3 December, 2022


Claiming Land, Claiming Home, Claiming Justice

One day, on a day after tomorrow,

I too will return to my land

with mine and my own, and all around me,

to give life to a lovely spreading tree, 

touching the skies, 

growing from the root, still breathing. 

On that day, your

brothers, and sisters, little then,

now grown, will have made

a new place in a new time.
Will they embrace us in a warm welcome

or turn away? Or, will they merely turn around, 

without welcome, without word. 

~ Mullai Mustheefa in Iruthalin Azhaippu

30 years ago. In October 1990, 75000 -80000 Muslims were evicted from their northern homeland in the wake of increasing hostilities and armed conflict in the north and east. The LTTE which was dominant militarily in the north at that time and controlled large swathes of territory ordered an entire community to leave the province in 2 days with only a shopping bag and 500 rupees. In Jaffna peninsula they were given a mere two hours’ notice. Today, 30 years later, as we remember the eviction and memorialise it, and as we remember the pain of its brutal injustice, we  also remember that all of us, Tamils and Muslims,  lost a part of ourselves that day. The war had been cruel, and both our communities had been torn apart. Both the communities had been uprooted from their domiciles repeatedly, in the bombing and shelling, in the brutality of state militarisation and in the brutality of militancy. 30 years later, we are still looking for answers to all our concerns and feel the need for solidarity.

While it is 11 years since the war drew to a close, the ethnic conflict and the issues it spawned are far from resolved. The quest for a viable political solution from a majoritarian state is a primary concern for many of us. Continued insecurity in the face of militarization is an urgent matter. Armed militancy and a political culture of violence that characterised the past, have further eroded into the democratic fabric of society. Resettlement and rehabilitation remain unresolved problems. Distribution of land, access to state and social networks, language parity, devolution of power, inter-ethnic reconciliation and the continued presence of gender, class and caste stratifications are a part of the political landscape. Also, the ongoing crisis triggered by the pandemic will lead us into an economic depression and greater authoritarianism, creating a sense of overwhelming fear and polarisation of perceptions, locally and nationally. 

Today, as we are compelled to forge new paths of activism for our own survival, we need to formulate responses that are born out of dialogue between and among communities. This is essential if we are seeking a just and democratic political solution. As a step toward this, there has to be a public disavowal of the eviction from all parties concerned, political and civil. We shall wholeheartedly say that never again will such a heinous act like the eviction take place amidst us. Never again shall we condone such acts of ethnic cleansing amidst us. 

Our survival in the north as human subjects rests on the social, political and economic inter dependence of Tamils, Muslims and other communities in the region.  

Return and resettlement in war torn north and east of the country had been a thorny issue from the very beginning.  Return has not been easy for any community. It has not been easy for the Tamil community. In this fraught reconstruction process, the return and resettlement of Muslims has received scant attention. Return is costly as it involves building a home and society from scratch. It entails finding a viable path to a livelihood in a new and often hostile environment. The natural increase of the community during the 30 years of displacement implies that in resettlement one needs to acquire more land to meet the needs of a community.  Land and dwellings had been lost of jungle in many places.  Often returnees found in their lands and homes that they left long ago displaced Tamils, who themselves had lost their own land over time in the war. Two displaced and marginalized communities often find themselves locked in a contest for land, and other resources Competition over allocations, jobs, schools and other distributory mechanisms are mired in battles that bring up old wounds. The younger generations have no context for this return and resettlement, which exacerbates the situation.  The establishment of military bases in some areas, the appropriation of land for roads and development projects have further complicated the problem, complicating the politics of reclaiming land. These have exacerbated relations between the Tamil and Muslim communities. But these are not intractable problems. We can resolve them if there is political will.  

In that spirit we appeal to:

the political leaderships of Tamils and Muslims to constantly engage in dialogue across ethnicities, and be inclusive in their actions, in a recognition that neither community can survive without collaboration. Our political leadership should constantly act against militarisation and authoritarianism in an inclusive manner. 

the northern bureaucracies to address the needs of the displaced, the returnees, to address the problems that make return difficult, and thereby facilitate an easy process of return. 

educational institutes and other civil organizations to make a concerted attempt to make dialogue, discussion and dissent central features of its democratic practice. 

To leaders of religious organizations to make an effort to build bridges among communities. 

In remembering the eviction and its continuing legacy, we the northern people  make a commitment to forge lines of solidarity across cultural, ethnic and religious differences; and to attend to concerns of class, gender, caste and other forms of marginality among our communities and across communities. Thus, we in the north can shape a common vision for its future founded on social cohesion, democratic practice and political justice. 


