18 April, 2024


Bribery Commission Files ‘Contempt’ Case Against Namal

The Commission to Investigate Allegations of Bribery and Corruption filed a case against Parliamentarian Namal Rajapaksa in the Supreme Court today.

Namal Rajapaksa

Namal Rajapaksa

The case which was filed by the Commission Director General of the Commission, Dilrukshi Dias Wickramasinghe, who claimed that Namal, the eldest son of former President Mahinda Rajapaksa had disregarded summons by the Commission, which ordered him to appear before the commission over a case.

The case was filed based on section 20 of the Bribery Act ‘contempt of commission.’ According to the case filed, Namal had disregarded the summons issued to him by the commission and had not appeared before the commission.

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    Grab the bastard from neck and drag him to court.

    • 35

      Nyet, he will still get bail…watch and see. That is why our judicial system is simply yakko.

      • 20

        We must use the army to find the stolen money from them. They are richer than the government from the wholesale looting of the country’s wealth for the last 10 years. They know how to hide the stolen money and gold in Sri Lanka. They can buy anybody any time except a few. The army freed the country from LTTE but not from MaRa gangs. Once all the MaRa gangs are in jail locked for 100 years or capital punishment, then only army can free the country. Mahinda is not a big threat because he could die any time. But Namal is very dangerous to the country’s future and its people. Capital punishment for Namal is the only solution.

        • 6

          You may be right . I myself believe if a regime cant find the vehicles illiegally used by former yet, how can they trace those billions being away from state. These are high profile charges against the former Alibaba and thieves, that people today seem not taking as serious concerns.

      • 7

        They should arrest him/the family every time he/they break the law and set bail at 100mil Rupees each time. This way, within a few years, we can recover the money they stole from us. If they don’t pay the amount, they can rot in jail….at least they won’t get to spend the money of the people.

      • 3

        If his bail were denied, he would go to the Prison hospital.

        Sri lankan system for VVIP criminals and Fraudsters.

    • 39

      So called Attorney? ( LOWYER OF SRILANKA)
      What a shame one Law for him and another for others in the country.

      Catch the B….tard ! hang him upside down and take him to court with head covered with sack.

      Then he can face the music like an honourable LOWYER OF SRILANKA.
      Now he has no guts , no guts nor Teeth.

      Cowardest of the coward.

      Shame man!!

      • 19

        One can buy the best Luxury in the world with the Stolen Money . Best Suits, Best Gadgets, Best Watches , cars, and so on ,,, But one cannot BUY Intelligence or the BEST BRAIN IN THE WORLD TO REPLACE THE EMPTY SKULL.

        CAN WE??

        • 6



          Again, Namal got lucky. The surgery/procedure is going to be made available shortly in China. Aren’t you happy for him?

          Please read:

          A Chinese surgeon plans to perform the world’s first full-body transplant — here are the 5 biggest obstacles we’d have to overcome first

          Erin Brodwin

          Jun. 13, 2016

          Italian neurosurgeon Sergio Canavero made headlines around the world last year with the bold claim that he would soon be stitching someone’s head onto another person’s body.

          And it looks as if he’s not the only person with dreams of performing what have been called head transplants, or more appropriately, full-body transplants.

          Chinese orthopedic surgeon Dr. Xiaoping Ren of Harbin Medical University recently told The New York Times that he was building a team to perform the procedure.

          Unlike Canavero, who merely dreamt of the idea, Ren reportedly has plans to carry it out, The Times reports. The operation would happen, he said, “when we are ready.”

          Nearly two decades ago, Ren was part of a team from the University of Louisville that helped perform the first hand transplant in the US. He spent 16 years in America before returning home to Harbin, China. The doctor has made headlines previously for doing thousands of head transplants on mice, but the animals lived only a day. Ren told The Times he had also begun practicing on human cadavers, but he did not give details.

          The idea of full-body transplants has been explored by numerous scientists looking both save people from deadly diseases, such as spinal muscular atrophy, and extend life. But the challenges of such an endeavor are intense, to say the least.

