24 June, 2024


Choosing An Online Roulette Game At Japanese Casinos

Roulette is a classic game that has remained among the world’s most well-loved casino games, and the reasons are clear. The game is simple and straightforward but is never short of thrill and excitement. 

There is no shortage of Japanese online casinos that offer this classic game. More importantly, you will find there is currently a wide range of roulette variations that can be played online.

In this article, we will be discussing some of the key factors one should consider when choosing the best online roulette game to play if you want to increase your winning chances when playing roulette online.

What to Consider When Selecting an Online Roulette Game

Roulette is one of the casino games where luck plays a much greater role than skills. Here you just predict and place your bets on which pocket you think the ball will land on once the roulette wheel is spun. 

After bets are placed and the betting is closed, you’ll just have to watch as the wheel is spun and wait for the action to unfold. Once the ball has landed, payouts are made to the winning players.

Still, while roulette is a total game of chance with random results, there are some strategies that players can employ to increase their chances of beating roulette. One of the big decisions a roulette player can make is choosing which roulette game to invest money on. 

So, how do you choose the right roulette game to play to tip the odds in your favor? Here are a few tips you might want to consider:

Pick the Right Roulette Online Casino

The fundamental step when playing roulette, and any other casino games for that matter, is choosing the right Japanese-friendly online casino for playing roulette. We have rounded up the most important things to look for in an online casino as follows:

  • Licensing
  • Security and Fairness
  • Available Payment Options
  • Gaming Selection
  • Roulette Bonuses
  • Solid Customer Support
  • Live Tables and Mobile Compatibility

Selecting the right roulette casino may not be as easy as it sounds like, now that there are a plethora of Japanese casinos to choose from. Keeping in mind the factors we have listed above; you can narrow down your choices to find the right fit for you based on your unique needs. To make things easier for you, you can also refer to online casino review sites such as Casino Rank and start your journey. Remember though that your choice of online casino is critical in securing a safe and fun online gambling experience.

Choose the Right Roulette Table

Picking the right roulette table is a major decision that can help optimize your winning chances when playing the roulette game online. 

You will find several roulette variations offered in almost all Japanese online casinos. While a lot of punters believe that a certain table or dealer brings them luck, the choice of a roulette table is a big decision for a unique reason – some roulette variants are plainly more favorable to the player.

While there are many roulette variations available online now, most of them belong to either of the two main categories – single zero or double zero. Overall, if you have an option, you always want to play a single zero roulette game. European roulette or French variants traditionally have 37 slots on the wheel – numbers 1 to 36 and a single zero. The single zero games give the house a 2.7% edge, whereas the double zero has a 5.26% house edge.

The French Advantage – Rules that Reduce the House Advantage

There are a few rules that can reduce the house advantage for the roulette outside bets from 2.70% to 1.35%. The French roulette variant features two possible advantages that reduce the house edge, although, these two are also offered in some American and European online roulette versions found in many Japanese online casinos. 

  • La Partage/Surrender Rule

Under this rule, even money bets or bets on red/black, even/odd, or low/high, is divided into two so that if the ball lands on the zero (or the double zero slot), the player loses only half of the bet, while the other half is immediately returned.

  • En Prison Rule

Quite similar to the La Partage Rule, when the En Prison rule is used, players can choose from either of these two options when zero is spun: 

    1. Take half of their stake back
    2. “Imprison” their bet – which means all even-money bets remain on the same betting spot for the next spin. If it wins on the next spin, the stake is returned. Otherwise, it goes to the house.

Minimum and Maximum Stake

Another advantage that roulette online casinos in Japan offer is that both low rollers and high rollers are sure to find the table that will cater to their budget and preferences. There are low-limit tables where you can play with as little as $0.10, and there are also high limits and VIP tables for the high rollers.

When selecting an online roulette table, another important thing to consider is finding the table with the right betting limits. For starters, it is recommended that new players stick to games with lower minimum and maximum betting limits. That way, you will be able to maximize your bankroll.

Other Things to Consider

There are many variations of roulette game you can find most Japanese casino sites. If you think you are ready to take your roulette adventure to the next level and want to try winning some real money on the new and innovative roulette versions, see to it that you read and understand the rules of the game, including how to place bets and clear bonuses. Along with American, European, and French variants, other roulette versions you may come across include Live Roulette, Mini Roulette, 3D Roulette, Multi-Wheel Roulette, and Progressive Jackpot Roulette. 

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