17 April, 2024


Black July And Birth-Crime

By Tisaranee Gunasekara

“There is…..no worse crime than hatred.” – The Buddha (Dhammapada)

Thirty one years ago, Sinhala mobs attacked all Tamils everywhere in Sri Lanka because some Tamil militants killed 13 Sinhala soldiers in Jaffna.

One month ago Sinhala-Buddhist mobs targeted all Muslims in Aluthgama, Beruwala and surrounding areas because three Muslim youths reportedly assaulted a Buddhist monk and his driver.

The ‘Four Four Bravo Operation’ which killed 13 Sinhala soldiers actually happened. There are conflicting reports about the alleged assault on the monk. But ‘They attacked a monk’ was the slogan of the mob as well as the post-facto justification peddled by everyone, Gotabaya Rajapaksa downwards.

1983 July | pic by Chandraguptha Amarasingha - A Tamil boy stripped naked and later beaten to death by Sinhala youth in Boralla bustation

1983 July | pic by Chandraguptha Amarasingha – A Tamil boy stripped naked and later beaten to death by Sinhala youth in Boralla bustation

Therefore let us assume that the monk was actually assaulted by three Muslims youths.

Even by the totally anti-Buddhist logic of ‘an-eye-for-an-eye’, the mobs should have assaulted the three attackers. They did not. Instead they stoned and burnt some shops in Aluthgama belonging to people who had nothing to do with the incident and had no connection with the alleged perpetrators. The shops were targeted simply because their owners were Muslims.

The second argument used to justify the Aluthgama violence is that a Buddhist procession/demonstration was stoned by Muslims from inside a mosque. If the Sinhala-Buddhist mobs attacked the supposed Muslim assailants, again it would have fallen at least within the ‘an-eye-for-an-eye’ logic. But they did not. Instead they attacked homes and shops and other mosques – none of which had anything to do with the stoning incident. Once again the only justification was that these properties belonged to Muslims.

If in 1983, the Sinhala mobs wanted to march to Jaffna and take on the LTTE that would have made some sense. If they flocked to join the police, army, navy and the air force so that they could wage war on the LTTE for killing 13 soldiers that again would have made some sense. They did neither. They were not concerned about punishing the LTTE. They just wanted to attack and kill Tamil people and loot and burn Tamil properties.

In Orwell’s dystopia, there was ‘Thought Crime’. Black July and Aluthgama were premised on something far more irrational and heinous: ‘Birth Crime’. Some Tamils killed some soldiers; so every Tamil became guilty of murder. Some Muslims ‘attacked’ a monk; so every Muslim became guilty of assaulting a monk.

The only ‘crime’ of the victims of Black July was that they were born into Tamil families. The only ‘crime’ of the victims of Aluthgama was that they were born into Muslim families.

Birth Crime is not just a Sinhala-Buddhist myth. The LTTE subscribed to it. Birth Crime was the reason for the Anuradhapura massacre and the mass expulsion of Muslims from the North. Birth Crime was a fundamental tenet of Christian anti-Semitism as well as in Nazi thinking. Without Birth Crime, the Holocaust would not have happened.

Birth Crime plays a seminal role in the current Israeli attack on Gaza. Three Jewish teenagers were abducted and murdered – a heinous deed. But instead of carrying out a proper investigation to identify the actual perpetrators and arresting them, the Netanyahu government used this undoubted crime as a justification to inflict collective punishment on entire Gaza. Palestinian death toll has topped 700 already and UN Human Rights High Commissioner Navi Pillay has warned Israel that “there seems to be a strong possibility that international law has been violated, in a manner that could amount to war crimes”[i].The bombs which rain on Gaza are incapable of making a distinction between supporters and opponents of Hamas, as they are incapable of making a distinction between babies in their cradles and armed Hamas militants. What they do is to inflict collective punishment on all Palestinians for the crime of being born Palestinian in Gaza.

Osama bin Laden justified 9/11 by arguing that all Americans are guilty of the crimes of their leaders because they freely voted those leaders in. His explosives could not zero-in on those Americans who supported their leaders’ imperial actions globally and spare those who didn’t. Once again it is the logic of collective punishment based on that inescapable sin, ‘Birth Crime’.

‘Birth crime’ is implicit when the JHU, BBS et al hold every Lankan Christian guilty of the crimes of colonial invaders; or when the crimes of Kalinga Maga and Raja Raja are invoked to justify anti-Tamil phobia.

There might be some defence against even thought crime; but none against Birth Crime. Nuances are anathema to extremists of every race and every faith. In birth crime, there is no room whatsoever for nuances. That is why it is so beloved by fanatics everywhere.

