9 December, 2021


Betrayal Of A Bodhisattva

By Sarath de Alwis

Sarath De Alwis

Koley Iragena Angey Halaganta epa. Londery Hathakinn Suddda Karanta Behe’ is the advice in pithy Sinhala idiom, the President offered to his critics and opponents in a recent homily delivered at Nikaweratiya. 

His analogy was inch perfect in accuracy and savagery. His reference was to the compulsory gravy bag that comes with the ‘koththu roti’ one takes home –  the universal social leveler in our urban life. Mishandle the delicate knot and seven laundries will not remove the stains on your sarong, trouser or whatever.

Now he himself has got drenched in nauseating gravy of political jiggery-pokery. He has called Anagarika Basil Rajapaksa [one with no home] and pleaded for help to unite the SLFP.

Bhikkhu Medagoda Abayatissa who led the ‘Pindapatha’ to collect the fine imposed on the two convicted in the ‘Sil Redi’ case and Rasputin in the Mahinda masquerade is the middleman.

The reported conversation between the President elected on a reform agenda and the person who is denounced and stigmatized as being responsible for unimaginable financial villainy evades comprehension by the average mind of this writer. When it surfaced the natural inclination was to dismiss it as a fabrication, a falsehood.

We live in times of great turmoil. Understanding the compromises made and truths reconstructed and reshaped is not easy. More difficult is the business of deciphering outright lies from simple deceptions. The past three years of good governance has been a trying experience. We have had to accept false fronts. Deceit is now almost a virtue because it protects the reputation of someone who is indispensable to what is termed a ‘yahapalanaya’. The term that was once a galvanizing call is now a term of derision if not an outright obscenity.

The report that appeared in the widely read Sunday Times political column has been confirmed by Basil Rajapaksa in a direct quote to its sister paper Daily Mirror on Monday.

Basil Rajapaksa has clearly gained credibility as the Pied Piper. Following this aborted unity talks, rats on both sides of the SLFP divide have taken due note of who holds the numbers.

A Mistake We Elected

President Sirisena is a mistake we elected. Under the new electoral scheme, he could have easily claimed moral high ground and fielded credible, honourable men and women at the local government elections and delinked the process from partisan politics. Local government is about community. Local government is about providing municipal services. It could have been made in to a debate on creating social justice at grass roots. A creative campaign could have put distance between a new SLFP and the scandal tainted UNP and the corrupt clique that is focused on avoiding prosecutions.

President Sirisena is free to speak to anybody he decides to interact with. That freedom is his only if he repudiates the process that put him in that high office.

Leaders in quest of the presidency of a republic must fight all the way to the top. They must outwit and demolish rivals and even destroy those who stand in their way.

But, that is not the path that brought him his present high office. He owes it to the most venerable Maduluwawe Sobhitha thero who made him the common candidate and persuaded a rainbow coalition to make him president of the Republic.

The ‘Sobhitha’ Idea needed a big mind. We now know, that what we have is not what we hoped for.

The Sobhitha idea will not take root until we find enough big minds to run for high office and to occupy high office. President Sirisena by calling Basil Rajapaksa has shown us that he has a little mind that cannot cope with big problems.

He has unmistakably shown that he cannot see beyond the narrow agenda of gaining control of the SLFP. He is willing to compromise, even if it entails coopting those corrupt and autocratic whom we wished to eliminate from public life. We are back to base camp.

Bishop Duleep de Chikera in the first tribute he penned for the visionary monk who made 8th January 2015 possible has explained the mesmeric process that made the Maithripala presidency possible.

Sobhitha Himi demonstrated a spiritual rhythm that other religious leaders did take note of. He listened with sensitivity to the grievance and hardships of the people and applied the Dhamma to what he heard.

Sobhitha Himi preached the dhamma and talked politics at the same time. That was why Sobhitha Himi was understood not only by Buddhists, but by Hindus, Muslims, Christians and the secular world as well.

Sobhitha Himi created a movement. Sobhitha Himi was no deal maker. If he was alive, Sobhitha Himi would tell President Sirisena that what he is presently engaged in, is an unvarnished sell out.   

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Latest comments

  • 15

    If the story is true Sirisena should be shot with his own shit.

