6 December, 2022


Sirisena Adds Two Cents To UNP-SLFP War Of Words Despite Ranil Calling For Restraint

President Maithripala Sirisena issued a stern warning to unnamed politicians who have attacked him in recent times, stating that they could very well find themselves covered in so much dirt that even seven trips to the laundry might not be enough to get themselves cleaned up.

Maithripala Sirisena

Speaking at a meeting in Nikaweratiya early today (November 24), Sirisena was clearly responding to a barrage of criticism aimed at him over the past few days over moves to postpone local government elections indefinitely.

The aggressive speech by Sirisena comes in the wake of criticism from the UNP and JVP, both parties that supported his election bid in January 2015.

The JVP’s censure was indirect with party leader Anura Kumara Dissanayake blaming the SLFP and in particular Minister Faizer Mustapha for what it called an orchestrated postponement of local government elections.

The UNP’s attack, launched through State Minister Sujeewa Senasinghe, was far more direct.

Senasinghe, himself under a cloud regarding phone conversations with the prime suspect in the Central Bank Bond scam, Arjun Aloysius, accused the President of conspiring against the UNP by extending the life of the Commission of Inquiry. Senasinghe, alluding to Sirisena’s daughter Chathurika Sirisena who runs an advertising agency, asked why there were not presidential commissions to inquire into advertising deals.

President Sirisena, though belligerent, was careful to take issue only with ‘naive, juvenile and ill-advised’ members of both the Government and the Opposition and called on the ‘mature leaders’ to re-focus on the problems faced by the most disadvantaged sections of the population.

Colombo Telegraph learns that many UNP parliamentarians had raised questions with party leader and prime minister, Ranil Wickremesinghe, regarding Sirisena’s recent political moves.

Many had pointed out that even though the UNP had been gracious enough to give Sirisena enough time to consolidate himself within his party, the SLFP, the president had responded by conspiring to weaken the UNP. Wickremesinghe, however, told party members to leave him (Sirisena) alone.

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  • 3

    It is great to see YAHAPALANAYA self destructing! I am waiting with bated breath for the final combat. If Sirisena upsets the apple cart he has to fight alone as MR will be utterly foolish to support him. Besides, the present situation is tailor made for a MR return to power. One thing that MR should do is to appoint a Presidential Commission with punitive powers to deal with the Bond rogues and hound out people like RAVI K. Next important item Ban NGOS.so that parasites like Paiyasothy, Jehan perera et al will be neutralised.Waiting for the day.

    • 4

      Is MR going to deal with RW, or scratch each other’s back, as RW is already doing to MR? That is all we have seen in the last 13-years, dogs scratching the backs of each other!

    • 0

      This particular Percy should be an another who may have swallowed buckets of kakka of Rajapakshes.
      He cant abuse the laws today in today s context, so is the reason to attack our heroic late Sobith THero… no second to the sons of the quality Mr Kadirgamar that the mother lanka every produced.

      These men are the social scum that destroyed this nation.

      We can find more Percys in lanken society, but we cant find wise men that really feel as to why ballige putha Rajapakshe was sent home ?

      People of this country are filled with wrongful info being spread by SAKKILIYA media men.

    • 1

      Yahapalanaya can be the reality if masses would get the real meanings of good governance.

      That means, so long majority of a a country remain, malicious, devious, extremistic and all hateful the other, nothing can work towards good governance.

      This govt introduced more freedom to MEDIA.
      But what media men, intoxicated by former goons do is just go on abusing NOT even thinking about the masses and why they had then been kept away from Facts and Figures of Rajapakse toterlitarian politics.

      Instead of widening the gap of the knowledge, MEDIA men seem to have doing nothing today. THeir headlines go viral.
      Average mind set would do anything and everything if they are asked to do so.
      Best example would be – ask them to SAY SAADU SAADU to a kawibana of any aggressive monk…. like ones become intoxicated to CHARTS (music in europe), masses would line up to focus on the kawibana, no matter who would recite them. The kind of situation has been the case with masses in this country.
      If Hakkgediya or Gomathambba would be introduced as a blessing giver, there would be millions that would go after them, wihtout listening to their own conscience.
      These countries have become so back nations, – just because of the kind of mentality.
      They would not question twice, why to trust any political goons.