And when Birth Crime becomes the ruling logic, no atrocity is impossible, including massacres and even gas chambers.


During Black July, the mobs ruled and chaos reigned (as was the case during the Aluthgama violence, though on a much smaller scale and of shorter duration). For non-Tamils this chaos was uncomfortable at worst. But for every Tamil, man, woman and child, rich and poor, labourer and high official, it was lethal. No Sinhalese (or Muslim) felt unsafe, and no Tamil felt safe during Black July.

Perhaps for many a conscious or unconscious Sinhala-supremacist, the days of Black July provided a glimpse of what they wanted Sri Lanka to be – a Sinhala country in which even the poorest Sinhalese was more powerful than the richest Tamil. For them, utopia would be Black July (and Aluthgama) as a permanent state.

Last week several navy personnel were accused of raping two children in Jaffna. Even if they are guilty of this atrocity, it does not mean that all naval personnel are child rapists. Last week, the courts ordered wild life officials to remove a stolen elephant calf from the temple of the one time JHU heavyweight and former parliamentarian Kolonnawe Sumangala Thera. This does not mean that every monk (or even every JHU monk) is an elephant thief. Last week the Chairman of the Tangalle Pradesheeya Sabha was found guilty of murder and rape. This does not mean every ruling party politician is an actual or potential murderer/rapist. Any person who makes such sweeping generalisations will be either ridiculed as a fool or condemned as a trouble-maker.

How come this same sense vanishes when we are dealing with entire communities? How come we think it is correct and sane to punish an entire community for the crimes of some of its members?

Leidensweg is a Germans term used to describe the tragedy of those who are faced with unimaginable suffering because of their own past mistakes and crimes. Sri Lanka is still paying for old sins, including Black July. And yet, undeterred, there is an attempt to ignite mini-Black Julys, this time against Muslims. Instead of dealing with the root causes of the last war, we are busy preparing for the next war.

This deadly slide towards a new conflict with yet another minority cannot be halted without rejecting the interrelated notions of Birth Crime and collective punishment.

Whether Black July remains a memory of what should not be done or becomes a blueprint for the future depends on our capacity to wean ourselves from the anti-Buddhist notion of Birth Crime.

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    Tisaranee Gunasekara,

    Doesn’t the derogatory references to Tamils in Mahavamsa have the seeds for the ‘birth crimes’ against the Tamils?

    If so that that may be the root cause for the Sinhalese people committing ‘birth-crimes’ against Tamils and Muslims.

    Let me know if I am wrong.

    • 3

      Dear Tisaranee Gunasekara –

      “There is…..no worse crime than hatred.” – The Buddha (Dhammapada)

      Yes, Hatred kills from within.

      Thru Says “Doesn’t the derogatory references to Tamils in Mahavamsa have the seeds for the ‘birth crimes’ against the Tamils?”

      Yes. There is Siddhartha Buddha’s Buddhism.

      Then, there is Para-Monk Mahanama’s Sinhala Buddhism, it’s lies and Imsaginations that the Para-Sinhala “Buddhist” of Lanka, the Land of native Vedddah and Veddhan, believe.

      So, this explains why there are hardly any Tamils Buddhists in Lanka.

      “One month ago Sinhala-Buddhist mobs targeted all Muslims in Aluthgama, Beruwala and surrounding areas because three Muslim youths reportedly assaulted a Buddhist monk and his driver.”

      The Assault on the Monk was a lie, a fabrication, just like Monk Mahanama lies and imaginations. It is the Monk Mahanama tradition of Sinhalese Buddhists to lie.

      Fortunately for the Muslims, Islam was not there in Lanka in the 6th century, when monk Mahanama wrote his lies and imaginations in the Mahawansa.

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        • 1

          Hey My friend Ella Ponna

          Sinhala are Beggers of Muslims…. Envy runs through the Sinhala Body, Anagarika Ponnapal said that Sinhala will become Beggers in 100 Years, but in 99 years they proved that they are Beggers of Muslims ahahahah. GOTA , now very scared.

          • 4

            O|O Sinhala are Beggers of Muslims…. Envy runs through the Sinhala Body,O|O That is wht Sinhala are Lazy :)O|O


            Red Cross confirms most people from rich arab states going to the financial rescue of Syrian refugee families with anything from a $1000 – $15k in exchange for a girl child between 12-16 like PMammu or Bin larden then when the child gets pregnant they are left to fend for themselves.

            Female gentile mutilation is the cause of over production no G sensation but mans nalli cut is a perfect solution.– a jihadi concept borrowed from pigsty castration to fatten concept.

