2 December, 2023


Bond Scam: Ranil Says Media And COPE Chairman Guilty And Punishable

All media reporting COPE bond report are guilty and punishable under the Section 22 of the Parliamentary (Powers and Privilege) act, the Prime Minster Ranil Wickremesighe has yesterday written to the Secretary-General of Parliament. He also said that the former Chairman of the COPE DEW Gunasekara also guilty under the same section of the law.

We publish below the Prime Minister’s letter in full;

Ranil Wickremesinghe on COPE

Ranil Wickremesinghe on COPE report

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    Ranil getting very agitated and throwing parliamentary privileges about. I wonder why……

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      There are rules governing every game. Breech of rules have to be inquired into according to rules. Even if a superior team scores a goal breaching rules of the game, it is dssallowed and considered a foul.

      The COPE sub-commitee should not have function like the PSC on the 43rd CJ, Shiranee Bandaranaike. Because of its shenanigans, her guilt or otherwise, has yet not been exposed

      Dr.Rajasingham Narendran

      • 17

        Ranil CLAIMS to be a respecter of the highest parliamentary traditions. Yet, he appoints a 3 man committee of UNP lawyers that as expected gave the “all clear” to the CB Gov.

        I would ask you to look up the case of Hon. Liam Fox of the UK parliament. When his friend (college flatmate) was accused of using his links to Fox to gain an unfair advantage, Fox resigned immediately even before the committee reported back with its findings saying:

        “mistakenly allowed” personal and professional responsibilities to be “blurred”.

        That my dear RN is how things should be done !!!!
        There is no point in claiming to be “clean” then doing the same things that MR did.

        He even tries to confuse things by claiming that COPE did not call him. As a long standing MP he knows very well that MINISTERS are NEVER called by COPE. He knew it but lied to the media to confuse the issue.

        Can I also suggest you read the following link on the ISLAND:

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        In order to protect the rule book, shut up one’s mouth.

        that is what you say.

        If Ranil wickramsinghe is honest, why he is so scared ?

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        Is Dr Mahendran a relation of Dr Rajasingham tooo….

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        And, whatever said about him, Ranil does not act in desperation and knows his stuff. Remember he was trained by the ‘old fox’. Did we not watch him when all the rumpus that took place in the UNP on the leadership. Are we not now watching his coolness in the ‘Mahinda Contesting’ quarrel. That is Ranil.

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          The Old Fox should have had better material to work with.

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      Both sides seem to have problem, as much as Ranil wants to thwart this process, the other side want to hasten it.

      If first come first served basis adopted, there had been a lot of issues under MR Govt needs answer. Reading a report on MR chief of staff Senaratne amassing a whooping Rs 700M despite being a public officer, I can understand why MR’s cohorts so desperate to bring him back. So voters wants to know those details as well, even MR admitted that there were some wrongs and if that was the case, should he divulging on the details, he could not simply gets away with some passing comments. This what 6.2M voters voted wanting to know first, and the 5.6M voters can wait to know Bond issue for other 10 years as they didn’t ask for at the last election. If a chief Staff can amass Rs 700M, billions at President hands looks pea nuts, the breakfast bill of a cool Rs 94 laks ably demonstrates it.

      Having said this, Ranil would have been better of without Mahen, but he seemed to have brought M in good faith and paying the price. Yet, Ranil has a point to go after the media release as it clearly a political maneuver. The buggers didn’t even bother to remove the water mark, all what matters for them is leaking some stuff purporting in it as COPE’s conclusion. With this letter being published, the draft report readers had read a few weeks ago doesn’t seems to be the right report as not all members had consented for the release of it, it could be concluded that it was a 4/13 peoples’ report.

      On a different matter, the 4:4 split as stated in the letter clearly brings home the very message that when a matter is referred to parliamentary group, what sort of results were to get. What is expected to get out of these committees is a politicized decision, not the one the matter at hand warranted for. The decision of the members of this committee is not influenced but hijacked by their respective bosses.

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      What is Ranils IQ? Was it Measured?

      At least 43% of the MPs have NOT passed the GCE OL.

      RW may have passed the GCE OL, but still IQ tests and common sense tests are needed.

      We need to have IQ Tests for MPs.

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    This story has helped shape my voting decision, which would be as follows:

    1) Assuming the big crook is given UPFA nomination I will vote for the UNP but NOT give a preference vote to Ranil.

    2) Assuming the UPFA splits, I will vote for the non-MR SLFP simply to relegate MR to third place and bolster a halfway decent opposition (assuming a UNP majority).

    • 10

      Either way you want this crook RW to lead SL? Who is worse than mr?

