27 May, 2022


Chanuka Ratwatta Granted Bail

Chanuka Ratwatte and four others were granted bail today by Colombo Fort Magistrate. They were each released on a cash bail of Rs. 300,000 and two sureties of Rs. 2 million per suspect.



They were arrested and remanded for misappropriating funds amounting to Rs. 4.2 billion which belonged to over 350 investors at Entrust Securities.

Apart from Ratwatte, the other four board members who were granted bail were Dharmapriya Bandara Dasanayake, Romesha Dushanthi Senarath, Sanjeewa Dayaratne and Niroshan Mendis. They have been charged under Sections 5(3) and 8(3) of the Public Property Act and Section 386 of the Penal Code.

Ratwatte and the four others were arrested by the Financial Crimes Investigation Division in September for allegedly swindling billions of rupees. Initial investigations estimated that they had played out as much as Rs. 12 billion.

Chanuka Ratwatte, who was the Group Managing Director of Entrust Securities PLC, is the son of Anuruddha Ratwatte.

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    Like a born person would die oneday, it was clear to everyone, his arrest will end up with a bail out.

    That has been the nation fo all the investigation known to us by current adminsitration.

    I really dont know yet any case that ended with a proper and acceptable verdict.

    May be some cases will come in the near future satisfying us.

  • 5

    More evidence that Bribery Commission and FCID is just a MEDIA show to fool the masses by Ranil-Sira Jarapalanaya!

    One step forward and 10 steps back wards! Senadipatti Gota’s Avant Guard crook has been given a year to live abroad and not a single Jarapassa family member has been convicted for crime despite massive piles of evidence against Yoshita, Namal, Basil, Gota, and Nishantah Wickramasinghe. Basically Gota and Mahidna Jarapassa the kings of crime and corruption are winning with both Sira and Ranil’s help while the media show to keep the moda masses happy with Jarapalanaya continues!
    Gotabaya and Mahinda will soon be back as Kings of Lanka. Ranil and Sira are digging their own grave and Mahinda and Gota are winning because of the corrupt justice system whose Minister is an ace crook – Wijedasa jarapassa.

    Ranil goes abroad with begging bowl and dances to the tunes of foreign countries and the EU wants to design Sri Lanka’s economic policy, but since the so called international community does not give a hoot about corruption and ECONOMIC JUSTICE in Sri Lanka, FCID and BC are a joke to entertain the moda masses of Lanka.

    • 4

      Between the two of them they deceive the public, and protect all the rogues and fraudsters, playing for the MR camp. There is a real problem that public would face at the next election: to whom to vote? Both main contestants are equally corrupt. I hate terrorists, but this charade makes me think that, may be after all, VP must have been right to stand up against politicians of this mindset. If this is the contemptuous way that Sinhala politikkos treat their own kind, then we could well imagine how badly they must have been treating the Tamil people in the North and ndeveloped areas of the country.

  • 8

    With Profound Sorrow we announce the death of
    Yahapalanaya (Born 08.01.2015)
    Wednesday, the twelfth of October two thousand and sixteen
    May Almighty give rest & peace to the departed soul

    Sorrowing Family:
    Lasantha Wickrematunga –
    Pradeeep Ekneligoda
    Wasim Thajudeen
    Nadarajah Raviraj
    Joseph Pararajasingam
    Lalith Kugan
    Roshen chanaka
    Welikada Prisoner Massacre
    Rathupaswela Massacre
    Sil Redi
    Avant Garde
    Carlton sports Network
    Siriliya Saviya

    The funeral will be held on Year 2020 January 8th at the Meetotamulla Garbage Dump

  • 3

    Corrupt leaders, politicos policy makers judicial ext ext in a corrupt outdated typical third world system of the beautiful island

  • 1

    Next task of the “Judge” would be to hear a REQUEST to go “ABROAD” for “Medical Treatment”. For sure that would be granted with “Additional Bail” no matter what objections are made by the AG. This scenario reminds me of the Judge who was appointed by the people in a scene of the stage play “Hunuwataye Kathawa” (Chalk Circle). This character was very played by Late Mr. Henry Jayasena. It is worth while if the CJ, The Judicial Service Commission and the Minister of Justice could see it again seated together behind closed doors.

  • 2

    It is quite evident that there are 2 diffn set of laws in this country.
    This Ratwatte rogue did cheat 4.2Bilion of state owned money?

    what will be the plight of a govt department peon take a bundle of paper for his children to use for art work?

    Its very very disgusted with Yahapalanaya and its the same MaRA palanaya with difference set of glasses.

  • 0

    Gawapalanaya at its best all the crooks are out in few weeks so what we do next now ?they all stealing poor Sri Lankans money every day . Karma will punished

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    Next day in court to ask permission to go abroad for one year! What a Deal and a scam is happening in Sri Lanka.

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    When his father was the Defense Minister under Chandrika, they were residing in a government house and the neighours had a hell of a time go past that house without trampling on FLs.

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