21 October, 2021


CEB Chairman Vows To Resign Following Over Six Hour Long Blackout

In a refreshing act of accountability usually alien to Sri Lanka, chairman of the Ceylon Electricity Board (CEB) Anura Wijayapala announced that he will take responsibility for the three islandwide power failures and tender his resignation soon after restoring power across the county.

Anura Wijayapala

Anura Wijayapala

Announcing his decision, Wijayapala said that no one was taking responsibility for the power failures, hence he will step up and take responsibility for the power failures over the past 6 months, with two occurring over the last month alone, including today which resulted in an over 6 hour long power cut across the country, one of the longest in many years.

“No one is taking responsibility, so I will take responsibility and send my resignation to the Minister soon after the power is restored,” Wijayapala said.

Angry Sri Lankans took to social media, including Facebook and Twitter demanding for the resignation of the Power Minister Ranjith Siyambalapitiya, as well as everyone at CEB who was responsible.

“Despite offering to resign, I am sure CEB Chairman’s resignation will not be accepted. But, instead of the Chairman, they should fire the Minister or the Government itself must resign. Three Island wide blackout’s in a space of a few weeks? I am sure they will appoint more commissions to find the cause and until the next power failure they will still be investigating it. This is a disgrace,” an angry Sri Lankan declared.

A technical failure is believed to be the cause of the power failure.

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    What has the government got to do with crook engineers and the Chinese garbage dump at Norochcholai?

    • 8

      I think this is simply exaggering. Even in so called powerful germany there are hours that we stay without electricity, there I really dont think have never heard any of the federal ministers are foced to resign.

      You guys not even a 1 mio of lanken population seem to be abusing Social media net work. It was good work that you did in terms of chasing away Meeharaka Rajapakshe from looting the state any further, but for the issues such as few hours of electricity failure no ministers should resign. We are still a poor country whose electricity is purely dependendent on few hydraulic power stations. Please be aware who are- then only we could achieve our goals which to become a properous nation.

      At the time, Rajapakshes abused the nation on broad day light- like for example asking BBS to provocate ALuthgama people.. there where had you been ? Not even few of you had guts to go against them, but today, your reaction to fall the other way around is not fair actually. Today we have more freedom to express ourselves within the country – but you guys must not spread lies or make any efforts to sabotage today situation.

      • 12

        Looting the Country by politicians ! that is the Asian Style, India, Philipines… every one.

        It is not Only rajapakses , every one in the Rajapakse govt. that was the style since JRJ times, even though it happened even before that.

        Rajapakse made the stealing from public made his theme of governing Style, both Rajapakses and his people around him stole from the country.

        But, Even though yahapalanya has cut down it, they don’t want to prosecute others except rajapakses. They will finish five years just playing CAT- mouse game.

        They are using Rajapakse’s thefts to cover up their own mismanagement.

        Yahapalanya is bending to MOSTLY to INDIA. West is secondary. They are destroying Sinhale.

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    Chairman of the Ceylon Electricity Board (CEB) Anura Wijayapala.

    RE: CEB Chairman Vows To Resign Following Over Six Hour Long Blackout

    “Announcing his decision, Wijayapala said that no one was taking responsibility for the power failures, hence he will step up and take responsibility for the power failures over the past 6 months, with two occurring over the last month alone, including today which resulted in an over 6 hour long power cut across the country, one of the longest in many years.”


    Now you can go to the Engineers and Technicians and say, Yes. I am responsible, not you are, because you did not do the maintenance.

    Therefore, we do not not need you.

    We need people who can take responsibility. I can not take responsibility for every circuit, and pole.

    Do we need Indian Engineers? Chinese Engineers?

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    Yahapalanaya shining..

  • 5

    All-over the Island power seems to be restored, except Whole of Ja-Ela. No power no water since 4 pm .

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    Bad times for PC Ranawaka and supporters. Hope the minister accepts his resignation. Sri Lankan consumers and public interest groups should be proactive and request credit for the hours that they had no power supply from this state monopoly. Could a smart lawyer advice whether the SL legal statues has such provisions? This reminds the days in 2001 when people had to face 8-12 hr power cuts and it is not surprising if the country is heading that point once again. CEB Needs more duty free permits ,increase in CEB salaries EPF, ETF, pensions and what not.