          Here are five of the main obstacles scientists would have to overcome before doing such a transplant:

          1. Heads can’t stay alive on their own
          In any transplant, the donor organ (the one that has been taken from a donor’s body) has to be kept alive until it can be placed into the recipient’s body.

          As soon as an organ gets removed from a body, it begins to die.

          For things like heart or kidney transplants, doctors cool the organ to keep it viable for as long as possible. Cooling the organ helps reduce the amount of energy its cells need to stay alive.

          Doctors accomplish this by bathing the organ in a solution of cold saltwater (saline). This process preserves kidneys for 48 hours, livers for 24 hours, and hearts for about five to 10 hours.

          But a head would be a far more difficult process. A head isn’t just an isolated organ. It’s the heaviest and one of the most complex parts of the body. It houses not just your brain but also your eyes, ears, nose, mouth, and skin, as well as two separate gland systems: the pituitary, which controls the hormones that circulate throughout the body, and the salivary, which are responsible for producing saliva.

          More than a century of disturbing animal research has shown that at the moment of decapitation, blood pressure in the head drops dramatically. The resulting loss of fresh blood and oxygen pushes the brain into a coma, soon followed by death.

          This brings us to the next problem.

          2. The immune system has to be coaxed into accepting a foreign head
          As with any transplant, one of the main issues facing patients is that of their own body: If the immune system flags the foreign organ (or organs, in this case) as foreign, it can unleash a full-scale attack.

          What happens in this case is that the immune system of the person receiving the new organ detects immune-triggering substances, called antigens, on the cells of the new organ. These antigens don’t match those found on nonforeign organs. This is why almost all transplant patients take immune-suppressing drugs after their procedure.

          Because the head is so complex and includes so many organs, the risk of rejection is much higher.

          3. The surgery has to happen in under an hour
          In a 1970s experiment that would never be allowed today, neurosurgeon Robert White transplanted the head of a monkey onto the body of a donor monkey. He maintained the monkey bodies by cooling them to about 59 degrees Fahrenheit for the duration of the procedure. The monkey with the transplanted head survived until the immune system rejected the head eight days after the surgery, and the monkey died.

          One big catch, though: The whole thing has to be done in under an hour, according to White’s experiments and Canavero’s paper.

          Canavero notes in his paper that both of the heads would have to be removed from their bodies at the same time. Working swiftly, the surgeons would have to reattach the head of the person they want to keep alive to the circulatory system of the donor’s body while both bodies are under total cardiac arrest. All of this would happen in less than an hour.

          Canavero has also come under some fire recently for allegations that his claims are linked with a marketing ploy for a video game. Canavero told Business Insider last week that he had zero involvement with the game, “Metal Gear Solid 5: The Phantom Pain,” and had never heard of the game’s producer or his company.

          4. Spinal cords are (obviously) incredibly tricky to fuse
          For the preserved head to be able to communicate with and control its new body, the spinal cord and the brain must be seamlessly connected, or fused.

          This didn’t happen with the monkey transplant. While the monkey whose head was transplanted onto a donor body was able to see, move its eyes, and eat, it was paralyzed from the neck down.

          “The greatest technical hurdle” to a head transplant, Canavero writes in his paper, “is of course the reconnection of the donor’s (D)’s and recipients (R)’s spinal cords. It is my contention that the technology only now exists for such linkage.”

          Canevero’s technology is “a special biological glue,” he said in a recent TED talk, called polyethylene glycol. Some experimental surgeons in the 1930s and 1940s used this material, which is a type of plastic, to fuse the spinal cords of dogs, but these experiments typically involved attaching a foreign head to the complete body of a dog (artificially giving it two heads), not replacing one dog’s head with that of another. These procedures were also done in less than an hour.

          After the procedure, one of Canavero’s patients would be placed in a coma for up to a month to allow the spinal cords to fuse. Otherwise, the “spaghetti” (as he calls it) that makes up the spinal cord could become gnarled or twisted.

          But such a long coma is a potential problem as well, Harry Goldsmith, a University of California at Davis professor of neurosurgery, told Popular Science, because medically induced comas often result in infection, blood clots, and reduced brain activity.