  1. Naina Mohamed Abdullah, Jaffna Kilinochchi Muslim Council
  2. A. Ajitha, Vallamai – Movement for Social Change
  3. Ragavan Alphonsus
  4. Mohamed Ameen – Rosa Textile
  5. Abdul Gaffoor Anees –Research and Action Forum (RAFF)
  6. Sengarapillai Arivalzahan, University of Jaffna
  7. Rev. Stephen Arulampalam – Theological College of Lanka, Pilimathalawa
  8. Swasthika Arulingam
  9. Bisliya Bhuto – Social Activist
  10. Najeeha Buhary – Jaffna Women’s Development Centre
  11. Jancy Cafoor – J/Kadeeja Maha vidyalaya
  12. Rengan Devarajan, Attorney-at-Law
  13. Cayathri Divakalala, Independent Researcher
  14. Mohamed Easteen – Thaha Foundation
  15. S. Easwary, Vallamai – Movement for Social Change
  16. S. C. C. Elankovan
  17. Mohamed Faais – Lawyer
  18. Prathaban Francis
  19. A. Girithy, Vallamai – Movement for Social Change
  20. Sahul Hameed –  Kamal Mosque
  21. Prof. Farzana Hanifffa – University of Colombo
  22. Jafar Hasbullah, University of British Columbia
  23. K. Hemalatha, Vallamai – Movement for Social Change
  24. Elijah Hoole
  25. Rajan Hoole
  26. Hasanah Cegu Isadeen
  27. S. Ithayarani, Vallamai – Movement for Social Change
  28. Very Revd. Fr. P. J. Jebaratnam. Vicar General, Roman Catholic Diocese. Bishop’s House, Jaffna.
  29. S. Jeevasuthan – University of Jaffna
  30. Thivakaran Jeyabalakrishnan
  31. J. Prince Jeyadevan, University of Jaffna
  32. S. Jeyasankar, Eastern University Sri Lanka
  33. Ahilan Kadirgamar, University of Jaffna
  34. Niyanthini Kadirgamar
  35. Rev. S. Kadirgamar
  36. Mohamed Kais – JMA
  37. S. Keetheswary, Vallamai – Movement for Social Change
  38. S. Kopika, Vallamai – Movement for Social Change
  39. R. Kounthini, Vallamai – Movement for Social Change
  40. Rasaratnam Krishnakumar
  41. Prithiviraj Kulasingham
  42. Mahaluxmy Kurushanthan MWDF
  43. J. Thayalini, Vallamai – Movement for Social Change
  44. Jensila Majeed
  45. S. Mariyarosalin – Vallamai –Movement for Social Change
  46. Jamal Mohideen – Mohideen Mosque
  47. Juwairiya Mohideen – Muslim Women’s Trust 
  48. Azeez Movlavi – Sivalapalli Mosque 
  49. Jafir Movlavi – Mohideen Mosque
  50. Nisara Nawas – J/ Al Hadeeja Pre-school
  51. Rufinas Nawas – Jaffna Women’s Development Centre
  52. M. Nirmala, Vallamai – Movement for Social Change
  53. S. Nithika, Vallamai – Movement for Social Change
  54. S. Niventhini, Vallamai – Movement for Social Change
  55. Siyana Niyas – Jaffna Women’s Development Centre
  56. M. A. Nuhman – Retired Professor, University of Peradeniya
  57. Ven. Fr. Samuel J Ponniah, Archdeacon of Jaffna, Diocese of Colombo, Church of Ceylon (Anglican)
  58. Angel Queentus, Jaffna Transgender Network
  59. Rusiya Sajeeth – Sarvodaya Shramadana Society
  60. R. Rajany, Vallamai – Movement for Social Change
  61. Vasuki Rajasingham
  62. A. Rahman, Vallamai – Movement for Social Change
  63. Fathusa Ramees –  Osmaniya College
  64. Bahirathy J. Rasanen, University of Jaffna.
  65. Mohamed Razeen – Elders’ Society
  66. S. H. M. Rizni –Research and Action Forum (RAFF)
  67. M. M. Saburudeen, Attorney at Law, Mannar
  68. The Rev. Jurinesz R. Shadrach, Church of Ceylon (Anglican)
  69. Mohamed Samees –  JMA
  70. V. Shamini, Vallamai – Movement for Social Change
  71. K. Saranhan, Vallamai – Movement for Social Change
  72. K. Sathiyaseelan, Vallamai – Movement for Social Change 
  73. Muttukrisna Sarvananthan, University of Jaffna
  74. Sutharshan Sellathurai – University of Peradeniya
  75. S. K. Senthivel, New Democratic Marxist-Leninist Party
  76. Shreen Saroor 
  77. V. Sinthuka, Vallamai – Movement for Social Change
  78. Mafasa Siraj –  Osmaniya College
  79. N. Sivapalan, University of Jaffna
  80. Navaratnam Sivakaran, University of Jaffna
  81. S. Sivasuthan, Vallamai – Movement for Social Change
  82. M. Sooriyasekaram
  83. A. Sornalingam
  84. Sivamohan Sumathy – University of Peradeniya
  85. S. Suganthi, Vallamai – Movement for Social Change
  86. Esther Surenthiraraj, University of Colombo
  87. Sivasanthirabos Sureshkumar, Oppuravillam, Church of Ceylon
  88. Saba Thanujan, Co-Secretary, Mass Movement for Social Justice
  89. S. Tharsan, Vallamai – Movement for Social Change
  90. Selvy Thiruchandran
  91. S. Thileepan, Vallamai – Movement for Social Change
  92. Mahendran Thiruvarangan, University of Jaffna
  93. Thisanthini Thiruchelvam 
  94. Yathursha Ulakentheran, Undergraduate, University of Peradeniya
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Latest comments

