1 July, 2022


Can Ranil Surf The Post-Uva Tide?

By Kumar David

Prof. Kumar David

Prof. Kumar David

Uva declared that the tide had turned, but the flood gates have not ruptured; it may be imminent or months away. The point is not 20% decline in UPFA vote from 2009 PC or 14% drop from 2010 general elections; rather it is the dynamics. The political stage is changed acutely; the Rajapakse game has reached terminal decline. Lanka’s egregious misery cannot last, it has to snap. The worm, the pliant citizen, has turned, but when will chrysalis turn angry wasp?

A related concern is the crown prince in waiting. Does Ranil’s scalp fit the soon to be vacated executive crown? What about the Single Issue Common Candidate (SI-CC) suggestion that I have pushed so hard for years?  I will not attempt to answer all questions today; that must emerge from a broader discourse. Discussion is already passionately joined, if not in the print and electronic media, at least in small rooms and seminars. My purpose here is to fertilise this debate in three steps. Must Lanka jettison the Rajapakse regime? What about Ranil and the SI-CC? What afterwards?

Throw out the Rajapakses pronto!

The MahindaGotaBasil outfit, its henchmen, hangers-on and familial bloodsuckers must be driven out pronto, that is as soon as constitutionally feasible. Consider people of Lanka, this litany of execrable wrongs that blight our nation under cover of Rajapakse darkness!

  • Indignities, abuses and humiliations inflicted by henchmen.
  • Political hooliganism terrorising workplaces and police forces.
  • Drug peddling in city neighbourhoods with politically guaranteed impunity.
  • A kept and traduced superior judiciary; the elevation of sycophants.
  • Minorities in thrall to a military jackboot, or to thuggish state-sponsored monks.
  • Robbers appointed as Corporate Chairmen and Board Members.
  • Ignorant nincompoops as Ambassadors to here and there
  • Forget not the rapists who run provincial and local councils.

I have friends loyal to the Rajapakse outfit, pro-government folks of many social classes and a bunch of lower and upper echelons in the Dead Left. Not one, no not one single person disputes this list of iniquities. The argument of non-leftists is: “He (they) won the war, so they should be in power – but of course they can do better”. Dead Leftists cower in shame and change the subject. Even in pro government circles I now perceive a shift. The Mahinda worshipping middle-class now intones: “Oh they did a good thing; we are grateful; but now it is time for them to go”. There was an unexpected response from pro-government campaigners in Uva to my remark that it was the economy that had turned away voters. No, they said, people are fed up with the whole rotten thing. (“Naa sahodaraya, me jarava sampooranegma epaavela”).  RIP Rajapakse, the masses have spoken in Badulla and Monaragala. Case closed!

Ranil as Sir Galahad

Harin RanilThe theory is that Ranil is a born loser and can never match Mahinda as a vote getter. I have reservations; it’s not so simple. If there is a shift and people imagine power is in the balance, kissing babies’ bottoms and Mahinda Mama charm as a man of the people will not count. And if there the shift is profound, it means disgust with the government on a bigger canvas has crystallised. Then, superficial popularity breeds contempt and kissing babies’ bottoms is ridiculed. If there is an anti-regime swing, the siblings too will no longer be strengths but encumbrances. One will be projected as a cryptic tyrant the other a venal trickster.

I have repeated “if there is a swing”, that is to say if crucial objective circumstances have matured at their own pace. My antennae say conditions have matured, but we need more evidence than just one Uva. President Rajapakse faces an acute dilemma; can he risk Presidential polls now, or should he put it off for a year or more? An election now may mean defeat; but waiting will allow anger to ferment and blend with international regime-change strategies. Delay provides time to plot extra-parliamentary options – post-election violence in Badulla signals what’s to come. Faced with electoral defeat and legal action for crimes in office, rulers are tempted to incite unrest as a prelude to emergency rule and palace coups. Trapped in a heads I’m ruined, tails I’m damned, Catch-22?