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    RW will be appointing a five member committee to investigate what the earlier five member committee found out about the previous power cut.
    Dear Chairman, when you leave, can you take the Minister also with you.

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    Obviously it is sabotage. Chairman’s resignation alone would not do. The culprits who are holding a brief to MR to discredit Yahapalanaya should be identified, exposed and punished severely. The sooner MR is exposed and punished will only save this country.

    • 11

      I agree with Gamini. Take action against MR and corrupted gang soon, then you can see how everything function in normal way.

  • 9

    CEB Chairman Vows To Resign Following Over Six Hour Long Blackout

    Its corruption everywhere and in all departments and at every level. Poor Chairman takes the responsibility as like one said, he has to look into every pole and every circuit.

    Remove the bad eggs after scrutinizing each individual and if there is ample proof.

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    Suspicion of sabotage over blackout – Sri Lanka Mirror
    Suspicion of sabotage over blackout Featured. 13 March 2016 … Deputy minister Ajith P. Perera says there is suspicion of sabotage, noting a similar power …

    Why is the government not admitting it is a sabotage ,even a kid would smell it.

    Get your acts together , you can be chicken and run a country that has been at war within the country with the Sinhalese terrorists and Tamils starting since 1971 ,first the che guevara much blood was split, a lot of innocent lives lost , the famous sad story of the Stanley’s operation reveals (1949–1971), a Kataragama beauty queen in 1971, then again the second uprising of JVP ,Sagarika Gomes, was raped and brutally raped ,like wise mostly women of all ethnicity has been subject to rape and murder , and many innocent men and women were kidnapped and murdered purely for revenge over past trivial matters ,I still remember driving down to Colombo from Kandy seeing a young beautiful girl’s body laid beside the roadside with the night gown ,it was so pathetic, as for Sagarika I knew her personally she lived down hill street ,she used to come and watch TV in one of my friends home , a very lively , friendly human being ,to think of what they did ti her after raping her and having actually known her one to one,, makes me so sick of some men of this Nation,,,,how could you do that to a human being just because she refused to sleep with you.. and the criminals finally went Scot free , then how many were raped and murdered in north and east none will ever know , and even in recent times so-many were abducted and murdered and killing has become such a day to day issue , its slowly turning into a Mexico, why is the government not addressing this dangerous trend , they know very well the drug peddlers, the large scale smuggles ,who in pretext of importing baby products , textiles , food items actually smuggled in large scale of cigarettes, alcohol, spare parts, Medicines , Cancer injections, ethanol and drugs hidden in machinery , did all this with the blessing of the previous regime .

    before I go further ,you have insulted a great human being like Sarath Foneska by giving him a good for nothing portfolio, what he deserves is to be appointed as a Ministry of interior , and a license to kill ,by God.the Murders ,, you need to let him choose his own special unit , just give him the post for for six months and if he does not wipe out the menace i will declare my true Id and cut my ears .

    What are you guys doing with the government portfolios ? for heaven sake you can not please every tom dick and harry.

    Tourism Ministry is dying and soon the tourist industry also will, no offence to the present Minister , he is a veteran Politician and in his hat days was a brave soul ,he ran the Ministry of interior without fear or favoritism, but to be honest Tourism is not his cup of tea. please hand it over to Rosy Senanayake and see the difference , she deserves it ,please give her a break.

    Waterboard should go to a person like Hon. A.H.M. Fowzie ,he may be older but he is a worker and loved by all communities ,and he has the experience .

    Finally make the PM executive of the Parliament, use an Iron fist or just step down and call for fresh elections and let the Country go to the dogs.if it has to.

    You can not fear the enemy and rule the Country , appoint Sarath Foneseka and give him the max support and security ans see how the man will bring the Criminal dogs to their knees.

    Change all heads from Government banks , telecom ,media , and all other government institutions who are from past regime, how stupid it is to bring the man from Immigration head and promote him as Customs head , whom are you guys trying to fool , diffidently not us the people , but yourselves.