            Bring back dead Sanjay G to life!! NO?

          • 0

            According to the article, if the Sinhala Only goons with Mahinda’s leadership (Plus the entire state of Sri Lanka from 1948)….

            The World Moslems & Arab Countries MUST PUNISH SRI LANKA by economic embargo.

            I know that many Sri Lankan Muslims are giving full blast campaign to educate the WORLD about the State Terrorism which is prevailing from 1915 up until now.

            PLEASE TELL THE WORLD that Sinhala Buddhsits are blood thirsty racists and site all the incidents of hate and attacks with full details.


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      I do not think that the Tamils are that stupid to believe in Mahawamsa. Simple reason – if Tamils believe in Mahawamsa, then they will also have to believe that the origin of the Sinhala race is a union between a Lion and a Princess!

      • 0


        Union between Lion and Princess… ? That is wht Sinhala are Lazy :)

        • 1


          “Union between Lion and Princess… ? That is wht Sinhala are Lazy:)”

          The Sinhala/Buddhist were so advanced in genetic engineering they genetically modified or cross bred a beast with a beauty 2500 years ago.

          So don’t underestimate the Sinhala/Buddhists. You see the descendants of these people even in this forum.

    • 0

      Thiru, You are correct in saying that. You must tell this to this person whose writing nothing but hatred towards Sri Lanka, Sinhalese and the government. From what she has written there was nothing but hatred comes out. If it is positive criticism that is good but this nothing but hatred from her fingers. I strongly believe it must be because she must have had a bad childhood, parent didn’t care. this government done some injustices or she is been paid handsomely to condemn Sri Lanka and Sinhalese and Buddhism. That is why I call her “Asaranee” as I feel so sorry for her. She must be going to bed and gets p in the morning with this hatred in her heart if she has one. Thiru, please don’t forget that there is a limit to be patient. In your personal life if someone is continuously bully or harras you would you show compassion indefinitely no matter what you and your family have to suffer? Look this is exactly what happened to many Buddhist countries in the world by these extreme terrorist Muslims. We must learn lesson from them and take precautions to protect our motherland from many many invaders and religions which was protected by so many sacrifices by our ancestors. I would not seriously take what this person says, as she writes with a hatred.

  • 2

    Sinhala Buddhists are bad.

    They attacked Tamils everywhere in July 83.

    And they attacked Muslims everywhere in 2014.

    This is the word of Ms T.

    No mention of mass evictions of Muslims , mass extinctions in Kathankaddy, Mahabodi, Kandy,and even in the current Harbour City.

    Will the increasing living standards of the Sinhala Buddhist inhabitants make them behave civil like their fellow non SB inhabitants and the ex inhabitants who have now become totally civil and have entered the league of Human Rightists?.

    • 7

      Hi There Vellala Sumansekera (LEELA),as usual you have not read the article fully where on earth did the writer say Sihala buddhists are all bad or try to defend the LTTE?

      now you tell me the great and and learned K A Sumansasekera

      do you condone the BBS or not?

      please tell me your view point and rant drivel

      • 4

        KAS cannot gratify himself enough without more than a parting shot at Muslims. Birth crime or born to hate? There are many others too very much like him on this forum. People like Jim Softy, ela kolla, Banda, Tamodaya, Fuckushuma, and some others not so regular writers. They just can’t think straight, and write as regular writers would do. Instead take joy in hurting Muslim sentiments. Nothing intellectually challenging nor any positive contribution can be expected from them.

      • 0

        Peace Lover:
        I am ashamed of you: expecting Leela Sumanasekera to READ whatever he criticizes. Even if he could read, he wouldn’t bea ble to understand anything that resembles the truth and in any case he doesn’t get paid for displaying (non-existent) intelligence.

    • 0

      Look at the caption again. This is about “Black July” where Tamils were victimized by reason of which race they were born into. So on this 31st. anniversary where low life like you took advantage of the opportunity without thinking of the consequence for the country, again writing crap to cover the criminality of your action.

  • 12

    “Last week several navy personnel were accused of raping two children in Jaffna. Even if they are guilty of this atrocity, it does not mean that all naval personnel are child rapists. Last week, the courts ordered wild life officials to remove a stolen elephant calf from the temple of the one time JHU heavyweight and former parliamentarian Kolonnawe Sumangala Thera. This does not mean that every monk (or even every JHU monk) is an elephant thief. Last week the Chairman of the Tangalle Pradesheeya Sabha was found guilty of murder and rape. This does not mean every ruling party politician is an actual or potential murderer/rapist”

    TG’s theory will not be applicable as par as the Rajapaksha Family is concerned. Not only Family, close relatives of the Family also. All are Mass murderers, world class thieves, Multinational Liars, Destroyers of National wealth, Drug dealers and protectors of Criminals/Rapists, Destroyers of Buddhism etc. etc.

