12 August, 2022


Call For A Public Prosecutor & Five Commissions To Dismantle Rajapaksa Mafia

A concerned citizen has written to Colombo Telegraph, noting steps that should be urgently implemented by the new interim government if there are to keep their promise of exposing the corrupt deals of the government and hold those guilty, accountable for their actions.

MahindaOn the condition of anonymity the writer said that the recent revelations following the presidential elections have exposed the manifestations of a criminal state in Sri Lanka that has mainly been the result of the existing structure and manner in which the polls are held.

Pointing out that the entire machinery of the state have been infected by corruption including the judiciary, Police department, the CID, the bribery and corruption commission and the stock exchange, the writer has said that it seems as if a ‘mafia’ has penetrated the entire system.

In order to purge these bodies of corruption and bring about good governance promised during the Maithri governance, the writer has called for the establishment of several commissions with wide powers to investigate the crimes, by giving a period of six months to probe into the allegations.

The writer has called for the appointment of a public prosecutor in the likes of those appointed in USA, Indonesia and Thailand and for the following Commissions to be established under the public prosecutor:

-Commission on the plunder of state resources
-Commission on the narco traffic syndicates in Sri Lanka
-Commission on money laundering
-Commission on foreign deposits
-Commission no land seizures and frauds

Furthermore, the writer has urged all those who voted and worked hard for the victory of the current regime to remain vigilant and form a strong advocacy body to ensure that the politicians practice what they preach and preach what they practice.

Read the concerned citizen’s opinion in full;

Call for a public prosecutor and the establishment of commissions to dismantle the criminal state

Recent revelations after the Presidential Elections, has brought to light many manifestations of a Criminal State. The nature of the crimes committed is staggering in order and extent. Dismantling a Criminal State will not be easy where corrupt practices are a norm in Sri Lanka. It starts with the politicians, who argue that they have to find large sums of money for the elections and as a result has to earn the money for the next elections. Thus the M.P uses his powers of patronage for illicit bribes. This happens from the local government level to the Ministers, Prime Minister and the Presidency. Corruption is all pervasive within the state sector where citizens have to bribe their way to get things done. The Judiciary is also is corrupt to the core. Even Chief Justices to ordinary Judges are known to takes bribes for a friendly dispensation. This is also true of the Police force. The Criminal Investigations Department, the Bribery Commission. The Stock Exchange was also seized by the Mafia. . It would seem that the Mafia has penetrated the entire system. In dismantling the corrupt system, a systematic analysis of the nature of the Criminal State and its scale and extent .

The scale and magnitude of the frauds perpetrated is such that it is import to have several Commissions, with wide powers to investigate these crimes. They should be given a time period of 6 months to investigate critical and important cases.

.In the first instance a Public Prosecutor should be appointed Such Public Prosecution offices have been established in the USA, Indonesia, Philippines and Thailand nod other countries. Under the direction of Public Prosecutor the following Commissions should be appointed :

COMMISSION ON THE PLUNDER OF STATE RESOURCES; From anecdotal evidence, it is clear that there has been a massive robbery of state resources. They range from the abuse of funds used for election purposes, to the use of state funds for the appropriation of the ruling family.

COMMISSION ON NARCO-TRAFFIC SYNDICATES IN SRI LANKA;Today the newspapers are full of the extent of Narco Trafficking in Sri Lanka. The recent arrest of Wile Soda has revealed the involvement of politicians and officials in these frauds. It has also been revealed that Customs have been prevented from arresting these people at the customs, where the highest officials of the land have ordered the release of the cargo. It is also well known that Sri Lanka is a major hub for Marco-Traffic from Afghanistan, Pakistan, India, Sri Lanka, Burma and Thailand.

COMMISSION ON MONEY LAUNDERING; Sri Lanka is a major hub for Money laundering. It is alleged that the Central Bank is a conduit for Money Laundering from Malaysia and India. Significant international attention has been taken with regards the scale of Money Laundering in Sri Lanka.

COMMISSION ON FOREIGN DEPOSITS;  held in off-shore banks. The recent revelations of money held in safe havens have been in headline news recently where trillions of dollars have been moved out of Sri Lanka. The money trail leads from Seychelles. To Uganda, South Africa and other off – shore destinations.

