our lives if would stand against him අපි කවුරැවත් එයාට විරැද්ධ කතා නැහැ මොකද ජිවිත වලට තර්ජන ඇති වෙන්න පුලුවන් කියලා දන්න නිසා

    • 0


      Here you will see more about the realities of the President

      This man is pal horek.

      How come beachboys of Negambo turned out to be untouchable welathy men ?

      If Derana have guts please interview Rajathuma on the issue.

      That way Derana can do a greater job revealing the truths.

  • 10

    Off-course there are many allegations that it was Gotabhaya Rajapaksa who was (and still is) the master mind behind the BBS and the overall hate campaign against the Muslims.

    But, even if we assume MR was totally innocent and had nothing to do with the formation and operation of the BBS, he as the President and Minister of Defense is still responsible for not curtailing or outright banning the activities of hate-groups such as the BBS.

    This is not too unlike the UNP apologists trying to whitewash JRJ, denying involvement of the UNP in the riots of July, 1983.

    Denialism is a very Sri Lankan trait. It doesn’t matter how much you deny! Even if you are innocent, you are still responsible for failing to protect and ensure the security the people of the country you govern.

  • 15

    This Drama is good for punac eating masses, the blind and foolish followers of MARA, not for people of some intelligence.

    • 1

      Not only the followers of MARA who is an active part of the existing corrupt culture but all those who are actors in that culture; the whole of the UNPers and the SLFPers together with their torch bearers. This drama is the deal that has been agreed upon at the eve of the last general elections. You scratch by back I will scratch your back; this is UNP-SLFP politics that has always been.

  • 5

    Who Is Responsible For The Anti-Muslim Attacks !

    Rajitha & Norway for and onbehalf of Yahapalanaya.

  • 9

    It is all a big game meant to keep us distracted and stupid. We fight amongst us and try to fish in troubled waters they created, while they make merry and rule us. The day we unite as a people against them, will be the day this country starts progressing. It is an US vs THEM issue now.


    • 11

      I think here too, MR et al may have made an arrangemetn secretly, let s fight this way, so that the message would have been passed to the masses that seem to stand against BBS.
      MR led men are beyond all levels.
      That I dont call political maturity. But rascal politics.

      If BBS was not supported by MR regime, why him to have been like a blind folded man at the time BBS vanadlized the innocient Muslims in Aluthgarma and even colombo. Remember few years ago ?

      That was a deal between MR regime and BBS.

      The reason why the deal was knot that one cant unfold easily, was connected not to punish Rajakashes or BBS by lanken prevailing laws yet.

    • 1

      Exactly as Dr. RN says these are well calculated manipulations to hood-wink and to distract the whole country and all the people away from the failures of the two parties (UNP and SLFP) which led different Govts. since independence in finding right solutions to the serious problems faced by the people. They both in turn used the Buddhist clergies to win the votes of the Buddhist people to secure their corrupt politics. Now the situation has degenerated to such a low level these politicians and the groups whom they used to mislead the people are at loggerheads and have begun washing in public the dirty linen of each other as they have no useful and valid issues to place before the people. Be it Muslims or any other community, they should understand that every community has been made scapegoats from time to time by these politicians to take forward their own corrupt activities. The whole country needs to charter a new political path for the country so that this degenerating lot of politicians are thrown out of the political arena and dumped somewhere from which they cannot come out again. The Muslims can play an important role in bringing out a true change for the betterment of the country than continuously talking, discussing and writing about the same old rubbish resorted to by the present creed of politicians whether they belong to the UNP or SLFP. Let us think of the ways for a real change that will be beneficial to all the people.

    • 2

      this tape is really an evidence if FCID or CID men really want to investigate the real nature of former leader. Udaya Gommanpila to have said somewhatevery important about the charismatic leader…… there is a saying even if your mouths lies, the tongue would not…. that is caught by that… Not only opposition men, but also all the men within Cabinet had fears on Rajakashe the highly abusive man in former govt.