  • 8

    No one bothers to ask the question why Hindu India, the 54 countries that are Muslim, Buddhists nations like Ceylon and Vietnam were conquered effortlessly by Europeans. This article is a good example – backward looking people. Its always about how great Hindus’, Buddhists’, Muslims are and were etc. How about looking forward ?

    Yesterday’s gone, yesterday’s gone
    Why not think about times to come?
    And not about the things that you’ve done
    If your life was bad to you
    Just think what tomorrow will do.
    Fleetwood Mac ( 1978 )

    • 10

      They took Chinese gunpowder (that the Chinese used for the beauty of fireworks), and used their twisted minds to blow up others with it.

    • 6

      If Tamils can’t provide justice and fairness to Jaffna Muslims, how can they expect Sinhalese to provide justice and fairness to Tamils! This is the law of karma all Tamils believe.

      • 3

        Have Muslims provided justice to the Tamils but constantly back stabbed them. Especially in the south and east , where they do not allow Tamils whom they ethnically cleansed and expelled to return. You cannot have your cake and eat it. Who are these so called Muslim displaced people numbering around 45000 settled along the Wilpattu corridor in Mannar? Around 55000 thousand were displaced and 45000 settled ., along the Wilpattu corridor and now more and more are claiming they were also displaced and want to settle . What are we idiots? Tamils are the indigenous population in the north and east., Muslims are recent immigrant refugees from South India. Vast difference

    • 4


      “No one bothers to ask the question why Hindu India, the 54 countries that are Muslim, Buddhists nations like Ceylon and Vietnam were conquered effortlessly by Europeans.”

      It is because the rulers, functionaries, armed forces, …… politicians, … do not treat their own people well. Hence foreigners come and grope the people.

      For a change listen to this:
      Dr Thushara Wickramanayaka
      Daughter of Former PM Ratnasiri Wickramanayaka


      Will you now make sure rulers, functionaries, armed forces, …… politicians, … treated the people well.

      Militarisation will be complete shortly.

    • 0

      “conquered effortlessly “?
      Check on facts

  • 24

    This appeal seems to be a two way appeal. Asking Muslims and Tamils to reciprocate.

    So let the Tamils also to reclaim their lands in the East in Batticaloa, Kaathankudy etc.
    it cant be a one way solution.!

    • 16

      This is a ‘Three Way’ issue’ (Sinhalayo, Tamils and Muslims); not a ‘Two Way’ issue.
      What about Sinhalayo who were expelled from North and East by Tamils. Killing and expelling Sinhalayo from North started in 1958, long before LTTE Tamil terrorism started. The land and other property belonged to Sinhalayo who were expelled from North and East were taken by Tamils and Muslims.
      When Sinhalayo went to Yapanaya to claim their property, Tamil thugs chased them away. When Sinhalayo went to East to claim their property, Muslim thugs chased them away. Mahinda Rajapakshe Government did not do anything to help Sinhalayo. Hope that President Gotabhaya Rajapakshe will address the plight of Sinhalayo and settle them in North and East. After all, North and East is the ‘Traditional Homeland’ of Sinhalayo where Sinhala Buddhist culture flourished.

      • 17

        Eagle Eye :This is a ‘Three Way’ issue’ (Sinhalayo, Tamils and Muslims); not a ‘Two Way’ issue..
        Eagle Eye
        how about up country Tamils, how about the Burgher Community, the indigenous Veda etc etc ?

        • 5

          What a dumb reply. Up country Tamils, Burgher and Vedda Eththo did not live in the North and East.

          • 3

            what a dump thinking…….shows how limited your brain is…

      • 8

        Eagle shit,
        “After all, North and East is the ‘Traditional Homeland’ of Sinhalayo where Sinhala Buddhist culture flourished” . Where did you get the evidence for this? From your bul…it mahawamsa? Go to hell you stupid moron.

        • 7


          Aren’t you insulting all stupid morons?

        • 6

          Do you know where Sinhala Kingdoms Anuradhapura and Polonnaruwa that were destroyed by Demala invaders from Hindusthan existed?
          Sinhala Kings in these two Kingdoms ruled the whole country from Peduru Thuduwa to Devundara Thuduwa.

          • 2

            Were the rulers always genuine Sinhalese?

        • 2

          Velu, are you the same Velu?

          • 1

            It is as hard to answer as answering “Fernando, are you the same Fernando?”

