17 January, 2022


Civil Society Wants Arjuna Mahendran Out

Amidst mounting pressure on the government against the reappointment of Central Bank Governor Arjuna Mahendran for a second term, a group of 19 civil society representatives have also exerted pressure on both President Maithripala Sirisena and Prime Minister Ranil Wickremesinghe requesting for Mahendran’s removal.

Arjuna Mahendran

Arjuna Mahendran

During a meeting at the Presidential Secretariat, the civil society representatives had cited how the Government came to power pledging good governance and transparency, all of which Mahendran as Governor of Central Bank has failed to deliver.

After listening to the representatives, Sirisena had informed them that a final decision will be taken after he discusses the matter with Wickremesinghe, who was also present at the meeting.

Meanwhile, good governance activist Chandra Jayaratne early this week questioned whether it made sense having a Central Bank Governor in the country who did not understand the people’s grievances.

“Mehandran wears a suit which is worth millions of rupees, can a person who wears such expensive suits, understand the common man’s problems,” Jayaratne asked during an event organized by the Anti-Corruption Front which called for Mahendran’s removal.

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    No, this is not the common view of Civil society, but the view painted by MEDIA Mafia run by FORMER regime.

    Alone the fact that AM to make clear thoughts about not having had a legal dept of own to run issues within CB was hurt to MR et al. Today, 70% of press are sitll being controlled by srilanken mafia men working for Meeharaka led JOIN opposition. This is the saddly the truth of the story.
    I think Arjuna to leave the country and have abetter life – SRILANKENS only want corrupted men to run their bodies. All those make a voice SB or Rajitha all have something common – which is their knoweldge onthe areas in CB are out of the facts.
    Rajitha was a good guy but him to become another SB to this way is a hurdle to men that believe a better future in this country.



    Please folks be informed,… all these are lies being made on AM.

    No other professionals in the area could do better.
    Srilankens of the kind get cornered since mafia led press men do the job for corrupted men to stay in power.


    Please ask him to come to a debate on this…

    • 14

      it is up to anyone to spend their sums fo rthei rown appearance, if only the state funds are being abused for them only, we have to rise again.

      In srilanka, almost everything in a person is being criticised. This are just malicous and jealous acts.

      CB governer is no means corrupted. He has proved his records having lived and worked for a set of world recognized banks.
      His credentials are no means comparable to that of former Governor who joined the first family as a their condom support. Kabral was a laughing stock.
      Arjuna the kind of men are very rare in srilanka.
      In a country low level men and women are up to attack their own men for petty things, with most of the journos not doing the job properly whicih is passing the unbaised view tothe gulliable masses that are the easy targets of the politcians, nothing good can easily be happened.

      Arjuna is a victim of lanken media, as he himself says, in internatonal press nothing wrong is there about him and his performance.

      The very same was the case for Ranil Wickramasigne and his abilities during the last few years alone – lanken press men destroyed him as they had done it to anyone else. But he survived. People s power gave him a chance. He is known to me Mr Clean.
      But even if JVPers are fine with their citicisms, again not to do their job by differentiating the due – filtering the truth as it is – they do also harm today.
      I think thi sis the reason why Somanwansa Samaransinghe left the party.

    • 14

      Scam bond issue is yet no clear.

      Court has rejected calling AM no wrong or nothign wrong has been done by him, but press men continued as it is the case for Ranil and CBK during the last few years. No matter any thing and everything can be miles away from the truths, they did the job.
      But the very same press men to hide the informaton from being published when it goes with Rajakashe current visit to Japan and the controversal visit made to Uganda and his stay there are highly questionable.

      I believe, Lanken press men should be convicted and sent to jail for ever leaving new men to do the job properly and heal the nation.

