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Challenging Modi In Colombo

By Tisaranee Gunasekara

“I know what to give and what not to give.” – Mahinda Rajapaksa (The Hindu – 5.7.2009)

During an extensive interview with ‘The Hindu’, President Mahinda Rajapaksa was asked about his oft-repeated ‘13th Amendment plus’ promise.

“Even tomorrow I can give that…”[i] he replied promptly.

That was July 2009.

Mahinda ModiDuring the next five years, President Rajapaksa promised 13+ and denied promising 13+, again and again.

The Rajapaksas and their acolytes (including the BBS) were elated when Narendra Modi won. They seemed to have believed that Mr. Modi’s Hindu supremacism would make him bond with his ideological blood-brothers in Colombo. Mr. Modi’s non-dependence on Tamilnadu increased Colombo’s elation. The invitation to attend his swearing-in seemed the definitive vindication of this optimistic outlook.

“We are at ease. Now Mr. Modi can take independent and strong decisions on any issue,” Minister Keheliya Rambukwella crowed[ii].

The reality was almost antipodal. Mr. Modi reportedly informed President Rajapaksa that he should implement the 13th Amendment expeditiously, and move beyond it. “Rajapaksa is learnt to have explained that such things could not be done overnight. Modi was to reply that it was now over five years since the separatist war ended. At one point the Indian Prime Minister had turned to External Affairs Ministry Secertary Sujatha Singh and queried what assurances was given by Rajapaksa to his predecessor, Manmohan Singh. She had replied that it was to fully implement the 13th Amendment and go beyond it.”[iii]

The courteous and gentlemanly Manmohan Singh would not have reminded Mahinda Rajapaksa of his broken promises so baldly. But Narendra Modi of the Gujarati-infamy is no stranger to bullying, anymore than the Rajapaksas are. The difference is that Mr. Modi is the leader of the regional behemoth while Mr. Rajapaksa’s domain is limited to 25,332 square miles.

Mr. Modi’s almost antithetical treatment of Pakistani and Lankan leaders is instructive. Mr. Modi went out of his way to be friendly to Nawaz Shariff, even at the risk of infuriating his own lunatic fringe. It was evident in his public greeting of Mr. Shariff and in gestures such as the gifting of a shawl to Mr. Shariff’s mother.[iv]. These pleasantries will not resolve the Indo-Pakistan disputes or bring peace to Kashmir; but they show that bilateral dealings, be they amicable or hostile, will be conducted with a degree of mutual respect. The balance of power between the two countries is far from equal, but it is not diametrically lopsided either.

Mahinda Rajapaksa got no public presents and the barest of handshakes. He was treated with demands and reminders. Unlike Pakistan, Lanka cannot realistically stand up to India on her own. The worst Colombo can do on its own is to catch some Tamilnadu fishermen. In the larger scheme of things, Lanka counts not per se, but as the pawn of a rival power.

So the Rajapaksas face a dilemma. They must either devolve power or give up their dependency on China.

Perhaps the President thinks that the meeting in Delhi was caused by a passing ill-wind; or that with Chinese backing he can square up to India.

That may be why last week, Minister GL Peiris ruled out 13+.[v]

Now the ball is back in Delhi’s court.

Until Mahinda Rajapaksa became the SLFP/UPFA candidate, there was a broad Southern consensus about the need for a political solution to the ethnic problem going beyond the 13th Amendment. The unitary state had ceased to be a sacred-cow and federalism a dirty word. Sinhala-South was not opposed to greater devolution; anti-devolutionists were confined to the lunatic fringe.

A sea-change happened with the advent of the Rajapaksas. In Mahinda Chinthana I, Candidate Rajapaksa embraced the unitary state and rejected traditional homelands. In 2006, he got the JVP to file a case against the North-Eastern merger. With CJ Sarath Silva still in cahoots with Mahinda Rajapaksa, the outcome was a foregone conclusion.

The following report by Narayan Swami indicates how much of a travesty the case was: “….at the last hearing in the case, the chief justice kept guiding counsel for one of the JVP petitions…. Kang-Ishwaran, who appeared for the Tamil side, was not allowed to systematically argue his case….. The chief justice angrily ordered counsel for a leftwing party….to take his seat after just two minutes of appearance. When counsel for the JVP wanted to submit written admissions to counter Kang-Ishwaran, the chief justice gave his nod. But when Kang-Ishwaran sought similar privilege, he did not get permission.”[vi].

Mahinda Rajapaksa is an authentic representative of the SLFP which opposed even the meagre DDCs and supported the JVP’s violent anti-Accord/PC campaign. His signature ‘political solution’ entailed replacing provincial councils with district councils and empowering the president to appoint any councillor of his choice as the chief minister (including from a losing party).

The Rajapaksas do not want to share power with any non-kin. The Rajapaksas need Chinese money. Sooner or later, they will find themselves confronting Mr. Modi.

Will Tamil Diaspora Maximalists save the Rajapaksas?

In Sri Lanka majoritarian democracy was misused to undermine both democracy and justice, and to turn Tamils into second class citizens in their own country. This demonstrates that democracy alone cannot guarantee minority rights; there must be devolution as well.

Sinhala and Tamil extremisms became the dominant ideological dynamic of Southern and Northern societies at different times. They turned the crisis into a hermitic one by rendering a political solution impossible. The LTTE is gone but Sinhala-Buddhist supremacism remains triumphant, a pillar of the Rajapaksa-ethos.