COMMISSION LAND SEIZURES ND FRUUDS; Land frauds are an insidious crime perpetrated on thousands of innocent people. These frauds are being committed by the Mafia, with the connivance of other public institutions such as the Criminal Investigations Department, the Police, and the Land Ministry etc.

Thousands of people have lost their homes and properties. In the North, land grabbing and confiscation has also happened in a massive scale. There are well known practices which the fraudsters use such as changing the deed at the land registry, to evicting home owners and then claiming their properties and also outright evictions.

The Maithri Presidency and government promised the people that they would dismantle the criminal state. Corruption of the ruling family other Ministers was the principle campaign issue. The citizens, who worked hard for the Maithri victory should be vigilant alert, and form a strong advocacy body to ensure that the politicians practice what they preach and preach what they prctiwse. Criminal states around the world have been dismantled in many parts of the world through people’s power. Remain vigilant.

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    RE: Call For A Public Prosecutor & Five Commissions To Dismantle Rajapaksa Mafia

    Yes. Expose., Expose and Expose.

    [Edited out]

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      ‘mafia’ has penetrated the entire system.

      What Bull Shit.. If that was the case then there would not have been a fair election and a new Government. Sometimes we must cease Nutcase Theories.

      • 15

        You are born supremo The Sopranos, `Gello` as in Italian Sherlock Holmes!

        BeetleJuice boy,

        We all live in Yellow Submarine yes Yellow submarine-

        check it out with the IIT’an (Gopalkrishna Prabhu Parrikar (Konkani: RSS)who refused NaMo at first to take up position of minister of defense unless The Hora_Oru muslim wings were clipped.

    • 4

      It is a Good proposal for find the answer: Answer is one that “Dismantle Corrupted Mafia”.

      There are many way to solve this problem to find a same answer. Ways are many and different but still answer is same, so better to go for shortcut and quick method to solve this problem and find that answer.

      If entire system are corrupt including Police, Judiciary, CID, the bribery and corruption commission and the stock exchange, etc, then where from take people to appoint commission? from outside! How much sure about new appointments, are they free from corruption! In which scenario the selection for commission will be!!

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    It is for sure, Justice Balapata bendi would not do anything. I think he himself has bribery accusations.

    That may be the reason why he can not prosecute any one because the case would be thrown out as biased.

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    There should also be a commission on stirring communal unrest against the minorities by creating a fear psychosis , wanton destruction of places of worship and private property and also murder, akin to the recent rampage in Myanmar.

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    It is extremely unlikely that such commissions will be appointed. Being the last refuge of the scoundrel, they are all in the game scratching each others back.

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    I think the writer is thinking of mainly monetary frauds. There should be commissions looking at moral, social and educational degradation during the regime!

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    Though the voters voted for the eradication of corruption, and the dismantling of the criminal state the author is taking about, the representatives in parliament, the ministers, and the president himself are part of the previous dysfunctional criminal regime and its crime ridden state.

    This is the classic paradoxical situation: If the barber in an island shaves all those who don’t shave themselves, who shaves the barber?

    Let’s wait and see how the scenario unfolds.

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    Immediate action should be taken to investigate and arrest all corrupt Politicians of the former Regime including the crazy Jokers desperately trying to bring back the corrupt Regime.

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    This is not enough.

    All expenses in relation to elections must be limited and born by the state and confined to the written, audio and visual media and COMPLETELY REMOVED from the STREETS. Any candidate found physically canvassing must be immediately disqualified and any persons canvassing for a candidate must have his voting rights barred for a fixed period.

    Public officers must be given a code of conduct relating to all spheres of their activities including their private lives and any transgression to be punished with dismissal.

    The acceptance and offering of bribes – including for traffic and so called minor offenses – to be rewarded with capital punishment.

    An annual state audit of the assets and incomes of all pubic officers and politicians and members of the judiciary with full public disclosure so that the public can spot and report income and use of assets that have not been declared.

    A special unit to analyze public complaints, identify the underlying act, investigate it and take action to punish where required and to make changes where necessary.

    Further checks and balances will have to be added from time to time.