    • 13

      I can talk about me, if as an academic woudl never be easy to steal things easily, since we the academics do think a lot. It is no easy job as Rajaapkseh uneducated rascals do it – that is the nature of academics. SO should be the case with Arjuna too. He is an oxford gradaute with decades long experience in bank sector. Not just local banks but banks that exchange billions of us dollars. He has proved his ablities having worked for Spore and Saudi banks. Guys, open your eyes –
      Nagitiyawa Srilankens.. Nagitiyawa Srilankens.. Nagitiyawa Srilankens.. Nagitiyawa Srilankens.. Nagitiyawa Srilankens.. Nagitiyawa Srilankens.. Nagitiyawa Srilankens.. Nagitiyawa Srilankens.. Nagitiyawa Srilankens.. Nagitiyawa Srilankens.. Nagitiyawa Srilankens.. Nagitiyawa Srilankens.. Nagitiyawa Srilankens.. Nagitiyawa Srilankens.. Nagitiyawa Srilankens.. Nagitiyawa Srilankens.. Nagitiyawa Srilankens.. Nagitiyawa Srilankens.. Nagitiyawa Srilankens.. Nagitiyawa Srilankens.. Nagitiyawa Srilankens.. Nagitiyawa Srilankens.. Nagitiyawa Srilankens.. Nagitiyawa Srilankens.. Nagitiyawa Srilankens.. Nagitiyawa Srilankens.. Nagitiyawa Srilankens.. Nagitiyawa Srilankens.. Nagitiyawa Srilankens.. Nagitiyawa Srilankens.. Nagitiyawa Srilankens.. Nagitiyawa Srilankens.. Nagitiyawa Srilankens..

    • 13

      Sirlankens by birth are jealous and malicious.

      They dont care about the meaning of anything but just attack the other. But when it goes with billons of money grabs being made by Rajapakshes on broad day light, they stay both ends shut as if it is fine letting Rajaakshes to rape them out easILY:

      This stupid folks are a curse for lanken future. Unfortuanatley, Wimal control and Gomannpila contral lankens are the majority in the country today. They would beleive anything and everything not thinking twice.

      This nature is polluted by all kind of liars. Press men should be beheaded for all the crimes they sow on lanken soils.

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      Only problem would be,if Arjuna woudl remain there only, they the rulers will be able to clear almost everything what had been withthe CB.

      That is why Rajaakshes and their favourable press men do the the job for him attacking AM this way.

      If he had a company or his nephew had one, it was their pvt businesses, all these have nothing to do with the current problems left by former Minister of Finance.
      Please wake up….. the days ahead, much more to be revealed interms of CB and the billions grabed by Rajakshse men arbitorily.

    • 10

      Can anyone please explain here what the bond scam issue was ?… every simon adds their two cts here just rely on the tabloid news being spread by Rajaakshe pro media men.

      • 3


        Dr. W.A Wijewardena, a former Deputy Governor of the Central Bank of Sri Lanka, explained it well.


        1) Hard work of Lankan Common-Man money placed as bonds, were being traded in the international stock and currency exchanges.

        2) Trading follows accepted protocol and patterns – stuff that makes it honorable and legitimate towards Global Capitalistic Democracy for the Masses.

        3) However, the honorable system was severely tampered with and corrupted through insider information (illegal and banned as it corrupts the bond and stocks market and will eventually make the general system of Capitalism moot and meaningless).

        4) Insider information waited for the last minute before the closing bell (or maybe after), to gleefully place their bets with plenty of Singaporean bond money, on highest bids that came about through natural flow of legitimate bidding.

        5) The dare for such activities must have surely come from some higher power, beyond the natural meaning for our Island Nation – beyond her sovereignty, her ancient history, and her nationalist pride. They would probably call the INQUIRY into such corrupt and illegal activities: Mahavamsa.

        6) Indeed, it might be a way to boost up money from other places, so our Island neatly falls into regional aspirations – ETCA and/or Land Bridge.

    • 18


      Arjuna Mahendran is a wealthy man of his own right. He is an economist unlike his predecessor Ajith Nivard Cabraal. Ajith was so kabal that he was boot licking the President during his term without any trouble.

      He lavishly spent the Central Bank funds for his worldwide travel, allowed Mahinda & Co swindle extensively, had back door dealings with the international consultants like Bell (Potty) Pottinger and etc. etc.

      He presided over to obtain the IMF loan of US $ 2.5 billion to repay the existing expensive loans soon after the war. Having duped the IMF, he played his treacherous role to obtain loans from China at 4% interest rate which is burdening Sri Lanka now.

      Those who are campaigning against Mahendran are downright racists who hate a Tamil occupying an important seat.

