17 April, 2024


China Hosts Sri Lanka’s Opposition Leader

By PTI –

The ruling Communist Party of China (CPC) today vowed to enhance party-to-party exchanges with Sri Lanka to promote common development as it hosted the country opposition leader Ranil Wickramasinghe.

Ranil Wickramasinghe

United National Party (UNP) leader Wickramasinghe met senior leader of the CPC, Zhou Yongkang who is part of the nine member Standing Committee that virtually rules China.

CPC vowed to enhance party-to-party exchanges with Sri Lanka so as to promote common development, Zhou told Wickremesinghe during their meeting.

Zhou hailed the current China-Sri Lanka ties, saying it has become an example of friendly cooperation between countries with different social systems.

He spoke highly of Sri Lanka’s political, economic and social development since the end of domestic armed conflicts three years ago, noting that China will boost exchanges with Sri Lanka’s parties, including the UNP, state-run Xinhua newsagency reported.

Though China regularly hosts Sri Lankan government officials, CPC this time invited Wickramasinghe to firm up ties with UNP.

Wickremesinghe, former prime minister of Sri Lanka, voiced appreciation for the CPC’s achievements in leading the country’s development, vowed to learn from China’s experiences and thanked China for its constant support, the Xinhua report said.

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    This approach has nothing to do with the country´s development as RW says. This is a clear step to ensure their chinese market if UNP come to power.

    Perhaps they do see UNP as a Govt party in next elections, the never specutaed something without any evidence

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    The Chinese have been funding Rajapakse’s white elephant infrastructure projects and excesses in Hambantota while boosting the regimes’ military dictatorship in Lanka as they did in Burma for so many years. Now that Burma is turning towards ASEAN and the west and the dictatorship is floundering there with Aung San Su Chi on the move, China is looking for a new Burma in South Asia and Lanka has been chose. They know that Ranil Wickramasinghe is as greedy for power and as unprincipled as Rajapakse and are hence hosting him so that he will not be too critical of Chinese aid to the Rajapakse Dictatorship
    Wheels within wheals, its business as usual!
    Chinese aid is a DEBT trap which is bankrupting Sri Lankan people and causing the crash of the rupee. It is the poor who bear the cost of the China/Rajapkse debt trap and excesses on military and sports business which have not repaid any of the investment and just cause a mountain of debt, a balance of payment crisis.

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      @ China Doll your assumption that RW is as greedy for power and unprincipled as MR is like trying to compare chalk and cheese. Either you have to be insane or not having any gray matter to understand that the two stands poles apart. MR robbing public funds and trying to be an elite can never match RW’s birth right. Further RW is a Legal Luminary passing out from the University of Colombo Law Faculty, whereas MR entered Law College through the back door with a presented qualification as an Attorney, unable to draft even a Motion in Court. MR is a prooven aggresive thug, crook and criminal and RW has conducted himself as a Gentleman devoid of aggressiveness, displaying his upbringing as a cultured person. RW stands taller than MR in the International Arena as an accepted Leader with a Vission. No amount of villifying, false accusations as Batalanda and attempts to unseat him from leadership in the UNP has been successful in putting down RW by his critics,plotters and schemers. RW has prooved himself as an honest and capable leader in salvaging the economy that had gone into recession in 2002 for the first time in our history and trying to offer a genuine solution to the vexed Ethnic Issue that had plagued this Nation, although he was accused as a traitor falsely by MR and his Chinthanites, today unable to cover up the misdeeds committed as the cat that had done it’s job on the rock.

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        @Gamini. You are right about RW and the quality, integrity and character of the person. He as a human being and politician has his faults but 10,000 times better than this kleptocratic, and corrupt regime of the Rajapakses.
        Sadly for Sri Lanka Ranil never made it to the Presidency thanks to the LTTE’s bomb attack on President Chandrika, days before the elections in 2000, and the huge bribe given to the LTTE by the Rajapakses in 2005, via Tiran Alles and Emilkanthan deal.

        The jingoistic mind set of the country in 2010, prevented Ranil from contesting the early elections called by Rajapakse as he did not want to wait until 2012 for the re-elections, due to the war crimes and bribery/corruption issues.

        Now we are 4 years away from elections in November 2016, and they all have plenty of time to rob the country blind, and screw up with more deals/projects spending $2.2 Billion dollars for the 4th year after the war. Crazy. 25% of the exports go for the MOD and there is not much left to spend on education, health, and housing or job creation, than padding the pay rolls in the government and armed forces which are totally unproductive.

