21 May, 2022


Burning Muslim Grievances Buried Under Wheeler Dealer Politics?

By Latheef Farook

Latheef Farook

Latheef Farook

It is back to square one to the island’s Muslim community when it comes to solutions to their burning issues.

Muslim community as a whole voted for President Maithripala Sirisena in the 8 January 2015 presidential elections mainly to free themselves from the persecutions they were subjected to during the Mahinda Rajapaksa government which used racist elements to almost annihilate them as a community.

Later in the 17 August 2015 parliamentary elections too Muslims voted for the united National Party led coalition in the hope of solutions to their problems. They did so on their own and not on the advice or guidance of politicians who, by and large, ended up as shameful liability on the community.

However their hopes is fading as the community feels abandoned and the very same Muslim politicians who took the community for ride in the past were absorbed into the government and awarded with ministerial positions .

All what the community expected from the government is solution to their problems and not ministerial portfolios which only serves individuals.

On the eve of the January 8 presidential elections these so called Muslim politicians suspected to have stuck deals and crossed over to President Maithripala Sirisena camp. They were rewarded with ministerial portfolios. These suspected deals, sorry agreements, were of no use to the community.

Maithri RanilOnce again this very same discredited lot were given ministerial portfolios and absorbed into the government. Now the question is where the community does which is facing numerous issues stands?

On the other hand by entering into deals with UNP and contesting in UNP tickets SLMC parliamentarians also lost their freedom to act on their own as they need to take into consideration the response of the UNP leadership.

Meanwhile UNP Muslims parliamentarians were not elected by Muslim votes alone. They were voted to parliament by majority community votes too. Thus their inability to speak on behalf of Muslims alone as this may prove fatal for their political future.

Meanwhile questions were also raised in many circles as to how defeated and rejected UPFA Muslim politicians were appointed as Members of Parliament in the national list and as State Ministers while politicians like Imthiaz Bakeer Markar and Asath Sally who made tremendous contribution to bring this government to power were left out.

Former minister Imthiaz Bakeer Markar, an excellent bridge between the Sinhalese and Muslim communities, went right round the country and canvassed for the UNP in the last month’s parliamentary elections.

Azath Salley, for example, not only made significant contribution to fight against Mahinda Rajapaksa government’s racist campaign against the island’s Muslim community but was also taken to custody. His support to bring this government to power remains significant.

The two were dropped. Thus the Muslims were confused of the wisdom behind rewarding defeated UPFA politicians and ignoring Azath Salley and Imthtiaz Bakeer Markar whose father Bakeer Markar spent his lifetime with the UNP.

Highlighting Muslim community’s problems in an interview with Muslim fortnightly “ Meelparvai” Colombo Central MP Mujibur Rahman said Muslims in different parts of the country face different problems. In Colombo Muslims in general suffer from extreme poverty. Illiteracy, education, health, housing and many other problems. He cautioned that unless Muslim parliamentarians work together solutions will not be feasible.

Muslim community’s problems are numerous. For example the plight of northern Muslims who were ethnic cleansed in October 1990. They were kicked out within two hours from their homes and all their possessions and allowed to take Rs 150 and a set of cloth .They walked and ended up in Puttalam where there were not even basic facilities.

They continue suffer to date in appalling conditions and no government has taken any proper initiative to resettle them in their lands in the North. They were even abandoned by their own Muslim politicians.

In the same way land issue has been one of the most burning problems facing Muslims island wide. In the east alone around 32,000 acres of Muslim owned land, occupied by Tamils during the time of LTTE war, remain occupied to date. So far no step was taken by any government to return these lands to their owners. Instead the government continues to acquire Muslim owned lands under various pretexts such as security zone for armed forces. Muslims remain helpless with their parliamentarians turning blind eye.

Recently in Seruwila in the Trincomalee district around 1000 aces of Muslim owned lands were declared as belonging to Seruwila Viharaya by Seurwila District Secretariat.

Acquisitions of Muslim owned land were also underway in Colombo and other areas during the former Rajapaksa government with racist arrogance in full display.