Removing the Rajapaksas from power will not resolve the ethnic problem. But even the first step towards resolving the ethnic problem cannot be taken without removing the Rajapaksas from power.

The UNP has moved backwards on the devolutionary front. But a reversion is possible, because the UNP admits the existence of an ethnic problem and accepts the need for a political solution.

Under a less archaic leadership, the SLFP can progress towards a more moderate stance on devolution.

So long as the LTTE was alive, Sinhala-Buddhist maximalists did not have to fear devolution. They could depend on the LTTE to shoot-down every devolutionary proposal.

Narendra Modi has offered his backing for a political solution around 13+. During her Colombo Press Conference, Navi Pillai said that “those in the Diaspora who continue to revere the memory of the LTTE must recognise that there should be no place for the glorification of such a ruthless organisation”[vii].

These two stances, in confluence, indicate that India/international community opposes the LTTE but supports Lankan Tamils, opposes separatism but supports substantial devolution. The Rajapaksas and Diaspora maximalists are equally incapable of understanding this stance.

To succeed, Tamils must place their politics and their devolutionary proposals within this spectrum. If the TNA, as the pre-eminent Tamil party, remains within this IC/Indian mandated minima and maxima, the Rajapaksas will find themselves in a corner and exposed as the sole impediment to a political solution. But if the TNA succumbs to Diaspora maximalists, they will make the Rajapaksas look less extreme. Caught between Sinhala and Tamils intransigence, Modi-India might discard devolution as an exercise in futility, and seek for other ways to prise Colombo out of China’s embrace.

In August 2009, Deputy Foreign Minister Hussein Bhaila informed Lankan parliament, “President Mahinda Rajapaksa had assured former Indian Foreign Minister Pranab Mukherjee that his intention was to implement the 13th Amendment to the Constitution quickly as possible and explore the possibility of moving beyond the 13th Amendment…. This assurance had been given on January 27 to the then Foreign Minister when he visited Sri Lanka on an invitation by the Sri Lankan government.” – 21.8.2009

[iii] http://www.sundaytimes.lk/140601/columns/govt-wrong-footed-at-modi-meeting-101011.html

[iv]Mr. Shariff’s eldest daughter (and possibly his political heiress) Maryam Shariff tweeted her thanks to Mr. Modi and said that her father personally delivered the shawl to her grandmother. Mr. Shariff responded by sending a white saree as a present to Mr. Modi’s mother –  http://news.rediff.com/commentary/2014/jun/05/when-modi-sent-nawaz-sharifs-mother-a-shawl/5ebba7f3402d4c40988e5cf6d966fc2c

[vi] Telegu Portal – 18.10.2006

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  • 20

    Good Analysis TG

    The MR Regime was over the moon assuming N. Modi win would will be favorable to them, Gov ministers and BBS even issued statement to this effect.

    On the other hand the Diaspora Tamils were hoping to ride high with C. Amma’s (cunning Amma) resounding victory in TN.

    But on both camps the hopes are shattered and they have been brought back to ground within a very short period of time.

    NM has made it clear to MR what he expects, C Amms’s victory has accounted to nothing. In my opinion winners of this game will be Tamil in Sri Lanka which could lead to demise of MR. Our opposition lacking foresight is sleeping they did not make any effort to seize the moment and sell their side of the story to N. Modi.

    Biggest looser will be Tamil Diashora’s, what we can expect though is C Amma making ridicules demands she will be worst than Vaiko.

    • 5

      Correction *”ridiculous” demands

      • 0

        I wonder who is the wise guy voted down my correction ? must be someone who can’t read English.

        • 0

          It’s pretty clear what kind of looser votes “down” or “Dong” for corrections. Not once but twice. Why would “someone” or “something” take time do such a thing.

          Duke the Dog in “Barnyard” is a good example. Itching to fetch, any shit thrown at him/her/????

          Anticipated Actions
          a. Itching and Itching in anxiety but finally capitulate on life long habit to fetch
          b. More garbage
          c. Minimum 2+ “Dongs”

          (It’s a bait damn if taken damn if not taken)

        • 0

          You are so lucky Afzal that you got an education in English, and can now communicate better than the Sinhalese and Tamils who chose their own languages as the Medium of Instruction.

          They, in their Racist Biases, ‘cut off their Noses to Spite their Own Faces’!

          • 0


            “They, in their Racist Biases, ‘cut off their Noses to Spite their Own Faces’!”

            Hence both stupid people can’t see beyond their nose.

    • 12

      Today the tabloids say – Cracks within UPFA widen as Pillay finalises probe team

      I have no doubt in coming days, we will see more towards the fall of dangerous coalition led by MR has ruined the nation … to this day.

      • 2

        Cracks are good, hope MR regime will fall. But now, whats up for the Tamils? Elam?

    • 4


      “C.Amma ” , you said it correct.
      But is it is another thing to say that her victory will amount to nothing. Remember she still holds the trump cards because Modi has to have her support in the Rajya Sabha the upper house as she has the necessary numbers.She is in a position to bargain with Modi about her income tax case in the Bangalore Court first before she considers the case of the Lanka Tamil issue because that is not an urgency for her, it is only something for her to use as a election cry in Tamil Nadu. Subramania Swamy is one of her close advisors and he is a great pal of MR.
      C.Amma knows how to embarrass Modi because of her demands and he will not be in a position to take a position on SL that easily because of her in my opinion.
      As for the pro LTTE diaspora they can shout till they are hoarse and get breathless.