        The effects of the LTTE are still on the GOSL more than 3 years after they are dead and gone. A heavy price to pay for the country and the fear psychosis that is still gripping the GOSL.

        The country will definitely need new leadership and Parliament setting different standards in 2016 or preferably earlier. The War Crimes cloud would hopefully cleared if a few of the US citizens are investigated and prosecuted in America, and those Sri Lankans are investigated honestly in Sri Lanka and sidelined instead of glorified.

        There is also a better chance of a political settlement and genuine devolution of power if there is a leader like Ranil as head of the government and prevention of State Terrorism and corruption from the top by example than words. Otherwise, Sri Lanka will be in perpetual conflict without foreign aid, grants, investments, and other trading/export expansion. The GSP to EU and US should be reinstated and other facilities created by the IC and that depends on the behavior and conduct of the GOSL.

        There has been no Chinese aid but corrupt contracts and military purchases, with huge kickbacks and commissions to you all know which family? We cannot blame the Chinese and the poor people have to pay for all that corruption with 7-8% interest over 30- 40 years. May be Ranil can negotiate debt forgiveness provided there is prosecution of those who were involved in bribery, corruption and amassing disproportionate amount of wealth via land holdings and front men.

        The performance can be seen 3 years and counting after the war, and there is no one else to blame. if not for the 6 Billion dollars of inward remittances from all the diaspora and the 1.5-2 million bolawathies (aka Housemaids) slaving in the middle east at 100-200 dollars a month, Sri Lanka would have gone bankrupt. IMF also chipped in with $2.5 Billion dollars and diaspora tourism with foreign passports, helps keep SL airlines afloat and cash flow/employment enhanced. That is why GOSL fight until death to prevent a separate state and go bankrupt like some African countries. Most of the foreign aid and loans are only available for the NorthEast, including the 50,000 houses India offered to build for the Tamils (Not for the Muslims or Sinhalese). Muslims can get their ………. assistance from Pakistan, Indonesia, Iran and other Muslim countries, and the Sinhala Buddhist from the Buddhist countries, including China, Thailand, Vietnam and Japan.

        Sri Lanka should anyway, stop being a beggar nation, and also stop destroying their own homes owned by the Tamils and expect the whole world to build their homes.

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    China Doll, Bird brainers like you know only to shit all over the place and then eat the cat-shit on the rock! What the hell do you know about RW! Don’t write utter shitty nonsense!

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    Mr Ranil W.visit China is important friendly realtion is concern.
    Either China or Sarath Fonseka can’t promote Miliiary Dictorship in Sri lankan. In 1962 famous coup d’etat was orginzed by Powerful political party were behind overthrown the elected Govt of SLFP under the leadership of Mrs Sirimavo R D. Banadarakea.Totally foiled.
    There will be NO dictacatorship under Mahinda Rajapakasa.
    Wish of People of Sri lankan ever-never allow such move in our land.
    Terrorist of North of LTTE and South JVP 45 years try n to undermine of DEMOCARY system by bullet .It was totally defeted by PEOPLE of Sri- lanka. Our people are more wiser than political parties and leaders of this nations. We are an indepandence Nation since 1948 and Republice since 1972 May;and even certain evil of former colonial forces and Internal forces are motivated to split of terrority,since 1972,we were united( people) and resist & defeted.
    Ours is small nation,we want friends all over the world,and not join any power block or hegemony caucus; since 1956 we were adopted NON-ALINGED policy, was the piller of our foregin policy.
    Chins is our friendly nation as well as India.
    Ranil W.visit is important because UNP is second Largest political party.Will come to power ruling party if people elected.
    Such leader and party need delebration and consucenses with leader of China one to one meetings.
    Nation and people of Sri lankas need friends with differnt social system all over the world.
    Sri lankan is capitalist country and followed by Western democray parliametant system, and our represtantative electd by ballot.
    We are country partice muli-party system change by ballot.
    China is Socilaist system, rule by Communist party since 1949.
    She has own path of developement since 1978 socislist market economy and REFORM and OPEN POLICY formulated by CPC.
    The eliminate poverty and backwardness to IS MAIN OBJECATIVE OF develop producation of China.China belived POVERTY IS NOT SOCILIASM.SOCIALISM IS NECESSARY and ESSENITAL FACTOR OF DEVELOP PRODUCATIVE FORCES.
    Chian as fast developing and second largset economy in the world.
    No doubt we need investement and capital flow for our developement what ever the area suited reality of economy.China has Forex US $ 3.3 Trillion wrth of foreign assests and largest lender of world.
    And she lended to US $ 1.3 trillion of sovergrinity bonds of USA>
    And China is largest Contribution to EU sovergenity bonds; as well as African countries investments, longs and grantes exceed US $ 40 Billion dollars.
    As a developing country and samll nation we required of capital and invetment for imporve our country economy and living conditions.
    We cannot be blind ongoing developement oppounity is avaible before us.

