17 June, 2024


Chinese Company Handling Port City Suspends Constructions; Agrees To Fully Cooperate With GoSL

CHEC Port City Colombo (Pvt) Ltd – the Chinese company handling the constructions of the project has expressed their agreement to fully corporate with the government of Sri Lanka while announcing they have suspended the operations as per the instructions of the government.

Issuing an official statement concerning the suspension of the Port City project work, CHEC has noted that they have received an official communique from the Secretary to the Ministry of Ports and Aviation, that has informed the company of the Cabinet decision made to suspend the ongoing work of the project.

Port CityThe company has also noted that as instructed in the Ministry communique, they would also take immediate steps to submit valid permits and approval issues by the relevant government authorities with regard to the project.

“We will be taking all necessary steps to provide these requested documents as instructed by the Ministry of Ports, Shopping and Aviation to abide by the notification received without prejudice to the legal rights of the company under the agreements entered into with the government of Sri Lanka on September 16, 2014,” they have stated.

Furthermore, the company has said that they would fully cooperate with the GoSL and continue to adhere to the procedures and conditions stipulated in the said agreement including the commitments contained in the approved environmental impact assessment study.

The company has also noted that it would continue to comply with the law and follow the necessary guidelines issued by the government for a mega development project of this nature.

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    RE:Chinese Company Handling Port City Suspends Constructions; Agrees To Fully Cooperate With GoSL

    Very good.

    Common Sense Team thank you and it is better late than never.

    Just because the idiots of Mahinda Rajapakda Regime started on a damaging project, both environmentally and economically, it does not mean that the rest need to continue. Informed decisions need to be made. This project was an Ego trip of Medamulana Mahinda Rajapaksa and his brother Gotabaya Rajapaksa.

    The question comes down to the legal rights and damages to both parties.

    Give the company another project that is economically viable, not based on Egoism,.

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      “Just because the idiots of Mahinda Rajapakda Regime started on a damaging project”

      Just because the thieves, marauders, and Mahinda Rajapakda started on a damaging project………

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    Govt should investigate every contract and if bribes were given to secure contracts those contracts should be cancelled and fresh tenders called.

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    Every country in the world is begging for Chinese investments Even India Europe and the US . Our donkeys are begging from the beggars . What a joke


    Abhaya (aiiio Sirisena)

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    Terminating or suspending contracts is a serious action with grave consequences for both parties. Contracts are binding and only have limited scope for termination. Did GOSL have the authority to cede land on free hold basis to a foreign power? Was the environmental assessment process carried out properly? These may provide the government with some justification for proceeding on this rocky course.

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    Well said Amarasiri ,We Sri Lankan have nothing against China or its people, they are hard working and also they always pay for whatever they get , they do not go around invading Countries and robbing their resources . It is us who should know and think wisely which projects are viable and has a win ,win situation for both .

    There are million and one projects that need urgent attention ,which will benefit the Country and all the people ,and definitely China has the means of technology,Manpower ,Knowledge ,experience and enough of money to invest. Why not think of Halting this project at-last for the moment and handover projects that will specially help our farmers and of cause the energy sector, Public transport ,Hospitals, Private Universities , etc.

    The Colombo City project should be halted at any cost for the moment at-least , and The Chinese Company in question should be compensated by offering them other projects which are in urgent need , and later we can always work things out by working with close consultations with environmental experts, Sri Lanka can never ever compromise our environment ,it is better late than never.

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    Ranil would do a really good traffic cop.
    Showing stop sign when indian delegates come , and showing a go sign when the chinese delegates come. Yahapalana at its best.

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    “Our donkeys are begging from the beggars” ,

    funny an ass calling a seasoned politician a donkey ..

    This shows how much of world and financial affairs you know about, it also proves you are a total ignorant nincompoop.

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      Idiot do you have an argument or none at all ?

      Nincompoop who hides behind aliases

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    An alternate plan at Trincamalee with Indian and chinese involment could be considered.

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