    • 5

      Tisaranee Gunasekara,

      “The reality was almost antipodal. Mr. Modi reportedly informed President Rajapaksa that he should implement the 13th Amendment expeditiously, and move beyond it. “Rajapaksa is learnt to have explained that such things could not be done overnight. Modi was to reply that it was now over five years since the separatist war ended. At one point the Indian Prime Minister had turned to External Affairs Ministry Secertary Sujatha Singh and queried what assurances was given by Rajapaksa to his predecessor, Manmohan Singh. She had replied that it was to fully implement the 13th Amendment and go beyond it.”[iii]”

      Good analysis. Thanks.

      Yes, the Para-Modayas could not see it.

      You can fool some of the time, not all the people all the time…but the Para-Modayas think so…

      Noe they are looking for more delaying tactics..

      After all, has been delayed for 5 years…

      China,,,what can you do for us if India Invades Crimea style, Turkey Cyprus style/

      • 3

        Modi needs to calm Tamil Nadu lest the Sri Lanka issue leads to separatist tendencies over there. Full implementation of 13+ in Sri Lanka will deflate all the hot air from the Tamil Nadu balloon, and Modi needs that calm more than he needs Sri Lanka. Rajapaksa PROMISED to fully implement 13+, and that promise was made to the PRIME MINISTER of India (not to an individual called Manmohan Singh) AND to the SECRETARY-GENERAL of the world body known as the UN.

        Meanwhile, the fact that Sri Lanka has such close military and political ties with India’s arch enemies – Pakistan and China – with further economic enmeshment with China to be almost a defacto vassal state will not be viewed favourably by India. What will they do if Rajapaksa will not honour his promise to their PM?

        First they will try diplomacy, but for a very very short time, knowing that Rajapaksa does not keep any promises, and cannot be trusted even to issue an honest press release after meeting any head of state or Prime Minister as happened repeatedly to India.

        Next, if Rajapaksa tries to play games, India will try coercion. This can take many forms, both overt and covert. With Modi it will probably be upfront, overt and in your face as he did to Rajapaksa in New Delhi already once.

        All else failing, a Crimea solution (which was supported by Sri Lanka’s Foreign Minister) is not impossible in our case. Neither Pakistan nor China will go to war with India, with nuclear consequences, to protect the unitary state of Sri Lanka and/or a family regime. The US, UK, EU Trio will not impose targeted sanctions on Modi and his clique (like they did on Putin and his clique) because they are no longer friends of Sri Lanka. We have shown them the door.

        But there is some hope of averting this worst case scenario. It is similar to an incident I mentioned earlier, i.e. the dramatic change that happened when vacillating Jimmy Carter (= Manmohan Singh) was replaced by strong armed Ronald Reagan (=Modi) during the Iran Hostage Crises. Upon winning the election Reagan told Iran “There will be no profit in waiting”, and to just release those Americans who had then been held for more than 400 days. Notwithstanding all their bombast and rhetoric, Iran caved in. The hostages were released just minutes after Ronald Reagan was sworn into office.

        Looks like Rajapaksa is doing an Iranian thing and caving in after all. The government is now saying 13 is possible without police powers after delaying for 5 years and creating so much unnecessary and pointless bad will amongst the Tamils and the international community. It will now be seen as too little too late, and only because of pressure from India and not because we are a sensible nation with sustainable long term goals. This will make the Tamils always look to New Delhi in the future, rather than to Colombo. But it may avoid a Crimea solution further down the road. That 13 or 13- or 13+ will take care of India’s concerns and needs.

        Geneva and March 2015 is an entirely different matter. The US, UK, EU trio will have their way, with or without India’s support.

        We will now in less than an year. Local Presidential elections will have no effect on the IN processes for war crimes and the like.

    • 1

      This comment was removed by a moderator because it didn’t abide by our Comment policy.For more detail see our Comment policy https://www.colombotelegraph.com/index.php/comments-policy-2/

    • 3

      Dear Tisaranee Gunasekara

      1.”In Sri Lanka majoritarian democracy was misused to undermine both democracy and justice, and to turn Tamils into second class citizens in their own country. This demonstrates that democracy alone cannot guarantee minority rights; there must be devolution as well.”

      2.”Sinhala and Tamil extremisms became the dominant ideological dynamic of Southern and Northern societies at different times. They turned the crisis into a hermitic one by rendering a political solution impossible. The LTTE is gone but Sinhala-Buddhist supremacism remains triumphant, a pillar of the Rajapaksa-ethos.”

      3.”Removing the Rajapaksas from power will not resolve the ethnic problem. But even the first step towards resolving the ethnic problem cannot be taken without removing the Rajapaksas from power.”

      Thanks for the succinct analysis and accurate depiction of the situation,

      The Para in Lanka, the Land of native Vedda need to be told:

      1. The Para-Sinhala never wanted to Share power with Para-Tamils.

      2. To The Para-Sinhala, the Para-Tamils were always the enemy, courtesy of Para-monk Mahanama and his lies and imaginations.