For example a top official from former president’s secretariat told the management of Ranmuthu Hotel at Colpetty that they needed the Ranmuthu Hotel premises for the car park for the Adjacent Hotel which is now underway. The management politely pointed out that it is a Trust property and they are unable to sell. The response of the official was” well if you don’t want to sell, we know how to take it.” Finally it was sold and this building was demolished few months ago.

In the same way owners of eleven shops at Chatham Street at Colombo Fort were informed on a Friday evening that their shops were to be acquired. Saturday morning they went to their shops only to find to their shock buildings were demolished.

This is the fate of many prime Muslim owned properties.

In yet another example of open discrimination Muslim tsunami victims are still suffering in huts while billions of dollars came in the form of aid to help tsunami victims disappeared without any trace. Added to this 500 houses built in Norochcholai for Muslim tsunami victims by the Saudi government remain abandoned dilapidated as Sinhala chauvinists who are part of good governance government blocked it from distributing to Muslim tsunami victims demanding Sinhalese too should be given part of these houses. There were speculations in the east that a corrupt former Muslim parliamentarian instigated Sinhala chauvinists to block it as he could not benefit from the project.

Discussing the current plight of Muslims former minister A.R.M Mansoor said” it may be wishful thinking, however it is time that all citizens, be they Sinhalese, Tamils ,Muslims and others, are treated as equals and provided with equal opportunities on the basis of merits. There is a constitution which clearly stipulates the rights of all. So what is needed is the implementation of the constitution to ensure laws are in force

He added that it is well known that Muslims were sidelined for long in almost every possible sector ranging from central government and all other public institutions. Isn’t it time that Muslims too be employed in all these sectors and make them feel part of the system in the overall interest of the country?

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Latest comments

  • 11

    Allah created every thing and everything is Allah’s wish.

    Seven hundred odd people were martyred in Mecca recently. That was allah’s wish.

    there is no anything called Muslim Grievances.

    It is Allah’s wish. that is what the creator wants.

  • 8

    Dear Latheef Farook,

    A great article.
    Only what we can say at the moment is that ‘not only the Muslims, all the minority communities in this country have been taken for a ride it seems, but still we have to wait and see.

    • 5

      not really the buruvas of yakko land asked for the camel ride.
      Muslims were great they raised the roof with the 1/2 death incident to have this January election- that was the time `the old rouge` (they live like fools all day long) sinhala buddhist baldies hijacked. you had the alternative as the deciding to play slippery dick and kick their backside (of course without suffering there cannot be laughter)

      Equality of opportunity is utopia even in the west which is civilized.
      Yakko land is still the bald beast from what I read in this article.- they better jump in the sacrificial alter for `Reasonableness` to prevail- that is human which we experience in the west.Logic never ruled this planet but Passion.
      Sinhalese Buddhist have taken ownership of all under the guise of democracy.- its a dictatorship like what the Russian and Chinese carved out with american money and are threatening from their backside just to get more money because they can not face the wrath of america (English are known world wide for tolerance) the only power on earth.

      Make use of the issue with Prince of UN and send the javelin right through the beast- now or never ; opportunity does not come always.
      Its means top IC monitoring for decades tameing the Beast Sinhala Buddhist
      minorities rule the world – It was ruled by a minority British Raj.
      How can Humans live with beast let lose?

  • 3

    Have patience Mr Latheef Farook. Allah will not let us down. Let us not fail the test of faith. When we thought all was lost during the cascading horror of Mahinda through Gnanasara at Aluthgama, we raised our hands in supplication to Allah. He simply dimmed Mahinda’s intellect to declare elections two years before time. Today Mahinda lives in disgrace, is being punished, and will neither live nor die. This is a sign, if at all one is needed for the present Government, to treat the Muslims with equity and justice. Muslim MPs take heed of the many warnings in the Quran that a painful doom awaits those who exchange the covenant with Allah for a small price, eg 3:77.

    • 3

      Why allah alllowed so many Muslim sects and allowed them to kill each other.

      does not it look like stupid humans are trying hard to give life to non-existing Allah.