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    It’s pathetic to note that Ranil seeks redress under parliamentary privileges when meticulously drafted fraud report is published. I think he must first surrender himself along with his micro economic maestro to the FCID, Ranil totally unaware of the twists and turns in our politics , leading a precarious role and now being booted out. All what he wants is to legalise gay marriages and party with CIA acolytes.

  • 19

    Is this guy (in a black coat) trying to be our prime Minister ?

    Is it correct that he is calling himself Prime Minister when he does not command a majority in Parliament ?

    Now that the parliament is dissolved is he prime minister or care taker Prime minister ?

    Was it correct for this man to appoint a committee of UNP lawyers to inquire into allegations against Arjun Mahendran who had been appointed as Governor of the Central Bank by himself ( against the wishes of so many)

    If that is Ok , then should we ask MR to appoint the police officers who should investigate allegations against Basil, Sajin Vass etc.

    Was that UNP lawyers inquiry superior to that of the COPE ?

    Is Ranil partisan and bias in this national issue ?

    Should newspapers report matters of public interest or before they do that obtain a legal opinion from Ranil whether the news material is false or perverted.

    Does our penal code consider homosexuality a perverted sexual offence ?

    Should any right thinking person encourage Ranil to suppress any media discussion on the COPE report ?

    On the 17 of August has the voter to decide what is perverse and what is not ?

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    For God sake at least suspend Arjun Mahendran till the investigation is over. We 6.2 Million voters cannot pay the price for the folly of a single individual, who at least in the face of it looks involved one way or the other.

    He can clean him up and restore his position if not proven, until then he needs to be suspended forthwith, otherwise this will snowball with dire consequences during the election.

    We just cannot afford to have this and let MARA clan go to town with this. If the need be, even MS needs to exercise his presidential powers to arrest the situation, before it is too late for redemption.

    • 8

      He is innocent until proven guilty beyond reasonable doubt. Prove him guilty through due process and then consign him to a dungeon.


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        Dr RN, it is not a question of guilt and innocence. If there is even an element of suspicion, the right thing for the Governor of the CB is to step down until there is an inquiry and is cleared of any wrong doing. Any fool can see that there was a conflict of interest and his son in law did benefit from the bond issue. It is unbelievable that an issue of bonds of that magnitude was done without the knowledge of the Governor. Mr Mahendren should step down. Period.

      • 0

        The biggest crooks are trained at the ‘Ivy League’ Universities in the USA, a fact I am sure you are familiar with.

  • 14

    I agree with ansar . mahendran should be suspended immediately we 6.2 million voters want it done

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      Isn’t is obivious, Ranil is protecting Arjun Mahendran (AM) because he is the one asked AM to do so. Ranil is not Mr. Clean.

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    Ranil will go to any length to save his appointee from being found guilty. The president must act now as it his reputation that is at stake. It looks he is deaf and dumb when it comes to wrong doings of his cabinet of ministers including the PM.

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    Ranil is under the gun due to COPE revelations.

    Colombo voters will punish him and UNP for the bond scam unless he suspends Arjun before the elections.

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    Ranil is now willing to cancel the licence of Perpetual Treasuries because they have already made their money.

    He has also promised to inquire into this `in the next parliament’

    WHY COULDN’T HE DO THIS ALL THIS TIME even when two Ministers in his own Cabinet Ministers publicly questioned this deal?

    Such actions by RW had discredited the good governance programme initiated by President Sirisena. Shame on you.

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    Oh my Gosh. Read the letter. Parliament has been dissolved and the report has not been presented to parliament so it’s not valid. That’s the punch line.
    Let elections be over and the new parliament can take it up again. Ranil has quoted his Uncle’s paper ( Times) and taken them too to task. DEW is senior enough in Parliament to know that he was breaching the rule.
    By the way the letter has been addressed to The Secretary General of the Parliament. There is no reference that it should be released for publication.
    Right to information is taking place. Huh?

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    COPE is defunct now since the Parliament is dissolved, every accused have the right to defend himself various means,but nobody can be mischievous with public finance system. Above all Mahinda Rajapaksha corrupt regime machinery of has not been fully dismantled to the core of the various Govt.institutions, and the Central Bank is no exception. Anyway there is allegations that there was an Insider Trading for Internal Fund Rotation where Bank of Ceylon as well becomes beneficiary rather than a foreign Bank in foreign currencies, but singled out person benefiting enormously. Arjuna Mahendran, the Governer of the Central Bank who denies involvement can justify his denial only by cancelling Perpetual Investors as Primary dealers, for treasury and let the Bank of Ceylon take over that mettle where the State and the bank becomes primary beneficiary.
    Restoration of damage should be the focal point than for punishing the real offenders if any.

  • 15

    Like showing a red to a bull, say Central Bank Bond Scan
    and Ranil Wickremesinghe goes ballistics.