It is amusing that the UNP lost, but is elated and rides victory marches; the UPFA won and is despondent. The former enjoys pleasant reveries, the latter fears kismet. There are two amusing supplementary hypotheses in circulation as well. One says: The UNP achieved nothing of significance in the last four years but performed well; the simpleton explanation is: Harin the wonder boy, he transformed all! Without depreciating Harin – he seems to be a fine young man – this overlooks the obvious. Yes the UNP has done nothing smart, but the government simply despoiled itself. The other hilarious hypothesis is that the revival of the UNP in Uva is thanks to Sajith. The Ranil-Sajith patch-up worked wonders; Eureka the UNP sprang to life! This is false; dullard Sajith contributed nothing in Uva. He is best left to croon pop lyrics and play his organ on stage.

Where does Uva leave my SI-CC strategy? Will a reenergised UNP deem that Ranil can go it alone on a full EP bid? Or is SI-CC now stronger? Will Ranil demand the Common Candidacy as his rightful due? I have reflected and concluded that the first option, the UNP going entirely alone, will end in defeat. We of SI-CC persuasion then need to think over the second and third questions in case the UNP demands one of its people is anointed Common Candidate in recognition of its enhanced new muscle. In the Colombo Telegraph of 13 July I reflected on what the options would be if the UNP polled 40+% in Uva though this seemed unlikely to me at the time. I continue to stand by it.

“Ranil and the UNP should take note of five points. (a) Mahinda Rajapakse can be defeated because he will be hard pressed to secure 60+% of the Sinhala-Buddhist vote, that is 40+% of the national vote. But he can be defeated only if the main opposition parties and groups field a joint candidate. (b) The way to get a joint candidate is to focus solely on the abolition of the executive presidency and exclude all diverging social and economic policies, including the UNP’s. (c) The road map must be unambiguously endorsement by all to give the public iron-clad confidence in the procedure. (d) If Ranil wishes to be prime minister in the future parliamentary system, there is no point in craving for a six-month temporary presidency. (e) If the UNP wishes to propose a name from its ranks for this “short-term job” it had better do it now”.

The UNP including Ranil surely understands (a); Mangala has said so explicitly. It follows that (b) and (c) are imperative.  We can leave aside (d) and (e) for the UNP to decide for itself; but (d) is so obvious, it is stupid to ignore it. If Ranil seeks broad endorsement as Common Candidate, then (b) and (c) must be answered. Will he state loud, clear, repeatedly and unambiguously: “I pledge to abolish the executive presidency within six months”? If yes the UNP can endorse Sobitha’s Road Map or propose one of its own.

The UNP needs allies and Sarath Foneska is at the end of his go-it-alone thther; they need each other and Fonseka may bring a scale-tipping 5% vote. Another critical concern is security. The military has been blatantly politicised by this regime, hence a new government must bear threats to constitution and democracy in mind. Fonseka if given a key defence appointment can blunt this threat. Furthermore, if Ranil and UNP pledge to abolish EP expeditiously, it would bring in substantial pro-Sobitha votes. However Ranil lusts for EP; so I have no clue what the eventual decision will be.

After Rajapakse

First make the pleasant assumption that we will be rid of EP and have in its place a UNP-led or a SLFP-led parliamentary government. The second lamentable case is if Ranil is elected executive president. The third calamitous option is what to do if Rajapakse secures a third executive presidential term. I will reserve this for a later piece for reasons of space and as it now seems the least likely.

In the first case, whichever the parliamentary government and which the opposition, it is best to keep both at arms length like putrefying fish. Democracy and the public interest will be served by a strong, even if minority, radical left opposition in parliament. It is not possible to wind back the clock but there was a time in our history when irrespective of which big party was in office it was the people’s tribunes of the left who guarded public interests and democratic freedoms. Uva has shown that a third force, the JVP in this case, will be squeezed when the contest between the big players becomes acute. However in a parliamentary option there will be constituencies to mimic Yatiyantota, Akuressa, Colombo Central or Panadura of yore. A phalanx of bold opposition members in a future parliament is where we should place our trust.

If the UNP refuses to pledge abolition of the EP and Ranil seeks glory, which rascal wins makes little difference; repulsive EP will go on. Does it matter whether it is Rajapakse-3 or Ranil-1? Our task remains unchanged; to pull down EP which is the root of our autocratic evils.

