10 June, 2023


CID Names International Humanitarian Agency ‘Qatar Charity’ As A Terror Entity

In a bizarre turn of events in the case against Hejaaz Hizbullah, the Criminal Investigations Department yesterday informed the Fort Magistrates Court that ‘Qatar Charity’ was a terrorist entity and had funded the construction of a building in Putthalam.

Lawyer Hejaaz Hizbullah

Qatar Charity is the main charitable arm of the Qatar Government. As late as June 2020, the Qatar Charity embarked on a partnership with the United Nations Children Fund (UNICEF) donating 2 Million USD to the agency.

The Charity works closely with the United Nations and the UNICEF among other international entities.

Counsel for Hizbullah yesterday pointed out that they are not aware of the veracity of the claim but that it was laughable that the CID had named a reputed international humanitarian agency as a Terror outfit in order to frame Hizbullah.

They said that ‘Qatar Charity’ works closely with the Sri Lankan government and had even during the Covid-19 pandemic worked with the Lankan embassy in Qatar in providing relief.

The Counsel said that the naming of ‘Qatar Charity’ as a terror entity was an absolute evidence that the entire case was a fabrication from the beginning. They said that the Criminal Investigations Department had forced young children into confessions after taking them alone without parents for 3 consecutive days – in order to frame the famed Human Rights Lawyer.

Earlier, it was revealed that the Criminal Investigations Department had picked up 8 to 13 year children from low income families who were provided scholarships and forced them into confessions.

The Fort Magistrate Ranga Dissanayake made orders after ‘confessions’ made to him in his chamber were leaked to the media the very night the confessions were made.

The Counsel told the court at the time that the CID had written the statements for the children and had leaked it to the media.

Magistrate Dissanayake also told open court that officers of the CID had attempted to show pictures to the children whilst in his chamber and he had to ‘chase them out’.

The Magistrate ordered an investigation as to how the confessions were leaked to the media.

The naming of Qatar Charity is seen as an escalation of attempts to frame Hizbullah. Qatar Charity has a registered office in Sri Lanka with staff employed none of whom have even been questioned or arrested, despite the CID naming it as a Terrorist outfit.

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  • 50

    The CID is no different to the rest of the country. Hilarious. A bunch of fools calling themselves a country.

    • 11

      Very soon, the CID will name the Vatican as a Terrorist entity if Cardinal MR is found to have been aware of the Easter attacks

  • 28

    The manner CID is dragging their feet is most disgusting and unprofessional and down right wrong. This amounts to incarceration of an individual sans trial nor jury. This put the credibility and efficacy of the institution in great doubt. It should be that justice will be done and also seem to be done. Unfortunately, neither is apparent.

    • 34

      They are desperately trying to find something to justify their efforts to discriminate, and falsely imprison, a Muslim lawyer, which everyone knows was for political reasons. They look stupid, and bumbling idiots.
      They are Rajapaksa tools trying to look smart.

  • 35

    This is the perfect example of the Rajapaksa government’s desperation to justify the illegal arrest and discrimination of a Muslim lawyer. If the Qatar Charity are a terrorist outfit, I wonder why UNICEF and the Rajapaksa government themselves, are working for them. I guess by that logic UNICEF and the Rajapaksa government are associated with a terrorist entity too. This is going to make us look like village idiots to the rest of the world. What kind of stupid people work in our CID? They arrested a man with no charges, and their desperation to make something stick is laughable. If we want our foreign exchange revenue to continue from the Middle East, we’d better be very careful who we accuse of being a terrorist entity.
    Is this the caliber of people the Rajapaksa’s have to lead this country?

  • 30

    The CID along with the rest of the Yakko clan are suspicious of anyone who tries to do some good towards the needy.
    No wonder the nation sits at the bottom as the best beggars colony.
    How ever much you give is not enough for them.
    The yaks are nothing but cheap dumbbell fools.

    • 22

      I agree. They will demonize, and insult, anyone who questions them and their motives. They have attacked the UN, HRW, NGO’s, and world agencies, and their representatives personally, who “dare” to question them, or investigate them.
      Again I say, the guilty are always afraid.

  • 23

    Seems the CID is so desperate that they must have taken recourse to Saudi sources which are hell-bent on ridiculing the Qataris. The Saudis, of course, are bitterly opposed to the Qatari Rulers who have Refused to toe the Saudi line in the Gulf.