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    W.A Sugathdasa, You sounds like the spokesperson for AN Cabraal, that CB donkey who is responsible together with other morons in the regime and the government for destruction of the economy in the country. You speak of a vibrant democracy and the remotest possibility of harbouring dictatorship and tyranny in Sri Lanka. I wonder in what planet you live in! Sri Lanka today is a de facto dictatorship and democracy is dead and buried! Are you brain dead to see the abhorring provisions in the 18th amendment? Is the existence of nepotism, state police and military sanctioned crimes wistful thinking? Is total lack and lawlessness in the country a myth? Do you say whitevans are operated by lien beings? You say Sri Lanka needs friends. Why don’t you see your regime is losing friends rather than gaining them?

    China is an unprincipled nation. Their yardstick of morality is profit by hook or by crook. Their invitation to RW is a clear indication they have foresaw the political power-shift in the country and they are getting ready to exploit the country in an another round of maneuvers. We will have to wait and see how RW will handle the situation and balance the international relations. So far nothing that China has given to and dumped in Sri Lanka has produced any sustainable and viable results: Hambanthota harbour a total failure, Norochcholai useless, proceeds of massive loans god knows where they went. Today the dengue has reached epidemic proportions but the government’s only action plan is merely penalizing the citizenry and made it a means of penalty income! One can write days and weeks and months on all the negative and anti-progressive evils of this regime! In short where there is any evil corruption malpractice inefficiency theft robbery plundering murder there is definite nexus to the regime and the Rajapakshas!

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    Dr Ruwan… I don’t critrized people on grounds personal issuses, my presentation base on policy matters . It seems that you and me not share the same way of thinking.Regarding principle and policies of economy developent and PATH OF DEVELOPEMENT in Sri lanka.Certain current problems and even Investment and Capital flow injected our Natioal economy of some measures we have adopted are quite different policies from PAST.
    Cabbral is Govenaer of CBS, I am NOT talk on behalf of him or nothing to do with him. I have no connection what so ever ongoing state power or positions in Ruling powers at all.
    Developing National Economy of Sri lankan is our common GOAL.
    But the way of approching it must be detremined by leadeship,Ruling Party principle and policies the particular conditinos of interanatinol situation and leveal of developement of economy of Sri lanka.
    I belive and you can understand Sri lankan in PATH OF CAPITALIST DEVELOEMNT.Since 1948 Indepandence several decades we did that,but with negative and poor results.
    I think we have to evaluate and analysis the post UNP 1977 policies and Pre- UNP 1977 Politicl- economocy and ongiong chnging world economy order & trends take into account before we formulated NEW SET OF POLICY OF ECONOMY DEVELOPEMENT.
    I strongly belive as whole a Sri lankan economy school of thought and mindset and outlook outdated.
    We are still lagging behind Singhpoure Mayaasiya,Thailand South Korea and Indoneasia .There are many things we could learn from those countries.In 1948s we had been certain good foundation of economy and less competion with other countries.
    Untill end of war our country economy remain at a standstill for long time.
    We must succeded in developing economy with the current internationl situation and obtain exsist oppoutnity to attract INVESTMENT AND CAPITAL INJECTED into NATIOAL ECONOMY in favorable term and conditions.