      They want that seat to be given to Wimal Modawanse or his Manike.

      • 2

        Dankotuwa Mainke,
        you are dead right.
        But who allowed the media to destroy his life as of now if not the ruling govt.

        I wonder why the rulers allowed all lies to be spread.
        I believe only professionals can clear this – through open discussions.
        I wonder who are behind asking CB governer to go ?

        Why not those guys focus onthe facts ?

        Just hypothetical sums to have been grabed by CB governer, but those really grabed funds who are the Rajaakshes – stay scot free why ?

    • 7

      Arjuna Mahendran is not known enough to srilankens but to the world. Through BBC he had been giving talks – so the current govt should be accountable for all the mess not having made the general public aware about the experience AM has obtained. Just allow him to be sunk through lanken media – is a unfairness being made to him actually.
      This bond scam issue was addressed by lanken high courts and gave a fairverdict. Again COPE to analayse is being done by them. But keeping the general public away from all the issues that have been done by AM is unfair for him and his genuine involvement in lanken banking issues.

      Here, the victim has been Arjuna Mahendran. Nobody else.

      All idiots simple simons not knowing the least about the country and the situation, just add their stupid remarks. That is really sad.

    • 0

      Comity appointed by Ranil strongly recommended to have a thorough investigation. But Ranil didn’t do it. Why?

    • 6

      I listened to AM, he expresses his thought not making round abouts.
      That mean he is genuine. He would never add thoughts similar to those of his predecessor, Kabal. He is straight guy, but lanken low level media men who are the majority still working for Rajapakshe goons have made him a bad guy, so that even ruling ministers too would not agaree with him.
      I believe, if AM would leave here, no qualified candidates are there to do the job to the top. President Sirisena is not the minister of finance this time – so he cant know every bit about the ground reality of the situation.

      Good guys, please question as to why you dont read anyting being done by Rajakashes when they make tours.

      Why that Peacock mansion was signed by that Liyanage the goon – not by one another grand mother of Yoshita ?

      Why CSN men are not beeing exposed yet ? Who are the owners of CSN ?

      Whole hearted journos, it is your turn to bring all the facts to the public – there, you will be respected by them for your good work.

      We just heard Former president was on a trip made to Uganda, but none of us got anything about what he had been doing there, what kind of men he spoke with, …..

      The same is with the on going trip ( private one) in Japan – why lanken so called press men have no guts to bring all these to open news ?

      Are they all still livin with fears to Basil Rajaakshe, Gotabaya Rajaakshes as had been the case for them prior to 08th of Januaray 2015?

      Nagitiyaw – it is your time journos Nagitiyaw – it is your time journos Nagitiyaw – it is your time journos Nagitiyaw – it is your time journos Nagitiyaw – it is your time journos Nagitiyaw – it is your time journos Nagitiyaw – it is your time journos Nagitiyaw – it is your time journos Nagitiyaw – it is your time journos Nagitiyaw – it is your time journos Nagitiyaw – it is your time journos Nagitiyaw – it is your time journos Nagitiyaw – it is your time journos Nagitiyaw – it is your time journos Nagitiyaw – it is your time journos Nagitiyaw – it is your time journos Nagitiyaw – it is your time journos Nagitiyaw – it is your time journos Nagitiyaw – it is your time journos Nagitiyaw – it is your time journos Nagitiyaw – it is your time journos Nagitiyaw – it is your time journos Nagitiyaw – it is your time journos Nagitiyaw – it is your time journos Nagitiyaw – it is your time journos Nagitiyaw – it is your time journos Nagitiyaw – it is your time journos Nagitiyaw – it is your time journos Nagitiyaw – it is your time journos

  • 5

    Arjuna Mahendran

    RE: 19 civil society representatives

    RE: Civil Society Wants Arjuna Mahendran Out,

    “Amidst mounting pressure on the government against the reappointment of Central Bank Governor Arjuna Mahendran for a second term, a group of 19 civil society representatives have also exerted pressure on both President Maithripala Sirisena and Prime Minister Ranil Wickremesinghe requesting for Mahendran’s removal.”