      Just be honest and be analytical.

      After that, think about Quran’s readings.

      Wahabis are giving a hard time to Sufis in Sri lanka. Why Allah cannot see that. Because, is it “there is no Allah”, It is all human thinking.

  • 8

    What kind of grievances minorities have in muslim majority countries.

    they are being killed, their women are forced to marry muslims,

    there chruches, temples are being blown and destroyed.

  • 3

    Latheef Farook

    RE:Burning Muslim Grievances Buried Under Wheeler Dealer Politics?

    “Meanwhile UNP Muslims parliamentarians were not elected by Muslim votes alone. They were voted to parliament by majority community votes too. Thus their inability to speak on behalf of Muslims alone as this may prove fatal for their political future.”

    Yes. For the politicians, self-interest comes first. Not much different for Mullah, Ulamas, monks and Priests.

    However, what the minorities and the majority of the Law abiding citizens want is Law and order, less corruption, bot being targeted for discriminatory treatment etc.

    The Sri Lankan Muslims are not homogeneous. There are Allah following Muslims and Iblis, Satan, Shaitan following Wahhabis, Salafis and their clones such as ISIs etc. That makes it further complicated. The other communities think that the Muslims are homogeneous, when in fact they are not. This is partly due to the Wahhabi Ideology, that has split the community.

    So, a part of the Problem lies with the Wahhabi-Iblis ideology.

    • 6

      there are about 275 or more different sects of Muslims in the world.

      • 4

        Jim softy

        “there are about 275 or more different sects of Muslims in the world.”

        Thre are 275 or more Opportunisties to be Mullahs, Ulemas,,Sheiks, Ayotullahs etc. in those 275 Plus sects.

        What a great business.

        Amarasiri would like to have his own sect and become the Chief Mullah Ulema, Ayotollah of that Sect.

        The Iblis-Satan and its Follwers Busting Sect.

        Amarasiri will have a huge pillar erected, and have a figure with a head and horns, and will call upon all the faithful to throw stones to destroy the Iblis, Satan, Shaitan, Lucifer, Mara and their followers, the so-called Wahhabis, Saafis, Horners, ISIS, Boko Haram, Talibans etc.

        After All that is what the Abrahamic Religions, Judaism, Christianity and Islam is warning about, the Iblis, Satan, Shaitan, Lucifer, Mara and their followers.

        Remember how Iblis, Satan deceived Adam and Eve?

        The Iblis, Satan is doing the same now in the Middle East and elsewhere.

  • 5

    We can’t identify problems by ethnicity, caste, religion or denomination for solutions. Islam is the religion of some Tamiils as are Hinduism and Christianity.

    If the Muslims want to proceed on this basis we have to treat them on the same basis as well. Then the non Muslims will have to keep an eye on land acquisition by Muslims and expansion into their areas. More serious is their population explosion which has become a problem world over. And their migration into other societies as their own enclaves are gloomy and devoid of happiness other than basic sex. In short they ARE a problem.

    Talking about Muslim politicians, majority of Sinhalese refer to them in four letter words after the elections.


    • 2

      Whats the buzz or buggering the yakkos?
      from 47 both sinhala speaking Muslims and Buddhist have governed – `the old rouges`

      Crusaders are a problem because they multiply with many women and send your women too for a thinge.You are a crusader too from north india with no DNA but a ambude?

      The germans like them like hitler did too and now even kerry likes them (syria). they have always been liked because they come from the same stone and can raise your roof if you touch them unlike you sinhala speaking buddhist demala inhabitant of Yakko land.

    • 3

      Soma, what you write is indeed stupidity at its zenith. Just to put it in perspective, Islam is a religion of Muslims, not just of ‘some Tamils’ only. They may be of any ethnicity, Tamils, Sinhalese, English, German, French, Arabs, Malays, you name it, the World has it – a follower of Islam.