      3. The para-Sinhala and para Tamils are paras from South India and Nagaland-India. The DNA in their bodies is proof.

      4. The land of Native Vedda belongs to native Veddah, not to the Paras.

      5.. Mr. Modi should take back the Paras from India who are in Lanka, the land of Native Veddah.

      6. All the Para-Sinhals groups, SLFP, UNP, JVP etc do not want to give power to Para-Tamils, LTTE or other outfit.

      Paras, when will you leave…the Land of Native Vedda…

      If your DNA contains less than 50% Native Veddah genes, please get back to South India..

      The True Native Veddahs, Europeans and Chinese cannot tell a Para-Sinhala from a Para-Tamil.

      Do they have the same DNA? Must be from South India.

    • 4

      Afzal you Sinkalam:

      First things first and let us go through and analyse. So what you are saying is
      ” In my opinion winners of this game will be Tamil in Sri Lanka which could lead to demise of MR”
      “Biggest looser will be Tamil Diashora’s ( Spelling mistake Diaspora not Diashora”s. You are itching again.
      Another mistake Amma making ” ridicules demands should be changed to ridiculous demands. (That is why I said read before you write)
      What is the problem making such demands. She lives in a Country which shares the National Cake unlike Sinhala Lanka where the cake is for the Majority but only the Crumps for the Minority.

      You admitted that boredom has set in and that is because there is nothing to look forward to. Mahinthas kingdom has crumbled.

      I have few more words for your vocabulary. Try the following in the order
      You started with “Fetch” and I gave you “Itch” and some more “Hitch”
      “Bitch” “Ditch ”

      You “Fetch” Garbage
      You “Itch” due to stress
      You “Hitch” ( hike) Gypsy no permanent place.
      “Bitch” your companion which is an indication of your status.
      “Ditch” the end result.

    • 0

      It’s loser as in a person who lost an election or a game; it’s not looser ; so much for you flaunting your English skills! To lose or person who lost is loser; loose as in slack or looser belts or opposite of that is tighter belts . Are you a loser for the loose use of the Queen’s own ?

  • 7

    As usual, Tissaranee makes an excellent analysis of the situation and offers good advice to the Tamil diaspora.

    It is clear that the way out for the Tamils is to seize the moment and ensure that Modi carries out his promise to deliver 13 plus. The Tamil diaspora must know that for the moment Eelam is not the solution. It may arrive maybe at a later date or not at all. The immediate solution is to enable the Tamils to live without fear in the NorthEast. !3+ will ensure that. Modi has the political standing to deliver on it. He also has the legal standing as it is an obligation under the Indo-SL Pact.

    Strategy requires that the first priority for all Sri Lankans is to end this monstrous regime that is built on chauvinism and corruption. It is in the interest of all Sri Lankans that the Tamil diaspora maintains a strong stance on the prosecution of Rajapakse and his minions for genocide. It is a stick to wield which will resonate with the international community in the light of the enormity of the crimes committed against innocent civilians. Sinhalese must remember the 70,000 young people who were killed off during the JVP insurrection. They did nothing about it. A succession of brutal governments resulted. If a reversal is to be made and Sri Lanka is to revert to normalcy, prosecution for war crimes are a necessity, not for retribution, but for demonstrating that future killings will be punished.

    Sarath Silva must be recognized as a despicable person. He was Chief Justice and behaved like a street thug while on the bench, pandering to Rajapakse. He must be tried too for abuse of his position.

    Tamils must act prudently. The emotional baggage that attracts them to the LTTE which truly did stand up for their rights must be honoured in memory but must not dictate the future of their struggle. The violence that the LTTE unleashed against the innocent is no less brutal and cannot be condoned. It also did not have the sagacity to negotiate at the right times. It is not necessary to lionise foible men who led their military and political wings. Prudence dictates that these be left aside for the moment and reason prevails in the continuation of the Tamils towards self-determination which is their right, through peaceful and pragmatic means.

    • 3

      Couldn’t have said this any better.Fully agree with Tisaranee Gunasekara and Ponkoh Sivakumaran.

    • 2

      I think TNA is moving wisely.

  • 3

    TNA MP Mr Premachandra threatens Srilankan Policemen and try to kick their butts in front of his supporters and opponents, both Tamils.

    And the Police was there to protect Mr Prmachandra’s opponents who only wanted to know why their children are less valuable than Mr Elilalan, who helped the children to be taken away to protect Prabakaran in Mullivaikal.

    Just imagine what would have happened to those opponents who fronted up to Premachandran if the Police were under his Vellala boss’s Command and Control?.

    Surely Modi wouldn’t have time to get into these nitty gritty.

    But his minders should get a copy of this clip and show the boss how this devolution is going to help bring Peace, Harmony and Prosperity to all Srilankan inhabitants and rescue them from grip of nasty Chinese.punged.

    As the Asgiriya prelates stated recently, the inhabitants only should decide whether this Indian imposed 13 A should be implemented or expunged.

    Surely Modi can’t stop a referendum to this effect?. Can he?.

    Or does that contravene Ms Pillai’s soon to be relesed “Dos and Donts” list for our inhabitants?.

    Can Ms Pillai recommend to her UN bosses that they should invade Srilanka with the Modi Army, if the inhabitants says stuff the 13 A and all they want is to live in peace and harmony as equals?.

    • 5

      K.A Sumanasekera

      “TNA MP Mr Premachandra threatens Srilankan Policemen and try to kick their butts in front of his supporters and opponents, both Tamils.”