    There is some 378 Rajapaksha Family members and close relatives and all are coming under the above category.

    • 4


    • 0


      yours is the best comment ever appeared in CT.!!

  • 8

    Tissaranee, as always writes well and writes sense. But, birth crime or not, most Tamils will regard the Singhalese as brutal genocidal maniacs who profess to practise Buddhism but kill and rape human beings with callous abandon. This has been going on from 1958 till now, the two little Tamil girls raped being part of a continuing story. Why has the majority of the Sinhalese who claim innocence kept quiet if they are not in tacit condonement of these continuous brutalities. The Buddhist clergy has remained silent. The Sinhala elite has profited from the discomfiture of the Tamils. They took the public service and academic positions vacated by the Tamils.

    Why is Prabhakaran so admired by the Tamils despite the fact that they know that his men also killed and maimed (but not raped) innocent Sinhalese? It is because when he was alive the Tamils felt safe. He became a heroic figure and remains one and will do so for generations to come. The freedom struggle that he initiated will never cease because, despite what Tissaranee says, is now considered a just one in the face of Sinhala repression. Eelam remains the only solution. A Prabhakaran’s second coming is assured as a result of Sinhala intransigence and its triumphalism.

    Black July will remain a blot. The gory picture of the Sinhala youths dancing around the young Tamil boy will remain etched in the collective memories of the Tamil people. But, there are other pictures as well which will sustain the Tamil yearning for a separate state. Let us hope that the struggle towards it would be achieved peacefully and the likes of Tissaranee can convince the Sinhalese that the march of a people towards self determination can never be stopped.

    • 2

      TG writes nonesense as always. [Edited out]

      • 0

        How can a Balu Kela Kolla make sense of anything sensible?

        Even his bark is too loud; CT editor has to muzzle him. LOL!!

    • 0

      Thanks mate.

      Well said.

  • 5

    She first quips.

    Sinhala mobs attacked all Tamils everywhere…
    Sinhala-Buddhist mobs targeted all Muslims…
    Birth Crime is not just a Sinhala-Buddhist myth…

    Then she says.

    Any person who makes such sweeping generalisations will be either ridiculed as a fool or condemned as a trouble-maker.

    I must agree with you.

  • 2

    TG avatar, you can write rubbish and articles day after day after [Edited out]

    • 0

      Elle [Edited out]

      Sinhlaa are Beggers as per Anagarika [Edited out]

      • 2

        Ay,mus_katta natuwata??

        eek ●~* eek ●~* Bang! Bang!!

        Don’t ever rock the boat after Friday prayers and
        eat not just the Catholics but all and sundry.

  • 4

    well said tisaranee..thanks for the article!

  • 9

    When I landed in Colombo in 1993 for the first time after ten years the memories of 1977 just flooded through my mind. I was very nervous and scared when the taxi drove through the city to the hotel in Wellawatte. Although I have travelled widely, being a Tamil I felt very unsafe in Colombo. It was not without reason. I ran for my life into the Bambalapitiya refugee camp in 1977 upon witnessing Tamil massacre in Kotahena and Pettah. There was no armed provocation of Tamils prior to the massacre. Only the election results of North & East. All legitimate and democratic. The guns of the armed guards were mot trailed outside but towards us the women and children. We slept on the grounds like sardines amidst fear and confusion watching the hostile armed guards. When the frenzy was over and we returned back to the university my sinhalese friends behaved as if no bloody mayhem happened right infront of them.
    Again in 1993 when I was in SriLanka my brother was arrested on the charges that he didn’t have valid registration papers. I went to the remand prison to release him. His sinhalese friends will mot sign for him as a guarantor although they knew him well as they were studying together for more than a year. In the prison my brother, a respected member of the society was treated like a common criminal for not having registration papers although he was a citizen of SriLanka and held an identity card issued in Jaffna. There were tamil men and women relatives of the inmates around me in total anguish. We didn’t talk to each other. We didn’t look up each other. But the humiliated faces expressed it all. I could not lift a finger for my brother untill someone found a lawyer to release him. The saddest thing was there was a tamil girl seated outside the cell of my brother arrested for not having papers. She sat there for 24hrs of the day using the staff toilet as the toilet in the corner of the remand prison cell didn’t offer much privacy. It is the landlord’s duty to register the names of the Tamil boarders and my brother’s landlord was a sinhalese. He didn’t take the process seriously. When I went to the police station to register I saw a big queue of tamils waiting, bribing and begging. This was all happening in the heart of the city of Colombo and the sinhalese population around me went around merrily as if nothing degrading and dehumanising is happening around them. Everyone attributes the military assault of LTTE on the armed forces for the 1983 massacre or is it riots(?) but what about 1977 and the Tamil massacre when armed Tamil resistance was never heard of. When will the sinhalese at-least the so called progressive sinhalese will understand and acknowledge that the root cause of the problem is not the armed retaliation of the Tamils or the hatred of the tamil diaspora but the disconnect and selective amnesia of the sinhalese themselves? I have written this comments because I expect a reasonable sinhalese to give me some kind of logical explanation so that I can come to terms with what has happened to me for being a tamil and why I had become a tamil diaspora!!!
    thank you
    Daya Thevi