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    An excellent Analysis Prof. I cannot agree with you more. The only way to defeat this rogue regime is for the opposition to join hands on a common platform. The common platform is Sobitha’s road map viz a viz, abolishing the Executive Presidency. I know Ranil seeks the glory of winning and governing as the EP. But he also must understand that this in the only common thread that will bring the diverse political and economic views together under one umbrella.
    We have to destroy the common courge of authoritaranism that has been bred into the system by the creation of an Executive Presidency. I remember President Jayawardena’s now famous quip “the only thing I cannot do is make a man a woman”. Fortunately he did not know at the time that this could be done too!

    Although there was some abuse of power during his reign, this has got progressively worse, from Premadas to Chandrika and now has reached a zenith. I fear a third term of Rajapaksa could spell total disaster to any spell of democracy.

    The opposition parties have to face up to reality. In order to reach a common platform you need to reach a common goal and they all know that, that is abolishing the EP. Once concensus is reached on this issue, one has to agree on a common candidate. If they do have common sense, they must realize that the Grand Old Party (UNP) still has a fiercely loyal base and counts for about 35 -40% of the total vote. It is imperative therefore that they rally round the UNP nominee and make him the common candidate. Therefore, if Ranil is the nominee, he must as you say, “unambiguously pledge to abolish the Executive Presidency within a period of six months.”

    • 2

      Kumar David,

      “The Mahinda-Gota-Basil outfit, its henchmen, hangers-on and familial bloodsuckers must be driven out pronto, that is as soon as constitutionally feasible. Consider people of Lanka, this litany of execrable wrongs that blight our nation under cover of Rajapakse darkness!”

      People, yes, United we stand, Divided we fall.

      But what is the operational strategy? Learn from Thomas Paine’s Common Sense Pamphlet, that helped defeat the King George III tyranny.

      Can the Raja-Paka tyranny be defeated? Yes, but need to be united.

      The current perception is that Rajapaksa Hegemony has taken over the UPFA/SLFP and people do not want dynasties.

      What can the writers do? What can people do?

      Kumar David thanks for a very good analysis. Can you be the Anonymous Author and Produce a Sri Lankan version of Common Sense in Sinhala, Tamil and English? You will do as much service to Lanka, the Land of Native Veddah Aethho, just like Thomas Paine did for America and France.You can expand this write up, and get there.

      Say, Because I have Common Sense, I will not vote for Mr. Rajapaksa and their criminal cronies for a continuation of a Family Dynasty, and say that Sri Lanka is a Republic.

      Rajapaksa had the opportunity. The power corrupted them. The People are sick of them. They even used Buddhism towards their ends. Even Sinhala Buddhists are fed up them, and they are showing their true colors.

      An Anonymous Author like Thomas Paine is needed with a Common Sense Pamphlet to expose the King, King George, the Rajapaksa Clan. Read, the Common Sense Pamphlet , by Thomas Paine, that inspired the American Revolution along with the other events. Common Sense (pamphlet)


      Produce a Commons sense Pamphlet for Sri Lanka and say why it is in the best interest of the people of Sri Lanka to remove the King, aka Rajapaksa Dynasty from power and let the Republic be a Republic and Not a dynasty. This Pamphlet, in Sinhala, Tamil and English, need to be sent to each and every Sri Lankan Citizen, just like Thomas Paine’s Common Sense pamphlet.

      Common Sense[1] is a pamphlet written by Thomas Paine in 1775–76 that inspired people in the Thirteen Colonies to declare and fight for independence from Great Britain in the summer of 1776. In clear, simple language it explained the advantages of and the need for immediate independence. It was published anonymously on January 10, 1776, at the beginning of the American Revolution and became an immediate sensation. It was sold and distributed widely and read aloud at taverns and meeting places. Washington had it read to all his troops, which at the time had surrounded the British army in Boston. In proportion to the population of the colonies at that time (2.5 million), it had the largest sale and circulation of any book published in American history.[2]

