20 October, 2021


Bond Scam: Call Recordings Played, CB Governor’s Son-In-Law Aloysius Had Inside Information

Call recordings which were deleted at the behest of Perpetual Treasuries (PTL)CEO Kasun Palisena and Arjun Aloysius were played at the Bond Commission today, which detailed that Arjun Aloysius, son-in-law of the then governor of the Central Bank, had inside information regarding the Bond Auction.

Arjuna Mahendran

The Attorney Generals through Nuwan Salgado the Chief Dealer of PTL, played deleted call recordings pertaining to the date of the 2nd contreversial Bond auction on 29th March 2015.

In it Kasun Palisena calls Nuwan Salgado’s phone, while Salgado and Arjun Aloysius was in

Thereafter Aloysius details the rate in which the Central Bank will buy the bonds and the rates at which the EPF and National Service Bank (NSB) would bid.

Salgado, giving testimony said that it was clear that Arjun had inside information regarding the auction.

When questioned by the Commission, Aloysius said that the final authority on the rates was Aloysius’ father-in-law Arjun Mahendran, the then governor of the Central Bank. Mahendran was present during the hearings today.

Salgado said that he now feared for the safety of himself and his family and the Attorney Generals requested the Commission to immediately provide protection to the witness.

The Commission said that Salgado had not given evidence on politicians, but only about a “pilfering son in law”.

Meanwhile, Nihal Fernando, the lawyer for Perpetual Treasuries who made a statement saying that he would not represent PTL in light of the recent revelations on deletion of phone records was not present at the Commission today, sources said.

Instead his junior, one Mrs. Romali Thudawe said that Fernando was at the “Commercial High Court” and therefore did not attend the hearings. However, she had requested for the CD’s of the phone recordings which were played and the other recordings indicating that they were not going to step down.

Earlier, Fernando promised the commission that he had provided all recordings of coversations. However it came to light that it was a lie, as the phone records had been tampered with and deleted.

During the hearing on Monday, Fernando thereafter said that he would step down after ASG Dappula De Livera pointed out to Fernando that he had given an undertaking about the recordings.

However, Fernando despite grabbing the headlines yesterday regarding his “Proffessional Integrity” failed to turn up to make a statement today which he said he would. He had instead gone to the Commercial High Court. It is unclear what other case was more important than the Commission hearings, during which he promised to make a statement.

During the hearings it also transpired that the Attorney Generals department feared that Arjun Aloysius may flee the country.

ASG Yasantha Kodagoda said that they could not find Aloyisus to record a statement at his house or his office. He then requested the Counsel for Aloysius, Premarathne to provide the details of the two passports – an Australian and Sri Lankan passport possessed by Aloysius.

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  • 14

    This so called lawyer Nihal Fernando says different things each day ! He sounds very cheap. Is he also a President’s Counsel ?

    Our lawyers have no integrity. Alloysious/Mahendran can buy them any time

    • 3

      Now “MATCH IS CLEARLY OVER” , the prime suspect who made this scam possible, provided all required cover is clear.

      Let’s get the Dr.MISTER who CLEANED the Central Bank into remand custody, before he tampers or influences further evidence. He is holding paid public office that is capable of doing just that in this wonderland.

      Dr. MISTER CLEAN tried hard to cover this up by appointing a committee of party catchers. Can we know what action will be taken against these scoundrel clowns for covering, aiding and abetting this all time record great CRIME?

      Haven’t these party lawyer clowns failed in their professional duties and breached the professional conduct stipulated by Supreme Court ….?

      Oh man, this is now turning out to be a Tank of Worms…!

  • 7

    Where is Dr Ranil ?……..

    • 4

      KASmaalam K A Sumanasekera

      “Where is Dr Ranil ?……..”

      Check Dr Mahinda Rajabaksa’s residential palace. You would have seen Ranil coming in and out of the house while you were on b***s carrying duty.

    • 0

      Now Ranil’s computers and phones must be take in to trace all the calls by the Commission to investigate bond scam.

      Ranil is Washington’s Economic Hit Man and a Fake Dr. who has taken corruption to new heights in the Miracle of Modayas with the help of USaid and IMF! Why does the IMF not make corruption investigation of politicians, rather than taxes being put of poor a condition for loans? Because Washington benefits from the scams and the Human rights show, in Geneva and the Constitution process, which distract the people of Lanka from the real US agenda to colonize Sri Lanka and construct and access Big Data for its security interest in the Indian OCean
      The Biometic ID, ICTA national payment platform scam, Land Bank scam, privatization of Survey Dept to US firm Mackinsey and Co. to acquire and flip land must be stopped before Lanka becomes the American State of Lanka!

      • 4

        We only have local investigations of corruption. The billions that went overseas from the looted Central bank are not spoken about.
        Chitta Ranjan Hulugalle, a US Citizen and director of Perpetual Group who knows the overseas money laundering trail and was the guy who sent the loot of Perpetual Treasuries stolen from the people of Lanka, overseas.
        He was renting digs in Colombo a few year ago, then he married a rich woman, became cover page of Lanka Business on line and now owns beach prime properties in the coast of Sri Lanka and luxury apartment in Colombo and California.

