22 May, 2024


Bond Scam: Joint Opposition Wants Bribery Commission To Investigate Ranil And Arjuna

The joint opposition today lodged a complaint against Prime Minister Ranil Wickremesinghe and ex-Governor of Central Bank Arjuna Mahendran, requesting the Commission to Investigate Allegations of Bribery or Corruption (CIABOC) to investigate both over their role in the Treasury Bond transaction.



The request signed by 11 Parliamentarians representing the Joint Opposition group, was handed over to the Commission today.

The complaint has cited Wickremesinghe also as a suspect in the bond transaction.

Meanwhile, the Joint Opposition is also scheduled to meet Speaker Karu Jayasuriya to request for a debate on the COPE report submitted to Parliament last week on the Central Bank Treasury Bond issuance. The Joint Opposition is to request Jayasuriya to hold the debate on the report before the government presents the National Budget for 2017.

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  • 27

    I think the ‘JO’ should start investigating one of their own, Weerasangilige Modawansa & his wife for all the criminal allegations against them, especially the death of the young lad, ‘Janith’ before everything else. Get your house in order. You lot are a pathetic bunch of losers, led by MP for Kurunegala, Wasideva and others.

    • 22

      Well yeah…concur that. And I’m sure it will happen pretty fast. But that doesn’t mean turning a blind eye to the bond scam.
      When Raigamaya is taken to court charged with assault, he can’t defend himself by presenting evidence of murder committed by Gampalaya. Get it?

      • 17

        JO should start investigating the Greek Bonds issue where all the EPF money went. Everyone was silent at that time. Not a dog barked. Now all dogs are barking. Yes, we also want AM and his son-in-law investigated together with all earlier issues as well.

        • 6

          UNP and SLFP are collaborating in Corruption and Jarapalanaya!
          Endless cases that go no where, meanwhile tax free, duty free luxury lifestyle of the corrupt politicians of UNP and SLFP continues!

          Miracle of Modayas is doomed to jarapalanaya under Ranil-Sira-Mahinda Jarapassa-JO-CBK partnership in corruption and cronyism!

          • 0

            We are coming a stage that both UNP & UPFA are realizing the important of various investigations. This very good and exactly what majority of he public would want to see happening. We would never want an answer for investigation for one set of corrupt being checked to match the other lot. Get all these rogues in the Parliment throughly irrespective of their color or political inclinations.

      • 8

        Like ‘Paddy’ below has mentioned, where were you when Greek Bond Scam, Sunami Money going into private accounts, Nivata Kabba dancing in the carribean with Namal & 100 odd cronies, public money for Jarapaksa memorial, EPF+loans taken from state banks, 40 tones of gold moved to Japan, Air Lanka losses……., do I need to mention anymore?. The list is never ending. Get a life man. I have no time for individuals of your calibre, sorry. Metta!

        • 1

          Yes , Yes – that is the reason why people kick all the roughs out and handed over the rains of the Government to a set, suppose to be clean – OMG!! now what has happened – The Leader – Mr Gamarala – orchestrated a media show to cover his rowdy son’s misdeeds and some or other manage to close the matter and the idiot was saved – where is the promised – rule of law – Now the second in command RW allow his buddy AM & Co to earn billions per year for many years to come by manipulating Gov.bonds – where is the monetary discipline expected – Can these Kalakanni appear in public and talk as if they are saints – we have seen enough of both colors – hope someone like Lee Kuan appear and jail all these bastards and install financial and social discipline in this country

      • 5

        Agree with you 100%. Even a thief has the right to request that justice done regarding another thief.

        Anyway I think what is happening here is just a game. JO asks for justice and the other side laughs at them saying what about the things you have done? Next the Gov asks for justice and they say the same thing.

        How about some civil rights organization doing this? I don’t mind contributing something for their legal fees.

        • 7

          “”How about some civil rights organization doing this? I don’t mind contributing something for their legal fees.””

          those are set pieces for school dropouts like buruvanse.
          try your caste clash.
          Aren’t you frightened of monster pembura – there are several.

    • 5

      They are good common sayings in lanken colloquial sinhala uran kekuna thalana kota haban kukulanta jolly or the like

    • 3

      Joint Opposition, The Lackey’s of Crooks and Killers of Mahinda Rajapaksa ans Cronies.

      RE: Bond Scam: Joint Opposition Wants Bribery Commission To Investigate Ranil And Arjuna

      “The joint opposition today lodged a complaint against Prime Minister Ranil Wickremesinghe and ex-Governor of Central Bank Arjuna Mahendran, requesting the Commission to Investigate Allegations of Bribery or Corruption (CIABOC) to investigate both over their role in the Treasury Bond transaction.”

      It is a good thing to investigate what the Dimwits Arjuna Mahendran was up to, dragging everybody else, in order to profit his son-in-law. Is RW stupid or a Victim, or just went along?

      However, BEFORE that the People want the following investigated.

      1. The Traitor, “President” Gon Sirisena Gamarala, as to why he was attacking the independent Commissions and influencing the Judges to release the Killers and Corrupt Rajapaksa Cronies.