      Vellala Premachandran is perhaps learning the art of kicking policeman’s b**ls from his brethren Govia Deputy Minister.

      IGP Must Set An Example That No One Is Above The Law” Says UNP
      June 4, 2014

      Bear with me I am only learning how to use caste title from you.

      • 4

        This K.A.S. guy always gets beaten up with his own baton.


    • 1

      //TNA MP Mr Premachandra threatens Srilankan Policemen and try to kick their butts in front of his supporters and opponents, both Tamils. //

      The MP was trying to reason out to the people, who were ‘brought in’ by another, who were attempting to shout against a demonstration that was conducted with police permission. Then, there was a policeman who gave a gentle push at Premachandran’s shoulder. There was another guy, probably a bodyguard or a secretary triled to tell the policeman not to touch the MP. Premachandran took exception to the physical contact and told the policeman not to touch, and said if you touch me I will kick you. Rather than moving away from the confrontation, the policeman wanted to take it further. Senior police officers didn’t interfere. Then, the policeman took the gun and the cap, and was ready to confront.

      A picture speaks a thousand words. Look at the link:

    • 2

      //As the Asgiriya prelates stated recently, the inhabitants only should decide whether this Indian imposed 13 A should be implemented or expunged. //

      Indian imposed? Then, why did Mahinda promise to India that he would implement 13, and even go beyond?

      13 is in the law, and not to implement is AGAINST the constitution. Prelates are ignorant, and what can you do?

      Which of the Amendments were put to vote? NONE! Then, why only 13?

      Also, 13 is NOT limited to the Tamil areas, but for all regions of the country.

      • 1

        True TRAITORS are thos who violate the constitution and ignore its provisions. In any other country, including India and the rest of the civilised world one can go to the Supreme Court and have the politicians implement the Constitution, but in Sri Lanka even the courts are rigged by the Rajapaksas

    • 1


      “Just imagine what would have happened to those opponents who fronted up to Premachandran if the Police were under his Vellala boss’s Command and Control?.”

      Yes, we know this well from what happens to the opponents in the south! No need to imagine.

  • 5

    I totally agree with TG. The first thing the Tamil diaspora should do is confine the LTTE flags to their bedrooms/shrine rooms. Most of them have lost a son/daughter/brother/sister to the LTTE and as such don’t want them seen as villains but their emotions are clouding their judgements. If Tamils can live freely and govern themselves with adequate powers in SL then those men and women who laid their lives have achieved what they wanted. Tamil Diaspora must admit LTTE has killed Sinhala civilians, just like the way the Sinhala armed forces killed Tamils.

  • 4

    Sri Lanka is a country that cannot and should not be divided. The Diaspora should do what the people on the ground want i.e. Tamils and Sinhalese. People on the ground do not want a separate state, this was clearly stated by Sampanthan and Chief Minister Justice Wigneswaran. With Modi entering the scene and on the first day itself forcing Rajapakse to implement 13th amendment in full and then go beyond 13 is a good sign. He has put both the Diaspora and the hardcore Sinhalease in their place. Its time we all join hands and move forward for a fair and free Sri Lanka to to its name or else we will end up divided as what happened in the creation of Bangladesh. Modi will not have the calmness that Manmonhan Singh had, he is a go-getter and he will get what he wants.

  • 3

    13th Amendment should be implemented. But not until the Tamils win the trust of the all Sri Lankans. So far they have not convinced the majority. Anti-Sri Lankan/Sinhalese stance of Tamils, even many who write here, is enough evidence that they are not there yet.

    • 3

      Neither the Sinhala Majority has convinced the minorities(Including Muslims) that they can be trusted to enforce the constitutionally guaranteed powers of devolution, There fore external intervention is a necessity.

      If you want to keep the unitary status then allow devolution of powers if not let minorities decide what they want for themselves.

      As simple as that.

      • 1

        Good luck!

  • 3


    “So far they have not convinced the majority.”

    How do you want them to convince you? By becoming another bunch of Sinhala speaking Demelas like you and your fellow Sinhala/Buddhists?

    “Anti-Sri Lankan/Sinhalese stance of Tamils, even many who write here, is enough evidence that they are not there yet.”

    More people take Anti-Sri Lankan/Sinhalese stance the better. Hopefully it will lead to Sinhala/Buddhist joining humanity and learning Buddha’s teaching.

    There is an alternative solution. Why cannot both Tamils/Sinhalese stupid people join their brethren in Tamilnadu?

    • 3

      Simply work with the government if you have any issues. Offensive stance won’t get you anywhere. But first, let people know SPECIFIC RIGHTS the Tamils don’t have compared to other Sri Lankans.

      • 3


        “Simply work with the government if you have any issues.”

        I have 20 million issues to deal with. It can wait.

        If your husband (I don’t think anyone want to share a bed with you) has been abusive towards you for many years, beat you up on a regular basis (before meals and after meals) rapes your daughter when he is drunk, (he drinks before meals and after meals), what would you do?

        Sri Lankan governments have been drunk on racism since independence and drunk on war victory since 2009.

        “But first, let people know SPECIFIC RIGHTS the Tamils don’t have compared to other Sri Lankans.”