    When the scandal broke out, President Maithripala Sirisena
    was in the UK. He telephoned his staff and wanted them to
    appoint a Committee. Instead, on hearing the news RW telephoned
    Maithripala and said he will name three members.

    Those three members knew next to nothing. They submitted a report
    and it was lying pigeon holed in RW’s office. When there was a cry
    from the opposition, he first issue a press release. That said
    Governor Arjuna Mahendran was not involved in the bond issue. When
    the report was tabled in Parliament, it came to light that there
    was no reference to such a thing. To the contrary, they said the
    matter should be further probed.

    Now, the CT first published the entire report. Then a number of local
    newspapers published it. It is naturally acute embarrassment for
    RW. So what does he do. He writes to the Secretary General of Parliament.
    By his own admission, partliament like the COPE has ceased to exist. So
    where is the privilege?

    In this instance, if the party referred to was Mahinda Rajapaksa, RW would
    have welcomed the publication. His embarrassment is showing. It is after such
    glaring day light robbery that they are going to ask Sri Lankans to go to

    The question here is not whether privilege was violated or whether D.E.W.
    Gunasekera had the right to say what he did.




    Now he is trying to hide under parliamentary privileges. Sri Lanka is damned by these politicians.

    • 0

      Bulls are colour blind.

  • 9

    I agree with Bandula Sumanasekera. There are numerous
    occasions when the local media has reported on COPE
    findings about government departments, state corporations
    and statutory boards.

    These were long long before the COPE came out with their
    reports. If Ranil Wickremesinghe’s arguments are correct,
    then those too constitute violation of privilages.

    When you are caught without your clothes, one has to hide
    behind the law. Whom is he trying to fool?

    There has not been a credible investigation of any sort. To
    make matters worse the spineless President is looking the
    other side when these were going on. Is it Mahinda Rajapaksa
    and his family only allowed to rob and they become grave
    offences. What about those with Ranil Wickremesinghe, the
    Mr. Clean. He is no longer that. He is hiding wrong doers.
    That is why no case has yet been brought to justice.

  • 9

    Vote for UNP is a vote for Mahendran scandal !

  • 6

    Ranil is fighting in a corner and he is fighting Uncle Ranjith’s main paper who are now moving to get Ruwan in as a Presidential. Can’t you see?

  • 8

    Whatever the story is with this bond issue,
    Ranil is just another good for nothing
    politician. He does not uphold democratic
    principles. How is he still functioning
    as the UNP leader after all these years?
    He is a dictator, not too different to MR.

  • 1

    How funny Professori. I thought you would need
    Ranil’s help for such a feat. Obviously you
    are a Professor from the University for Naatameys.
    Good for you, old pal!!! Oil you brains a bit
    and if its good it may work well.

  • 10

    Here are some of the greatest hits during
    presidential election time;

    Media Freedom
    Right to Information Law
    Call for persecuted journalists to return to Sri Lanka
    No fear to write

    Six months are over. No one except Ranil Wickremasinghe
    the Prime Minister is threatening the media. He is accusing
    them of violating parliamentary privileges. He is NOT
    saying what they have reported about Central Bank bond
    racket is untrue. He cannot wait whenever the name COPE
    report is mentioned. Like a small boys, his trousers get

    Now go for the jugular. Hit the media that is exposing corruption
    under RW’s nose ably aided and assisted by him. Mahendran is more
    important to him than the UNP, the government or Sirisena. And to
    Sirisena Ranil and Chandrika are important. Forget about corruption.

    Damn shame!!

  • 7

    As I said in another comment, the people (voters) have perceived this Government as “Ranil’s and as that of a “UNP” Government”. I have spoken to some of those so called “Die Hard” (those who claim even their blood is green)about these developments in the UNP. Their unequivocal judgement is: “Ranil has made a mess of things right from day one of his becoming the leader of the party”. They even said: “If things go this bad, we will go t vote and “destroy” (meaning invalidate)our ballot paper. That is the frustration that is building even among the UNP voters. What more to talk of the rest of the voters.
    How much, the people, media (both print and social) have discussed this issue brought about by Ranil and his nominee to Head the CB. The PM himself appointed a “Committee” (all his associates) to make an “Inquiry” and that was made a “Mockery”. Then a “Court Case”- (that too based on ill conceived facts). Thirdly a “No Confidence” motion and a “COPE Committee” appointed by the Speaker. Fourthly, the “ANNOUNCEMENT” by the PM that he would appoint a “COMMITTEE” to inquire into it at the “NEXT PARLIAMENT”. Fifthly, a “COMPLAINT” to the General Secretary to the Parliament by the PM, against the COPE Chairman and the Media.

    Is this the way and manner a Prime Minister of a country handles “Complaints” and “Public Grievances”. I would, without any hesitation call it a “BUFFOONERY”. I will not blame those who claim their “Blood is Green” in deciding to got to polls and “INVALIDATE” the ballot paper, faced with a “Leader” of this caliber. In general, the people are also questioning: “Is this the man who is going to be our Prime Minister and what type of a YAHAPALANYA we are going to get”?