    Why do you not consider giving challenging Ministerial posts to dynamic men like Sujeewa, Ranjan, Navin , Budika pathirane ,Marika is out of my List ,he is full of ego the day he walked into bambino and insulted the poor salesmen with somuch arrogance I lot all regard for this fool.
    another sabotage ,another power cut and other murder , people will get the message of emotional threat and don’t blame them ,If you can not pin the tyrant even after beating him democratically and if he can and id willingly to bring himself down from king to nothing and sit among you and get his lap dogies to do all his dirty work without dirtying his hand , obviously people not honestly with love toward him but with fear instilled in them will bring him back , they know how much ruthless and unforgiving he and his brothers are, see how crafty and well planned he is moving by being passive leader of the new Political party he is taking you guys apart .. even his won brother is willing to was his toilets clean ..

    wake up or prepare for the worse . you are slacking badly ..people are cursing you both for jeopardizing their lives for voting for your government and you are not aware how angry they are over few things, one is denying the rightful political positions to young and dynamic politicians and dragging you lame legs in implementing a new and effective constitution, People are tired of this old political humbug ,I am a freelance Journalist, I talk to people of all races and all walks of life, I am well aware what is going on. look at the number of un monitored brothels operating freely under the guise of massage parlous , it is time you legalese this age old trade ,licence them , be strict on medical follow up ,safe sex , be open deal with the situation , this is the only way to wipe out crime and illness, bring in laws to protect peoples privacy ,and strict brand protection, I bet you the maximum amount of revenue this country is robbed of is from Container load smuggling it is still happening.

    Its all talk , why don’t you reshuffle the entire Ministers and do a more fair reappointing?
    What is most annoying is when Ministers can not even run one ministry well ,how the hell are they going to run many ?

    ts time to remind them of our childhood song of the panidong , here is a tree full of sweet oranges , but we are not bad kid , we only pluck one for my brother and one for me .

    Thanava -Greed.
    Dear Mr, President and Mr.Prime Minister ,can you explain to the people, how on earth you both indent to govern , fairly and perfectly with equality and justice to all , a Country of 65,610 km2 , consisting of 9 provinces ,25 districts,numerous cities ,Towns and villages .

    It is impossible.. You cannot help men permanently by doing for them what they can and should do for themselves.(Abraham Lincoln)
    You need to revamp this totally failed age old constitution and the so called pradeshiya sabahs and palth sabas , they are all white elephants.

    Start by complete federalizing , let each Provision have a Premier and let him appoint his ministers , and let each Village set up a coop consisting of trust worthy men and women and let them liasense with the duty minister of the Province..

    Give the people the power , give them the responsibility , let them appoint tax collectors to go house to house , shop to shop and collect their revenue and pay a reasonable about of it it and combined it with the budget provided by the Federal government to the Provincial and which after the Provincial government separates a fair portion to meet its expenses pass it to the Village coop Chairman and treasures to run their Village . that way no Politicians will be able to rob the people and if the people do not get things dome they will in no way can complaint either. allow then to run their own police (without any Political interference) also permit them to receive foreign aid directly under the watch and approval of the federal government .

    Just nullify the whole local government nonsense, appoint Premiers among the able Ministers from your government preferably accordingly to the persons Province , and there are enough MP who can be made straightaway to the position of Provisional ministers . for two years and there after you can call for elections in the Provinces .. tell the the ones who do not agree to Galleface and fly some kites .,, get down hard , what yahapalane , Good governance are for civilized people , first you need to do exactly that civilize them …

  • 14

    Get rid of MR, every thing will settle, he is a menace, megalomaniac, he must be behind this

    • 0


      “Get rid of MR, every thing will settle, he is a menace, megalomaniac, he must be behind this “

      Need to tell, Maitripala Sirisena and Ranil Wickramasinghe, if you cannot do it, please give the job to Field Marshall Sarath Fonseka. He knows how.

  • 1

    “Angry Sri Lankans took to social media, including Facebook and Twitter demanding for the resignation of the Power Minister Ranjith Siyambalapitiya, as well as everyone at CEB who was responsible.

    May I know from this angry raccoons who are those “everyone at CEB who was responsible”? Now, they are angry because the Yahapalanaya Government was brought in by Sampanthar, the current opposition leader, with false promises to Tamil. But immediately after Sampanthar had Sumanthiran to release a fraudulent election statement to Tamils in support of CC, the three Royals (New King, Ranil and the Attanagalla Princess Chandrika denied that only in Sinhala saying none of them had given any promises to TNA on anything (i.e. Removal Rapist Army from North-East, Land release, Accountability and reconciliation & power sharing.) Unfortunately, the denials in South Sinhala did not go North-East Tamils. They voted to the New Royals, believing Sampanthar because of the faith they have on him. But these angry raccoons voted only to New King. Now how can they blame a government they didn’t vote? It is the Tamils and Muslims brought this New Royal Government, if the power failure is a fault of Yahapalanaya Government, then the Tamils and the Muslims must be held responsible for that.