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    everything needs a huge cleaning , even if The President has to request the people for 100 more days like Dr.Amunugame have suggested correctly, what is the use of a new constitution and a new government if the mafia members are going to be still free, it would be more dangerous, the Don will be able to gt rid of his opponents even if he loose the elections .

    first and foremost the most dangerous organization is The Dialogue , you need to check on the guys holding position of high executive levels who have come in with Rajaakshe’s government influence , check their credentials, kick them out , all the crimes were perpetuated towards the country and people via these goons in the dialogue company. We lost some brilliant young talent working in dialogue ,they were removed just bring in these criminals .

    You need to bring in a new law for all taxis ,esp Three wheeler and others too, make sure thy work with a reputed registered company and use the meter all the time. so the foreigners and locals will feel safe to travel in them , thy need to be tied up with a responsible organization ,not just Three wheel organizations, this will also bring more respect for the Three-wheel owners and more business for sure and you will be able to crack down Rajapakshe’s mafia Three-wheel clan and separate them from the genuine ones.

    Bring in strict restrictions on private security firms. un-arm and dismantle BBS,Ravaya and ravana they hav tomany wapons with them and begin serious investigations on them, remember who assassinated Bandaranayake .

    have a open house transparent investigation on all Rajajpaksh’s project , w want to make sure that the China man does not touch even one rubble stone from our beloved motherland to build the port-city, thy can build as many as thy want ,let them bring their own rubble, we are not willing to endanger our country ,w are never going to allow the China man to destroy our environment .like how they have done with theirs , w are not going to stand and watch until these guys ruin our nature and our country end up with earth quakes.

    The government must careful when agreeing with the Chinese in deals, there are over 5 million ( citizens of all ethnicity ) willing to to gt on to the streets and sacrifice our lives if The government compromise our environment not just with the China man , but with anyone.
    During Rajapakshe’s regime his goons had no ethics at all, the abused the Cancer patient’s funds ,they created fake patients , pull out ,money and collected donations , sold cancer drugs , build homes for their goons, bought lands ,cars, and had parties with this money .
    Private super markets also were robbed by these goons, military stores , sathose etc. The President needs hundred more days ,first clean this mafia out before moving further, no hurry to go for elections .

    • 5

      “You need to bring in a new law for all taxis ,esp Three wheeler and others “

      These cabbies at lanka jump the line into any hospital waiting list etc for the tourist that is what makes them click to many a cheap tourist who then when back home say `Lankians our still our subjects` opening doors for our £ and $ but never their own folk- Crocutas as in the glorified flag with a sword.

      If you ever achieve this then you would be breaking British grounds.

      It cost almost 3 times the price to return from airport that to it by mini cab with meters and online booking/telephone.

      the black cabs cost more both ways.

      They have to live and feed families. The cheapest ride is in China where fuel at the pump has always been less than the US who hold patent rights for Oil.

      • 0

        Ha ha Jaadi wisdom

  • 6

    Look at the photo:
    Is Mahinda Rajapakse (former dictator of Sri Lanka)on his way to the ”gallows”? If so, he deserves it for his extra judicial killings and the mass scale of corruption!!!

  • 5

    Very good.

    Not sure whether Ranil has the courage to do it.

  • 6

    Sorry for this comment this government is all F..t and no S..t The opposition former ministers are given vehicles by the president so that they will not pull the rug. I agree with the Prime Minister to dissolve parliament immediately and go for a general election. If the president takes a part in it then you have really uncovered the president as Dr JEKYLE AND Mr Hyde. And show that he is a backboneless President not willing to prosecute his party men. Yes J.V.P. and J.H.U. what is happening to your shouting about corruption etc.

  • 3

    We voted for My3.expecting yahapalanaya as promised. Now we can see that the voters have been taken for a ride. If the drug dealers and rouges are not dealt with,we will unite to bring back the known devil at the general election.

    • 2

      You can never think beyond the unknown devil which is known because from the time of your birth your parents responded to your sounds with the animal sounds unlike europeans- papa tell me why?? You were menant to kiss the feet of mom & pop but more the cold head cold feet skin head- freak civilisation- Crocuta- hermaphrodite.

      Know this man every foreign contract has to be blessed by the Crocuta who gets one of the best vehicles in the world to keep it on garage number plates until purchased by a collector. There is more therefore they control all embassies but not the honorary consulates.

      You were born sihal buddhist familial to be afraid of your own shadow that you needed the whole wide world to support you to destroy 15k terrorist by design of a toddy tapper.