          5. The procedure has to work in animal trials before being done in humans
          Before head transplantation moves into trials in people, all of these problems have to be addressed in animal trials. And there are hurdles to getting animal experiments approved that involve so much cruelty. The bar for approving any such procedure, then, would have to involve proving that it is both helpful and necessary.

          So far, there’s no evidence that any of this is happening yet, which means any type of surgery approaching this level of risk is decades off, at the least.

          NOW WATCH: Scientists have developed a ‘bionic spinal cord’ to help paraplegics walk


          • 4

            Fascinating piece on Organ Transplant including Head Transplant. I read the whole piece from top to bottom.
            Please introduce our smart A….s N a….m.l to one of these animal / Body Transplant cum Neurosurgical Research Teams . ASAP.
            He has got Mega Bucks IN Looted Dollars . Sergio Canerviro will not be disappointed to try on Namal’s HEAD TRANSPLANT resulting in few minutes of Live Intelligent Brain Cells implanted or Transplanted.

            It should be in US Dollars as Uncle Rohitha Bull had been given permission to leave the country to BURY deeper of all the Loots of the former Regime . As expected panicking about the Brexit.
            Even UK is not too worried about GBP and the Brexit now but panick has set in Globally among the Looters and Hoarders of GBP.
            Hah Hah Hah

            • 1


              “Sergio Canerviro will not be disappointed to try on Namal’s HEAD TRANSPLANT resulting in few minutes of Live Intelligent Brain Cells implanted or Transplanted.”

              Namal could also try other medical treatment such as Gene Editing.

              Inside of every problem lies an opportunity.
              -Robert Kiyosaki

    • 19

      he may have thought that it is still his fa’s regime

    • 16


      “Grab the bastard from neck and drag him to court.”

      Then, Grab the bastard from neck and hang him. Not needed.

    • 21

      This boy does not know what he is talking about whe he opens his mouth piece. Father like son.
      It is simply the bad education.
      He is said to have two different faces. People are being treated by him as if they the princes could do anything and everything… actually they also behaved so creating over decibel sound exposure also in the city of Tooth temple is located, irrespetive of all the disapprovals were shared by Mahanayakes, but his father is round the clock visiting temples to allow the message go through to the vulnerable. Trickierst … devious… griedierst…. as no other… they have that in their blood.. no ohers, we the Rajaakshes rascals… have the might to even go raping that oppose them..

      • 11

        Simon de Silva
        They thought they are the world or the world is them the Rajapuuuussssas.

        Please don’t dishonour the top schools he was sent to as Bad Education . His beloved parents educated him and his brothers hoping that they will be the top Professor of Politics or a Top LAWYER IN THE WHOLE WORLD.

        Neh Man?? It’s all to do do with Genetics.
        Buffaloes will be always Buffaloes with no BRAINS OR NO INTELLIGENT THINKING POWER. Like to they say Punnakku within the skull.

        Remember when MR used his sons and heirs by sending them abroad to BURY THE LOOTS OF SRILANKA, THE SONS NEVER SAID ” NO “OR CORRECTED THE FATHER .

    • 8

      This pig knows nothing but to abuse from top to bottom:

      Girls raping to murder…

      Airlanka stewardess… to Murder of Thajeedeen..

      Those were the days where almost everyone was stood still — as nothing could do.. when heard to have murdered someone.. but today, we talk these accusations as we talk about our daily 3 meals…

      That is the danger.. that we are pushed to . who did that… in a country who fought a war.. had all to fall even deeper… but alone the last 10 years.. even after post war sessions.. Had Rajakashes not done the way theydid it… we would have risen our heads by today.. (6 years after the war is ended within the soils.. but the war.. of peace reconciliation is under way).

    • 7

      Put this syntactic lawyer in the jail..if Rail or the President try to save this failed princes…

    • 4


      I don’t think that it is a good idea to grab Prof. (Future) Namal Rajapaksha’s neck and drag him to court as actually he is spending more and more time to visit prison to see Deshapremees who are in prison custody. Also daily he has to appear in court to defend his party members and family members from Yahapalanaya and simply he doesn’t have a time to meet Dilrukshi. Instead of complaining to supreme court Dilrukshi should have sent him a love letter or otherwise she can send her buddies to Walikada Prison gate to catch him.