    If you look at this Norochcholai epic, it is not of Yahapalanaya’s direct fault. Everybody in the universe will agree with me on that, san CT’s Sumane, Who from the time of suckling from mother to until now, he has learned only one thing, that is “Batalanda Ranil”. So we can excuse him leave him Sumane alone and we can look at what happened at Norochcholai. It was the Pundit, the Princess Chandrika who started to write the Epic of Nuraicholai. But it took a turn like, when Kampar started the “Kambaramayanam”, just because of the unbendable influence Ottakuthar had in King’s court, he hijacked the Epic and finished it, it was the Old King hijacked the Nuraicholai Epic and finished it. So now our revised conclusion is, anything related to Nuraicholai is the responsibility of Old Royals for whom the angry raccoons voted. Then, why are they asking the Yahapalanaya Government to resign.

    Still, the problem with Yahapalanaya government is, it is indirectly responsible for this failure. It has a fake FCID. It is not ready to investigate the financial irregularities took place in the Norochcholai Epic. A billion appears to be swindled out of this epic. Instead in honestly investigate and bring the culprits to books, they have hired another war criminal named Fonseka to keep the Old King’s mouth shut up. It works like this. More the Fonseka howl, more the Old King will back off. Then there is less pressure from America to do anything of Old King. America’s short sighted strategy is rather than punish Old King, it wants to keep him out of sight. This way America dreaming it can keep the Yahapalanaya Government longer on the power than punishing Old King.

    The Chinese built the world’s largest dam on the Yangtze River for themselves. It is considered as a pride of China at the time of its opening. Now, Hydro Engineers cast their doubts on its ability to stand for earth quakes. Attanagalla Princess contracted China for 250 Million into this after these facts were become to be known. China doubled the contract rate in Old King’s time. Further it imposed a heavy interest rate to compensate in case of Lankawe defaults the loan, the first few years will have the principal recouped. They supplied material and man power for the loan. So it was not necessary to deliver the loan to Sri Lankan Banks. It had practically born and died in China. Ranil even cannot trace the record of this kind of loans coming and going in the government Books. The supplied materials are discarded Machinery from Chinese’s factories. The workers brought in were not real technicians, but Chinese prisoners. When power station was put together even Chinese engineers were not able to make it get up run. The old, Chaitanya Government thought of bringing Indian Hindian to have it repaired. 50 Lankan government’s computers failed, including the Defense Ministry’s central Media Communication ones. It was one of the biggest losses for Old Royal government because Media Central which releases urgent news like drawing Manmohan Singh underneath the Sari of Jayalalitha lost its computer and became not communicable. So bringing Indian Hindian was given up and an agreement to hand over Nuraicholai to China was reached. The Epic of Nuraicholai continued even after Ram Reached Ayodhya, winning Ravana. That is called Uttarakanda. Liturgists are claiming that is the most sweet-full part of the Epic. We can go into that too.

    When Yahapalanaya Government grabbed the power from Chitanta Government, the Nuraicholai power struggle took a new direction. The earlier Chitanta Government’s agreement was handing over the Nuraicholai in return to have the computers return back to work. The Yahapalanaya wording on this is selling off shares. This is where the wording confusion of Yahapalanaya Government once again comes into the show. The “Foreign and Commonwealth” can mean sometimes as “Lankawe”. Like that, selling off share would mean handing over the factory. Nobody can say anything for sure on these matters, if there will ever anything physically happen, until that takes place. All what you do is to rely on computers to resolve this conflict. That is what, it seems, the Sinhala Intellectual Engineers did.