      • 8

        Dumb Eagle, 99% of the Sinhalese in the East were colonised by successive governments post independence. You better get yourself well informed by referring to the historical population census by district, before uttering nonsense in this forum. All racial riots in Sri Lanka post independence were against the Tamils by the Sinhalese, with the acquiescence of the governments of the day and the one in 1958 was one such riots of many that followed. Peddling lies may get you some thumps up from like minded people, but will not stand up to scrutiny.

        • 1

          Same with 99% Tamils in Colombo.

          • 4

            What your source that Tamils in Colombo were colonised by the Government, name your source for the benefit of everyone on this forum to validate your claim!

            • 1

              I will let you into a secret from a not quite always an unreliable source:
              The government organized their settlement in very a cunning way. It made life impossible in the N & E and even the plantations so that the Tamils will take over Colombo.
              There are several secret Tamil agents posing off as rabid Sinhala Buddhists.

      • 3

        EE, do you really want to share your nation with people who refuse others’ rights?

        Isn’t is better to split the island into mono ethnic nations so everyone will have their fair share? Think logically.

        • 4

          Have you checked with your Tamil friends whether they are willing to take 11% of land and take all the Tamils scattered all over the country to their territory?

          • 2

            Tamils are 15.5% of the population so they deserve 15.5% of the land. And when did SL ask Tamils what they want! All decisions were imposed on them anyway. Don’t be so greedy EE and Tamils. Take what is equitable and leave the rest for the others. That is the only way for permanent peace, dignity, self respect, self determination, end to discrimination, end to dictatorship, end to war crimes, end to riots, end to human rights violations, end to false justice, end to failed reconciliation.

            • 4

              Tamils were around 26% at the time of independence and now reduced to around 16% due to ethnic cleansing activities by the Sri Lankan state and their allies like the Muslims. The North and East are the ancient historical lands of the Sri Lankan Tamils and it does not matter whether they are 5% 10% 1% or 15% . This is their land and they had control of this until 1948 . The Sinhalese and the immigrant South Indian Dravidian Muslims had never had any control of this prior to this and now are using fake history and state power to try to steal it from the Tamils. 99% of the Sinhalese only arrived in the east after independence. Deliberately settled there by the Sri Lankan state. The Muslims arrived in the north and east a few centuries ago and they are not native but of South Indian origin. They arrived in the east as refugees and were given refuge , and Tamil women to marry and start families , as they were ethnic Tamils who were fleeing Portuguese and then Sinhalese persecution . Now trying steal the land of the very same people who gave them refuge as fellow Tamils

    • 11

      Correct Rajesh . More than 100000 Tamils were expelled or forced to flee their lands and are still languishing in refugee camps in India under very miserable conditions , what about making it safe and allowing them to return? What about the thousands of Tamils who were ethnically cleansed and chased out the eastern province by the Muslim home guards and the Sri Lankan state? They still have not been allowed to return and these once Tamil Hindu villages now all converted to Muslim villages. No one talks about this too . If all these displaced northern Muslims have not been settled then who are these people who were settled along the Wilpattu corridor , as displaced northern Muslims? We they displaced or outside Muslims deliberately settled by certain organizations and politicians with sinister motives. All genuinely displaced people must be settled . not fake ones. Like what you stated it cannot be a one way street , displaced and expelled Tamils also must be settled in their original place of residence.

      • 9

        Siva Sankaran Sharma – well articulated.

      • 0

        They are living in Tamil Nadu where 90% of world Tamils live. 90% of Sinhalese live in Sri Lanka.

  • 17

    It is time the minority groups united so that they can represent themselves as one, make sure there is less discrimination, and have more strength to cope with the never ending attacks on Muslims and Tamils, by the Sinhala Buddhist supremacists, some led by saffron robed thugs. There is strength in numbers.

    • 13

      “Aaru Kadakkum Varaikkum Annan Thambi” after that?

    • 2

      Sinhalese are yet to take up arms and blast bombs like Tamils and Muslims.
      You should be happy to see we are not there yet.

      • 6

        The Sinhalese are lucky enough to be the majority, and do not have to fear their homes, businesses, and temples, being attacked, burnt and looted. They are not discriminated but discriminate, because they are the majority, they have no clue what it is to be the target of hate and discrimination. Get real.

        • 1

          For your information, majority Sinhalese did not take part in any of those riots. The riots were to discredit Buddhists using organized mobs.

          • 5

            Are you delusional? Those marauding mobs were Sinhala Buddhists led by saffron robed thugs. Gnanasara must be Tamil or Muslim according to your lame theory. There is no need for others to try and discredit Buddhists, some of them are doing a fine job discrediting themselves by their racist behavior.

            • 1

              I am adequately informed.
              Which saffron robed thugs are you talking about? You talked in plural and mentioned only one name.
              There was only one Buddhist monk involved in violence. That was Ven. Gnanasara Thero. Some other Buddhist monks who were with him were vociferous, but they didn’t mean any harm.
              Ven. Gnanasara Thero and Gotabhaya worked together. It was Rajapaksas (Pohottuwa) who sponsored all the violence against Muslims from 2016 to 2019 including the social media campaign.