    Defend your actions, however stupid they may be, or just resign and move on to fishing in the vast Indian Ocean.

    You may be a very good fisherman, vased on how you were fishing the credit cards.

    Ask the Govt, to provide you a Fishing boat to fish in the vast Indian Ocean, and export the Fish to EU. This will at least make a small dent the mess you created.

    To which mode do you belong in the Tamil IQ distribution? This is an issue of IQ, Competence and integrity.

    The Story Of Two Graphs drawn by A Tamil Man: By Mahesan Niranjan

    Onion Prices and Tamil IQ Distributions



    • 16

      Amarasiri, I think it is better AM to be away from malicious lanken society.
      He could earn millions had he been continung to saudi and singapore.

      JVPERs and other low men with law capacities and knoweldge sowed unprovable things about AM. Very same men stayed as if clay fed crocodiles at the time, former GOVERNER looted and rooted and abused the funds all means.
      I believe in today s context, who abuse media freedom is not the current regime but former goons. They work with their former media men – that brainwashed Rajaapkshes supporters.

      • 2

        Seelawathie Jayasinghe

        “Defend your actions, however stupid they may be, or just resign and move on to fishing in the vast Indian Ocean.”

        Galileo tried to do that, when the Catholic Church accused him, but they were different times.

        “Amarasiri, I think it is better AM to be away from malicious lanken society. He could earn millions had he been continuing to saudi and Singapore. “

        It is up to him, to show his value, or ask the JVP recommnd a suitable candidate.

        Now, everybody is replaceable and A Mahendran ,is no exception.

        • 0


          please tell us where you thought that AM should be accountable for all the mess left by Rajakashe regime ?
          Alone that decisions made on teh bond issue came through not only from him but also collectively.
          There, going through hypothetical calcuations, name him to have lost that much of funds is no means acceptable.

          In the same manner, we could hypothetically finalze if MR regime had been wise, we could have over billions over the years enriching the pockets of the poor to this date… is this right ?

          Had we been born in Western countries, we woudl have thought the other way around…. all these are totally different from the ground realities of srilanka.

          Had the country been known about Tsunami waves, they could have saved the lives of thousands.

          Had the lately held disasters that took the lives of innocient people could have been informed if the nation had been wise.

          Had the MR regime done their best towards the humanity, nothing should have happened in the made riots of aluthgama

          Had the MR regime been wise enough, they would not have instigated BBS dogs to destroy own nation.

          Had the govets been that clever, ethinic problmes of the country woudl not have been dragged to that long….

          all these are hypothetical – but ground realities are realities…. they are not hypothetical.

  • 15

    IMF Report which the Singaporean tried to hide has finally made it the local Press.

    Singaporean forced the Bank to issue LKR 80 Billion worth of Bonds at a higher rate than the prevailing market rate.

    Most of it went to the Son in Law’s Perpetual.

    Who then sold some to EPF for a higher rate .

    Just imagine the profits the Son in Law made.

    Even at 2 % on say half which is 40 Billion, it is LKR 800 Million a year, every year for the next 30 years.

    He can donate a CAT scanner to Maharagamam every year, and still has LKR 600 Million in the Bank for Roast Beef or is it Roast Turkey or both every XMas for the next 30 years.

  • 15

    Let us appoint KAS SUMANASEKERA!

    • 17

      I think lanken university professors and other higher professionals should call a forum where open questions can DIRECTLY be discussed with the governor and other higher professionals. That is how Europeans solve the problems. I have not seen yet any open discussions being held on the issue yet inthe country. Let Arjuna to meet up with former minister of finance, former governor and other experienced officers to exchange onthe bond scam issue on a broader manner.

      Why is that only press men allow to add their incorrect view on a person whose credentials are well recogniazed by international bodies rather than local ones.

      I simply believe it is much easier to go for charactor assasinations within the local media since lack of facts even turn correct person a wrong one easily.

      • 11


        A good one :)

        But you cant expect the kind of discussions holding on srilanken channels. Unfortunately, that is the saddest reality of the country.
        We talk about press freedom, do the journos (with brains) handle it today so that every corners are fed with facts of the ground situation the on going politics. No… no no..