      Common Sense presented the American colonists with an argument for freedom from British rule at a time when the question of whether or not to seek independence was the central issue of the day. Paine wrote and reasoned in a style that common people understood. Forgoing the philosophical and Latin references used by Enlightenment era writers, he structured Common Sense as if it were a sermon, and relied on Biblical references to make his case to the people.[3] He connected independence with common dissenting Protestant beliefs as a means to present a distinctly American political identity.[4] Historian Gordon S. Wood described Common Sense as “the most incendiary and popular pamphlet of the entire revolutionary era”.[5]

      • 2

        Amarasiri your idea of Common Sense pamphlet produced Anonymously is a great idea.
        Hope someone who has the interest of the country at heart, must seriously think of such a publication. The country is not short of such people who can produce a pamphlet in all three languages. No one needs to know who the author is.

    • 7

      “Uva declared that the tide had turned, but the flood gates have not ruptured; it may be imminent or months away.”

      He has waited for 50 or 60 years on the “Left” waiting for the socialist revolution.

      So what difference will another year, or even two, make?
      He can wallow in his stupid imagination f common candidates and impending change!

      • 0

        Funny that, all these old school socialists rooting for a right wing deliverer in their old age. Does this mean that some wealth has been amassed, and needs to be protected from the state ? Right wing pragmatists still appearing in the guise of ‘virtual socialists’ is a common enough phenomenon.

        ” The theory is that Ranil is a born loser “. Has there NOT been sufficient evidence. It is almost a law of physics.

  • 2

    The solution is only one in my opinion: Chandrika has to be the SI-CC
    holder, as she would do a sacrifice of redeeming the SLFP and be bound by a written Agreement between all the Parties involved that she holds the post for 6 months and under exigencies extent by 3 months. She will attract the Buddhist Votes as well as the Minority Votes. It must also be agreed that the leader of the largest party,viz. UNP takes charge of the PM title after a Parliamentary Election. BBS offer can be taken with a pinch of salt.

    The SLFP Seniors & Students will tend to lean towards Chandrika.The SF-JVP-MC-TNA parties will support this anti-Rajapakse move in a Democratic manner. This still leaves room for a “Palace-coup” as the Family is desperate in holding on to power as loosing is suicidal. Its henchmen in the Forces will render support as a gamble.

    • 1

      Hello Punchi,

      How can you take it for granted that Tamils will vote for Chandrika, Is it because they can be kicked around and forced to vote because they are a humbled & humiliated minority. That will not happen this time. Tamils will never vote for Chandrika as it is during her time, Tamils had the worst of time and TNA is warned not to have any truck with any party that promotes Chandrika for Presidency as they know very well how traitor Kadirgamar blocked all overtures made by the Tamils to her govts. for an amicable settlement and one should not forget that her mother Srimavo introduced the Educational standardization policy, which prevented Tamils students entering Universities due marking system where Tamils had to score very high marks to enter and subsequent loss of govt.& private jobs. This was the beginning of the youth uprisings and later turned out to be an armed struggle and the militants took the opportunity and made it a war and people on both sides suffered loss of valuable lives & property and Tamils still suffer ever after the war ended.

      If the ruling party recognizes TNA as the sole representatives of the Tamils in N/E and implement the 13A amendment and allow the NPC to function normally by removing the military governor and the non cooperative chief secretary, and stop land grabbing forthwith, the Tamils may go with the Govt provided they agree to give lands,right away to be under the control by NPC and discuss Police and other matters at a later discussion with TNA under the watchful eyes of India. My opinion is that Police could come under the control of the Central Govt, provided Tamils speaking policemen (Muslims & Tamils) are placed in every police station in N/E so that they could record statements in the language the people can read and write and even the Singhalese men & women , proficient in Tamil language can fill the positions as there are thousands of innocent Tamils dangling in the jails for crimes they have not committed as their statements were recorded in a language they never understood and the Hon. Minister Vasudeva Nanayakkara too confirms this in a statement to the press.