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    “”The writer has called for the appointment of a public prosecutor in the likes of those appointed in USA, Indonesia and Thailand and for the following Commissions to be established under the public prosecutor:””

    This is all well and good but a couple of questions need be asked?/
    Where are the wall street protesters missing in action?? why have the New york police the right to shoot any plane over NY at sight- police state of Hillary/Obama??
    Thailand never been conquered by foreign force but let the Japs in to slaughter Burmese and the Sihal freedom fighters assisted the Japs to bomb Colombo- so they bend into 2 and give juice lined aid.
    Jakarta is changing racially because there is no alternative but corruption is still high. (9/11 bought that change)

    What the nation voted was the same panty party with the same tainted knickers turned inside out like mad woman on the prowl.

    British commissions are usually more to kill the idea keep the minutes and forget the years.

    Truth is the Daughter of Time not Authority- Francis Bacon.

    Throw the chintz away nothing like a new one – Great men copy Genius Steal!!

    Which one would common people love to have??
    A)To tinker looking for needles in haystacks (understand VAT fraud in the UK);
    B) To Copy the practical;
    C)To steal.

    Common problems are for common people,
    Common sense for the middle class.,
    Nonsense for the aristocrats.

    Iranian/Aryan for Carpet beggars to get the TWA syndrome. They only buy and sell TATA does it well (Chery Automobile for Jaguar Rover like the Dell call centres) only blood look at the sun god!!
    `Crocuta` as in the flag Yellow clan of werewolf- sloth the wicked douchbag!
    `Hora_Oru Werewolf Mahawamse` is the point of Origin- 0,0,0 benchmark.

  • 3

    ” concerned citizen”,

    Where are you heading? danne gena kataragamme no dannegana atraman (knowingly its bliss unknowingly its disaster)

    ◕Terrorism/Fear/Fraud are all profitable.!
    ◕Gratitude is expensive.!

    Common citizens of UK are bored to death with Terrorism/Fear/Fraud/ health and safety cost that the next government (UK has fixed timings) in the first week of May would be a grand coalition for the very first time as the hung parliament was for the same old scum with a different spin. Where is Murdoch the match maker Banner Sky??
    I still have news of the world first and last issue lined with vinegar for posterity.

    baltic amber the precious stone: The two substances (“yellow amber” and “grey amber”) conceivably became associated or confused because they both were found washed up on beaches. Ambergris is less dense than water and floats, whereas amber is less dense than stone, but too dense to float.

  • 7

    Hysterical Lying DownMeth Mouth, Crocuta crocuta, Terrorist Monkies, Goo’ta KP Karuna Yellow Seuvra,

    You steal and murder Sihala speaking tamils and tamil speaking tamil peoples

    Get Sihala Rump Buddhist `Hora Oru Werewolf Mahawamse`C OUT and OUT and then you can dream with reason like Tunisia with Spring.


    …..Some of the reasons for Tunisia’s democratic exceptionalism trace back deep into the nation’s history: 19th-century reforms had introduced a constitutional order, and the notion of separation between the state and religion. Habib Bourguiba’s post-independence presidency (from 1959 to 1987) left an important legacy of public education, social reform and female emancipation. In many ways, Tunisia’s 2011 revolution carried the seeds of its own success: Islamist fundamentalists played no role, the army came down on the side of peaceful change, and there was a strong civil service and middle class to build on. The role of Tunisian women in keeping militant Islamism at bay has been essential. Being smaller and less strategically positioned than Egypt may also have protected it from disruption from external powers……

  • 3

    Sri Lanka’s misery has been made by no Mafia. It has been made by the Government in Power, and all previous governments to varying degrees. The last government was the worst.

    Accordingly, it is necessary to establish a deterrent against prevent future politicians becoming the mafia.

    Let everyone see punishment being meted out to persons of the last regime found guilty of corruption. That’s the deterrent. Let today’s politicians know that they will not escape punishment if they engaged in financial and political criminalities.

    As a first step investigate Gotabaya, arrest, jail, prosecute, if found guilty incarcerate. Quickly follow up with the other miscreants. Create a Commission headed by a Commissioner with wide powers, give him a staff of 300 including prosecutors, investigators, police, administrative and clerical staff.