    If a complex machinery parts break down, it does not just take one or two hours to fix it. And nobody put all fuses of the entire country in one box and let a molten tin river to flow when there is an overlad. So when there is an outage for the whole country it is usually done computers controlling the grid. Few years ago, in a melting hot summer season, (2003) the power grid of North-East and Mid-West America failed. The cascading reaction of plants shutoff by the controlling computers brought New York City to Toronto standstill. The over load of heat was not the real reason of this shutdowns. It was a sloppy maintenance of an Ohio plant on the transmission lines. The Transmission leak caused an overload to that plant and the grid computers started to shutoff many the plants on the grid one after other. The explanation is understandable for the laymen without a Commission, as the fault was pointed on the Ohio transmission leak. Sometimes, the American computers, like their masters overreact. That ok if it is only once in a while.

    So, when the old sales agreement and the new sales agreements differed in the terminology, the Sinhala Intellectuals’ computers have come as helping hands to the Sinhala Intellectual engineers. Some software bugs would take days to sort out, but of cause some can be in minutes or in an hour. I do not know how the Lankawe whole country outage is keeping coming back to operations in hours. It may the wives of the engineers would have yelled at them “Hey you idiots put the lights back on so the kids can eat the dinner and go to bed”. (If that is correct, the CEB Engineers should by generators for homes before they try this again. Then they can test the Yahapalanaya Government without any interruption)

    Whatever said it does not appear like the Yahapalanaya Government is directly responsible for this as blamed by the angry Raccoons. When Yahapalanaya Government uses the words “Lankawe” and “Foreign and commonwealth” interchangeably, the Tamils led by TNA’s Sampanthar may not overreact. But when they use “selling shares” interchangeably for other words, the Sinhala Intellectual Engineers’ computers on the grid are overreacting. The New Royal Government can try to change the ambiguous wording and see how the grid computers behaving after that. But this is not Yahapalanaya’s direct fault.

  • 4

    Good example to see how Universities are full of non-achievable people. Why SL engineers unable to solve the problem but Technical Officers can do it but due to inferior complex of Engineers TOs do not want to get involved. Again quality of training given to local University Eng graduates also now visible with this.

  • 3

    somebody indeed should resign.either the minister or the person he has delegated his responsibilities to.

    however the long term solution would be to privatise the electricity sector.

    private companies are better at running businesses than governments.

  • 1

    CEB Top guys are playing a game….Most of them are well looked after by the Private Power generating companies….Some time back they paid the CEB officials at Norochcholi plant to sabotage and as a result CEB was forced to buy power from private producers. When the plant was put under Chinese Engineers they could not continue that practice…Now these mafia power companies know if the grid is tripped the Norochchali plant cannot be restarted for at least a week.That is sufficient time to make billions of Rupees from CEB at the current low oil price levels. The biggest mafia private energy produced Aitken Spence is behind this. Harry J will buy a hotel property in OMAN every time the GRID is tripped for one week. That is the amount of money he will cash in from public for Norochcoli to be out fro 3-4 days. He has already brought 4 Hotels in Oman. Public will have to bear this for couple of more times until these Private energy producing companies (electric Mafia) are not controlled. There is a useless tom as a minister in charge while Harry makes his quick bucks.Put back Champika in charge of this ministry so he knows well what is happening with energy mafia in SL.

  • 2

    there is every reason to privatise these public utilities….long overdue….will end politisisation!

  • 0

    Transformers were blown up by the LTTE in the past.

    It could be the Tamils back in action. I would activate the specials and nip it in the bud.

    • 0


      do you mean all tamils are LTTE?

      was it only transformers that the tamils blew up in the past?

      should we proscribe the tamils?

      should we ethnically cleanse them again and teach them a lesson like in 83?

  • 3

    shame on yamapalanaya….what a change…MR must be laughing from his backside….these yamapalana clowns can’t even provide uninterrupted power and water supply. Forget about development, there haven’t been any improvement in any field since 08th of Jan 2015. only underworld is thriving….

  • 5

    @Fedrick ,well said.. what do you expect most of the goons in Universities are frogs straight from the wells, hearts filled with hate , prejudice ,racism induced by parents, relatives and the gong villagers since childhood and not forgetting the priests of the Village Temple. everyone was able to witness that with the hate they had towards an innocent little Buddhist boy .

    Getting a piece of endorsed as a degree is not good enough , any fool can obtain it by studying day and night, educated means not just a degree , it goes beyond that.

    What do these goons do? they do not let other kids study, they stage unwanted protests , they also rag students until they commit suicide., this is what they are good at.

    When these goons come out of the Uni they are given jobs over the counter by Politicians to secure votes in return this is what they do betray the Country.

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