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Cameron, Kudos For Your Trip To Jaffna -Tamils For Obama

Tamils for Obama recently wrote a letter to UK Prime Minister David Cameron, who was in Colombo for the Commonwealth conference. We publish below the letter in full;

November 19, 2013

Rt. Hon David Cameron
10 Downing Street

Re: Kudos for your trip to Jaffna

Dear Prime Minister,

You recently travelled to Sri Lanka to attend the Commonwealth conference. In Sri Lanka you went to Jaffna and met victimized Tamil inhabitants. You also presented President Rajapaksa with an ultimatum: “Sri Lanka must begin an inquiry into alleged war crimes by March or face international intervention.”

We thank and praise you for both these actions.

David Cameron meets Tamil refugees in the Sabapathy Pillai refugee camp in Jaffna, northern Sri Lanka. Photograph: Stefan Rousseau/PA / Guardian

We realize that your time is limited. However, we would like to mention three things which we wish you had done but which you didn’t have time for.

1. You met with three TNA members, all three of whom live most or all of their time in Colombo. We regard all of them as too sympathetic to the Colombo government.  We wish you had been able to meet with elected representatives who live in and represent the northeast.

2. When you went to the Jaffna Public Library, there was a group of mothers and wives of Tamil men were taken into custody by the Sri Lankan government and never seen nor heard from again. We wish someone from the TNA had guided you to meet them and so you would have heard their complaints and grievances.

3. We also wish you had been able to visit the Tamil-inhabited eastern province and its many war victims.

It appears to us that you have taken the correct measure of the Sri Lankan government. You have seen, as others have, that Colombo creates commissions in order to distract and delay anyone, like yourself, who wants to see justice done.

We think you were right to give Mr. Rajapaksa a manly ultimatum.

Yours sincerely,

Tamils for Obama

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