  • 1

    What we want is a righteous govt: and not a maithri one.The criminals who robbed the country, state and people must be brought to justice as soon as possible. Particularly the Rajapakse triumvirate who governed the country as a CRIMINAL SYNDICATE of their own.
    So far the action of the new govt: has been very slow and totally unacceptable. Give no quarter to these murderous rascals.
    Appoint as many investigative commissions as possible and execute
    punitive action, before they plan and plot a comeback. Do not forget that their tentacles have spread into every conceivable stratum of Sri Lankan society.

    • 3

      “”Do not forget that their tentacles have spread into every conceivable stratum of Sri Lankan society. “”

      Anything you can imagine is real!

      The 2 foot water pipe of the Libyan souls solved that problem without state funds being spent on parasites- HYENA, තරච්ඡයා “DIE”!Crocuta crocuta, Bluff, buff…

      All you now need is a protest mach down the streets of where he resides by the 10.000 of thousands with out political banners just common peoples choice of protest.
      Nothing lost in testing the nerves of the beast by beauties. you men are sad sacks with no humor of taking mutt along for his `super pong` even during CWNations meet when Cameron gave the brazen lead- gonnibillo!

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    This comment was removed by a moderator because it didn’t abide by our Comment policy.For more detail see our Comment policy https://www.colombotelegraph.com/index.php/comments-policy-2/

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    This comment was removed by a moderator because it didn’t abide by our Comment policy.For more detail see our Comment policy https://www.colombotelegraph.com/index.php/comments-policy-2/

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    This comment was removed by a moderator because it didn’t abide by our Comment policy.For more detail see our Comment policy https://www.colombotelegraph.com/index.php/comments-policy-2/

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    I wrote out a comment earlier on, but under an article pertaining to the returning politically appointed diplomats back to Sri Lanka.
    Maybe this is the forum I should’ve actually written on.
    With the permission of the Admin, I’d like to copy and paste my statement:

    We’re all commenting on the appointments of the allies of the then poticcos and friends, but no one seems to be talking about the politically initiated appointments of the members of the numerous govt institutions here, in Sri Lanka, whether it be in Colombo or otherwise. I for one know quite a few young ladies and gentlemen who have been assigned rather high ranking jobs thereby ensuring they collect their salaries plus after, are liable for pensions as well. I’m of course referring to both media and state corporations. These people hardly know what to do, when to do, but still manage to terrorise their current superiors as they are sons or daughters who’s parents are either ministers, members of parliament, or just chairmen, past or present of corporations. I’m sure, if we get rid of the such excess, we can save quite a penny by way of salaries. I personally know of a young lady who joined a state run media, handles only one program for the entire week, comes to office then struts around the newly built Independence Arcade during office time, uses state vehicles to do her grocery shopping at Arpico, who’s father was, just before she was appointed, a chairman of a corporation related to the film world, who btw was unceremoniously thrown out by MR at a later date, due to resons known to the entire world, and is still there, habitually subjecting her superiority to the minor staff, getting her own way in everything. This is totally absurd, she basically cannot handle an interview in a proper manner, she was just out of school when she entered the media sector, and now she goes as producer/presenter (?!!) and draws a massive salary as a result. Where as, there are much talented and able staff below, who would do a much better job, but simply cannot, with the likes of this young lady obstructing their each and every move. I’m completely in shock, which I shouldn’t be, knowing the system in Sri Lanka

    Mainly the main TV stations. This is particular lady is the daughter of an ex-chairman of the film corporation, who was a secretary of a ministry during the UNP govt in 2001 when Ranil W was the PM. Did a pole vault to the MR factor and was made a chairman film corp, but was unceremoniously kicked out when he didn’t comply with a Raja order. She thinks she’s invincible due to her dad’s previously held positions. Absolutely clueless on media. Basically, she intitially went in as a presenter, but was so lousy that apparently the excecutive director Main Station had said she can’t go infront if the camera for any reason, she can stay behind and help out in the production team. Couldn’t kick out as the father was at that time, the chairman. She’s a protege of a sunanda devapriya. The info I got was that she’s very arrogant and also pursued doing external examinations attending presentations and lectures during office hours. Well, she’s paid isn’t she, so who cares? Not her. But she’s hated by many in the station due to her basic attitude of, ‘you do as I say, if not I’ll get you fired’ What fun! How pathetic it is, and what lengths our Govt. Institutions and Media have fallen to. The MR Mafia is still around in a big way. What a pity

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