    • 2

      Sarath de Alwis

      “Sobhitha Himi created a movement. Sobhitha Himi was no deal maker. If he was alive, Sobhitha Himi would tell President Sirisena that what he is presently engaged in, is an unvarnished sell out. “

      Hence Ven Sobhitha Himi was killed by people with vested long time interest.
      Are you onto some sort of conspiracy theory?

  • 13

    Sirisena has disgraced the dignity of his office
    and demonstrated to what cheap levels he could
    descend to stay in power.

    What is this big talk by Sirisena and Wickremesinghe
    about catching sharks involved in corruption? Its
    all bunkum and now people realize they have all
    been taken for a ride.

    Ranil has a close relationship with Sagala Ratnayaka
    and has systematically helped the Rajapaksa’s to
    evade the law. He has undermined Sirisena to such
    a point he finds himself desperate. He should get rid
    of his advisors and be more assertive. But I think he
    is almost finished. Ranil will continue to cut the
    grass under his feet.

  • 3

    Thank you, a BIG ONE to Rev. Medagoda Abayatissa for your attempts to bring Basil and Sirisena together. This “SHIT” has hit the fan and spread all over the country and the people polluting the political, social and economic environment. This “SHIT” must be collected and put together by someone who is capable and competent in such collection and cleaning. This action on your part is a coincidence, in that, on January 2015 another Rev. Sobitha did a heroic act by DEPOSING a “DESPOT” and this time you, another Rev Medagoa Abeyatissa taking action to “Put Together” the “SHIT” that had spread all around the country and let us see, know and understand where that DANGER is and avoid it all cost. Who else can do such a job other than a Buddhist Monk? Please add to this combo another lump Ranil too. I know you can do it. Please don’t give up.

  • 3

    what are sira and ranil going to say on election platforms
    are they going to criticize what they have been doing together so far
    if so the fun and games will begin
    the correct thing that sira should do is to form a no contest pact with ranil
    then both could win

  • 4

    A failed state in the making. International independent judges should be bought down without any further delay.
    All previous murderers and big time mega crooks are having a gala time. Now MS has shown his true village style game plan.

  • 3

    About Sobitha Himi…I’m sure Prof Stanley Tambiah would have agreed with Sarath…:)

    • 1

      Dayan the war crime denying public racist

      “About Sobitha Himi…I’m sure Prof Stanley Tambiah would have agreed with Sarath…:)”

      Did Ven Sobutha betray Buddhism like you and your clan?

      • 0

        Dear Native Veddah

        Dayan J, like that other man of “learning” Dr. GLP – are but two notorious examples in our degenerating and smelly political “front” of how even the scholarly and well-heeled can easily succumb – salivating before men of an evil past, merely to gain plum political office – decency and principles playing no part in their despicable schemes.

        They should be reminded of what the saintly Zeno of Citium noted
        over 2,000 years ago “there is no honour in evil”

        R. Varathan

  • 3

    Yes, Srisena was a mistake so is Ranil!, the mistakes have multiplier effect and the consequences are numurous.

    Local Government elections have become a popularity contest.

    Who is the most popular? and the ranking?

    The political parties should have been debarred from contesting..

    A simple ward based election without any proportional representation would have been the ideal where independent candidates encouraged and politicians discouraged.

    Yes, we made a mistake!

    No point in blaming others for our stupid blunder done with our eyes wide open!.

  • 3

    I think the the whole govt should step down. Yahapalanaya is a stand up comedy. Ajuthai. What about Basil Rajapakse’s MALWANA NO NAME HOUSE. [Edited out] Besides, what about the foundation owned by Mrs. Basil Rajapakse. How did money come to her. He also has real estate in more than one in his family newly found naturalized country and his son is also a multimillionaire who owns a million dollar house. I do not know how far all these are true. Basil Rajapakse’s title is disgrace to true Anagarika’s that Sri lanka had. He should be prosecuted just ruining the Sinhala culture. Maithripala sirisena is also has proven beyond doubt that he is a dithering weakling who can not take a decision. SLFP ministers are also not totally accusation free. See about Agriculture ministry and state of Sri lakan Agriculture. I heard MY3 has set a side a portion of the radio Frequency sale for his family’s future needs. Need digging to find the truth.