    • 3

      Thanks Madam,

      Well said. I went through the same discrimination several times from my birth till I escaped from a racist country which runs by Buddhist war criminals.

    • 5

      My Famiily(Mother, Sister and myself ) were in the forefront helping the Tamil victims during the 1983 Riots and saved over 250 lives by sheltering them at our vey large extended house,fortunately the ring leader of the sinhalese mobs a prominent Sinhalese business was grateful to my late father (deceased by 1983) and had laid his hands off us

      I saw the pain in the humiliation of the Tamil people,A very polite and respectable people known for their hard work and trust taking shelter to protect their lifes.I was really horrified and in pain which made a real scar and ever since I have deep rooted suspicious about our Police and Armed forces

      Personally with the recent attack on Muslims,they have proven my deep rooted suspicious

      I personally feel the county is going to descend to a lawless state soon with people of wealth and power within the country taking law into their hands and each one of power having his own enclave/Border,highest bidder will survive (Money power can buy the judges and forces) until eliminated through rivalry,it will be a lawless ganster land

      This is the begining of the end of mother Lanka

    • 4

      Daya Thevi,
      I can’t think of any logical explanation of what had happen and still happening in SL .. Even in recent history like 200 or 500 years back, this sort of barbaric behaviour due to tribal racial and religious superiority thinking wasn’t uncommon. We are hearing less and less of this kind of tribal killing in the world specially after 80~90% of people get proper education in the last 50~60 years. But unfortunately, Lanka, Some ME countries and some African countries are still lagging behind. Or perhaps, Lanka may be going backwards .

    • 4

      Hi Daya Thevi,

      You have articulated clearly the suffering and humiliation of Tamils inflicted by Sinhala officials. These practices should never have been allowed. I too have been subjected to intense humiliation at a foreign campus/halls by a group of Tamil students, where I happened to be the only non Tamil Sri Lankan. This was pre 1977. I could not understand then why this Tamil group treated me badly. The reasons as I see are because the Sinhalese have been demonised by leading Tamil politicians since 1940s, making unreasonbable political demands, ridiculing the Sinhalese and making no effort to socialise with the Sinhala masses. The northern Tamil minds are poisoned to hate the Sinhalese. Consider how eagerly the northern Tamil youth took up arms to kill the Sinhalese they had never met. Did the Tamil political leaders take initiatives to socialise or celebrate with the Sinhala people, even pre 1950 times? I cannot think of any. While I totally agree with you that it hurts when you are treated badly and it should not ever happen, don’t blame it all on the Sinhalese. Sri Lanka is a brutalised society, has been that way for centuries. Much awareness and imaginative effort is needed to restore civilised behaviour amongst the population. All communities should start a little soul searching and rebuild the humanity within them. The writer’s virulent anti Sinhala, anti buddhist, anti Rakapakse, anti government stance is not going solve anything but, keep communities polarised.

      • 2

        @ Lal
        “you say the northern Tamil minds are poisoned to hate the Sinhalese. Consider how eagerly the northern Tamil youth took up arms to kill the Sinhalese they had never met”

        that is misleading to the core as its the Sinhalese who took up weapons to kill tamils in 1956,1958,1977 and in 1983 if the Sinhalese people were not mislead to think they are superior by SWRD none of this would have happened,even in 1983 the LTTE was a small group but the Sinhalese mobs killing tamils made a lot of non violent tamils to join the militants and the rest is history where our country has been soaked in blood

        • 0

          Mr P. Lover,

          My Elders tell me that the riots in the South in 58 was a reaction to the Vellalas in the North shipping the Sinhalese to Colombo in refugee boats and taking their belongings.

          And threatening to pour Bitumen on Buddhist monks’ bald heads and do Mastectomies on Sinhala Women.