  • 9

    So much for the good governce…

  • 7

    Colombo Telegraph Editor,
    Please make sure your articles are clear and accurate, some of the phrases above do not make any sense.
    e.g. 1.”Thereafter Aloysius details the rate in which the Central Bank will buy the bonds and the rates at which the EPF and National Service Bank (NSB) would bid.”
    Does Central Bank buy Bonds or Sell them?

    e.g. 2 . “When questioned by the Commission, Aloysius said that the final authority on the rates was Aloysius’ father-in-law Arjun Mahendran, the then governor of the Central Bank. Mahendran was present during the hearings today.”
    Was that Aloysius who said that or was it Salgado? Apparently Alosius was not at he hearing today.

    CT Editor, please do not confuse your reader even more than they are now. Thanks,

  • 10

    “Kolambatta Kiri Appita Kekiri ” cries Oridinary citizens like appuhamys, Sinnathambys, Mustaphas, Janzs and others.

    Who are the main leaders and top administrators since 1948 ?
    They were mainly from Colombo, Kandy. or from the big schools in the down South or North.
    No wonder whether they belong to UNP, SLFP, LSsP, CP, Joint Oppositionor Tamil or Muslim parties they all have ruined the country. The Maha Sangha supported all these people to take turns and come to power or help to stay in power.
    Country needs new blood to replace all the above kind of people. This applies to all the religious clergies also.

  • 4

    Ordinary people must ask for the help of Maha Sangha and other religious clergies to change the consitution to bring more decentralisation of power to the provinces and districts within a united country and accountability by the politicians and administrators to the ordinary people.

    • 2

      Non PhD,

      One good thing with decentralization of power is it pave the way for decentralize of corruption. Some of the ‘Kiri’ that is consumed by Colombians will flow to politicians in PCs. That might help to reduce the income gap between Toiyas and Baiyas.

  • 1

    All these inquiries soon would be ‘better down’ by the ‘betterface’ and ‘bull better’ involvement, we would be buttered soon…

  • 11

    Arjuna Mahendran was imported from Singapore by Ranil Wickremesinghe
    to be made the Governor of the Central Bank of Sri Lanka. When he made the
    proposal in the Cabinet, people like Champika Ranawaka objected to it and
    said no foreign national should be appointed. Ranil had his way.

    When he was removed by President Maithripala Sirisena, Ranil gave him a
    job and a room at Temple Trees. This is the same way former Minister Ravi
    Karunanayake and Rosy Senanayake have received jobs and rooms.

    So what is this dirty game the former Mr Clean is playing. He wants to amass
    enough money to win the presidential election and make his cronies – Rat
    Face Malik, Highway Robber Kiriella, Contractor Daya Gamage, Klepto Swaminathan
    and the ilk get rich.

    How much Ranil fought in Parliament to cover up the bond scam? He got an
    an ineffective MP to resign and appointed boot licker Sujeeva Senasingha to
    become member of the COPE. The latter conducted himself like a thug and
    tried to bulldoze other to believe nothing had happened.

    Now Ranil looks a “galley runne kukula” or the cockbird that defected on a

  • 0

    This article looks funny. It is Ranil, Malik, Kabir and Arjun Mahendran who had the meeting. Why Rosy has to come in the middle.

  • 1

    Because of this theft more theft carried out by the govt goes uinoticed. Other section of the horapalanaya is having a field day in thefts.

  • 1

    “Bond Scam: Call Recordings Played, CB Governor’s Son-In-Law Aloysius Had Inside Information”
    Aloysius received the instructions as to what to do next and next, in the privacy of home.
    The source of scams the world over is this “inside information”.

  • 4

    Ranil pretends to be clean. Evangelical Christian Rosiegey putha or Mahendran Charliegey Putha or his son in law or Malick or other collectors even the so called good guys like AOG headgey putha Eran W a ultra religious christian from an American cult;, they all collect for him. USA also gave him lots of dollars in cash and they also gave cash to SF in 2010 election. So this is not a shock. Rosie is a good lady but we know her husband had immense monetary issues trying to pay bills or even rent for his fancy restaurants. FACTS, so do not delete it.

    • 0

      Thangamma, Where are those fancy eating places?……..Dutch Hospital or Old Race Course?…..Give the names please …… I like to have a meal and check out how our Yahapalana Elite live now a days………

  • 0

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  • 1

    “Aloysius Had Inside Information”

    He should now go inside for a long time,preferably with some of CIS chums such as rosy’s son etc.

  • 1

    Now the game is over,as per law, it is fair with every one.there are sufficient facts exposed to arrest them,that should happen early as possible , why, one thing is possibility of jumping out of the country second is the master mind now is about to come out the bag.so there is possibility to happening of suicide like murder to cover top rung leaders ,therefore, for their own safety arrest is paramount . their assets should be freeze or otherwise they misappropriate them and won’t be recovered

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