      Apart from that he is spending lot of time to find new theories. Recently he found Humans has 6 fingers in one hand and probably Noble committee should consider his name for that new finding.

      Dilrukshi should not forget the fact that she is going to challenge the best Lawyer Sri Lanka Law Collage has ever produced.

    • 1

      This [Edited out] must me to sit the law exams without the help of Prof. Peiris.

      This goon must be made to account for his sins during his dad’s regime.

  • 21

    This will be another case where the accused would be granted bail to go out and carry on regardless. We are all waiting to see such cases against fraudsters proceeding to end in a conviction rather than merely making allegations, and letting the cases lie in the record rooms of the courts to gather dust. Taking such high profile personalities to court and letting them out on bail has now become a joke.

    • 21

      Like the sun rises and sun set …

      investigations are called to show … then leave them via bail back to normal… who is deceiving this way if not we ourselves.

      I am fed up of not having proper verdicts to be heard.. justice should be served finally… if we are to be a civlized nation.

      Cesspits of Namal, His father and others could long have been shut, had the law and order bodies done the job properly.

  • 22

    This Prince Namal Baba is a third grade lawyer like his appachchi. We all know how he sat for the exam. Throw the fellow to a 6×4 solitary confinement. Act fast before its too late!

  • 12

    Sam Fernando: You said: “Cesspit of Namal, His father and others could….shut, had the law and order bodies done the job properly”. I would like that statement to be restated this way. Cesspit of Namal, his father and others could long have been shut, had the law and order bodies were and are allowed to their job independently. Do you agree?

    • 2

      This means

      Law and order bodies though their job properly…

      They cant come to the final decisions independently.. that allows all mess up and satifaction of the YP promoters to dilute their hopes…

      Yes, thank Douglous for your valuble inputs… We are born fools and made fools by POLITICIANS of diverse forms.

  • 13

    The condition laid down by the previous regime to hand over power to President Sirisena and the PM Ranil, after the last general election was that no Rajapakses will be harmed and it was accepted by the present govt. and why make a fuss now.

  • 5

    Consequences of joining politics without maturity.

  • 8

    Some are still grass level ignorant to look at the issues like this in a very political and biased mode.
    We can see here one says ” The condition laid down by the previous regime to hand over power to President Sirisena and the PM Ranil, after the last general election was that no Rajapakses will be harmed and it was accepted by the present govt. and why make a fuss now.”
    According to him/her [cos’ no gender revealed] Rajapaksas can do any illegal act, crime, corruption, smuggling, abuse of process, commit contempt any body of the State & Law enforcement authorities,and defraud the whole of Sri Lanka and its people, and yet people must accept it and remain looking upwards & sky as many of them probably like Lanka Watch might have done during that fabulous decade?
    According to him/her NO RAJAPAKSAS in this country can be charged for any civil/criminal offense. One must understand the simple difference between “harm” and “institution of legal action against an illegal action/s”.
    The “harm” done by “R’s” to this country and to its people including the unborn children in the years to come is enormous.
    The law should be equal to all. Corrupts should be charged and punished irrespective of their political color,or so called high status.
    To be a (legal)Lawyer and to be in the active practice, one must first of all respect and obey the law of the country. We do not see a clear mechanism in this country under what circumstances an Attorney at Law is liable to be dis-enrolled from the list of the Attorneys in the Supreme Court. There is no professional accountability in this profession. We see on daily basis Lawyers are engaged in numerous illegal activities in daylight, and still with a sarcastic smile they enter court rooms and go out. A young lady deputy minister [ claimed to be an Attorney] of the present regime was arrested over a charge of abduction/criminal force or similar criminal offense and yet at least until the case is concluded and decided there is no such temporary suspension from the Bar. This means any Attorney [accused] with a criminal charge/background can appear before any court arguing cases even in front of the Chief Justice. Presumption of innocence is some thing else,but to be a Lawyer one must have a moral character is the number one qualification. This is not my view, but the Supreme Court Rules. Therefore, these “R’s” cannot anymore be Attorneys at Law. They should first be suspended from the Supreme Court. Namal is not an extraordinary who enjoy immunity over the Law. So as his father. The country and its law is not for them to take for their bite. The CIABOC has done a part of its job and now the whole world is looking at the move of the Supreme Court of Sri Lanka as to how this matter will be handled. Do not let this clown (NR) or any other laugh at the law like it happened in their decade. We have a dignified judiciary and system of law in our country with able people engaged in it. We do not need a Hybrid Supreme Court.

