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Brazen Violation Of Election Laws And Bullying By UGC Chairman And Jaffna VC

In a letter signed and dated 23 Dec. 2014 by Jaffna VC Vasanthi Arasaratnam to all Deans and Head Siddha Medicine she has written;

“I have received the annexed list from University Grants Commissions [sic.]. Please circulate this among the staff of your Faculty/Section and get their signatures. On the request of the Chairperson UGC [who is Prof. Kshanika Hrimimburegama] we have to forwarding [sic.] this to University Grants Commission again [sic.] on or before 29.12.2014.”

We may note that academic staff members have to sign – “get their signatures” orders Prof, Hrimburegama.

The document to be circulated reads as follows in Tamil:

“To get more knowledge without obstacles, and to march towards development without hindrance, our best wishes for the victory of His Excellency Mahinda Rajapaksa”

That is is followed by a table for signatures.

“This is a clear violation of our Election Laws. Just one more! We may also note from the quality of the VC’s writing the use by this government of useless persons who will obey for lack of alternative career paths. We may also assume that Prof. Hrimburegama has sent out similar letters to other universities – or is it only Tamils who are to be bullied like this?” a university teacher told Colombo Telegraph.

“This itself is a good reason not to vote for Mahintha Rajapaksa.” he further said.

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