2 December, 2023


Catholics And Church At Odds On Contraception, Divorce And Abortion

Survey in 12 countries finds 78% of Catholics support contraception and 65% think abortion should be allowed

Pope FrancisMost Catholics disagree with what the church teaches them about contraception, divorce and abortion, according to a survey that reinforces the gap between the Vatican and its global flock before an extraordinary synod this year that many hope will lead to reform, the Guardian reports.

As part of a poll commissioned by the US Spanish-language network Univision, more than 12,000 Catholics in 12 countries were asked their opinions on the church’s positions on issues such as gay marriage and women’s ordination.

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    Pope Talked against Condoms when he visited Africa. It is the Christian women who die mostly by HIV-AIDS because of not using Condoms.

    Muslims thrive.

    Vatican is in a dilemma.

    Vatican was hiding the priests sexually abusing children all over the world. Now, UN is asking Vatican to address the issue and not to hide the names of those priests.

    I say, every thing is CREATORS’ wish. That is how the CREATOR wanted it.

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      Dear Catholics.

      Most Catholics disagree with what the church teaches them about contraception, divorce and abortion, PLUS MANY OTHER THINNGS INCLUDING COSMOLOGY AND MANY OTHERS…. LISTEN..

      Christopher Hitchens about the Catholic Church (1of2) from the Intelligence²


      Christopher Hitchens about the Catholic Church (2of2) from the Intelligence²


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    Hundreds of illegal abortions are being done each month in sri lanka.
    Some result in complications.
    These are carried out by paramedicals in secluded homes and by private doctors in ‘nursing homes’ under the guise of a gynaecological procedure for excessive menstrual periods called ‘dilatation and evacuation’ – called D and E in medical parlance.

    Young people are still ill informed about safe contraception and risk pregnancy for an urgent desire for sex.
    The state – via Health Education – by doctors,must educate the public.

    The Pope lives in his own perfect world,different from reality.

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    Catholic Church may be at odds on many things but child sex abuse in Church, so much so Pope Benedict had to resign, being first after 600 years.

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    Pope wants to Sri Lanka. Sri Lanka now ripe enough to be converted into a Catholic country.

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    MR was trying to get the Pope to visit Sri Lanka before the next Presidential Elections to woo the Catholics. Fortunately for Sri Lankans the plan has gone awry. Looks like everything is misfiring for MR now.

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    The Catholic church has let itself be guided by the ultra right. Beginning with John Paul II. Rolling back the Vatican II reforms, colluding with the CIA in the downfall of communist Poland. The Catholic church also has a history of taking the side of dictators and profiting from it. Example Musalini. In exchange for recognizing his dictatorship the Vatican was awarded money and statehood. The money is invested secretly to this day. It also supported general Franco in Spain who in alliance with Nazi Germany brutally put down the legally elected republican government of Spain. It identified republican members who were then arrested by Franco’s minions and were never heard of again. Many young volunteers from all over the world gave up their life fighting against Franco while the church stood by only interested in protecting its own wealth.
    From this era emerges a new organization founded in Spain and championed by John Paul II, Benedict, and our own Malcolm Ranjith. It seems to be very wealthy. Its founder was expedited to saint hood in record time. The disconnect the church has with its members regarding a range if issues such as contraception, covering up for pedophiles because they are ordained priests, etc. stem from the extreme right ideology of this organization. I will not name it but the discerning reader will know whom I am referring to.
    Donations from extreme right wing millionaires flow to organizations like this because these organizations help perpetuate a very pervasive and submissive way of life where critical thinking and science are frowned upon. I can say a lot more but this post is getting too lengthy to go on.

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