  • 6

    Disrespect or disobedience to the laws of the country and Courts should not be tolerated even in a country that has been reduced to a Banana Republic by the thieving Rajapakse family. There are many who believe in what reader Lanka Watch says about the Rajapakses being assured freedom from prosecution by the Yahapaalanya lot.

    Sri Lanka leads the world in that old political trickery of “you scratch my back – and, I, yours” What for the telling?

    Legal Lunumiris

  • 4

    what about wassim’s case investigation?

  • 4

    Govt. should invite all females raped by this bugger and his brother to come forward and claim damages. That will justify in making this bugger a eunuch

  • 2

    These dramas are simply an eyelash. Rajapaksa family is guaranteed with protection and total immunity from being prosecuted of their misdeeds by Yahapalanaya leaders.

  • 0

    So Bribery Commission filed a case against Namal for not showing up but never bothered to do anything against Rajitha for failing to report after more than 10 notices. What Am I missing here?

    • 3

      Even Aunty Pushpa and Cousins have absconded several times. Nobody seem to obey the FCID ORDERS. WHAT BULL SH…IT FCID IS IT.???
      What about Srilanka Airways Uncle Casanova??
      Where are they hiding??

      The Extended Families are not listening to the Marvellous FCID and absconded , Empty Skulled N……m…l is Busy Defending them as any true LOWYER would do. For Free???

      • 4

        All these NO SHOWS @ the FCID as Advised by super Duper Lowyer of Srilanka.Uncles and Aunts in the FCID awaits for the commands from the baby face.

  • 6

    How come the Bribery Commission has not investigated how Namal has accumulated all his wealth and assets and if he has paid his taxes against this income????

    The same should apply to all the other politicians who flaunt their wealth and assets.

    What a racket!

  • 3

    Clearly the undisciplined brat is making it known that there are two regimes in operation in the county. One, which his old man heading, despite the ignominious boot on his butttocks in Jan 15, he thinks that he is the one still running the country. Two, MS, though he is officially at the head of the Government, he has not shown his backbone by standing up to the brute from the south.

    The official government is toothless, with the vast majority of minsters and civil and military servants attached to it working for the unelected usurper.

    Come on MS, would you mind getting your act together, and exercise your rights as the Head of Government, instead of keeping quiet when misguided brats like this hooligan craps on your plate. Man, let us see some action and exercise your authority.

  • 4

    This criminal should be tried in the court room of Judge Ilancheliyan. He will be handed the most deserving reward.

    Rapists in Jaffna would definitely be the living testimonials.

    Also the politico allegedly controlling the ganja business in Jaffna was warned by this judge. Namal baby should face a real judge.

    RW , Are you going to bail out your friend’s putha on the other side of the fence?

  • 4

    The charge of contempt committed against the Bribery Commission and the punishment for the same are described under Section 20 of the Bribery Act No.19 of 1994.
    It is considered as contempt committed against the Supreme Court of Sri Lanka. The punishment if found guilty to the charge of contempt against Supreme Court is usually 2 years rigorous imprisonment and a fine roughly about Rs. 100000.00 to 500000.00 according to the case law authorities of the Supreme Court.

    Ref. is this :- S. C. Appeal No. 65/2003 S. C. (Spl.) L. A. No. 271/2002 C.A. No. 312/1999 Vs- D.C. Colombo No. 18335/L

    In the above case the Court of Appeal punished a Respondent who was charged and found guilty of contempt of the District Court of Colombo in a Land case for contravene an order of the District Court. [The power to punish for contempt in that type of instances are vested with the Court of Appeal and the District Court has to refer the matter to the Court of Appeal]. However, the Respondent appealed to the Supreme Court in which the Supreme Court dismissed the appeal by upholding the punishment imposed by the Court of Appeal. The above is for contempt of District Court. Let alone the contempt committed against the Bribery Commission which is similar to the contempt committed against the Supreme Court.
    And above all, the Respondent(NR) in the instance is said to be a QUALIFIED Lawyer of the Supreme Court.