          July 83 was exactly the same when the South responded to the brutal murder of 13 Sinhala soldiers and dispatching them to Colombo.

          My elders also tell me even a Vellala Political heavy is on record threatening to open a slipper factory using Sinhala skins.

          And the massacre of Baby Monks, a couple dozen for that matter must be up the alley of most brutal crimes in recent times.

          So the Sinhala Buddhists do not seem to have a patent on this Birth-Crime tag.

          • 2

            K.A Sumanasekera

            “My Elders tell me that the riots in the South in 58 was a reaction to the Vellalas in the North shipping the Sinhalese to Colombo in refugee boats and taking their belongings.”

            Your Elder Mahanama also told you that you are the descendant of a genetically modified species, a cross breed between beast and a beauty.

            Beast is alright where is the beauty?

            Go read Buddha’s teaching, not Sinhala/Buddhism, hopefully you would be transformed into a compassionate person, may be not in this life but in future rebirth.

            It is not easy, but doable.

            • 0

              Dear Native,

              Mahanama was a disheartened Dalit who couldn’t take it anymore in his own Motherland.

              So he came to my motherland and did something remarkable which is in the same league as the Old Testament.

              How come your Brahamins or their Vellala aides couldn’t do anything like that.

              Probably they were too busy training Hanumans to attack our Veddas.

      • 2

        Hey Lal, at least you were to live by the Tamil thugs to write this garbage you generally write on CT. But this poor man was murdered by these 3 thugs who are standing beside him. So what do have to say for that?

        • 0

          There are many, many pictures of Sinhala men, women, children and even babies slaughtered by Tamil terrorists. I am sure you have seen them. Not on CT, but they exist. What do you have to say for that?

          • 1

            Hey Lal, unlike you, I am ashamed that LTTE buggers murdered innocent Sinhala civilians. But I will tell you this which your successive thuggish governments did not tell you. Note: I left the country in 1984.
            •We Tamils were bombed by your damn airforce – LTTE did not die, but we innocent people died in those attacks – 1980-1984.
            •Tamils going to Colombo and coming back from Colombo were pulled out of busses in the jungles and slaughtered by your Sinhala military – 1980 -1984.
            •Tamil students were arrested by your military filled with 3rd class thugs and were never to be seen again.
            •My best friend was pulled out of school, murdered and burnt and even his ashes were not found (army committed this murder) – this happened after I left (1986).
            •Our relatives, friends including my immediate family lost everything during the riots while the army and police were aiding the racists jokers in orange garb, called Buddhist monks – has been going on until today.
            I will come back and write more to enlighten you and clear your ignorance.

            I have never been a Tamil racist. I love the Sinhalese (I have many friends), but I thought I needed to tell you why these thugs from the LTTE did what they did. Can you deny that. Ltte atrocities were committed after 1984 in retaliation to what the army was doing to the Tamils.

    • 6

      Dear Tamils,

      For this to never happen again to any Tamil (Hindu, Muslim,Christians) in The Island, is to separate the Tamil Kingdom of Tamil Eelam.

      Calling on all Tamils not to complain now, having lived through 77 & 83, and the Mullaivakkal war, the structural genocide taking place on our people and on our homeland, but to unite and support An independent separate state of Tamil Eelam, for the future and safety of our children and grandchildren.

      We need a solution once and for all. Tamil Eelam

      • 1

        Manicka Vasagar

        “For this to never happen again to any Tamil (Hindu, Muslim,Christians) in The Island, is to separate the Tamil Kingdom of Tamil Eelam.”

        So that Tamils will have the exclusive right to kill their own people, ethnically cleanse Muslims when cash is short, and keep caste conciousness and exploitation alive for the next 1000 years.

        Could you clarify the idea of “Tamil Kingdom of Tamil Eelam”. So you are not for democracy at all as I thought.

    • 0

      I received my education in a leading Catholic school in Galle. The student population comprised Buddhists (50%) Catholics (25%) Muslims and Burghers(20%). There were very few Tamil boys. During school picnics I sang songs along with the other Sinhala boys. The songs went like “Kiri thei saadai thambi kadey, thambige handey adaarey,”, which was then followed by the most lewd, racist, obscene verbal concoctions degrading the thambi and his wife.

      I am now ashamed that I participated willing and enthusiastically amidst encouraging nudges from the accompanying teachers.

      This was the atmosphere in in the 1950’s. This was the culture that has been promoted among Sinhala youth for generations. So when any minorities are being slaughtered by the state, the Sinhala people just take it in their stride. For them it is just normal.

      Any hope for Sri Lanka as a Nation? None. I sometimes wish my land will be swallowed up by the Indian Ocean.