        Here is Sam’s contact address and write to him:

        President R. Sampanthan MP
        Secretary-General Mavai Senathirajah MP
        Deputy President A. Vinayagamoorthy MP
        Deputy Secretary Selvam Adaikalanathan MP
        Suresh Premachandran MP
        Founded October 20, 2001
        6, 1st Lane,
        Point Pedro Road,
        Sri Lanka

        Hon Justice

        C. V. Vigneswaran

        Provincial Council Assembly Hall,
        Northern Provincial Council Building,

        They do have people who can write to you in Sinhala as well.

        • 1

          Out of your 20 million issues you have not listed one!

          If my husband abuses me I will be in a position to list each one of his actions in detail. Wouldn’t that be possible for you if you spouse abuses you?

          You are the one who is accusing of no rights for Tamils. Why should I write to another corrupt politician? You should be able to list me your difficulties. Those politicians are using stupid Tamils to enhance there personal agenda. You think they are working for the Tamils?

          Get real Mr. Vedda!

          • 0

            “”Get real Mr. Vedda!””


            Buruva, you were born to be corrupt
            Arrogance makes you die slowly but surely.

            Its the UK/US axis (kfir/ little lion) more than China that pays the balance of payments.

            China under Xi made a statement “SL please respond to HR issues” just before Cameron’s visit as per CT.

            • 0

              Javi:: where had you been .. ? We missed you somehow.

              Leave NONSENCE… I have the feeling he s been suffering from a rare kind of syndrome.

      • 1

        You Nuisance, Eunach – should be puththalam buruwa of the day – shame on Alma Mater Pera.
        How dare you to ask NV to work with Govt. Govt are alleged war crminals. We know from our experience that MR and the clans are only talented as CRIMES.. high crimes.

        In the same time, you say – not here somewhere else, that you are against MR regime and their thuggish actities.
        Are u normal at all ? Why not you get back to your medicine leaving all us in peace on this valuable forum ?

        • 0

          Mr./Mrs Sama,
          First, you need to watch your language. It shames the Alma Mater!

          You say it right “Govt are alleged war crminals.” Yes, the important word here is “alleged” war criminals. Now, can I accuse you of rape and keep calling you a “rapist”?

          You are right again on me saying “that you are against MR regime and their thuggish actities.” I am always against corruption, but do the Tamils have any other option than negotiating with the current gov.? Do you think an offensive stance will bring you what is needed for the Tamils? You seem to think outside forces will bring you what you need. I don’t know whether that will work, but only thing I can say is good luck.

          • 0

            To remind you again, I am male and have got xy chromosomes, no need to call me Mrs.
            Your kind of arguments are not even raised by my 10 year old grand son. Anyway, I am not surprised when reading your say added to this and other threads sofar.

            I have no doubt Wiggie is matured enough to take the initiative if Govt has already made the enviroment to do so.

            We dont need to talk about Wigie – can any opposition parties exchange with current man in power ? RW is accused of being a minister to them, but we truly know even former President CBK was fully ignored by the megalomaniac – is no secret to the entire world.

            Besides, in today#s context, pushing them to nego table- should be multiple times easier if the whole heartedness is there form the GOVT side.
            We as majority folks do more in this regard than the minorities should do. That is our responsiblity to do so than cornering them.

            • 2

              Mr. sama,
              You are not responding to my post but keep on writing unrelated stuff. I have observed this even before.
              You say “Your kind of arguments are not even raised by my 10 year old grand son.” I like to know which arguments were they.

              Your Wiggi who needs things done has to make the environment suitable for discussion. What I see is he is on the offensive most of the time. He wants the Army out, declined an invitation to Indian inauguration etc. etc. This is not what mature seasoned politicians do. This guy has no experience in politics and it shows. Moving the Army out of NE and giving police power to the north are sensitive issues. After 30 years of suffering with terrorism no one can expect these to happen in a hurry. Your Wiggy needs to win the trust of the Sinhalese to get what he needs. He hasn’t done a single thing in this respect.
              Do you think any of the Presidential candidates in a future election will promise that he/she will remove the Army from the north and give all police power to Wiggy and expect to win the election? None will do that. Why? because the Sinhalese are still skeptical and wouldn’t trust the Tamils due to what they went through for 30 years. Now, how can this skepticism and mistrust be restored? Definitely not by a Sinhalese but by a convincing Tamil. That is the most important job of your Wiggy. But he scored a F on that.

              • 0

                My wiggie should also be yours too.
                This time you have added valuable inputs.
                I will read and ad my response to this tomrrow.

  • 2

    As I have stated repeatedly the writer has an axe to grind against Lanka and its resurgent Buddhist civilization. The writer talks so much about India, Modi, China, etc. but not once mentions the Muslim factor that is paramount to Modi’s BJP. The BJP is fully aware of the Moslem dominance that is coming over South Asia and will do anything to support a Lanka that can prevent the catastrophe of Islamic domination of the island nation that is statistically due to happen around 2025 – 2030. The Delhi power brokers are fully aware of this reality and do not want it to happen. A Muslim Lanka will always align with Pakistan. Compared to that debacle having the Rajapaksa led government which perpetuates itself for many decades is much more acceptable to Delhi.

    Lankans should be happy that they have a strong leader. Never mind whether he gets a present or not, or whether his wife gets an umbrella as a present from the eternal bachelor Modi, the very fact that Rajapaksa was invited to the event is a major achievement. A strong man can spot another strong man, and that happened, both may have questionable pasts vis-à-vis minority matters but that actually adds to the relationship.