    The Qatar Charity is quite closely connected to the Qatari Ruling Family and it remains to be seen how the Qatari Rulers will React to the seemingly Wild Allegation against the Qatari Charity.

  • 7

    Why it took so long monitoring and screening processes and reporting-time on sensitive transactions which may relate s end user. and approvals granted coming up of construction of a building in Putthalam.

    Construction works may need planning permission before they begin. permission to proceed with a proposed development. Responsibility for granting permission generally lies with local planning authorities ,Building regulations approval all this was done

  • 11

    This is telling that somebody fearing for Hejaaz for something. If that secret is not broken, Hejaaz may fall into larger danger. It could be a Muslim lawyer, Sinhala Politician or even somebody, who receives money from same agency, in business line.

  • 17

    Any one speaking in support of Sri Lankan Tamils are LTTE Terrorist
    Now it comes to bite the Muslims!

  • 3

    I suggest that some of these posters do their due diligence before questioning a possibly legitimate claim by the CID – There is a lot of scrutiny over “Qatar Charity” internationally (and been this way for some time), over its links to Islamic Terrorism.

    E.g.: https://www.nordicmonitor.com/2020/09/lawsuit-against-qatari-institutions-filed-by-american-photojournalist-in-the-us-reveals-ihhs-links-to-terrorist-groups/

    • 9


      What is the guarantee that the Nordicmonitor is not one of the Saudi funded groups that target countries like Qatar who refuse to kowtow to the Saudis?

    • 3


    • 2

      DJ 0608,
      Why is it that the site you linked to deals mostly in anti-Turkish stuff, and describes itself as : “Nordic Monitor is a news web site and tracking site that is run by the Stockholm-based Nordic Research and Monitoring Network. It covers religious, ideological and ethnic extremist movements and radical groups, with a special focus on Turkey.”

  • 13

    We are such a proud Nation with a Glorious and Majestic History, sons and daughters from a lineage of a LION (with a tail and four legs). We don’t need grants, donations, contributions, subsidies from anyone, what an insult. We just need loans from loan sharks, and to send our women to Middle East. That’s all.

  • 13

    What if Qatar retaliates by sending all Sri Lankans back?

    Till recently, the CID did have competent officers. I had made a complaint to the commercial crimes unit. The sub-inspector assigned to the case did an excellent job (even questioning a powerful Buddhist monk). The SI retired, and his replacement was a clueless officer. Not corrupt, but incompetent.

  • 13

    Qatar is accused of terrorism by the Saudis and UAE after their attempt to isolate Qatar.
    It is an international Charity which has involved in development projects in Sri Lanka.

  • 4

    “All” charities should work through the GOSL framework and not outside the parameters until the Nation is brought under control of the GOSL.

    Try to run a “Sri Lankan charity” in these countries you will see what awaits the charity?

  • 5

    Qatar is one of the most liberal countries in the middle east. They seem to help the suffering Palestinians. I saw in TV here that their leader is the head of an organization that is investigating corruption of politicians in countries and their support base is gathering momentum. I think all enforcement agencies and officials of various departments are giving them all the help they could because they all think that corrupt nations and politicians undermine the well being of the people and the world. So corrupt people will be sought out and made to account. Perhaps diplomatic immunity will be thing of the past for some.
    we must appreciate Qatar who has given job opportunities to many from the third world and living conditions are better for them with respect to other middle east countries.I like watching their TV which is Algerzera.

    • 1

      Dear Noel

      Without going into the politics of Qatar and appreciating all their good deeds as you stated above is fine they help others in their own countries too.

      However without confusing what you said above each and every country should have a way of monitoring and controlling their own affairs when it comes to charities and NGO’s.

      Only because the Sovereignty of the respective Nations are undermined by others directly or indirectly (proxy) through many things in life one need to approve/monitor and control and continuously evaluate ie benefit analysis of all we receive? is the responsibility of our GOSL?

      Is like if I want to give something to one’s family the head of the family will have to approve for all the right reasons?? Even Qatar as a Nation follows this in all they receive (not necessarily monitory as they are rich) but in many other forms they have a iron grip on that taking care of their Nation….any outside influences?? This is not about Qatar but about us as a Nation?

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