        But I truly believe, that way only the public could get to know the facts in terms of the those bond scam and the backgroudn to have ended up it inthat way. I truly agree with you.

  • 19

    ….Mahendran wears a suit which is worth millions of rupees,can a person who wears such expensive suits,understand the common mans problems,Jayaratne asked…

    The logic behind this argument is that to understand the common mans problem Mahendran should wear cheap suits!

    • 15

      What matters is not the costs of his costumes but work done. I perfectly know when moving with europeans and international men and women, you need to spend enough to look you good and smart. Kleide machen Leute (appearance is everything in some occasions).

      Anyways, to attack a person this way, as JVPers always do can bring anything to anyone. – it is just childish. Besides nobody would get paid for what he wears. It is his or her own things. I really dont think Ranil would have paid Arjuna for his suits. These are gossips that have no meaning. Thse men engage spreading them are beyond all low levels.

  • 10

    He got a chance of his life to change the fortunes of this country and for its people and make a massive contribution to this country. He chose the wrong path to make a fortune for himself and his family. He followed MR’s footsteps for which, we the people voted him out.

    AM screwed -up big time and we are not hear to listen to RW or Eran using political correctness to defend AM. He must go. They are wasting time defending their pride. But we know the truth. Arujuna M, you were a capable and qualified man but you screwed-up big time. Please go!

    • 12

      Man, dont trust what is in air. Just think twice where they come from.

      All the press men work for Rajakashes even today. That is why some commenctator on this valubale forum keep revealing those journos are the biggest problem of the hour.

      Press freedom is there, but who is abusing it today ? Very same journos that made black as white during the prevous regime. We need more powerful men like few brand journalists to make a TANGIBLE change in the country.

      Please talk to the qualified men and have you clear your thoughts, Arjuna has done nothing wrong in that scam bond issue. Rajaakshes fish on muddy waters, if only Arjduna remains, all the billions being grabed by Rajano et al ll be clear .. for sure.

      Believe me, this is going to be an another slap to this govt.

    • 9

      I have no doubt Gune trusts only lanken tabloid news.

      He has no whatsoever knoweldge on bond scam.

      Anyways, this is due to JVPers that for no reasons spread lies.

      They will face it sooner or later – for all what they have done.

      They ar enot practical men – nor have they experience.

      Bond scam or the like were not even known to lanken average inthe high days of Mahraja and 40 thieves. Now only, those complex problems are added to press. Actually, the university dons and other accoutnants should hold an open discussion on the issue – also inviting Mr Mahendran Basta. That way only as Sirimal made it clear, all these lies could be removed from the fools. Lankens are infected by lies but lies again anda gain.

  • 9

    Yes, Plato. As per their logic Mahendran should be in his Birthday suit to understand the common man’s problem. Yes, that’s what they expect from the governor of a Central Bank. All idiots and maroons, wouldn’t let this country move forward. They all doing contract for some one else in the name of transparency and good governance. It’s very certain that come what may Mahendran should stay, and the President and PM should operate at that weave length. They shouldn’t given into all these pressures, wimps and fancies of the few.

  • 4

    He is a guy who is unashamedly self centred in all his dealings. Whatever knowledge and skill he may have it’s a waste as far Sri Lanak is concerned. He should go and learn something about humility and self effacing commitment from public officials like Mayadunne.
    Shame he had become the Achilles heel for Ranil!

  • 10

    Just because CJ can probably not have the financial facility to wear good clothes .
    He has to criticize .
    He wears trousers that are falling off & he has to keep one hand on the waist band to prevent it from fall off.
    That would make a sordid picture!
    His shirts are all crumpled & discolored .
    All in all of any international organization were to meet him, he would probably be shown the door or taken as a cleaner.
    Mr Mahendran has been either in No 1/2 slots in all the private banks & wealth management institutions he has worked for.
    There is an unwritten dress code that has to be adhered to.
    Do you think any one but a clown would want to sit with Chandra & talk serious business.
    The Ceylon Chamber must be absolutely hard up to have some clown like him as the head of the business community.

  • 9

    My gut feeling is that Good or Bad Good Governance activist Chandra Jayaratne is not in favour of a Tamil wearing clothes that is more expensive than what he wears!
    Perhaps,racism which I suspected right along!