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    Dr Ruwan, I have to mention another point of referance to China on your same statement. I disagreed with your way of thinking.Your revealed & mention that “China is unprincipal Nation.Their yardsticks morality is profit by hook or crook,” China as nation suffer from the colonial expolitaion since 1840s since opiuam war had been launching by Imperalist powers.
    Before 1949 China was semi-colonial and semi-fedual counrty.
    People of China was suffering bully and exploited by West-imperialist powers.Under the leadership of Mao Zedong and Communist Party Of China in 1949 Chinese People won indepandance and liberation.Mao was founding mamber of Chinese Communist Party since in 1921 July.
    Without Mao Zedong correct leadership of CPC , there will no NEW People Republice of China in world MAP.China own 4000 to 5000 yeras of ancient civilization in world history.Since 1949 PRC is playing importnat role under CPC to build socilalist system and elemained poverty and ignorance. China eleminated poverty of over 1000 millions of people since 1978 under the new open policy.Now reamin of 100 millions of Chinese are still under the povery level.They will elemante in next couples of year.
    China is developing country,though they reached to the second world largest economy.
    Chiniese people had suffer and bully by imperialst and fedual system in many cetnturies. Now they are path of rapid developement in all roundy way in every field including economic developement.
    So as small nation and country like Sri lankan, we cannot be silence on this reality of growing internationl present situation.
    China is socilast coutry,as long as they are upheald our nationl sovererginty, respect of terrorial intergrity and indepandence and our capitalist system we can deal with China.Futher more China not engaged splittting actvities against our Nation or non intrefrance of our country internal affirs we can maintain good relation with PRC.
    Ours priority is economy developement.Time have change and our developement task have to change.We are now developieng of economy after war.There is indeed required new knowledge, we need competent and enrich of politicial economic social and cultural sectors in island. Changing of blance of economic power houses of New world order we have undertand new situation in China and other countries as well.
    Well versed of economic developemnt of your knowledge and as and emient person like you Dr Ruwan used your foresight and creativity overcome complex challing problems in Sri Lanka. That is why visit of China of UNP leader Of Ranil W.is important in this truning point of our history.

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    Mr. W.A Sugathdasa, Nothing personal and I do not mean to look down upon you. But your writings remind me of the old saying, “Andi hath denage kandaheliya wagei”-concocted gravy of seven Andis! Your line of thinking is directed at core fundamentals such as economic and developmental policies and principles, national economy and international situation, broader-sense island-wide and nationwide development etc. However your sweet dreams are just daydreams when viewed against the ground realities in the country. First of all get your line cleared. If this country is to move forward and achieve any perceivable development for the general public-not for the few-the three foundations upon which the country used to firmly rest and which the Rajapakshas undermined, deformed and destroyed have to be realigned, restored and rebuilt which are the Executive, Legislature and Judiciary.

    All the checks and balances, gamut of power, modus operandi, norms and ethics associated with the Executive have been deformed, lopsided, usurped, tyrannized and poisoned. The powers and functions of the Executive have been hijacked and raped by a megalomaniac mental case that is Rajapaksha. The Legislature has become the prostitute for such Executive and pampers the Executive for the supper. The Judiciary has been converted into an impotent pimp where judges and law enforcement establishments and authorities wag their proverbial tail in front of the Rajapakshas! The country’s constitution has become just a doormat for the king and his family. The very government stands on a footing that is false, fake, deceived and conceited. Now there is democracy that is tyranny, there is development which is poverty, there is freedom which is slavery and suppression, there is 8.2% growth rate which no one has seen or felt, there is an influx of tourist arrivals but the hotels are empty, there is 4000 USD per capita income but a mother jumps to the river with her three children as she can afford not a grain of rice to eat or a teaspoon of milk for the infant! Surely this is miracle of Asia in the most bizarre of senses and manifestations! Mr. Sugathadasa, stop daydreaming, recalibrate your bearings, jettison your twisted thinking, be honest to your heart, see the reality as it really is, stop interpreting the unfortunate realities and landmarks in Sri Lanka into the false, fake, concocted and lost writings in Mahinda Chinthanaya which has spelt a curse to Sri Lanka and it’s unfortunate and stupid people!

    You can’t conclude both RW and MR are important and should form cogs in the same wheel! You have to select either one. If you want to move forward and see this country gets developed then choose RW. And if you want to see and experience the ugly, the wicked, the illegal, the destruction, the suffering then choose MR!