    Lankans must remember that Buddhism is a part of greater Hinduism with the Buddha himself considered an Avatar of Lord Vishnu. Also, even more importantly, the Dravidian, non-Aryan, non-Brahmin “Hinduism” has much less to do with the North Indian Hinduism and the North Indians who overwhelmingly supported Modi know fully well that the South, excepting the Brahmins, are a bunch that hates them, hates Hinduthva, hates Hindi, hates Sanskrit, etc. Now the Sinhalese, on the other hand love Hindi, sing Hindi song, watch Hindi movies, all their legends, their Buddhism, Buddha’s many Jatakas are from the North. Never forget that affinity.

    Modi does not understand one blazing word of Tamil, nor does Rajapaksas and the Sinhalese. Gujarati, Hindi, Marathi, Sinhalese are one family. They have Nothing to do with Dravidian languages.

    Lankans should learn their history better, align with BJP, Shiv Sena and RSS and become part of the greater Hindutva remembering that Buddha himself was born a Hindu and Buddha never rejected Hinduism except reformed it by giving every human equality, as a fundamental matter, knowing fully well that in practice that will take millennia before being accepted fully in India.

    • 2


      “They have Nothing to do with Dravidian languages.”

      Please take a hike; you know nothing about the Sinhala language!

      Prof. J. B. Dissanayake in his book ‘Understanding the Sinhalese’ at page 118 states “….Sinhala occupies a unique position among the languages of South Asia because of its close affinity, with two of the major linguistic families of the Indian sub continent Indo-Aryan and Dravidian…’ From this, one can conclude that Sinhala in written form could have been made by one or many, who knew both Dravidian and Aryan language. Thus early Dravidian Buddhist priests were scholars in Tamil, Pali and Sanskrit, to make Sinhala in spoken and written form possible.”

      • 0

        Jay is confirmed kallathoni kotchi like cyril mathew (stateless) so it does not effect him as he thrives on pseudo sinhala-buddhist – Godaya who says his popu bought a home at inner flower road ha ha !

    • 0

      Gujarati’s are but from a small port state where they are like business like and traditionally language issues have never mattered except the influx of Persian language and Islam/Sharia law.

      Its the most illiterate states of UP/Bihar that are in the language boogie like the sihala buddhist state of thugs & wimps.
      Even at Chennai Tamil billboards are written English the international/bridging language.

      Maratha- Deccan Plateau Kings language/religion. conquests.
      Shivaji’s contemporary, the poet Kavi Bhushan stated: Had not there been Shivaji, Kashi would have lost its culture, Mathura would have been turned into a mosque and all would have been circumcised”.[60]

      Though many of Shivaji’s enemy states were Muslim, he treated Muslims under his rule with tolerance for their religion. Shivaji’s sentiments of inclusivity and tolerance of other religions can be seen in an admonishing letter to Aurangzeb, in which he wrote:
      Verily, Islam and Hinduism are terms of contrast. They are used by the true Divine Painter for blending the colours and filling in the outlines. If it is a mosque, the call to prayer is chanted in remembrance of Him. If it is a temple, the bells are rung in yearning for Him alone.[59]
      Shivaji had several noteworthy Muslim soldiers, especially in his Navy. Ibrahim Khan and Daulat Khan (both were African descendants) were prominent in the navy; and Siddi Ibrahim was chief of artillery.[59] Muslim soldiers were known for their superior skills in naval and artillery combat skills.
      The French traveller Francois Bernier wrote in his Travels in Mughal India:
      “I forgot to mention that during pillage of Sourate, Seva-ji, the Holy Seva-ji! Respected the habitation of the reverend father Ambrose, the Capuchin missionary. ‘The Frankish Padres are good men’, he said ‘and shall not be attacked.’ He spared also the house of a deceased Delale or Gentile broker, of the Dutch, because assured that he had been very charitable while alive.”


      Nineteenth century Hindu revivalist Swami Vivekanada considered Shivaji a hero and paid glowing tributes to his wisdom.[69] When Indian Nationalist leader, Lokmanya Tilak organised a festival to mark the birthday celebrations of Shivaji, Vivekananda agreed to preside over the festival in Bengal in 1901.[70] He wrote about Shivaji :[69]
      “ Shivaji is one of the greatest national saviours who emancipated our society and our Hindu dharma when they were faced with the threat of total destruction. He was a peerless hero, a pious and God-fearing king and verily a manifestation of all the virtues of a born leader of men described in our ancient scriptures. He also embodied the deathless spirit of our land and stood as the light of hope for our future.

      India is Hindu for the moment – no crusades, no conversions thank Hari Om.

  • 1

    I salute TG for her stance against the anti democratic forces and for the good analysis here. Also I felt respectful friendship with our friend who made a meaningful comment here by the name “Ponkoh Sivakumaran”. ( I just mention by the name , under the its importance towards the reconcilliation and building a better Sri Lanka for all). We have a future. We have to be united.

