28 May, 2022


China’s Foreign Ports

From the ground, Colombo’s port does not look like much. Those entering it are greeted by wire fences, walls dating back to colonial times and security posts. For mariners leaving the port after lonely nights on the high seas, the delights of the B52 Night Club and Stallion Pub lie a stumble away. But viewed from high up in one of the growing number of skyscrapers in Sri Lanka’s capital, it is clear that something extraordinary is happening: China is creating a shipping hub just 200 miles from India’s southern tip.

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    There’s a 40% Traffic drop in Colombo Harbour compared to last two years. Hambanthota is yet to produce any results. New and bigger Harbour projects are coming up in India, Bangladesh, Myanmar, Vietnam and Phillipines which will have direct competition to Sri Lanka. Our Exports are down 30% compared to last two years.

    Building and Expanding Harbours in Sri Lanka may be good for China to get more contracts and to expand it’s string of pears. But I doubt they will have any effect on our economy prosperity unless we increase our Exports, which are negative at the moment.

    No body should blame China for Giving us Loans due to their own stupidities. China gives loans thinking others will be use them for the betterment of their people, similarly how China was developped. But it is the reverse that is happening in Sri Lanka.

    If the Rulers are corrupt commission Kakkas, what China Could do……..nothing.

    Let China forget about getting back any of their loans. China may not know what type of People they are dealing with who will go through their noses, when my father has advised me many years ago not to bring even a Blind Cat from that area those so called Leaders are coming from.

    Anichchawatha Sankara China.

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      I think after the latest Fire at Colombo Harbour which distroyed a whole warehouse with damages upto six Billion Rupees will definitely give a Bad impression of Colombo Harbour as a Transit hub to the world.

      The cause of the fire which upto now has not been reasoned out and many think due to an arson or a dispute or an invisible hand to sabotage Colombo Harbour could bring down Future business.

      With no proper security and with malfunction fire extinguishing system been installed, future Transit cargo to Colombo could be categorised as a High Risk destination thereby loosing business.

      Arson or not the message has gone to the world already as Colombo Harbour a Risky destination thereby Loosing all the future Transit cargo business after spending Billions of rupees to Expand it with Chinese Loans.

      This is what happens to the country when unqualified and uneducated Ministers and Government goons been placed on important positions.

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    Only thing I read is Sri Lankan Leaders don’t have the backbone to develop anything in SRI lanka on their own because they believe the crappy democratic system which is keeping Voters happy. So, they get loans to do things, In that process they and their henchmen also get rich.

    At the end, it is voters who will suffer because the development was not a true development and the country is debt ridden.

    that has happened already in Europe and the europeans were crabs in the boiling pot and they did not want know it.

    In the ancient times, Kings developed the country and made the country thriving because people suffered for the country. Now, Voters live the life and the country suffers.

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