  • 11

    Mr AM, just continue to be do what you are capable of doing it.
    Don’t worry about our great junk media.
    You are on!

  • 7

    you are saying civil society wants arjuna mahendran out. who are you t5o define civil society is. you have to be another racist to do so. ferget it you myopic idiots.

  • 9

    Chandra Jayaratna is not a racist [Edited out]. He is a top professional having got prizes at the Chartered Accountants exam in 1960’s. He is a good governance activist. But he made a mistake being personal on Mahendran wearing expensive suits. That is not Jayaratne’s business. But he can find fault on Mahendran on any wrong doing provided he has specific evidence and can prove it beyond reasonable doubt.

  • 6

    If Arjuna Mahendran wants to remain as CB Governor he should not allow his son in law’s company Perpertual to act as a Primary dealer, as there is a huge conflict of interest. However if Perpertual intends functioning as a Primary Dealer then AM should not accept the post. Also restructuring so that the current Bond handling function comes under the purview of the finance ministry will not solve the matter as AM’s son in law is a consultant in the Finance Ministry, and will be mere eye wash.

  • 1

    All hand in glove and inter woven………..
    AM must honourably EXIT.

  • 5

    [Edited out] This whole issue of Central Bank Governor is a falsehood fabricated by the fascist forces of Rajapakshas. If there has been a misappropriation, theft or cheating of money there must be concrete amounts stolen and an entity that possessed that money. This whole Bond scam revolves around hypothetical assumptions and amounts. This instrument of TB is not a new one that came into being after AM was appointed but one that has been existing from Rajapaksha regime era.

    Before MR came to power the covering of budget deficit was an uncomplicated matter and involved mostly finding of budget requirements for food stuff, essential infrastructure and welfare. After MR illegally, criminally and deceitfully waylaid power he ensnared this country in a maze of corruption, inefficiency, waste, extravagant expenditure and a huge burden of loans. The massive loans he obtained on highly unfavourable and high interest rates were massively stolen and the remaining balance was went down the drain over highly yield-less, unsuitable and ill-conceived projects. This was further worsened by his moronic pegging of the dollar. After he finished himself and the country and gone, what the present government was left with was a country riddled with massive debts, white elephant projects, inefficiency, totally destroyed state apparatus and policing and justice dispensation system and above all a supremely ignorant, tribalized and violence-oriented nation.

    To find quick fixes for the massive monetary requirements resulting from his own corruption infested, extravagant and wasteful governance MR used Treasury Bond proceeds. Whether it be pegging of Rupee, importation costs or loan payments the Bonds were the easiest instrument of quick bucks! And he had nurtured a ring gang of wheeler dealers for this purpose. Perpetual Treasury was one of the firms that have been dealing in TBs since MR regime times it has nothing to do with Arjun Mahendran as CBG. Allocius’s connection to CBG is purely a chance happening where PT has been in the business since long before AM became CBG.

    The financial crisis brought about by MR regime was of unprecedented scale and gravity and this government too had to resort to TBs to quickly fulfil the urgent monetary needs. Most of these monies went in to paying the installments of the massive debts taken by MR regime.

    Bonds are traded in auctions and in auctions there are no hard and fast rules. Auctions are really a form of gambling. Those who obtain money through Seettu in the village know better than those who level allegations against the governor that no rules can be imposed over the conduct of auctions. The fools who are being used as mouthpieces by the fascists, like AKD, Gamini Viyangoda, Dewasiri, Jagoda, Caffe man, Enews et al are in fact subtlely used by ulterior forces do destabilize the present government and RW. What they really want is to remove RW as PM and substitute a manipulative fool so that MR can regain power. What fucking knowledge do Dewasiri et al know about economy, fund raising, businessing, central bank governing, international fund management and sourcing etc.? That clownish fucker Handunnetti who is the COPE Chairman is doing everything except what his post want him to do in his capacity as the Chairman. Instead of yelling out in the public media rags had he conducted an investigation in to this matter he would have found innocence or the guilt of AM! How many months have passed since he was appointed to this post? What action has he taken so far? And why does he come to the public media rags to make various allegations and assumptions against AM? I think these people are totally mislead and taken the yahapalanaya concept from the wrong end. It is like the monkey wielding the razor. They do not know their duty and engaging all sorts of mischiefs.