      Of course all Muslims would always to be treated as equals, not just here in SL but anywhere in the world. Respect for human dignity is paramount, to bring about understanding and social integration. All human are born equal and expect fair treatment in all aspects of their daily life. Muslims and Islam does not promote caste system to discriminate and segregate like some of the other ethnicities and religions do. All people are equal in the eyes of the Creator Allah. It is only the good and bad deeds people do that makes the difference.

      There is no such thing as ‘Land acquisitions by Muslims’, it is only the government that acquires or appropriates land for whatever development purpose. All land that is available or put up for sale is purchased by anyone with the highest bidding price offered. Invariably it is a Muslim who will offer the highest bid, why, because whoever is buying considers they need it the most. So why should those Muslims be deprived of land or house ownership, if the seller is satisfied and is willing to settle for the highest bid?

      Population explosion is not a planned event, but rather an outcome of circumstantial events which is not unique to Muslims alone, since the economic burden of bringing up large families affects all communities without bias. But as Muslims, aborting a fetus is prohibited by religion, and thus most families they abide by these religious rulings and go thru with the ‘unplanned’ child birth. Not so with followers of most others faiths. Abortion clinics have roaring business and if you check out who are most of its patients, the truth will be out. The other factors include the consumption of alcohol and drugs which makes they system virile and impotent and thus cannot reproduce. In this case all good Muslims avoid liquor and drugs as it is banned by religion, and thus another reason to escape this misfortune. The use of contraceptives, condoms, safe sex loops, etc., all reasons to avoid ‘accidental’ childbirth all add up in the long run to stagnate growth rates, but most Muslims avoid these methods as unnatural means to suppress their full blown enjoyment of ecstasy, and this explains another possible reason for the difference in growth rate. If these issues are properly addressed, then we should see no reason for any great imbalances and the population ration can always be maintained. Don’t get impulsive and throw accusations at Muslims alone to be the reason for all your own problems, but get down to the root causes to understand ‘what are we doing different’ and then will come the dawnof realization for which solutions can be formulated.

      Going and settling down in foreign enclaves was never of their own choice, but were forced to do it by repressive governments which bombed and killed their own people. Look what has happened to most of the Tamil population from our own country, living in mostly all of the Western countries and Australia. People will struggle to live in war situations and no one wants to leave their native homes, but if they have no option, then they will of course take that choice, simply to ensure their own survival and ensure a better future for their kids. This is basic human instinct at work, not some sinister plan of action put in motion to ensure domination.

      By your last comment, you clearly declare your racist tendencies and we also know you are a BBS fan, however me think you should now lie low, since there is no place for you in society. If you want SL to prosper then equality and justice must be held supreme, or else we all perish.

      • 1

        Mr Marwan

        1) “Islam is a religion of Muslims, not just of ‘some Tamils’ only …”
        Obviously what I meant was Muslims in Sri Lanka leaving it to be understood by the context.

        2) “Of course all Muslims would always to be treated as equals, not just here in SL but anywhere in the world. Respect for human dignity is paramount …”

        You are demanding non Muslims to adhere to their own moral and ethical values so that you may smoothly continue your parasitic existence on them while following your way of life as dictated in Koran. What percentage of the amenities of industrial output in the world consumed by Muslims are produced by Islamic Ummah? When Muslims from all corners of the world go to Mecca for pilgrimage who provides air transport, land transport, communication, food, you name it. Who manufactures aeroplanes, vehicles, computers etc. etc. for the whole massive logistical operation? Mr Marwan even your loudspeaker (which we are forced to tolerate) is manufactured in Taiwan.

        3) “Population explosion is not a planned event, but rather …”

        This is not our business Mr Marwan. We cannot provide space and feed exploding Muslim populations. Allah has created a fragile earth with limited resources. Arabia has vast expanses of thinly populated land to freely procreate as per the guidelines in Koran rather than infiltrating into idol worshiping unbelievers’ lands. Bangladesh is three times the land area of Sri Llanka with seven times the population. Is the adjoining Myanmar responsible for Muslims following their procreation ethos in neighboring Bangladesh?