  • 7

    I talked to a Musllim businessman and he believes this is foreign intervention too. Mahinda was never a racist!
    I do not understand why this government does not take any action against them? Looks like everybody is using them as required?

    • 8

      WIth your ability to see the MOON as calling it SUN, you just add your thoughts.

      We perfectly know MR is a proved racist: Even MrS B had shared her thought decades ago, MR cant be a faithful person. Now with Lasantha and other Murder cases and their aftermath scenarios his behaviours are estranged. There my suspicion grows to tell you that the man has not yet shown his true colours.
      Alles order nichts -all or not -issue was with the war ending strategies made between IC. By that if anyone would say, him to be the leader with a greater distinction to others is a Joke.
      The manner he just let it go- with projects that costs the country billions, proved his money management as a Minister of Finance.
      And also the avalanches of people -innocient went missing inthe war ends and in the aftermath proved his realities with being a minister of defence.
      All others you may get from web Thanks.

    • 1

      iS THIS MUSLIM Business MAN come from moon or another planet.
      Do not lie man!!!!

      “” Mahinda was never a racist!”””.

      OF Course. Why don’t you arrange him to suck a teat????.
      Because that your Malaccan Kabaraya [BABY] was not fed by mother’s breast milk.
      Bugger is still a baby to you all, sitting on the Brain lickers.

    • 1


      “I talked to a Musllim businessman and he believes this is foreign intervention too.”

      Did you tell him you were a foreigner from Canada and a Sinhala/Buddhist racist?

      “I do not understand why this government does not take any action against them?”

      Why didn’t the previous government take action against the saffron clad thugs or send a white van to give lift from point A to no return?

      “Looks like everybody is using them as required?”

      Do you mean saffron clad thugs are that stupid and are being used by everybody?

      Racist are by definition stupid. Are you telling us that you are being used by everybody?

    • 1

      Even permanent punnakku eating cant help you anymore.

      Get well and come to CT for your comments. That can help the readership.

      Please dont rotten LONDON people with your abusive energies.

    • 0

      Surely, that Muslim BUsiness man knew that you are backstabber supporting Mahinda Criminal Association. THat may well be the reason that gentleman to behave so. If I were he I would have been pretending the same.
      Mahinda has done lot more – evidences are documented.

      There are even videos still in ciculation – what Mahinda Rajakashe to have added to Press by himself that could be not far from Racism:

      Not you those who can analyse it – are the political analysts, they may do the job if not today inthe future.

      justice delayed is not justice denied යුක්තිය යුක්තිය සාධාරණත්වය ප්රමාද කිරිම යුක්තිය අහිමි කිරිම නොවේ justice delayed is not justice denied යුක්තිය යුක්තිය සාධාරණත්වය ප්රමාද කිරිම යුක්තිය අහිමි කිරිම නොවේjustice delayed is not justice denied යුක්තිය යුක්තිය සාධාරණත්වය ප්රමාද කිරිම යුක්තිය අහිමි කිරිම නොවේjustice delayed is not justice denied යුක්තිය යුක්තිය සාධාරණත්වය ප්රමාද කිරිම යුක්තිය අහිමි කිරිම නොවේ

  • 4

    Lucky LTTE terrorists are gone. Other wise BBS terrorists and MR will join together an blame that on LTTE

  • 9

    Muslims joined together to defeat MR Regime mainly for three reasons.
    1. To get rid of MR regime that caused so much of terror in the hearts of Muslims
    2. Innocent hope of finding justice for the injustice they met. such as Aluthgama, fashion bug, no limit and thajudeen cases
    3. wiping out corruptions

    Their first wish was fulfilled while the second and.third have become a going after a mirage. wiping out the corruption appears to be a day dream

    Now its high time that the Muslims teach a temporory lesson to this Yahapalana regime who dont care even a bit to fulfil the election promises leave aside doing justice to Muslims.

    So lets get together to vote against the two major parties and vote for the third force such as jvp at least in the next provincial elections and send a message

  • 8

    Rajafucksa and the beastly BBS are trying to draw a red herring. Please don’t be mislead by this tactic. Underhand they are together thick as thieves.This is an attempt to win over the crucial support of the minorities.These murderers will never stop at anything.THey will sell even their mothers and wives for political power.

