23 May, 2022


Civil Society Organization In Dilemma As MS Continues To Side With Ultra-Nationalists

Civil Society organizations that supported President Maithripala Sirisena’s election campaign are now in a quandary, due to the President’s preference towards certain ultra-nationalist individuals.

MaithripalaPurawesi Balaya at a recent meeting with the President had objected to the appointments of former Divaina Editor Gamini Sumanasekara and A B Lalith de Silva as Presidential Advisors. The President had reportedly agreed to remove them provided the Purawesi Balaya provides nominations of suitable professionals. Accordingly, the names of Dr Ranga Kalansooriya and former Daily News editor Jayatilleke de Silva had been proposed, while the movement also proposed the name Ravi Rathnaveil had been proposed by the movement for social justice of the late Sobhitha Thera.

The three nominees were summoned to the Presidential Secretariat yesterday and handed over appointment letters, but contrary to the President’s undertaking to replace the presidential advisors with those of the professionals, it was upon inspecting the appointment letters that they realised that they were appointed as Deputy Directors of the President Media Unit which already had a 83 member strong staff. The appointments of Dr Kalansooriya and Mr Jayatilleke are at much lower level considering their qualifications, a Purawesi Balaya spokesman said.

“The Secretary to the President has objected to appoint President Confidante Dharmasri Bandara Ekanayake as the Director General Media as he does not have a basic degree whereas a Ph.D holder in media has been appointed as one of 15 deputies in the unit. This is a joke,” he said. “Purawesi Balaya is to meet the President soon to clarify matters. The duo will not accept their appointments until it is cleared”, he added.

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    Gamarala, whither art thy bound? You have lost your way; get a compass.

    Ceylon Today reports that the other cretin has increased the Port Entrance Fee as follows: “the Rs 280 entrance fee has been increased to Rs 11,788 and the Rs 350 entrance fee has been raised to Rs 13,320.” Ranatunga has given justification: Even Dubai Port charges only Dirham 10 (RS 380).

    Ranatunga has given justification: “These businessmen, especially vehicle dealers, have been devising ways over the past 26 years to maximize their profits.” He went on to say that in the past, the Colombo Port had been rife with corruption with monies from various fees charged by the Port going into the pockets of department heads and politicians.

    So genuine port users have to pay?

    The Modapala’s are raving lunatics. No doubt about it.

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    What no one in Sri Lanka comes to terms and that with realitry, is that the country will always be a rotten place run by rotten culprits.

    • 9


      Absolutely! However, that curse did not happen abruptly – it developed over a rather long period, and year-over-year and regime-after-regime it continued to deteriorate with acceleration. Rogue politicians coupled with tolerant and relentless gullibility of the masses resulted in that progression.

      In January 2015 I thought perhaps it would at least begin to decelerate, even if not reverse its course – but sadly that did not happen. I think it has entered the realm on no-return – and so, you are correct there is hardly any hope for the future. Sad – very sad, especially for the tiny pearl of the orient that was celebrated as the most progressive nation on all counts in this hemisphere not too long ago!

    • 1

      Rio – That curse continues!

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      rio ziegelaar I bow to thee, for coming very close to the eternal truth.

      Finally the country will veer towards a dictatorship or happily settle for another spell as a dominion to a super power, while missing a golden opportunity to turn the corner on its own, yet again!.

      It becomes frighteningly apparent that the country very little human resources to adequately manage itself.

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    Maitripala S has all the hallmarks of a quintessential post-1970s politician from the South – unprincipled, opportunistic, corrupt and venal. Almost all of them, coming from simple homes and humble backgrounds, used their new found Parliamentary influence to build up massive personal fortunes. As you can see, MS is trying to ride several horses – simultaneously. You know where that will take him.


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    We the secular liberals should have an adequate doss of maduwlge in our ass.

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