    A draft of a contempt petition to the Supreme Court in is found here :


    Here is the Section 20 of the Bribery Act No. 19 of 1994.
    [drafted by the intimate of NR, the so called Prof GL]


    20. (1) Every offence of contempt committed against or in disrespect of,
    the authority of the Commission shall be punishable by the Supreme Court as though it were an offence of contempt committed against, or in discrespect of,the authority of such court, and the Supreme Court, is hereby vested with jurisdiction to try every such offence.
    (2) An act done or omitted to be done in relation to the Commission,
    whether in the presence of the Commission or otherwise, shall constitute an offence of contempt against, or in disrespect of, the authority of the
    Commission, if such act would, if done or omitted to be done in relation to the Supreme Court, have constituted an offence of contempt against, or in disrespect of, the authority of such court.
    (3) If any person –
    (a) fails without cause, which in the opinion of the Commission is
    reasonable, to appear before the Commission at the time and
    place mentioned in a summons served under this Act; or
    (b) refuses to be sworn or affirmed or, having been duly sworn or
    affirmed, refuses or fails without cause, which in the opinion of
    the Commission is reasonable, to answer any question put to
    him touching the matters being investigated by the Commission;
    (c) refuses or fails without cause, which in the opinion of the
    Commission is reasonable, to comply with the requirements of a
    notice or written order issued or made to him by the Commission;
    (d) Upon whom a summons is served under this Act, refuses or fails
    without cause, which in the opinion of the Commission is
    reasonable, to produce and show to the Commission any
    document or other thing which is in his possession or control and
    which is in the opinion of the Commission necessary for arriving
    at the truth of the matters being investigated,
    such person shall be guilty of the offence of contempt against, or in disrespect of, the authority of the Commission.
    For the purposes of this section, it shall not be deemed to be a reasonable cause for a person to refuse or fail to answer any question or to produce and show any document or other thing on the ground that the matter being investigated by the Commission is the same or substantially the same matter which is the subject of, or is likely to be the subject of, an inquiry in any proceeding in any court or on the ground that the answer to such question or the production or showing of such document or other thing may directly or indirectly affect, or cause prejudice to such person in any other proceedings.
    (4) Where a Commission determines that a person has committed any
    offence of contempt under subsection (2) or subsection (3) against, or in
    disrespect of, its authority, the Commission may cause the Director-General to transmit to the Supreme Court, a certificate setting out such determination;
    every such certificate shall be signed by the Chairman of the Commission.

    (5) In any proceeding for the punishment of an offence of contempt
    which the Supreme Court may think fit to take cognizance of as provided in this section, any document purporting to be a certificate signed and transmitted to the court under sub-section (4) shall –
    (a) be received in evidence, and be deemed to be such a certificate
    without further proof unless the contrary is proved, and
    (b) be evidence that the determination set out in the certificate was made by the Commission and of the facts stated in the
    (6) In any proceedings taken as provided in this section for the
    punishment of any alleged offence of contempt against, or in disrespect of, the authority of the Commission, no member of the Commission shall, except with his own consent, and not-withstanding anything to the contrary in this Act, be summoned or examined as a witness.
    Now either NR has to plead guilty or not guilty.
    If he pleads guilty the Supreme Court has to punish him with a rigorous imprisonment up to 2 years and a fine. This amounts to the dis-enrollment from the Supreme Court since his name is however in the list of Attorneys.
    If he pleads not guilty, then read the section 20 above, there need no trial, but the Supreme Court then without calling any more evidence from the Bribery Commission has to pass a judgment/order on the documents already filed by the Bribery Commission.

    The Supreme Court is vested with the power to deal with these types of offences under Article 105 of the Constitution of Sri Lanka.

    Nobody can take this as another joke. This time it is serious. Because, we are now watching.

  • 0

    only those who has no blame or wrong can find fault.in others.Ignore fools is my motto

  • 0

    [Edited out]

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