      My question to the Tamils of N/E is which is the govt. that listened
      to the Tamil grievances, and did something good, although all of them said over the years that there is a lingering ethnic issue. Some of the leaders who caused major problems for the Tamils are SWRD,(Younger generation may not know that he abrogated a good pact entered with the Tamils in the 50s and the flimsy reason given was due to protest by Bhuddist monks) ) DS,(Father of forced colonization of Eastern province) Srimavo and Chandrika, so why this cry for regime change by the Tamils and what gains it is going to give them, except baton charge, intimidation and routine interrogations. TNA’s popularity may come under watch, if they do not play their cards well this time. Get the support of rural Muslim masses as well and discuss with the govt. from a position of strength, and go with them.

      • 1

        Lanka Watch

        Don’t forget:

        TNA supported Fonseka’s candidacy at the presidential election.

        VP won the first presidential elections for MR.

        Chandrika was the first and only politician who accepted federalism and won election on a peace platform with 62% of the popular votes.

        TNA cannot be the sole representative of the Tamil speaking people.

        Before approaching the Muslim vote bank TNA should apologise for all the crimes LTTE committed in the name of Tamils against Muslims and compensate their immense losses due LTTE’s day time robbery.

        TNA has not challenged the Socialist racist JVP yet.

        It should question Anura Kumara about their lesson 5, anti Indian hysteria, deafening silence on Chinese investment in this island, warmongering until 2009, role in the de merger of North-East in collusion with former Chief Justice Silva, opposition to war crimes investigation, opposition to 13th Amendment and its implementation, ……….. deafening silence on arms surrender, ….

        Before all these activities the TNA also need to subject itself to self examination.

        • 1


          Lanka Watch must still be looking for the hands of his watch!

  • 3

    It is extremely unlikely that at this stage the UNP will even consider a common candidate other than Ranil. That is the ground reality! Even DEW has got jitters thinking of the possibility of total defeat at an early election!

    The government may resort to extra parliamentary measures to remain in power!

    Sengodan. M

  • 1

    Dear Sir. This is one of best critical appraisals of current political situation in the country . I too agree that MR can not be defeated this time definitely: it is a self destruction for MR for his ineptitude: He is no doubt a politically a crafty and hypocritical person:

    Why is this ? He tells one thing and does one thing else: all Tamil communities are fade up with his promise
    He has been cheating for the last 10 years
    He had been wasting public money in all his projects so far he has done
    He has been a promoting his family at the expense of poor people,
    He has been inciting racial hated
    He has been doing all dirty politics to win

    He knows if he fail to win his family will be wiped out by his political enemies
    For that reason he will do whatever he could to win election
    These thugs use monks to do the dirty works
    Time will tell us what will happen to him
    His fate is same like that of Praba
    No dictator lives in peace

  • 1

    Ranil cannot win.

    But UNP has no one else to offer. Sajith is MR’s man. Harin is NR’s man.

  • 1

    IMF, WB, ADB, HSBC,S & P, Fitch, British Pension Funds, PM, Abe,President XI, and the Holy See , can’t be that naive to be seen to be associated let alone endorse the achievements and help the inhabitants even further , if the list which this gentle man has published here. is even one tenth true or credible.

    Are the Intelligentsia who follow these learned Doctors eat something different to the inhabitants , who at least now have two meals bought with with the dosh they earn in a peaceful and safe environment for them and their school kids.

  • 0

    Yes to oblivion .



  • 0

    A telling presentation on a despicable regime that now has no leg to stand on. Yet stand it will because those opposed do not muster collective strength for the final push. What one would like is for KD’s next article to be the epitah.

    But that is not to be when all we foresee is single combat. At such a venture not even Chandrika can win. If all the 9 powerful forces come forward with a common candidate and a single programme not even God Almighty can stand against such a coalition.

  • 2

    Kumar David must concede there is a wide gulf between the ideal and the real. The ideal is for Robert Mugabe to be thrown out. Thanks to this uncompromising despot over 3 million Zimbabweans are said to be virtually begging in the streets of South Africa. Morgan Tsangarai actually won at least two subsequent elections but Mugabe’s mobs and his tight control over Govt and the Courts keeps him going. And the Zim elections were held with foreign monitors in the scene. Sounds familiar, eh? No different to the scene here in Sri Lanka.

