20 April, 2024


CID Questions Sajin’s Wife Tiyana

CID has questioned Rajapaksa henchman Sajin de Vass Gunewardena‘s wife over allegations leveled at her husband concerning financial misappropriations he has committed during the Rajapaksa regime.

Sajin's wifeActing Police Spokesman ASP Ruwan Gunawardena said Sajin’s wife Tiyana Dayanthie had visited the CID this morning to make her statement and it has been recorded under the money laundering act.

Allegations that have been leveled against Sajin includes misappropriation of Mihin Air funds with concern the purchasing of aircraft and the operations of the company as well as with concern to the private aviation school he maintained and the deals that were made with that school.

He was a powerful figure during the previous regime and was allowed to go scott-free even after he assaulted a diplomat – Dr. Chris Nonis who was then Sri Lanka’s High Commissioner to UK.

Meanwhile, the CID had also recorded a statement from the wife of former Sri Lanka Ports Authority Chairman Priyath Bandu Wickrama with concern to financial misappropriation allegations as well.

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  • 23

    It seems the first shark going to be caught is sajin vaas. People would not regret if things would work in that way.

    • 15

      The rouge Sajin has a secret office at no.29 Grenier Road Off Cotta Road ,Colombo 8.Its the lane right after Keels Super Market as one comes from Borella junction.The place has no board but there is plenty of activity in it.Sajin has also built a luxury 12 roomed house at Shady Grove ,Avenue off Cotta road ,Borella, the lane almost opposite to the Keels Super Market,.He is hiding here after his luxury house at Horton Place colombo 7 in the lane opposite the Kadirgamar Institute was exposed.Atleast 20 to 30 thugs from Balapitiya are seen in the house at Shady Grove Avenue.This robber must be arrested before he runs away.

      • 2

        I wonder whether there are vip’s reading this column as this is a real exposure.

        • 0

          Maali, this exposure is nothing compared with appeared in the CT immediately after Sajin assaulted Nonis.There were hotels and houses mentioned in Australia mid east and UK.

  • 6

    Comedy Thamai!

    Wimal’s Wife..

    Sajin’s Wife..

    But the Brother Prince is protected by the Royal Government prime Minister!

    Shameful New Royal Government.

    I yet to see in news if these guys are questioned by the CID.

    These only a preparation if the New Royals loose the power in the election and and Old come back, they will not touch the actual conspirators in the New Royals.

    Are these women are beautiful wifes?

    Old Royal at least straight for on their talks. The man Gobi who was working for the Army’s secret service was hiding in Jeyakumari’s house! Come out some some kind of real tales to people so that you keep these women in the prison for couple of years.

  • 12

    RE:CID Questions Sajin’s Wife Tiyana

    “CID has questioned Rajapaksa henchman Sajin de Vass Gunewardena‘s wife over allegations leveled at her husband concerning financial misappropriations he has committed during the Rajapaksa regime.”

    Is she in Charge of the Stolen loot of the Mahinda Rajapaksa SCrobies, Shills, Crooks, Robbers and criminals?


    Mahinda Rajapaksa could have given that “Job” to another shill or Cronie?

    May be, Vass wanted to keep everything in the Family.

  • 8

    Even in the past, ministers used to get contracts in their wives names registered place was not their electorate instead where wife or relatives are living.

  • 11

    Wow! Sri Lankan CID must be softer than the Police in Iceland. A nation without any defense forces. Where you get 14 years max for murder.

    This whole thing is an eye wash. Enacted by corrupt Sri Lanka Police and curated by Ranil’s UNP cronies.

    BTW, Yoshitha has apparently done nothing wrong. His visit to a Police station recently with Namal, in the company of another cold blooded killer Lohan was to bamboozle you. The Sri Lankan idiots. Nothing else.

    When did brutal Sri Lanka Police ever treat suspected criminals of this magnitude with such softness?

    How long are you gonna take this crap by corrupt politicians who think you are stupid.


  • 3

    Where are those Women’s Rights groups of the West?…

    I mean not to defend these Women…

    But to give credit to our Sinhala inhabitant men and praise them for treating their women more than equal, to entrust them with all their Finances …

    • 13

      the womens right folk have better things to do like helping women in need and not go sing glorias like you for a bunch of criminals hahaha

      • 0


        You are dead right mate…

        They are busy protecting poor women in Gaza, Syria, Iraq and Libya….

  • 2

    If things don’t look good , she will enter a private hospital . From there perhaps spend a few days in the Prison Hospital . What an absolute farce ? Can ‘ordinary’ people also enter Prison Hospital when they are remanded , or is it reserved for big time racketeers and crooked politicians ? It is time the public started asking questions , and put an end to this nonsense.

  • 3

    Was M<ihin Air a carrier for halucination drugs ?

  • 0

    “:Tiyana” – [Edited out]

  • 4

    FIRST recording of statement by CID.

    SECOND a Magisterial order to remand,until further investigations.

    THIRD enter Prison Hospital.

    Fourth application to court for Bail.

    FIFTH conditional Bail granted and case to be called on a later date.

    SIXTH. At this later date CID informs Court that Investigations not complete. Moves for a fresh date.Case postponed.

    SEVENTH General Elections held and MARA back in Power.

    EIGHT colombo telegraph blocked again.

    NINTH CID withdraws case.

    TENTH ? PLATO white Vanned!

    • 6

      Take the licences away from Doctors who give false medical certificate.

      It will immediately stop this racket of rogue politicians and their wives getting preferencial treatment.

      These doctors are doctoring their medical certificates. It used to be a noble profession.

    • 0

      Well said – thank you for the sequences

  • 0

    [Edited out]

  • 0

    Sajin Vass, these people should be punished immediately. During their regime these thieves not only were robing public funds but even was a hassle to the society. 3rd Wife Tiyana was acting like the First Lady and the British school parents hated the Acting. People who knew about her past was laughing at them as they knew the attitude change with Power.
    It’s a known fact that she wasn’t happy with Sajin and had many flings.
    Sajin, LALITH Weeratunga are directly responsible for our president Mahinda’s defeat.
    But shameless buggers, now they have set their positions in this government

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