    These fascist forces know what RW is going to do with the help of AM and because they cannot now level false allegations against RW like in those Rajapaksha days when Sirasa media rag launched massive media campaigns against him in clear submission to Rajapaksha agenda, they have now created a phantom thief in AM to attack RW and his credibility. Their aim is to remove RW from primeministerialship because it is the only hurdle they have between Rajapaksha regaining power and the future wellbeing of this country. If RW runs for another 2 years with AM all these problems of the country will be solved and this country would become a paradise full of opportunities for everybody. Such a scenario would be anathema to Rajapakshas and JVPers who want to grab power by crook or hook because people will see and feel the difference and awaken themselves and their minds to the true meanings of democracy, yahapalanaya and development and prosperity. Niraml Ranjith Dewasiri et al who are barking on roof tops on this phantom bond fiasco are abandoned and ignored nobodies in the society because they in themselves have no initiative, value or worth on the society. Their societal poverty therefore make them vulture on vague issues where clear demarcations are absent and issues can be interpreted according to the whims and fancies of every Tom Dick and Harry. The JVP who was responsible for bombing the very parliament are barking through the mouths of Handunnetti and AKD and this make the Chairmanship of Handunnetti very questionable because he now has arrived at a preconceived judgement on AM and how can such a person sit and investigate impartially in an investigative body?

    At the moment the only person who has the capacity, vision and inexhaustible resources and procreative power of the seeds, shoots and springs of good governance and sane and realistic governance machinations appears to be RW. Even MS seems to have learned and taken some cues from him. That is why these fascists quickly hurried and arranged a lecture to MS through Dayan Jayathilake! Ha Haa Ha! That lunatic fucker who had to run with his underpants in Borella cemetery trying to lecture the country using not so educated but practical Premadasa!

    Another point worth mentioning is that RW has introduced people of good reputation and talents to Sri Lankan politics and offices. Eran, Harsha, Sujeewa, Janaka Perera, Bddika, Kindelpitiya, Mahendran are just a few. Kindelpitiya has fallen out but none has been criminals and thieves as those MR sheltered, harboured and protected. RW took the Ministry of Finance under him due to the grave financial and operational problems of the Central Bank and the country. So far it is almost only RW who has an unblemished record of oneself not being a chief or a criminal. Can anybody argue RW will jeopardize his own prestige and character by harbouring thieves under his purview?

    I hope RW will engage in a personal discussion with MS without the interference of the pigs who are trying to claim paternity for Yahapalanaya government and decide to continue with Arjun Mahendran as the Central Bank Governor.

  • 1

    A man who spends millions of state funds on clothes alone, and was unable to effectively supervise subordinates during financial procedures while allowing a family member to take part with inside information, is not fit to hold public office.
    No man is indispensable in public service.

  • 4

    justice et al,

    Koombiyata hujja parath gangawak wagelu! Do you have any idea what Mahendran has forsaken when he came to this country infested with gallery type citizens and politicians?

    Do you have any idea what Mahendran is capable of?

    Do you have any idea why Singapore government, while the buffalos in this country are suffering from xenophobia, offered Singaporean citizenship to this Sri Lankan and hired his talents, capacities and services to develop their country?

    Do you have any idea why RW took under him the Ministry of Finance and also offered Mahendran an unlimited Credit Card facility?

    Do you have any idea of the distance, width and breadth the Sri Lankan Siyadorisas and Haramanisas can cover as Central Bank Governors?

    Do you have any idea of the relationship or non-relationship between few millions on cloths, frequent flights etc. and RW’s master plan for the development of this country where he has given undertaking for 1 million jobs, development of the whole country by region/district/project-wise allocation of the development projects among various countries in the world like India, China, Japan, German etc.?

    Please give me the name of the one you propose for CBG out of your Siyadoris creed and how he is going to fit in RW’s macroscopic worldview where almost every strategic measure he has devised for the development of this country has its origin on foreign sources for investment.

    When are you all going to come out from the frog-in-the-well mentality?