    • 0

      Jim softy the dimwit

      “I think the the whole govt should step down. Yahapalanaya is a stand up comedy.”

      Good for a change you believe you are thinking.
      You suspect Basil stole money and you want the government to step down.
      Its a very good logic.
      You should start writing script for Yahapalanaya stand up comedy.

  • 1

    Sarath de Alwis, We have had our trust/aspirations/expectations betrayed apart from emasculation of truth.
    Please do not use the title “Betrayal Of A Bodhisattva” – this is lending sort of respect to the happenings.

  • 5

    Sirisena was indeed a mistake as far as the country is concerned. Like many of his predecessors such as Rajapakse, Premadasa, Wijethunga etc. he is uneducated, lacks long term vision & totally out of depth when it comes to international affairs. Just like them, he knows to survive by playing to the gallery & has to be surrounded by cronies for survival but most troubling is that he lacks integrity & has allowed nepotism to thrive. He lacks leadership & will sway any way the wind blows & will even kiss the feet of his former boss in order to survive. He knows very well that by going after the Rajapakses big time would be like hanging on to a tiger by the tail. Any slack & the tiger will pounce so it’s better to leave the tiger alone.

    However, he was more appealing to the average man on the street than anyone the UNP could put forward & the CBK / Ranil alliance probably wanted someone dumb enough who could be kept under control. CBK probably did not want to make the same mistake she did when appointing MR as her successor, therefore, Sirisena was a strategic choice. Now that MR has been overthrown, Sirisena has out lasted his usefulness & is a waste of space. The longer he is in office, the more harm he will do with his dithering & safeguarding cronies while he himself earns a few dollars on side.

    I would like to see the day Sirisena & his family are also included in the list of politicians, the likes of the Rajapakse clan, Vermin Silva, RK, etc, etc. etc who have to be investigated for corruption & abuse of power. Unfortunately, the list seems to get longer & I doubt if any of them get investigated even by the inland revenue.

  • 0

    Mr. Alwis: I still have second thoughts. It is OK to criticize the PResident. but, the present situation is very difficult. Most of the parliament is experienced RATs. Jackal Opposition with no fixed leader – G.L. Peiris, Mahinda Rajapakse, sometimes dinesh gunawardane. Now this new Hyena with a different name. I think, what PResident tried was good. He just tested the waters. As a leader, it is his duty to talk to people around him. It is PResident’s responsibility because he was elected by people and not elected by MPs. Anyway, President has the responsibility to build a party without Rats, Hyenas, Crows and all other similar humans.

  • 3

    It is so sad to see even after 70 years of freedom the country is still struggling to move forward.What a mess.
    Until Sirisenas,wikramasinghes,Rajapaksas are in politics the same sad story will go on and on.And also these three will never retire from politics too.
    Recently i saw how Mr lee kwan yew ,the late prime minister of Singapore spaking about how he spoke with the striking SIA pilots.That speech was awesome.That is/ and was a LEADER.Lucky Singapore.

  • 2

    Mr. Sarath De alwis: I heard a new story. That is Digambaram is also thinking that he would go to jail. The reason according to him “I asked money from Arjun Aloesius for the storm and flood damages. Arjun gave money and he said not to tell anyone that I have given money to everybody,.

  • 3

    Sirisena simply lacks capacity to be a leader.And we Sri Lankans simply can not mould persons with strength of character to rule us.Is it these monolinguistic brains that are the cause of this fallibility?

    • 1

      The arrested mental development, lack of vision, lack of leadership qualities and absence of strength of character cannot be ascribed to monolingual brains. These symptoms are caused by contamination with lion blood.
      Majority of the Chinese, Japanese, Russian, German, French and Italian populations too are monolingual but see how they conduct their affairs!

  • 2

    Country men please stand up for the national anthem , the show is over, await for the next ,which will be sequel/episode ?????, this is a classic day time soap/teledrama ( amateurish and of poor quality)Enjoy at you own expense.Time for me to pack my backs again.

  • 0

    In between these things, there are side shows too. I heard some one, happened infront of CHathura Senarathne, was saying “sir, don’t ask only me to not to drink. I am the one who brings bottles to your better half. – Piya bud” I heard saying Mahinda Kiwwa keewata kamak neha.

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