  • 1

    People, the truth is that Norway organised the whole thing. When Gandasara visited Norway, he was given money to purchase matches, petrol bombs, bricks,yellow robes with blood on them, etc. All these he handed over to the Muslims, who then destroyed their own houses and shops at the urging of one Dr.Mervin Silva.Simple, no?

  • 6

    The BBS has denied that Gota had helped them in any way many many times during press conferences and tv interviews in the past, but now they seem to be pals according to their own statement. Clearly they’ve lied before and they are lieing now. How can a bunch of liars call themselves monks? Or saviors of buddism? Is this what a noble philosophy has fallen to? Lie lie lie to get the job done? Since they openly claim they follow Lord Buddha’s path, that begs the question did Lord Buddha also lie to spread, protect his teachings?

    The sheer stupidity of the Sinhala Buddist community that support these mahasonas, sinhaleys and the balayas is shocking. How stupid could one be to follow Buddism and yet not be able to spot a wolf in sheeps clothing? It’s this stupidity that is a disgrace to a logical philosophy. How could the followers of a logical philosophy be so illogical and gullible?

    I’ve said this before and I’ll say it again the whole anti-minority campaign is one big, fat lie. Everything these vipers utter is a lie. These thattayas need a good public beating to put them in their rightful place (i.e the temple). What we have today is a spineless Sinhala Buddhist community that dare not lift a finger against these lieing, cheating, power hungry crooks in saffron robes, they’d rather follow these murderous cults and spill blood in the name of the enlightened one.

    I’m truly and deeply disgusted at what i see and hear. All one has to do is login to Facebook and read comments of the followers of these cults. Its disgusting and shameful and they do it in the name of protecting Buddism (LOL). Even monks comment in filthy language that’s not suitable for anyone with an iota of respect or humanity in them.

    I fear this is the beginning of the end of Buddism and its been destroyed from within, all the while attempting to portray that the enemy is elsewhere. If you follow the Buddha’s teachings to the letter you’ll have no enemies. But the Sinhala Buddhists seem to have nothing but enemies, from the suddas in the west to the chinese in the east all are enemies of the SB. What’s more shameful is that you’ve turned your own countrymen into your enemies based on lies spread by a bunch of uneducated rascals looking to further their careers and wealth.

    Before pointing fingers at others just know that it is you, the Sinhala Buddists that destroyed Buddhism. You and you alone are responsible for its destruction. You have always been your own enemy and that’s what has led you to make nothing but enemies. I dare you to show me one race or ethnicity that you are friends with.

    • 2

      Not only the Sinhalese all the people in Sri Lanka; Tamils and Muslims included, have a passive and emotional attitude. This weakness gives the open opportunity to self-seeking within all the communities to keep the people divided using sensitive issues and religion, culture and language. The self-seekers run the ruse.

  • 4

    Attacks on Muslims! may be as retaliation.

    Muslims themselves are responsible.

  • 0

    All these years the UNP and the SLFP together with their co-actors played the same drama with different titles at different stages at different times. Now they are playing it together; all to safeguard and continue their corrupt political culture. This must be understood by all the people.

  • 1

    Anyone behind racist attacks, who provoke mindless mobs, and hurt others who do not agree with them, are pure evil.

    The mere fact that Rajapaksa and his regime did and said NOTHING when these terrorists were inciting the Sinhala people, to turn against their fellow country men, and that ended in deaths, shows some kind of involvement or complicity. Any decent leader would have condemned these actions and stopped it.

    Rajapaksa will find it hard to deny this.

    The question is, why is the present regime also doing nothing?

  • 0

    progressive minded sinhalese, tamil and muslim minorities have to get together to safeguard the motherland from mara, wimal et al and chavinistic monks. this is inevitable for the progress of the country. maithri and ranil should be more bold and act like statesman and not like cheap politicos.