              • 4

                I agree that the Rajapaksa’s have been behind the monk thug, but there have been others who join him, and do not stop him
                making them complicit. They should be inside their temples trying to promote peace and doing good, not joining in hate speeches and inciting violence. Buddhist monks, and clergy, have no business getting involved in politics and promoting hatred.

                • 1

                  Everybody has a right to express their opinion. Buddhist monks and clergy are no exception. I don’t know about clergy, but Buddhist monks were involved in politics throughout our Sinhalese Buddhist history. Lord Buddha was the first to preach on good governance!

                  • 4

                    Lord Buddha did not go around inciting mobs of racists, and spread lies about Muslims taking over the country, gullies that make Sinhala people barren, halal meat, and provoke violence against minorities, their homes, their businesses, and killing them in mosques.
                    Don’t compare these criminals to Lord Buddha. That is insulting the Enlightened one.

                    • 0

                      You clearly have a difficulty in understanding a simple comment.
                      I have already answered your assumption that it was Sinhalese Buddhists who attacked Muslims. Terrorists, paid mobs and power hungry politicians have no religion. Therefore, you have no right to assume that the mobs were sent out by monks, unless you can prove your allegation.
                      Who was behind barbaric Muslim terrorists who blasted bombs at churches targetting Sinhalese? Did Sinhalese retaliate?
                      You accused me of comparing Lord Buddha to criminals. Quote and show me proof.
                      I said that Lord Buddha was the first to preach about good governance which is called Dasa Raja Dhamma (ten royal virtues) which shows the connection between Buddhist monks and politics.
                      I have already given 30 points to prove the Malaccan Rajapaksa family’s meticulously planned cultural genocide of Sinhalese Buddhists.
                      The latest is Ali Sabry’s attempt to legalize gay culture in Sri Lanka which is totally against the family-centred Sinhalese Buddhist society, also something we vehemently opposed in the Yahapalanaya regime.

                  • 2

                    I am not sure if Lord Buddha was the first to preach on good governance. But he did preach.
                    Good governance has little to with rabble rousing politics.
                    The Buddhist clergy has played a powerful role in social transformation and resisting state as well as colonial oppression. (A founder member of the Communist Party of Ceylon was a Buddhist priest.)
                    Politics cannot be taboo for a clergyman, but to abuse position in society to seek personal benefit is not acceptable.
                    If the Sangha opens itself to public scrutiny it has a moral right to a political role.

  • 3

    – Every one is welcome to their “own” spaces irrespective of their personal believes as all are citizens of SL?.
    – There is no “Parity issues in Language and nor their any Devolution of power issues” in SL period. Remember the Federal Party become the separatist party who created the Muslim crisis in the first place. Do not fall for the LTTE sidetracking as LTTE was created by the FP/TULF in the first place. Therefore TNA should be compensating for the damages??
    – Land will be an issue and please publish NPC work towards preparing this land for the tamils (Muslims/Fellow Sri Lankans) who lost that space in the first place/publish details about how many times these were discussed in the UN/how many of the resolution that was passed by TNA/NPC during their term addressed this issue and if not why not?? to be explained to the entire Nation by the elected TNA/Hon Judge in the parliament?

    • 5

      – Land was an issue in the separate state concept and in the devolved state concept too for the population growth to come.
      – Land will be an issue for all the non Muslim Tamils to return home from overseas too. It is for TNA and TN to find it by reclaiming land??.
      – Jaffna is a place for Tamils and Sinhalese speaking people who are citizens of Sri Lanka just as the rest of the Nation where all others live?? even after the war the new generations have allowed all to live amongst them?? so why you think Muslims will not be welcome back to their home amongst Jaffna Tamils?? I am sure TNA has done the ground work to prepare the masses to uphold human rights?? part of the manifesto? part of their service to people as the elected??
      – We are working towards removing the Language identity.
      – No one need to know if anyone is Muslim/Buddhists/Hindu/Christian/Atheist as this is the next identity issues we need to remove as it is irrelevant for being citizen of Sri Lanka?

      • 4

        -The less we speak about Language and Religions from now on will be a good start for Nation building?? as we remove this conflict we will find more than enough for all of us to live happily ever after……for that please live by the religion preachings.
        – Good starting point will be for all the Temples(Buddhists/Hindu)/Vihara’s)/Mosques stop having speakers screaming from the prayer places disturbing peace in the name of God/Prophet etc.
        -Indian embassy in Jaffna should play a pivotal roll based on how the Muslims are treated in India and how they maintain peace amongst all the faiths?? is their responsibility as much as the TNA’s?
        – Should make reference to the TULF manifesto should we need answers to all these kind of problems? all be written in and risk analysed as a plan before the mandate was obtained for a separate state????