    These “Political Leaders” – of the type of present Prime Minister,(incidentally very many) are a DEFINITE THREAT to “Democracy”. With this ongoing situation in the country under these types of “Politicians”, people will soon exhaust their PATIENCE and willingly or unwillingly OPT for a full faced “DICTATORSHIP”. The people will put the nail on the coffin of “DEMOCRACY”. If that happens (I pray that not to happen) all these present day Politicians must bear the responsibility for the demise of Democracy in this country.

  • 4

    Ranil Appointing three UNP lawyers to investigate the Scam is no different from MahindaRajapakse appointing three ministers supportive to himn to investigate Shirani Bandaranaike case.

    In the book, they did the due process. but, it is all fraud.

    Now, it has become a typical kekille court.

  • 8

    Jim softly i agree with your argument but the constitution has laid down the procedure for an inquiry against a judge of the supreme court. They followed the constitution. So we cannot bring the argument of Shirni inquiry here.

    • 0

      What happens when the process was fradulent ?

      What is the legal word for that ?

  • 4

    How can Ranil invoke Parliamentary Privilege against a newspaper ?????? Is that even possible ?

  • 1

    DEW is good at pulling the rabbit out of his hat.
    [Edited out]

  • 2

    He He He heeee…..

    Thank god it is in English.

    Otherwise our Dalits would have had the biggest laugh..

  • 7

    Who is Mr Eran Wickremaratne..

    He told o the Colombo Journos that extra 2.5 % on 9000 Billion LKR is really good value for the inhabitants , because they have 30 years to pay it back.

    How cool.

    I did a Quick computation and here is the outcome.

    A child conceived or born during the 150 day Yahapalanaya will have a debt of 9000 Billion LKR to pay back, when they turn 30 years old in 2045.

    That is after their Dads and grand Dads have paid LKR 1800 Million every year, for the next 30 years.

    That is only to cover the extra 2.5 % which Mr Eran Wicks says is good for us.

    And tries to imply it as a favour from Mahendran’s.

    That is not the end.

    The same Dads and grand Dads have to pay another 90 Billion which is 9000 Million LKR per anum which is the normal interest at 10 % for the 30 years..

    That is a grand total of 950 Million Rupees every month for the next 360 months just to cover the interest.

    Mr other Wicks first appointed his 3 UNP lawyer Panel who issued a clean bill of health for the CB Boss and Alouysious.

    Now the same Mr Wicks finds COPE CID guilty..

    # Cooool Isn’t it …

  • 0

    Watch Arjuna Mahendran’s open and honest interview

    • 4


      ‘ Open and Honest’ – you obviously don’t know the meaning of these two words . How about ‘Shame’ and ‘Self Respect’ ??

    • 0

      Funny that Wigneswaran has been silent on this. Wonder why ?

  • 4

    Can someone enlighten me on this please.

    Ranil claims that DEW Gunesekera ceased to be a parliamentarian with the dissolution of the parliament on 26 June 2015.

    How come Ranil remains prime minister on 6th July 2015, the day he signed the above letter on the Prime Ministers letter head. Shouldn’t he have ceased to be a parliamentarian with the dissolution of the parliament on 26 June 2015?


  • 0

    What I am saying below is only speculation,but another view to this whole issue.
    Let me put it this way.
    Assumption 1. MaRa is President,Ajit Nivard Cabral is Governor CB,AND DEW.Gunasekera is Chairman COPE.

    Assumption 2.

    There is an ALLEGED Bond Scam say when the aforesaid folks held office.
    Will DEW.Gunasekera jump the Gun?

  • 1

    The hero of democracy and media freedom
    in Sri Lanka has spoken. That too through
    a live telcast free of charge from the
    Independent Television Network whilst
    the President is asleep. This is abuse
    under Yahapalanaya. You use a state owned
    channel to castigate an MP who headed the
    COPE because he did not do what you

    Why are the so called civil society groups
    so silent? Where are the Pakiasothy’s (on
    a gravy train?), Weliamunas and Jehan
    Pereras. Do they only say things against
    people who they dislike and not their darling
    like Ranil.

    It is all good as long as that amoeba, Maithripala
    Sirisena, who has no backbone remains in power.
    If he is strong enough, he should take all the
    info from Parliament and order an inquiry after
    suspending Mahendran.He should also ask the UNP
    to pay for the ITN air time.

  • 0

    Ranil’s committee COPE after parliament dissolution etc.
    What about the supreme court judgment on this central bank bond deal, was it not a big deal? Are the apex court judges less educated on banking and economics? Is that too need a revision after polls?

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