    KD and other do-gooders will accept Mahinda R has been the most cunning and the shrewdest political operator we have seen since 1948. He stops at nothing to keep him and his venal brothers in the saddle.
    And he has planned a long innings – a very long one to go well beyond him but within the family.

    Are Sri Lankans going to take this lying down? That is the question.
    It was the stomach of the voters in Uva that spoke last month – not Harin or a so-called invigorated UNP. The voters in the South, particularly in the Western Coast, will trounce him. He knows that and he will plan to overcome it. The UNP, on the other hand, is divided – hopelessly so. Sarath Silva no longer speaks of “he can’t” The Rajapakse camp will campaign on the Obama swan song “Yes – He can”

    Sri Lankans are fated for a long haul of further suffering. Many of us asked for it.


    • 0

      Rajapaksa will win. Ranil had already ensured that by sabotaging a joint opposition He screwed SF in 2010.Sajith is the other owl helping Rajapakse.The SOBs.

      • 0

        It was SF’s bad mouth and stubbornness or lack of political immaturity and not RW’s sabotaging that lost the presidential race in 2010. SF thought getting votes is also like pushing the soldiers to the front. SF thought voters would accept everything he says. Hangers on and catchers may accept his lies but not the floating voter. Sinhala Buddhists are not thought ‘not to believe what is being preached’ but to come and examine. If SF couldn’t manage his own campaign to satisfy his politically powerful but new buddies, imagine what would be the situation of the country if at all he became the President. We would have been like a pot of achcharu, and he would have turned this country to a true dictatorship.

        • 0


          [Edited out]

  • 2

    Wow! spot on! Rajapaske’s indeed are all that. People in the old days gave a title to people of this nature – “Dutu”. Its a short form of the word “Dushta” or cruel.

    Dutu Mahinda is here under similar circumstances as another from history – Dutu Gamunu. Its an enduring nature of the region I feel. When the illiterate savages from across the ditch make intrusions and don’t go back, its the nature that calls for such a character through a process of natural selection.

    Two things happen in these circumstances. The island is re-unified and Buddhism undergoes a Renaissance. Which perhaps explains why the island and its people have become the custodian of Theravadha Buddhism.

  • 2

    What Professor Kumar David says makes sense. There is not the least doubt that president Rajapaksa CAN be defeated. Similarly, there is not the least doubt that that can be achieved ONLY by means of a common opposition candidate. So there is ONLY ONE choice for those interested in restoring sanity, happiness and prosperity to our benighted land — fielding a common candidate. Who that candidate is does not matter, so long as she or he is a person of integrity, ability and intelligence. The winner can form a caretaker government open to any capable and qualified person from any party, so long as she or he is untainted.

    It is unrealistic to think a good constitution can be crafted in six or nine months, but it’s reassuring if, within the 6-9 month period, a basic constitution is adopted, which conforms to the parliamentary model. It should be a universalist, humanist, secular and modern constitution with no special place accorded to any religion. It should contain the safeguards and checks and balances that characterize the best constitutions of the world.

    • 0

      Mr. H.L. Seneviratne,

      What you say is absolutely true but where could we find a person with integrity, intelligence and ability,(combined) who could become a President and rule the country in an unbiased manner and looks to the needs of the poor, who are in the majority. We have no Ghandhi in our midst to take up this challenge

      You have a wishful thinking about a change in the Sri Lankan constitution, which will never materialise with the type of people
      we send to Parliament as our representatives every 5 years. we ,
      ourselves should be blamed for the state of the Country due to our ignorance & gullibility.

      You know very well that every president, past & present made a vow
      to abolish Presidency and who dared to abolish it. It will soon become
      a punishable offence if a citizen talks about abolishing Presidency.
      So HL, learn to live with the tide as we have reached a point of no return(Democracy) stage.

      • 1

        Lanka Watch

        “What you say is absolutely true but where could we find a person with integrity, intelligence and ability,(combined) who could become a President and rule the country in an unbiased manner and looks to the needs of the poor,”

        If that is the case can we not import a person with such qualities from abroad? How about bringing back the old colonial masters, Portuguese, Dutch, British, or Nayakas, Pandyas, Cholas, Kalingas, …… Vijaya’s people from Venga?

