13 April, 2024


CID Waits Till The RTI Act Is Used To Investigate Death Threats By DIG Deshabandu Tennakoon Against A Journalist

Sri Lanka’s Criminal Investigation Department (CID) has finally commenced investigations into a complaint regarding death threats issued to a journalist by a senior police officer on Facebook in 2021, more than a year after the complaint was filed. This was after the Right to Information Commission issued summons to the Inspector General of Police (IGP) in 2022 following the journalist appealing to the Commission. His RTI request in 2021 asking for the status of the investigations had been ignored by the Police Department.

Deshabandu Tennakoon

Issuing an interim order on 27th June 2022, the RTI Commission had directed the Inspector General of Police (IGP) to respond on nine questions asked by journalist Tharindu Jayawardena regarding a Facebook post by senior DIG Deshabandu Tennakoon on 1st July 2021.

The social media message, posted by Tennakoon at the dead of night, had stated that, the journalist was writing lies and that ‘nature’ or ‘natural justice’ would ‘take care of him.’ This rang alarm bells in the journalistic and civil activist community. The deaths and assaults of many journalists had commonly followed such ‘warnings.’ A collective of media organisations wrote to the IGP asking for a formal inquiry. However, no inquiry took place. The Facebook posts by Tennakoon were in response to articles on the witchhunting of former head of the CID Shani Abeysekera who had handled key investigations against former President Mahinda Rajapaksa, his brothers and his cronies.

The journalist had then filed an RTI request to the IGP in 2021 asking, if the inquiry into the complaints on the death threats had commenced, if so, how many witnesses had been summoned, who had been put in charge, what was the status etc. After both the Information Officer and Designated Officer had failed to respond, he had filed an appeal to the Commission.

On the summons of the Commission, the CID had informed that, on the recommendation of its legal committee, the social media division of the CID has now commenced investigations under the direction of a senior DIG. The investigations will proceed on the instructions of the Attorney General, the CID said.

In its final Order on 3rd of August 2022, the RTI Commission recorded the responses of the CID to all the questions asked by the journalist and directed the IGP to release the correspondence that had passed between himself and the CID regarding the matter as well as the recommendation of the legal committee. The Commission also issued a warning to the IGP to respond to RTI requests without delay as required in the RTI Act.

Shortly after the RTIC Order, the CID had summoned the journalist for a hearing this Tuesday (9th August 2022). Senior DIG Tennakoon has meanwhile been questioned by the CID on his intentionally permitting thugs of former Prime Minister Mahinda Rajapaksa to attack peaceful protestors on Galle Face Green on May 9th 2022. Tennakoon was himself attacked by enraged protestors a day later, two suspects have been arrested in connection with that incident.

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  • 9

    “will be punished by “Nature” or “Natural Justice”. Punishment by “Nature” is very subjective while “Natural Justice” could be by Law Enforcement. This investigation will not carry that far.

    But what happened to the AG’s instructions to IGP relating to the “May 9th” incidents and Deshabandu’s culpability of participation and failures?

    What happened to Deshabandu’s INSTRUCTIONS to OIC Fort Police Station to hand over the money that was found at the Presidential Palace to Minister Thiran Alles? These instructions have been recorded in the Police Log entries. Will those “Log Entries” go missing like that of Lasantha’s murder?

    Any action by the Police on the above matters? Why is no “Public Demand” for SWIFT action on such matters? Is this “Investigation” on “Death Threat” to a Journalist another “Twist” to SPFTEN action on other very “DIRECT” and “VISIBLE” culpabilities of this “Deshabandu” DIG?

    • 3


      Did you hear that all party government, comprising crooks has lifted ban on Tamil Diaspora organisation, hoping Tamil Diaspora would bring billions and billions and billions of dollars to help Sri Lanka not only in its most difficult time but also to invest in its future.

      After 74 years of destruction of their life and wealth, pain and suffering does the state and its rulers believe by merely lifting the ban on Tamil diaspora it can entice rich diaspora into to burn its hard earned savings and wealth in this crooks infested island? May be the Tamil Diaspora is either stupid or it will immediately bring its wealth and invest is nothing more than wishful thinking.

      When you have a public racist as the Prime Minister why does anyone believe Diaspora is interested in helping the state, its functionaries, Sangha and crooks?

      Will the Prime Minister lift the ban on Tamil National Anthem?

      Also Wimal Sangili Karuppan Weerawansa the coward should take a holiday along with Gota and his wife.

      • 2

        “After 74 years of destruction of their life and wealth, pain and suffering does the state and its rulers believe by merely lifting the ban on Tamil diaspora “

        These guys have lived in a dream world for so long that they don’t know what realty is.
        SOB’s that have never acknowledged the root cause of race violence were politicians, nor acknowledged the pain, suffering and material loss are today trying to compensate politicians for loss of mostly stolen wealth. Go Figure.

      • 1

        NV: “Diaspora” (Sinhala. Tamil or whatever) are of varying categories. I know, no sooner the “Dual Citizenship” was made available on payment of “Dollars” (and other foreign currencies) than a large number availed of that facility to enter the country and do “Business” and some to legalize their “Holdings”. This was further strengthened by the “Dual Citizenship” holder Minister of Finance by way of introducing the famous “The Finance” Act. I know how some “Diaspora” invaded the North with their “Import” of Foreign currencies and opened up “Hotels and Bars” and spoiled the once established value systems. You know what those “Hotels & Bars” are

        But the situation today has changed. This same “Diaspora” has lost “TRUST” and twice think before jumping into this “Shit Hole” managed “Directly and Indirectly” by “Criminals” (of all types). I don’t know where that “Saffron Clothed Brigade” is, but don’t forget that is the “Amber under Ashes”- the most “Dreaded”.

  • 5

    Unfortunately “Nature” creates uniform-wearing murderous beasts in Sri Lanka. .

    • 1

      They are also known as Tigers.

  • 6

    Getting justice from a kangaroo system is like looking for feathers in a tortoise.

    In other news:

    Gota seems to have difficulty finding a place to live in the long term. You got to show compassion even for the worst criminal. So in that spirit I recommend that he be handed over to the International Criminal Court, they will find him accommodation.

  • 5

    CID is called Criminal Investigation Department but in real it is a department of Criminals proecting agency.

  • 1

    Elected members of democratic political parties who are supposed to be role models have directed or encouraged police officers to break the law.

    Elected MP s are supposed to be lawmakers and upholders of the constitution and the law.

    These members are expected to be of high moral standards.

    However this is mot happening.

    I am sure Ranil will also be rejected by the people of Sri Lanka.

    We need a younger generation of leaders who have a genuine desire for a system change.

    We hear that Namal is trying re brand him self as a young pro system change leader .

    NAMAL is a real humbug.

    He will be worse than any of the Rajapakshas.

    Voters please make sure to flush him down the toilet.

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