        4) “Going and settling down in foreign enclaves was never of their own choice, but were forced to do it by repressive governments which bombed and killed their own people. Look what has happened to most of…”

        Tell me why ultra rich Saudi Arabia, UAE, Kuwait, Qatar has not opened their doors to fleeing refugees from Syria. I will tell you why. Because even if they do NONE will come. Given the option a Bangladeshi will always choose to migrate to idol worshiping India rather than Islamic Pakistan. Because India is bombing them? Maldivians are surreptitiously infiltrating into Sri Lanka and settling down here. Is this idol worshiping tiny country responsible for Allah not being kind to them over rising sea levels when great Islamic civilization in Arabia is open to them with enough space? There is no limit to Muslim hypocrisy. Gratitude is understood differently by Muslims.

        5) “By your last comment, you clearly declare your racist tendencies…”
        Sorry mate this is the unpalatable outcome of jumping from party to party for ministerial goodies while leading the entire Muslim population as one block to take one side in a competition of fiercely, 50-50 divided Sinhala polity. Why don’t you compare your lot with Tamil politicians who have earned a grudging respect in the process.

        ” If you want SL to prosper then equality and justice must be held supreme” I agree. We are in the wrong path. Kindly give us an example of an Islamic country to follow.

        Mr Marwan, Mr Latif, let us forget this talk of “Muslim” grievances. Let us talk about individual grievances as equal citizens in this small, overpopulated, resource scarce island of Sri Lanka. If you want to be segregated as “Muslims” we can consider you as a segregated lot and deal accordingly. Your wish.


    • 5

      somass kantha

      “We can’t identify problems by ethnicity, caste, religion or denomination for solutions.”

      I agree in an ideal world you are right. However, either existing problems have been exacerbated or new ones created for the serene joy of bigoted noisy minority such as you. You are an active part of these racist gang. People like you cannot live and won’t let others to live. Your mind is gravely polluted with racism which does not allow you to see beyond your nose. The gang claims to be Aryan Sinhala/Buddhists and believes they represent the vast majority of the people.

      When you are in a pit first you stop digging if you ever want to get out of it. When you are thrown a rope you mustn’t do two things; don’t pull the rope down and don’t wear it around your neck.

      “Talking about Muslim politicians, majority of Sinhalese refer to them in four letter words after the elections.”

      It shows where racism originated and how its being sustained and perpetuated.

      • 1

        Dear NV

        “You are an active part of these racist gang …”

        The main objective of all my comments are:

        1) To prove that racism is not the sole preserve of Tamils and fundamentalism is not the sole preserve of Muslims.

        2) To highlight that

        a) “in view of the present demographic distribution of Tamil speaking people throughout this island there is NO conceivable “political solution” that can satisfy political aspirations of at least 90% of them.” ( I have been embarrassingly refused in CT columns to my repeated humble requests for a reference of such a proposal generated by any political maestro – I only wish to be proved wrong.)

        b) Ethnic and religion based enclaves are a sure way for unending blood shed.

        c) Federalism for North/East is only two weeks away from separatism (actually it did happen once, remember?). And there will be a “Kashmir” in between.

        d) Seeking a solution for -50% of Tamil speaking people WHILE leaving the other +50% distributed in the south is a great conspiracy the Sinhalese must be cautious of. Devious arguments concocted for this purpose are all patently self-contradictory.

        e) The greatest lesson in the recent history is that even after the RW-VP pact the Tamil political class decided to go for the final goal irrespective of the cost in blood, being supremely confident of their military arm while forgetting that Sri Lanka is an island.

        d) Tamil National Alliance consistently maintained that LTTE was the sole representative of the Tamils, acknowledged that terrorism is a means to an end, using Tamil children in war is justified and DID NOT ask LTTE to release the innocent Tamil men, women and children from the human shield during the final week. (probably they are right in that decision as that has given them ammunition for the present campaign.)

        e) “Tamil” National Alliance, “Muslim” Congress and “Hela” Urumaya are all racial outfits worthy of total banishment.

        f) What was the cause, what was the effect , who did what first is a chicken and egg argument impossible to resolve. Lives of innocent people are more important.