        • 5

          This is not a Sinhalese problem but a Tamil problem will show the duplicity this FP/ITAK/TULF/TNA had the nerve to sell out the children to foreign lands to be trained to kill a fellow man over a language problem from 1970 onwards that was solved in 1956 as Hon SWRD died giving that to his classmate Hon SJV…not sure what it did for the Nation though…never mind….Sinhalese were still generous enough to do that after the betrayal with the Indian Citizenship issue in the Sinhala heartland for those who were brought into work within the 10 year period…in principle if this was executed properly would have given a more dignified life for those workers in this catogory in India amongst their people in the first place(this was the global norm too in the world at that time)….what did anyone do for them ever since (including the Jaffna Tamils) to help the poverty of the Indians (then the SL citizens) nothing….is the same Ceylonese did for them in Malaysia and Singapore too. Now you all being played by the same for all your bad deeds.

  • 17

    “the political leaderships of Tamils and Muslims to constantly engage in dialogue across ethnicities How Hakeem and Rishard going to engage in honest dialogs? These both leaders, by all evidences, have induced their MPs to vote for 20A, in opposition to SJB leader’s father, who proposed to split Kalmunai to give Tamils their fair share. 33 years Kalmunai problem created and managed by Muslim leadership. This is how the cats got their Appa divided by the monkey and both ‘s share were eaten up by Monkey. Wait for few months, until the monkey which is powered by Muslim MPs 20A will have the problem solved neatly.

    • 14

      who is the author of this blog and who coerced the liberal to sign this appeal?

      is this an effort to divert attention from those Muslim MPs who sold the democracy of this country by voting for the 20Afor few million dollar to be paid in their foreign bank account.

      Next year will you guys remember the 31st anniversary?
      or Marveerar Day or Thileepan Day?…your democratic rights will betaken away !

      and the “Muslim P”s (this is deliberate) who voted for 20A will be enjoying luxury life as dual citizens in USA.

      so keep dramatizing the expulsion of Muslims from NE to fool the people!!!!!

      • 1

        Dear Rajesh

        Kindly elaborate what you saying please.

        All is said here is about returning the folks who were forced out of their homes?? I do. not read creed and colours??

        Without diving into why this appearing now rather look at this as why this did not happen earlier?why the petition is not signed by all the elected…225 of them please?? the one and only job scope for the elected is just that human rights/fundamental to all of us?? when we left as destitudes no other Nation did this to us??

        This has been my argument all along that there were never any need for the violence we created in our nation does not matter JVP/FP/TULF but we needed to be fair-minded people in dealing with the fellow man/problem solving…..part of the solutions…we have done the opposite that we all need to take responsibility?? no finger pointing?

        I totally agree there may political motives for this too but is irrelevant to deliver justice to whoever rightfully ask for that??

      • 3

        “so keep dramatizing the expulsion of Muslims from NE to fool the people!!!!!”

        Tamils keep on dramatizing the elimination of LTTE Tamil terrorists as a war crime to tarnish the image of Sri Lanka Armed Forces, divert attention from war crimes and gross violations of human rights committed by Tamil terrorists and to get the sympathy of International Community.

        • 4

          Eagle Eye – some Sinhala racist like you dramatize events to suit the agenda…

          Muslim doctors are sterilising Sinhala women etc …the lisy goes on

  • 3

    The only workable solution is to split the island into mono ethnic nations equitably. Relocate people into various parts of the island and close the borders.

    There will be Sinhala Only nation (Muslims are welcome if they accept Sinhala Only and Buddhist national religion) and Tamil Elam. If Muslims want a separate nation where they can govern their way with Sharia law, etc. that too is good. Relocate them to a separate part and let them have their own nation.

    That will permanently sort out racism in politics, grievances, aspirations, discrimination, human rights, war crimes, etc. Otherwise these will continue! Don’t be greedy. No ethnic group can have the entire island or a bigger share than their ethnic percentage. Take it and leave or riot, war, genocide, etc. forever!

    • 1

      Dear Gatam

      Then we have to control breeding programs from all the Horney men and women of srilanka as how you distribute land space based on set rules on Kapmasutra practices??

      Current population breakdown…yes this has been consistent since 30’s……..but our Muslim brothers and sisters are more active is noted??

      So “one for all and all for one” has a way of controlling matters differently…stir them up and mix it well so none of them will ever know whom they were 100 million years ago.

  • 3

    Why there is no signature from the elected MP;s from North/East and the rest of the Country??

    Can you also state that you have approached the elected Parliamentarians and Local Government officials too and if they refuse to sign?? please state what was the reason given by them please?

    If you have not done so please approach each one of them with a TV reporting team and have the event recorded and given to the UN please. Human rights start here as we were all given a life everywhere in the world when we needed a home even after all the crimes we have committed and these folks are only returning to their home???