  • 3

    Very enlightening as usual. Thanks TG.

    Other exposures – The notorious BBS brigade keep tripping over themselves in their effort to cover-up their criminalities and misdirect the audience in their search for the truth. They introduced the notion of ‘who threw the first stone’ myth, and blamed it on the Muslims, whilst totally hiding or sidelining the true facts which implicated them. They had no reason to be there in the first place. They were there in large numbers, complete strangers with crude weapons in hand, as invaders into Muslim dominated areas, was reason enough to expect a confrontation significant enough to ignite a clash.

    They have now virtually hijacked everyones thought process completely to view things differently, so as to pass blame to the victims and absolve themselves of accountability for those crimes committed. It is now apparent they have even gone to the extent of producing their own new video purportedly showing Muslims throwing stones from high positions such as from the top of buildings and rooftops, onto the milling crowds below.

    All this whilst these same BBS chipmunks also claim they were not involved in any way or form and had nothing to do with the violence committed in their name in Aluthgama/Beruwela/Dharga Nagar. Then why do they defend those who got arrested and demanded their release. Further why do they also introduce an obnoxious ‘who threw the first stone’ canard, which in no one can prove anything for certain, but to deflect attention and distort the search for the truth.

    Everyone knows that the evidence can only be extracted from existing video footage that are available out there, and this claim is totally dependent and relative to various factors such as camera position, depth of field and view angle including extent of area coverage. Due to these factors, it it virtually impossible to identify from where the first sticks stones were thrown and can only be subject to speculation. In short, projectiles could have been thrown from anywhere and by anyone and it can never be proved beyond any reasonable doubt as to who threw the first stone for certain.

    Be that as it may, what is certain is that there are plenty of CCTV recordings captured on CCTV cameras installed in homes and business premises, showing the wanton destruction and hooliganism carried out by those young goons. It is sad to watch an entire generation of youthful talent, if combined could have been useful as our country’s future assets. Now completely brainwashed, imbued with hatred towards others and turned into common criminals on the run, simply to save Buddhism from extinction. Oh, what a waste. Someone will pay dearly for these unforgivable mistakes.

    Those two factors alone are dead give-away of their duplicity and contradictory nature of their own dubious allegations and creation to mislead public perception away from the truth. A bad reflection on Buddhist monks who are generally considered truthful and honest in all aspects of their words and deeds. Perhaps not anymore. It seems they have turned out to be bad examples for others not to follow and to shy away from following in their footsteps. What is clear is that Temple life and upbringing has made them to become copious Liars.

  • 4

    As reported in The Island – 24th Jul. ’14

    The National Shoora Council (NSC), has urged the authorities to conduct an impartial and transparent investigation into the complaint made to the Inspector General of Police by the Muslim theologian, Moulavi Mohamed Ameen Mohamed Ashkar Ali that he and two of his brothers were falsely implicated and remanded from June 12, 2014 on the allegation that they had assaulted a Buddhist monk, close to the Pathirajagoda temple in Alutgama.

    Tariq Mahmud the President of the NSC, a grouping of national level Muslim organizations, professionals, academics and activists said that the Moulavi had, in his complaint to the IGP, denied the allegations levelled against them. He has said he was kicked in the neck by a monk at the Alutgama Police Station, when all three brothers, following their arrest, were forced to walk on their knees towards several monks and to apologise.

    “The NSC believes that the shocking incident of a monk kicking a Moulavi, a respected Muslim theologian at the Police Station on June 12th, had taken place in the presence of senior police officers, several politicians and hundreds of on-lookers. The Moulavi has complained that the Pathirajagoda incident had been only a minor argument that led to an exchange of blows between his brother and the driver of the monk. The dispute was settled with an apology tendered and that at no stage was the monk assaulted by anyone, he has said.

    According to Moulavi Ashkar Ali’s complaint to the IG Police made after he and his two brothers came out from remand custody, the monk had told the OIC, when the drivers were questioned at the Alutgama Police Station, that he was not assaulted in the incident.

    The monk was at the police station for more than three to four hours, without any sign of discomfort. However, after a number of other monks and lay persons began to gather, following false rumours that a monk had been attacked by a club wielding Muslim, pressure had been brought on the OIC, who had according to the Moulavi’s complaint to the IGP, told the monks who were pressing the OIC to file a case, that the monk alleging assault must be admitted to hospital, for him to produce the three brothers in Court.

    The NSC understands that the first hospital to which the monk was taken had refused to admit him as he had no injuries. The second hospital had admitted the monk but the Medico-Legal Report (MLR) issued by this hospital disclosed no injuries. However the second hospital kept the monk in bed for three days, fuelling rumours of all sorts of injuries on the monk. There is therefore a need to investigate these matters comprehensively to establish the truth.