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    Dr Ruwan your mention of” my day dream of ..ground reality of coutry economy..Rajapakase undermine…deformed and destory executive,Legisalture and judiciary”but we have see the past history and deformed and destor,and how situation came into being?
    it was not by overnight or accidenal of political result of few yeras of Rajapakase Regime,its goes back to 1977 Open Econnomy Of UNP-JRJ politice-Economy and Social Policy.We have look back root cause of deformed and destroty of our system’s origin and developement.
    Policy of JRJ-UNP since 1977 Economic libirazation, terms of export-orinted producation,devaluation of Ruppes curreancy,libirelization of IMPORTS,PRIVIATIONZATION OF STATE-OWEN ENTERPARISIS,CUT BACK SOCIAL SERVICES,REMOVAL OF FOOD SUBSIDIES and price controal on consumer goods.Incentaives for foreing investers were introduce,remove restracation of movement of capital goods and services between the inside country and outside world.
    Hence huge influex of foreign LOANAS, OUTRIGHT GRANTS AND INVESTMENT HAS BEEN the part and parcal of Open Economy.The country and nation as whole depend on foreign AIDS and LOANS ,the principle branches of STATE of Excuative Legistural and Juduciuary line up with base on FOREIGN POLICY-MAKERS HAND.Nation had been CAPITULATING to WORLD BANK and IMF,Sri lankan STATE & GOVERNAMNT LOST ECONOMIC POLITICAL AND SOCIAL SOVEREGRINITY since 1977.Denpend economy of Neo Colonial idelogly has been inflitrate and influence into all State branches of State and Governments institusation rapidaly and deeply.
    Under the new policies the confluance of inflation,internatioanl IMPOSED adjustment policies, and deformed and destroy of dismantling of welfare STATE growing INCOME INEQUALITIES AND POVERTY that cut acress races regional and CLASSES had been divied.The neo-colonial give boots middle class and NEW POLITICAL CLASS TO BECOME RICH OVERNIGHJT.All benfits passed to them under JRJ+UNP,English educated white colour -menatal labour MIDDLE CLASS AS FREEZING THIER OWN CHANCES FOR UPWARD MOBILITY.The so-called liberial economy bebfitted by The Englised educated middle class and thier elite clans.
    The mojority of Sinhales Tamils Muslims of communitie as well as yout of above communites MARBINALIZED AND SHUT OUT OF NEW LIBERIAL ECONOMY ORDER OF ISLAND.Majority of youth of north south and other reagions have common problems of facing UNDERPRIVILEGED.This was GROUND REALITY OF OUR SOCIETY.
    After CBK of PA government being to power in 1994 ,she no different ECONOMY POLICIES from PREVIOUS JRJ-UNP REGIME. CBK cotinued economic liberzation,privatization, and WORLD BANK and IMF adjustment policies.
    state enterprsies and vital assts such as the national SRI LANKAN AIR LINE TELECOMMUNATION and the cotainer terminal of Colombo harbor were SOLD OR LEASED FOREIGN INTERSET to raise income as EXTERNAL DEBT and
    dependeance of NEO-COLONIAL ECONOMY.
    The so-called economy system exist until 2004 untill CBK left form Family power groupe Of SLFP ruling class.
    THe so-called OPEN DOOR policy of economc-political order begun in 1977 had been RUINED THE COUNTRY AND ALL NATIONALITIES.OUR COUNTRY NATION AND PEOPLE BECOME HUNTING GROUND OF NEO-COLONIALISM YORK corany Capitalism.
    Dr Ruwn permitte me say few line of war since 30 odd years,The WAR REPRESENTED A MASSIVE MISALLOCATION OF OUE LARGE RESUORES OF TAX PAYERS
    HARD EARNING MONEY FOR WAR; On DRAGE in the WAR AGAINST TERRORIST OF LTTE OUTFITS.The military expenditure largly incresed of war realted economy had been effecte livehood of majority of large poor section of our population.Armed trade become luctative busniess for NEW RICH CLASS.Corrupation of main piller of militery men and collbrtaes as well. Money of Militery men seek power and position of growing NEW RICH vital interest BY hook or Crook.
    WAR AND PEACE BECOME two sides of busniess for Educated Middle Class.
    Due to War situation certain of 30 yaers Military Geanral or higher ranks creeping to Civilian Politics,and WAR HEROS want position in STATE POWER. Sri Lanaka NATIONAL policics INFILTATE BY MILITARY MEN,MILITRAZTION OF POLICITES NEW PHONOMENA OUR POLITICAL HISTORY.
    Dr Ruwan I am sorry take so muvh of time to explain of ongoing STAE CORRUPATION WSA NOT ORIGINATED BY RAJAPAKAES FAMILY.IT HAS SVERAL YERAS OF ROOTS AND SYSTEM SINCE 1977.What I understad is ongoing CENTAL PROBLENS NEED TO ADDRES BY NEW SET OF POLICIES AND DIFFERANT FRAME WORK .I think you cannot blame for Rajakasas only,Is unrasonable without see the root caused and REALITY OF DEEP ROOTED Problens of past and present and all sides.We need team work & pool of elites to overcome such problems ovecome in Sri Lanka.

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