      So long nothign woudl work changing the average mind set, PEOPLE will go on electing their mirror images as PARLIMENTARY representatives.


  • 4

    What MS should do is to sack RW as CBK did and appoint another member like Sajith as the PM. That will neutralize the UNP and Ranil who is trying to do deals with MR to keep SLFP divided for the UNP to continue to be in power. In any event Ranil’s behaviour connected to the Bond Scam demands sacking.

    • 8

      You are an another meeharakek ? You to compare RW with Sajith ?`

      Tell us what political experience sajith obtained, except, WIMAL WEERAWANSE style rhetorics that the punnakku eating masses become intoxicated.
      But Sajith is an another maetimolek, not knowing how to lead a nation but having created unwanted crisis within the party few years ago.

      Bank bond scam may be a great mistake in the current govt, but there are even high profile deals that Meeharaka Rajapakshe led govt left behind.
      This govt did not market their real gains sofar, they thought telling the grass root level people about the mountaenous debts the country has to be pay back since Musalaya Rajapakshe is no longer there, could backfire.
      And media jokers are proxy former men than the current men. They shoud be round up than anything else in this country.

  • 3

    What MS should do is to sack RW as CBK did and appoint another member like Sajith as the PM. That will neutralize the UNP and Ranil who is trying to do deals with MR to keep SLFP divided for the UNP to continue to be in power. In any event Ranil’s behaviour connected to the Bond Scam demands sacking.

  • 11

    Sirisena also has talked a lot for three years. What he has done ?. Only talk and opening buildings. People are questioning even his work. He is also accused of corruptions. He also has said he is silent about corruptions. Sri lanka has fallen 12 places along the corruption index and is among the corruption – rampant countries. That is during the time of country – elected president and not the PM elected by the Central colombo people. People expected he would take control over corruption. It looks he wants only one term and after that he quits.

  • 6

    Accusing each other and firing shots in the opposite direction may satisfy both parties. At the end of the day the voters will decide were the Presidential and Parliamentary election promises are being delivered.

  • 2

    One term for Sirisena is like heaven for him. Not in his wildest dreams would he have ever dreamt that he would be President of the country. A man with a meagre education he would have satisfied his life’s ambition when he was appointed Grama Sevaka. If he is a wise man he should retire now that he has made money, his family swimming in money because of him, and socially brought himself to the top. His story is not over yet as the man lacks gratitude and that is a big flaw. Wait for his fall it will leave Humpty Dumpty in the shade.

    • 0

      Well said Percy but unlike Humpty, our Politicians know how to survive a fall. Like cats, they always land on their feet (RK & MR are a good examples). The wealth they accumulate in their term in office will last for generations & who cares how the money was made in our society? At the end of the day, money is power & we worship those who have money (although we may laugh behind their backs)

  • 1

    Sri Lankans did not vote for Maithripala Sirisena at the Presidential elections but only for the candidate who opposed the corrupt former President. MS is not a peoples choice and if he joins MR he will be betraying the late Ven Sobitha thero who gave the nod to make him the alternate choice to MR. Ranil made the biggest mistake by not prosecuting MR and his goons after the elections and going for a national government with the politicians rejected by people. RW will realise his stupidity very soon and if MS join hands with MR he too face the consequences of challenging the self made king. One day Sri Lankans will rise again with the blessings of those up above because Sri Lanka is a centre point of all major religions Christianity, Islamist and Buddhist claiming the peak of Sri Pada mountain.

    • 3

      That yellow robed idiot Sobitha is responsible for the mess the country is in today. He was rewarded with a trip to Singapore with all his medical expenses paid but had to pay the ultimate price for betraying the country. The people’s curse has laid him low.