    If anyone tell you reasons as to why they have animosity towards you please have it recorded the world can learn the reasons/crimes you have supposed to have committed?? all need to be recorded for evidence for UN.

    • 4

      Thiagarajah Venugopal – Why there is no signature from the elected MP;s from North/East and the rest of the Country??
      you wan the MPs to write to themselves?

  • 3

    Someone got to explain to the world why it took so long even to Internally Displaced Jaffna Muslims to date?? What did the Muslim parties do to date to make this possible as the elected??

    They should publish the letters they wrote to the TNA elected/leadership and the NPC and they responses received?? what did GOSL do on all these issues of rehabilitation of folks? what did NPC ask the Jaffna GA to assist on this matter asa matter off urgency for the past 11 years??

  • 2

    NPC should publish all the resolutions passed to date for auditing purposes??

  • 6

    After perusing a few paras, I went thru the list of the signatories.
    I am perplexed.
    What confuses me is their line of thinking.
    * Insecurity in the face of continuing militarization is an urgent matter.
    * Resettlement and rehabilitation remain unresolved problems.
    * There has to be a public disavowal of the eviction from all parties concerned.
    I agree.
    * Insecurity in the face of continuing militarization is an issue for the majoritarian Sinhalese community to put to rest.
    * Resettlement of Muslims and rehabilitation are issues that hinge on Governmental assistance.
    * A joint declaration by both Muslims and Tamils, of the circumstances under which the eviction of Muslims took place may lead to an acceptable total disavowal.

  • 4

    Resettlement is not simply a Tamil- Muslim issue!.

    Resettlement is complex !.

    Just look at the ongoing resettlement in Vallikamam,North in Jaffna District. How difficult it is to all;. after 30 years,

    The displaced people may have adopted their own coping strategy with little hope of ever returning, some of them successfully, others, the majority failures after failures in a vicious circle..

    Their erstwhile neighbors were also in the same boat. In the meantime, the world had changed beyond recognition.

    When you suddenly ask them to return not to the same place, but to a vastly changed world; politically, socially, economically, the closed economy in 1990 no longer in existence. The world had undergone vast changes; globalization, neo-liberalism, what else?-30 years- a generation?

  • 7

    By getting the 20 A project completed, Rajapaksas have also succeeded in causing a wider division
    again ,between minority communities. Without it how will they survive ????

  • 6

    If you wish to blame anybody for the plight of Muslims in the Northern and Eastern Provinces of
    Sri Lanka,
    It is not the Muslim Leaders,
    It is not the Muslims,
    It is not the LTTE,
    It is not the Tamils,
    It was the then Tamil leaders starting from Sir Ponnambaalam Ramanathan to SJV Chelvanayakam, Amitthalingam and the whole lot of them and present Tamil leaders who innocently believed that Muslims are Tamils,

    It is true that Muslims are Tamil speaking and most Muslims are descendants of Tamil Nadu Tamils.
    But, if you speak in terms of nations, nation state, nationalities etc, Muslims never belong to Tamil nation even in the 19th century or 20th century.

    The Sinhala leaders are not better,

    If only the Ceylonese leaders believed that there exist three different nationalities living, side by side in the then Ceylon then they could have approached the problems facing the country in a different light.

    This does not mean that other issues like caste, gender and exploitation of labor in the entire country including in the upcountry areas where estate laborers were roundly exploited are insignificant.

    Yet it is not too late!

    When a new constitution is drafted for the country all these differences should be accommodated in a consensus building exercise.

    • 12

      They are not part of the Eelam Tamil nation but are part of the larger Tamil Nation just like the Indian origin Malayaga Tamil people. There is no such thing called a Muslim nation. It is a world religion, that has members belonging to various races, ethnicities and linguistic groups and not a religion that is confined to one certain ethnic group only . Example Judaism ( Jews) Druze( certain Arabs from Syria, Israel, Lebanon and Palestine) Sikhism( Punjabi) or Yazidi( Kurdish) . These people can be called Ethno religious groups and these religions are not practiced by other people , races or ethnicities. They have a right to distinguish or separate themselves, if they want to but still properly classified as Tamil Muslims of Sri Lanka. Not Moors , their ancestors never arrived from North Africa but from South India and a little bit of Arab ancestry does not make them Arab. My great grand mother was English . This does not make me English . I am still a Hindu Tamil with a bit of English ancestry.

  • 6

    Thank you for providing a good platform for me to write.
    I was expecting this kind of request by Muslims, but not this early. It seems that Rajapaksas don’t want to waste time.
    Before commenting on the article, I wish to express my most respectful gratitude to Sri Lanka’s powerful Maha Sangha, especially Venerable Elle Gunawansa Thero and Venerable Muruththettuwe Ananda Thero for their last minute intervention to stop signing the SOFA & MCCA, as planned by the President.
    The strong opposition of Maha Sangha terrified Rajapaksas, but the danger is still there! The body language of Mike Pompeo when he was leaving indicated his “disappointment.”
    I see the saving of our motherland once again by Maha Sangha, as a historic recurrence. Moreover, I believe that the prominent Buddhist monks, including other Buddhist monks whose names are not mentioned here but who came forward to protect my country, are our re-born ancestors.
    I am now at the extreme limit of my patience. I need further assistance from MahaSangha to protect our country from Rajapaksa brothers of Malaccan origin (why do we hide this truth anymore?), who don’t have any regard for Buddhism or our country.
    Before it’s too late, I want to draw the urgent attention of the Sinhalese to an alarming phenomenon involving our country.