  • 0

    Mr.Harees has presented an informative article on recent anti- Muslim attacks and forces behind them.To say the least,some of the RESPONSES received are unprofessional and border on personal prejudices,which is really depict an acute national problem: “BOUNDED RATIONALITY”.
    To me,I identify two important submissions made by Mr. Harees:
    Firstly, the current government should STOP “run with the hare and hunt with hounds”.I may add this is what ALL governments since 1948 did.This must be forthwith stopped. The current as well as future government should learn this simple but GREAT LESSON..Otherwise ,our nation will be ruined
    Secondly, All of us, Sri Lankans through whatever Govrenment in power must realize the grave situation our nation is in and should prepare and implement A SUSTAINABLE PLAN FOR NATIONAL RECONCILIATION AND BUILDING NATIONAL HARMONY.

  • 0

    There is no God but Allah and Prophet Mohamed is his messenger.

    No point looking for solutions from the supporters of idol worship, they are all the same.
    The solution for Muslims is in the Quran and Sunna of the Prophet.
    There will come a time where nations will eat Muslims wealth as if it’s in a dinner table.
    It will not be because few Muslims, but Muslims will be in large numbers. The Muslims will be like the form in the ocean.
    No substance.
    The solution is Jihad and every Muslim should know what it means.
    It means fighting for the sake of Allah, till there is no idol worship on earth.
    The mud hut of Umar KHathab Ra had more respect than the all the sheiks palaces of the
    So called Muslim majority countries.
    Solders are idling when Allepo was butchered by the kuffar Russia and Assad.
    Caliphet has started, it’s a matter of time Muslims will again be rulers of the world.

  • 0

    BBS & MR Accusing Each Other: Who Is Responsible For The Anti-Muslim Attacks !
    Neither an answer for this question raised by my friend Lukman will ever be found nor the various suggestions he has made will be seriously taken by those responsible within the present system. Similar questions raised on attacks made on Muslims in Puttalam in 1974 and several others upto the Aluthgama attacks too still remain unanswered. The whole system is corrupt and opportunistic under which various conflicts are created and manipulated by the present breed of corrupt politicians. Therefore it is the system as it is that needs to be got rid of and replaced with a new healthy one under which all the people could live in peace. It will be of no use for Muslims to only keep lamenting over what happens to them. They should come out of their political isolation and engage with the progressive forces which are agitating for the change of the political system in the country.

  • 1

    What is been completely misunderstood over the BBS/Ravaya and Ravana is this ,The main enemy has always been only The Moor Muslims of Sri Lanka for these groups and their only aim has been to destroy their business.

    These groups has nothing to do with foreign conspiracy ,or The Rajapakhes.,But yes Mahinda and Gota took a lot of advantage out of the situation and it is wrong for Mahinda to blame it on BBS.

    BBS was a scapegoat for many and that is the truth.

    So were and is to-date behind this racism ? They are a very, very, small group consisting of Sinhalese ,Buddhist ,Catholics ,Christians of various groups, Tamil Hindus , Tamil Evangelicals and Tamil Catholics .

    These are groups who have come together on a common agenda , they are into all sort of illegal activities , from smuggling gold ,Cigarettes ,Imported whisky to narcotics (Drug/Heroine) .

    They have small and medium size business fronts from small restaurants, independent unregistered three-wheel taxis and , hardware , stationary ,school Uniforms , pavement business etc. and there are drivers behind these groups who are mainly in the middle scale in the profession mainly working as clearing agents.

    This is an underworld warfare in reality between a small group of Muslims in the same business .

    Due to this resepectful busness outlets like The ones in Aluthgama ,The No Limit and fashion bug have become targets because they legal establishments who are a hurdle for these criminals.
    This Message is all the way From UK.
    These are the people who are funding these groups and the members are also from and among them.

    This is the hidden truth, get the facts right, The CID must come down hard on crime and monitor all businesses .

    You will be able to crush them ,start with the Customs .and start monitoring all small and middle type business fronts , most of them are fake.

    These small groups are destroying the entire peace and stability of th nation

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