    The NSC notes with deep shock that at the Police Station, according to the complaint to the IGP, the three brothers, including the Moulavi, had been compelled to walk on their knees towards a number of monks who had gathered at the Police Station and seek their pardon and when the three brothers were on their knees and moving towards the monks, the Moulavi had been kicked by one of the monks, which had struck the Moulavi’s neck and that thereafter they were put in the Police cell.

    Never in the Sri Lanka’s history has a monk ever been attacked by any Muslim and in this case too there appears to be no motive for the monk to be assaulted over the incident between two drivers. Never has there been also any previous alleged incident in which a monk had assaulted a Muslim theologian, highly respected by the community similar to that of Buddhist monks.

    The NSC appreciates that the Bar Association of Sri Lanka had referred the Moulavi’s complaint to the Attorney-General, who had called upon the IG Police for a fresh investigation on the Moulavi’s complaint. The NSC also notes with appreciation the assurance given by the AG to BASL to prosecute those against whom there is evidence.”

  • 2

    Former diplomat Dr. Dayan Jayatilleka has stated at a meeting held in solidarity with the Palestenian people of Gaza.addressing the meeting held on Tuesday, had stated that the recent media release issued by the foreign ministry on the Israel- Palestine conflict is exemplary of the Rajapaksa regime describing it as a reflection of the ‘lack of a policy, empathy, backbone or a brain in Gotabaya Rajapaksa ’ on the situation in Gaza.

    He said it is such policies that are reflected through statements that are made by individuals such as BBS General Secretary Galagoda Atte Gnanasara

    And also he said,Gotabaya Rajapaksa has earned income through abductions, heroin trading and collecting randsome. All this money were invested in hundreds of organizations. With the support of US base Pakistani investors Rajapaksa brothers have decided to invest their black money in the United States of America.

  • 0

    “Thought Crime / Birth Crime” – whatever we may refer to July’83, June’14 and future related astrocities.
    These are actions of MURDERERS, LOOTERS and THIEVES.
    Hence ALL involved Perpetrators, Instigators, Sympathisers and Supporters belong to those category and are not followers of the Dhamma. Their aim is to insult Buddhism.

  • 1

    [Edited out], as I have pointed out in the past of your lies I will just show how you are doing it again with this. You start this with a sentence “Sinhala mobs attacked all Tamils everywhere in Sri Lanka”. What a load of rubbish. Yes I agree some idiots who wanted to loot and create problems did lot of damage to lot of Tamil businesses. The so called “know everything” [Edited out], please tell me in 1983 how many Tamil people were living in South, East and West of Sri Lanka and how many of them were killed? This will tell our intelligent readers to make up their own minds about your exagerated writing as usual of “all Tamils everywhere in Sri Lanka”. I know some were brutally and inhumane ways were tortured and killed. I dislike those people but who allowed that to happen? Remember I had and still have Tamil friends who were living in our neighbourhood who were worried about the situation but were not scared to go out. Most of them had many opportunities to leave Sri Lanka but never wanted to leave because they were happy and felt safe in Sri Lanka. It is the Sinhalese who left Sri Lanka after that. [Edited out], I understand you have a hatred towards Sinhalese, government and the country but please don’t lie and mislead people who don’t know the truth. As you have said ““There is…..no worse crime than hatred.” – The Buddha (Dhammapada”. Please [Edited out] get rid of this hatred you have in you. It might help but not all people can.

  • 0

    Tisaranee, where in Dhammapada have you read Buddha saying “There is…..no worse crime than hatred.”

    You are just making these things up and confusing CT readers, 90% of whom have not seen or read Dhammapada.

    Dhammapada Verse 5

    Na hi verena verani
    sammantidha kudacanam
    averena ca sammanti
    esa dhammo sanantano.

    Translation: Hatred is, indeed, never appeased by hatred in this world. It is appeased only by loving-kindness. This is an ancient (and perpetual) law.

    • 0

      Gautama is about life over 2500 years ago.

      Didn’t you Sinhalese speaking demala folk hoodwink the upcountry 80 year old demala king to win kingdom??

      Today’s world is even more weird with treachery that “” Hatred is, indeed, never appeased by hatred in this world. It is appeased only by loving-kindness. This is an ancient (and perpetual) law.” Does not work like that anymore

      it has to be seen with caution- uduran kana pakshya.

      We dislike many a thing and the English are the best at keeping a tight upper lip- yet they get back in a different route. The Arabs/Russians are the worst in displaying animal instincts.

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