  • 2


    You are giving a mixed message.On the one hand you give the impression that you admit that the Tamils deserve to be treated equally but on the other hand you also enjoy LTTE bashing. But for me LTTE was a means to an end and we didn’t have to be where we are if the successive Sinhalese Governments since independence had the vision and granted the Tamils autonomy within a United Sri Lanka we could have avoided thousands of innocent lives on both sides. I make no apology for what we have done as ours was a fight for Survival and the Majority had everything at their disposal.
    Head of State , the Army Navy Air Force and the Police but they squandered it.
    As for your topic of discussion you are right ” Mahintha knows what to give and what not to give” He is working to an agenda to achieve a 2500 year old dream but it has come to a dead end.
    We have seen a sudden increase in the number of Modi Bootlickers from unexpected quarters which is not surprising but they have come a cropper.
    The Tamils have a right to lick the boot of Modi and Jeya as we are family but when Basil says that Modi & MR have something in common it is laughable and MR was put in his place by Modi and MR will never recover from the shock treatment.

  • 0

    President has said “I know what to give and what not to give”. If it is so why won’t he give to the PCs what he wants to give? He has not done so as he does not have leadership qualities, he has only manipulative qualities. We never had such a weak leader in Sri Lanka in the past.

    • 0

      The President has sworn an Oath of Office to faithfully follow the Constitution. The 13th Amendment is a part of the Constitution. The President cannot get up one morning and say “I know what to give and what not to give” in relation to sections of the Constitution. He has no power or choice in the matter. Deliberately subverting the Constitution is the most traitorous act possible, most of all by people who have taken an OATH to follow and defend the Constitution of the Republic. It is worse than perjury and contempt of court. It is contempt of a whole country and all its citizens. If the President does not like that 13th Amendment he has the 2/3rds majority in Parliament to repeal that Amendment, just as he did repeal the 17th Amendment to suit his ends. Why is he not repealing it? You can’t play hide and seek with a country’s Constitution without making the whole country a big joke. No wonder the world does not take Sri Lanka seriously anymore and is treating the country like a third class banana republic.

  • 4

    None of her ANALYSIS is CREDIBLE going back her past writings.
    Only a tabloid such as Colombo telegraph will pay and give writing(so called) space.

  • 1

    ” The writer in no stranger for Sinaha / Sri Lanka bashing.”

    Can you proof that the author indeed bashing the Sinhala and Sri Lanka? In fact if you open your eyes, you will see that she has been targeting the unscrupulous and power hungry politicians and the Sinhala Buddhists chauvinists. Do you fit into one of these categories?

  • 0

    T.G’s analysis, for sure, deals with the malaise and the treatment thereto from an unbiased perspective. However, all that centres around the political ill treatment of the Tamils. The most important aspect, the way the Tamils were treated physically in the process resorted to silence the LTTE, involving civilian deaths in the thousands, is the crime for which MR has to pay. This, irrespective of devolution or any other innovation that may be cooked up to dissipate international attention to the crime of the century. I do wonder as to why T.G.failed to touch on this aspect of MR’s culpability, due punishment for which through appropriate international mechanisms is what the Tamils crave, for a semblance of closure. Reconciliation, if any, comes later.

  • 1

    To the guy calling himself “burning_issue”.

    Listen pal, the proof for the distance between Sinhalese and Dravidian Tamil is just this – Sinhalese do not understand a word of spoken Tamil! Hence the eternal problem between these two races which will never be settled. Certainly not by lone academics talking about how connected the languages are, blah, blah, blah.

    The careful Sinhalese speaker can easily understand spoken Hindi and more so spoken Bengali, because they are from the same base. And this affinity is carried over to music, drama, etc. Sinhalese have based their movies on the early Bengali and Hindi cinema. Never on Tamil movies.

    If Tamils and Sinhalese could communicate, even at a basic level, the problem would have gone away, and the two races would have blended over 2500 years since Vijaya. It will never happen, the roots are different and in their blood, in their hearts in the memories transmitted from generation to generation, they are two different peoples. Nothing can change that!

  • 1

    Thank you Tisaranee for your unbiased and democratic views and reporting.

    President Rajapakse has created more enemies than friends both inside Sri Lanka and throughout the world simply due to his own stupidness, less education and false pride.

    David Cameron is a bigger threat to Rajapakse than Modi or Jayalalitha. Rajapakses can go to India peacefully, but not to England. Pres. Rajapakse threw stones at David’s houe in Sri Lanka and now David is looking for return. Sooner than later UNHRC war crime investigations will start haunting behind Rajapakses although they have denied access.

    Today CW head of state Sri Lanka is not participating at the world’s conference on sexual violance against women in London where over 160 countries are participating. Rajapakses are feeling guilty, scared and have got cornered among international community.

    Gen.Sarath Fonseka is a greater enemy of Rajapakses than Tamil Diaspora comunity.

    Navi Pillai is a bigger threat to Rajapakse than Ranil W.

    Therefore Rajapakses are entangled in a cobweb. Rajapakses are in a Pandora box that they themselves created.

    My advise to opposition is to not to get entangled into the Rajapakse cobweb and his pandora box. 13+ is Rajapakse creation and that is his problem to resolve it. Not the opposition. All celebrated and the chapter closed in May 2009 when the LTTE war was won. All other problems are Rajapakse creations.

    Having discussions on 13+ in Parliament is absurd and a waste of time when MR has 2/3 majority. 13+ discussions in the Parliament is another election propaganda for Rajapakses.Opposition should avoid it.

    Infact opposition parties should maintain their close relationships and ties with India and the West.

    Opposition should not fall into Rajapakse trap. Hope they remember Lemon Puff drama.

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