  • 1

    President has set the stage to throw AM out. This will be the beginning of the end the honeymoon between SLFP and UNP. AM has managed to show the line between the two parties. Poor RW may have got a substantial deal for UNP through the Bond, but his days are numbered>

  • 0

    Mahendran may be highly competent with an international track record in banking circles, particularly in comparison with his incompetent & sleazy predecessor, & wealthy in his own right, but he should have known better that there would be allegations of insider trading when his son in law profited from the bond issue. The SIL may have been in business long before Mahendran became governor but it would need a lot of convincing to accept that his family did not receive any special advantage. An independent investigation would clear the air but in SL, it is well known that such investigations are non resistant. So Mahendran should have seen this coming, particularly after the first controversy but since he may have no control over his SIL’s business affairs, he should have known that there is a possible conflict of interest & ensured total transparency.

    Further, his expensive life style may be in keeping with his status internationally but his claims from public funds should be reasonable.
    When the big three automobile manufacturers in the US were summoned to Washington to discuss a bailout package by the US Govt. a few years ago, the CEOs of these companies were criticized for coming to the meeting in their private jets & for their high expenditure on company account at a time their companies were struggling to survive. Despite his personal wealth, Mahendran has shown insensitiveness, even bordering exploitation by squeezing every cent possible from his expense account, which tips the balance in favor of his unscrupulous nature.

  • 5

    Going by a majority of the comments which are in favour of AM, I can tell all CT readers that there is a concerted and well organized effort by a handful of AM supporters to bomb the comments with positive statements in favour of AM. It must be being managed a handful of people or by just one person.

    Sam Fernando says I have no knowledge of the bond scam. I can’t understand how he came to this conclusion as I haven’t said anything to display my ignorance on how bonds are issued and the processes and protocol that are required to be followed. Infact quite contrary to his assumption I am adequately knowledgable about how bonds are issued. However let me state that the public is not required to be qualified on the subject as “integrity” is something taught by one’s family. It is the greatest learning a man can ever get which will be valid through his entire life. To have integrity requires NO university qualification. There was a serious conflict of interest and what Mahendran should have done at the least is to have flagged this to his superiors or monitoring board well ahead of the auction. As the governor he has more important tasks to fulfil than to walk in and out of the rooms during an auction when there are adequate professionals to monitor the auction. He has worked in global companies which require strict compliance on such matters. So he can’t display his ignorance.

    Mahendran is certainly a capable man for the job. In fact I hailed his appointment when it was announced. We who voted for good governance are disappointed to see it being devalued by politicians and administrators who simply cannot live upto the simple rules to uphold Yahapalanya. Mahendran’s poor judgement has seriously dented his credibility and he must go ! You can look at this any which way you want but it is fraught with irregularities which Mahendran should be a shamed of.

    • 0

      Please never go by majority – in this country wheever good moves and decisions are being made inthis.

      fOLLOWINGs are the examples

      a) over 300 000 have voted for Wimal buruwanse or the others but what should have they gone through their stupid heads – had they been that wise

      b) Why the buggers stayed as if clay eaten crocodiles at teh time, all the multi level frauds were being mapped by BASIL led group prior to CURRENT regime

      c) Divinaguma got passed in the parliament – knowing all the contents are wrong – and dangerous to the nation – how could they the idiots have done it if they are peoples friendly ?

  • 0

    Arjuna Mahendran is being made the whipping horse by MaRa to make things difficult for the Govt:In fact he has driven a wedge between MS and Ranil on this issue.
    He must be watching the unfolding scenario,with Weerawansa sipping a scotch!

    • 0

      You may be right about what MR is up to. but that is no excuse to be blind to what is going on in the CB.

      Has AM conducted him in a way that is helpful to the government?
      The civil society protesters are not enemies of the government.

  • 0

    you can see the wonder brain of mahendran working for the country here in the picture.He is in a quandary whether to transform srilanka into a singapore or a switzerland.He knows we will be happy with either,but it is his legacy he is worried about,when he is dead and gone one day will they remember him as a man who ushered in a authoritarian style of economic management or a democratic style of economic management.Go for switzerland mahen,we want the cake and to eat it too.Let them remember you as the swiss mahendran who gave us the cake.

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