        3) To convey clearly that I will feel ashamed as a Sinhalese only If and when I observe that my Tamil speaking brothers and sisters are voluntarily moving out of south to settle in the North and at that point in time I will actively support the claim for a separate political unit for North/East.


        (NV, you are a * * * * * in sheep’s clothing, aren’t you?)

  • 2

    You say the following.

    “In Colombo Muslims in general suffer from extreme poverty. Illiteracy, education, health, housing and many other problems. “..

    Are these problems unique to Muslims? HELL NO. these are severe problems faced by sinhala and tamil residents. Please don’t play the ethnic card on inequitous distribution of wealth and power. Muslims average income in Colombo are higher for the upper class according to data. Nothing wrong with that. Muslims as well as sinhala drug runners are controlling gangs. Kudu Naufer, kudu Baith and so many Muslims and sinhala goons like Wela Suda were all powerful. In Mannar and Talaimannar, everyone knew and knows the powerful politician who jumped ship and how he and brother are corrupt and are engaging in heroin smuggling. Ask the army and cops brother .

    In some areas radical islamists are segregating themselves and forcing women to wear total black like in Saudi. Why? Why blindly copy Saudi degenerates?

    Yes racists were very much in the Rajapakse regime. But lots of muslim leaders are racist segregationists. Wrong to harass people because they’re rich or Muslim. But don’t make this a racial issue

  • 2

    The biggest atrocity towards the Muslims was committed by none other than the late Mohamed Ashroff. Founding the Sri Lanka Muslim Congress, for his own selfish ends he segregated the Muslim community from all the other communities. It is because of his treacherous act that Al Mighty Allah gave him an apt death. He was condemned to Death by Fire.

    I quote from the above article ::

    “Meanwhile UNP Muslims parliamentarians were not elected by Muslim votes alone. They were voted to parliament by majority community votes too. Thus their inability to speak on behalf of Muslims alone as this may prove fatal for their political future.”

    This is very true, then why couldn’t the late Mohamed Asroff, integrate himself into the Sri Lankan community and seek his fortunes in politics.It is because of his treacherous act that Sri Lanka will never see a Barack Obama.

  • 2

    EXcept in Arab countries where europeans found oil, muslims are in poverty.

    Because, they have to pray five times a day because of that those countries have very low GDP. They have big families, because they have to produce progeny in order to create totally muslim earth.

  • 0

    Some brothers without knowing basic principal of Islam they are talking about sect in Islam whoevert think they are superior among Muslims must find whether they are following Quran and hathess during propert Mohamed (sal.) period no Sunni or no Shia all created by enemies of Islam in order to reduce strength of Islam mostly by British with divide and rule all Muslims will be divided in 72 sects only one sect will go to heaven it is a hathess by raslullah all is given to us fifth knowledge to find out which is good and bad almighty given permission to saitan freedom and power to pull human from his path you have the right to decide almighty is testing human by giving wealth,poverty,sickness etc who ever had wealth must answer for their spending on the day of judgement so don’t argue your religion good others bad this must be decided by alah instead harming on the name of religion try to live with peaceful way with others

  • 0

    A muslim problem too or just a dope dealer who happens to be a muslim. The talk in Sri Lanka is pretty disturbing. In Talaimannar and Mannar they talk about the impunity of a two political brothers engaged in the Heroin smuggling business from India too. here is a news item. Just feeds into the stereotype.

    The Criminal Investigation Department (CID) informed Chief Magistrate of Colombo, Gihan Pilapitiya that Mohammed Siddique, allegedly a large-scale international drug dealer who….

    …was brought to Sri Lanka from Pakistan, had sent large stocks of heroin to this country and earned an income of more than Rs 1 billion.
    The huge sums of money earned by selling drugs in this country had then been sent to Dubai illegally through the ‘Hawala System’ from a place in Kolonnawa, according to the CID which submitted a report to Court.
    The CID informed the Court that these facts were revealed during investigations carried out up to now, on the instructions of the Inspector General of Police in connection with Mohammed Siddique, who was brought to Sri Lanka from Pakistan on 18 March this year.

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