      2. How to recover the stolen billions still stacked away off shore by Rajapaksa and cronies.

      3. Investigate the Wealth accumulation by the Pollinations and their cronies over the past 11 years.

      3. Initiate Impeachment proceedings against Gon Sirisena Gamarala.

      • 4

        always shove the snake pit before the carriage very Sink_A_Lam.

        the wounded mules prey say HeeHaw, Heehaw.

  • 13

    Why not start with MaRa, GoRa, BaRa, NaRa and any HoRa left from previous government???
    JO means stray dogs quest for long lost power and wealt by any means!!!!!!

    • 3


      Many Sinhala Buddhists are Fools. Fortunately not All are Fools.

      Mahinda Rajapaksa MaRa is a HoRaaaaaaaaaa,
      Basil Rajapaksa MaRa HoRaaaaaaaaaa,
      Gotabaya Rajapaksa MaRa HoRaaaaaaaaaa,
      Okkomma MaRa HoRuuuuuooooooooo. Do not be fooled by these HoRuuuuuuoooooooo.

  • 8

    It is believed even if this came to light this time, bond scam had been a problem in lanken CB from that day on. This even editor general would add. He is no means wrong but do you guys things that the days of Kabral had everything been in intact.

    For me, if AM to be investigted, they should even more investigate Kabral and the men under Meeharaka Rajapakshe. They must not be let buried under the carpet.

  • 2

    CT can we know the names of the eleven parliamentarians

  • 9

    This is an open and shut case for the Bribery Commission it is fair dinkum,.

    Mahendran is on record saying his employer asked him to do it.

    Three UNP Ministers who are very close to the Yahapalana PM had a meeting with Mahendran, three days prior to calling the auction.

    The rest, as they say is history.

    Did Dilrukshi know this is coming, because Yahapalana President wanted Mahendran sacked soon after the very first Yahapalana Bond Auction.

    But Ranil defended Mahendran even in Parliament in front of the whole COPE committee .

    Dilrukshi looks too young to retire even with a full Yahapalana Pension.

  • 2

    civil rights organization with foreign principles or a independent court/ judges must conduct investigations with all the crooks here, starting with previous Hora chinthane ali baba & 40 thieves then with the present gavapalane dimwits

  • 6

    How do you know they are well-meaning?

    Like election after election…naive ones who cast the vote for party.

    In the end, everything is a gag.

  • 8

    Now, of all things, the want to probe the supreme leader,
    the all knowing Ranil Wickremasinghe for bribery and
    corruption. As Wimal Wairawansa said he is not Mr Clean
    by Mr Dirty.

    He is talking to Mahinda Rajapaksa and was able to get him
    to order Dinesh Gunawardena to put off a news conference on
    the bond issue. See sunday’s times newspaper for the details.

    Wickremesinghe now say they have won. The insecure, arrogant
    and swollen headed idiot does not realize that his political
    career is gone – he is not being called a patta pal hora.

  • 5

    Where were these “Drifters” during the last regime? Were they deaf and blind when the Bribery Commission was intentionally made ineffective? At least NOW they have found their way to the office of the Commission. Hope they now realize the FREEDOM all of them enjoy.

  • 6

    Joint opposition is no different than others. JO justifies importing and selling cars on duty free permits.

    FCID was under Ranil wickramsinghe which meant it was a politcal organization supporting UNP and they did it.

    Yahapalana govt including the PResident and Prime minister are another group of day light – high way robbers just the way Previous govt was.

    It is no point of telling them. Thieves are thieves.

  • 2

    Members of the Joint Opposition aided in this scam. It was a trap set to go off. The entire edifice termed the joint opposition is held up by the master crook and murderer. All its members are utter scoundrels with not a shred of credibility. An yet the media keeps giving them a platform from which to make as much noise.

  • 0

    There is a saying in Sinhala ‘Balloth Ekka Budiyawoth Makkoth Ekka Nagitinna Wenawa” The rough English translation is ” when you sleep with dogs you have to get up from your sleep with (full of) ticks” This is what has happened to the PM. He imported this grand Bond robber from Singapore during his last tenure as PM in 2002 and appointed him as the Chairman of the BOI. He did not bring any investments to the country but spent BOI money even to take dinner for his family on BOI account. Travel extensively to collect subsistence saying that he needs money to educate his children. When late Mr. Anura Bandaranaike tried to raise these in the Parliament went his father went crawling to Mr. Badaranaike and pleaded to spare his son. PM removed efficient officers from the BOI at the instigation of Arjuna Mahendran as Mahendran feared that those officers will not endorse his misdeeds and will expose them. In the bond case too, PM went all out to shield this man who masterminded the looting of the national wealth with his son in law. He was insistant Mahendran be reappointed as the CB Governor. PM’s agents tried till last moment to shield this man at the COPE as has been exposed. Now PM is trying to be innocent and act as Mr.Clean. You are no more clean.If you have any self-respect please resign from your post and allow an independent judicial inquiry into the matter.

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