        Have you ever thought about a simple solution? The best solution is to export all Tamil/Sinhala speaking people back to North South India. It is the only cost effective solution in the long run.

        • 0

          Native Vedda,

          Thanks for your brain wave. It did not strike
          me that all these problems like 13A, Singhala only. land grabs, victory marches, forced colonization, BBS domination and mother of parliament with 75 ministers and 300,000 strong army will vanish if we all return, as suggested by you,to our ancestral land, India or become the India’s 30th state with a bridge built across palk strait.

          Wonder who will become the CM in the new state. Presume it could
          be Subramania Swamy.

          • 2

            Lanka watch

            “Wonder who will become the CM in the new state. Presume it could be Subramania Swamy.”

            Subramanian Swamy is a serial litigant and wrecker of parties and governments has other interesting things to do.

            How about Shiv Sena president Uddhav Thackeray or Yuva Sena leader Aditya Thackeray as the Governor General?

  • 3

    Hay Professori,
    You’re back to square one. How can you ‘drive out’ Mahinda-Gota-Basil outfit, its henchmen, hangers-on and familial bloodsuckers pronto when UNP has decided to place its own candidate for the contest and the JVP says it’ll work hard to abjure the Presidential election (if MR contest for the third time, so they say).

    You should be working hard to promote your Single Issue Common Candidate. Instead you have been writing all that already known accusations time and again thinking you can degrade MR to the point of deposing him. Don’t you know that it only drive yourself mad and make your detractors laugh. Mind you, your writings do not down grade the popularity of MR one bit because subscribers in this blog are stubbornly stick to their own logic and conclusions.

    You’re right; if MR can get 60% Sinhala Buddhist (70% of the total) vote, he will just cruise to his goal post because he’ll get over 50% of the Catholic vote (7% of the total) and 20% of Hindus and Muslim vote. If MR manage to retain Thonda and Hakeem that 20% minority vote base will go up in MRs favor by few points.

    You’re right if MR can get 60% of Sinhala Buddhist vote it plain sailing for him. Looking at the last election results at Monaragala where 94.6% are Sinhala Buddhist, Hindu 2.8% and Muslim 2.2%, UPFA got 58%, UNP 32% and JVP 6.6%. If JVP object the contest, I believe only half will abstain and the rest 50% votes will vote MR and a few may votes to RW. Your SI CC man Ven. Sobitha will be lucky if he gets 5% of votes. And it’ll come from both MR and RW.

    Whatever it is, I have this gut feeling RW will give a good fight this time around.

  • 0

    Ranil = Recipe for defeat for the opposition,,, the buffoon is a serial loser
    He has no charm , no charisma and does NOT attract voters except ponnayas and pufters

    We need a common candidate !!!!!!!

  • 0

    Prof. David must understand the basic reality that everybody is ambitious and they along with their henchmen want to make hay while the sun shines. We call this the Executive Presidency (EP) when in fact it is an Executioneering Presidency.

    Getting rid of EP requires a two thirds majority, without which it would not work. A good many who opines in the city want the trio out. But is it so yet in the rural areas? Suppose for the sake of an argument the Prez elections are held first, ahead of a Parliamentary election, and the incumbent is set to loose. Loose to whom? That character who wins is capable of buying people to his side, just as Mahinda did.

    So electing Ranil or any other character makes no difference. I for one do not buy the theory to elect a chap as EP on the promise to change the EP, because if he get the two thirds in Parliament to do that then he can get the two thirds to continue to be the EP until he is booted out at a Prez Elections.

  • 0

    Very good advice. Let us hope the opposition will read this. Bensen

  • 0

    There is no alternative to Ranil Wickramasingha. Sajith
    is politically incompetent and is only a tool of political
    pimp and promoter Tiran Alles. Why not give Ranil a chance.
    He can make the difference. Otherwise lightweight Tissa
    Attanayake and Tiran Allus will destroy the UNP.

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