      • 1

        Percy, you guys have been brainwashed by the ballige pothas as nothing can reverse you.
        We hat off to our GOlden son of the nation – Late Sobitha Thero to have worked ballige putha et al to be removed from his Mugabe style politics.

        I never think the kind of idiots will have the chance to get elected again.

        Either the man should go or get killed by the very same manner as Premadasa faced it. BASTA:

  • 0

    These leaders have forgotten the pledge they made to the people on 8th. MS dreams of becoming another MR to the FA/SLFP which its supporters will never do because MR is their Living God. RW has deviated from politics and fully submerged in diplomacy. Everybody cries about Bond Scam without really knowing what it is asuming that it is the only robbery that occurred in recent history.If anyone wants to have a real picture of Sri Lankan politics related corruption commissions should be established covering the period 1972-2017 because dominace of politics over all other matters began under 1972 Constitution which was promulgated in order to implement Socialist Democratic policies of that Government. But actually what we should do is to forgert the past/learn from the past and start a new era in order to fulfill the expectations of the makers of January 8th revolution.

  • 0

    Leelage Malli seems to be one of the blind bats praising the leader at any cost. Bondgate is not a mistake but a well calculated, designed and executed broad day light robbery in which RW played prominent role and went to extremes to protect the daylight robbers.We are not holding candles to the former regime. They did wrong and people rejected them. Those who were involved must be punished.Those act wants give a license to RW and his gang to rob the country. He came with the number plate of Yahapalanaya Come on wake up Leelagemalli open your eyes. Think of the country not your crooked leader.We cannot prejudge the abilities or inabilities of Sajith. The taste of the pudding is in the eating. We have to have new leaders to take country forward.Give Sajith a chance. Like his father he is a man of the commoner. Look at the way he is serving the people of his electoral district and elsewhere. During the dispute you referred to many UNP MPs backed him. If he cannot perform another one should come. Here the issue is not Sajith but the Machiavalli schemes to divide SLFP for him (UNP) to be in power.

    • 2

      Those who were involved should be punished but not only in Bond scam which is not started after 2015, but it has been as such long before under the looter s adminstration.
      They had been no whatsoever legal entity to work independently on CB. Please see them and get back to us.
      We the CT readership are no fool. Most of lanken people and their voters have been abused by Rajapakshes through so called sinhala budhism. But what is being practised in the country are no buddist teachings but something else being run by thugs hidden in robes.
      It is like the book would have been easily sold if the outer cover is nicely printed.
      Likewise, masses in the country have been abused by media through not bringing real truths to its people.
      Derana and Hiru also Sirasa are all no real people friendly senders but like blood sucking mosquitoes they just support their sides as has been the case on and on.

    • 2

      Even if Bond gate would have been a greater mistake, you cant compare the way you have been upto. It is no right to corner UNPrs but allowing former men returning to power.

      Today, the facts and figures say over 84% of all the high debts that the state have to pay back being squeezed is from former Rulers.
      But for some reasons, Media Prostitutes have been sowing baised thoughts allowing Rajapakshe led extremists harvesting the situation.

      Yakadayo, please think of the further generations. There is no other leaders in the country than, My3 and RW.
      That is the truth.
      RW is honest and he has shown that even PM should not go beyond the law.
      At the time, meeharaka was governing this nation, I could not stop vomitting looking at the way the put the law behind.
      I hated each time, putting my step there down…. had been like a fish out of water during each of my stays back in home country.


      WE PERFECTLY KNOW HOW MUCH FUNDS CAME FROM TAX PAYERS ABUSED BY Rajapakshe for their own LUXURAY life style. Even their domestic animals had been abuing the tax payers funds.

      It was like the bad soldier took the weapons.

    • 1


      just bet what would come out.. if the very same men in the commission would investigate the bond deals prior to 2015 ?

      Ready ?

      Just some media prostitutes being stuck to the agendas of some seem to attack only RW et al.

      But the harm MEEHARAKA RAJAPAKSHE has deliberately made to this nation is bigger than any damages any leaders together have made to the nation.

      That is why we drove him away, by 2015.

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