    • 7

      After carefully observing the suspicious attitudes, weird decisions and underhand works of Rajapaksas for nearly 1½ years, I recognize a well-thought-out plan to harm the reputation of Sri Lanka as a Buddhist country. Part of this plan is to destroy archaeological and documentary evidence of the origins of Sinhalese, and systematic temple and forest land grabbing, while strengthening and settling Muslim community in new lands and involving Muslims in important decision making, sidelining the Sinhalese.
      I have listed below my evidence:-
      (1) In 2019, Basil emphasized the necessity to grant administrative powers to local communities. I didn’t understand what he meant.
      (2) Then after a few weeks, Mahinda also said the same. I objected. I asked what he meant by “local communities – Pradeshiya Jana Samoohayan.” Actually, they were talking about the possibility of granting semi-autonomous powers to Moors & Malays.
      (3) Basil attempted to discredit the world renowned Kelaniya Buddhist Temple by fielding paid rogues to narrate a story of a cobra, who emerged from Kelani river to worship fake Naga eye balls, said to have received from Naga Loka. He was actually successful in decreasing daily attendance of devotees after that incident.
      (4) Laying over a red carpet to walk to the much venerated Ruwanmali Seya on the day of the swearing-in ceremony.

      • 8

        Contd’ 2/4
        (5) Rajapaksas’ covert involvement in replacing Ruwanmali Seya’s precious crest gem and the pinnacle with an imitated crystal at a breakneck speed, before the presidential election. (They had to slow down due to fierce opposition of the Buddhists and later decided to stay away from it.)
        (6) Attempt to re-survey the Wilpattu Reserve leaving out forest lands, forcibly occupied by Muslims.
        (7) Making a similar attempt to re-survey lands belonging to Muhudu Maha Vihara leaving out the temple lands, forcibly acquired by Muslims.
        (8) Rajapaksas secret funding of selected yellow robed rogues, such as, misogynist, Pissan Kotuwe podi haamuduruwo to preach vulgar as Dhamma sermons and Borelle Siri Sumana to pose as Buddha.
        (9) One of the projects mentioned in Gotabhaya’s Vision for Prosperity was domestic meat trade and meat exports. I was appalled. How could a “Buddhist ruler” do something like that? I gave a scathing attack to this proposal.
        (10) Decision to export eggs and chickens to the Middle East as against Buddhist sentiments.
        (11) Continued practice of nepotism and taking over 200 important state bodies and corporations under Rajapaksa family, thereby discriminating against others.
        (12) Repeated, hard-hearted refusal to bring down stranded workers, mostly Sinhalese women in WestAsia, for nearly 6 months.

        • 1

          Contd’ 3/4
          (13) The deliberate attempt to insult a batch of 100 Sinhalese women who were brought from the ME at an initial stage of COVID-19, by hugely highlighting the fact that those 100 women were pregnant.
          (14) Disregarding vehement opposition of the voters, appointing Ali Sabry, the private lawyer of the President as the Justice Minister.
          (15) The appointment of Milinda Moragoda, a well known anti-Buddhist who continuously worked against Sri Lanka for decades, as the High Commissioner of India, ignoring public opposition,
          (16) Gotabhaya and Ali Sabry’s conspiracy to revise the current birth certificate by deleting 18 items that are vitally important to document the origins of Sinhalese.
          (17) The decision to build a road across the ancient royal forest, Sinharaja World Heritage Site despite countrywide opposition.
          (18) Rajapaksa-sponsored willful destructions of forest lands and wetlands.
          (19) Decision to encourage import of beef while banning cattle slaughter is a mockery to the minds of common man.
          (20) Running a drug network targetting Sinhalese Buddhist youth, children and women.
          (21) Allowing certain TV channels close to Rajapaksas to distort young minds.
          (22) Deliberate delay in addressing the issue of increased cases of women and child abuses.
          (23) Latest decision to export toddy and arrack disregarding the country’s reputation as a Buddhist country.

          • 1

            Contd’ 4/4
            (24)Intentional disregard to the destruction of Buddhist archaeological ruins in the North and East.
            (25) Gotabhaya’s involvement in demolishing the king’s court of King Buvanaikabahu-II in Kurunegala and protecting the culprit to-date.
            (26) Humiliating prominent Buddhist monks who were opposed to the 20A by not accommodating their reasonable requests.
            (27) The introduction of 20A drafted by the US Embassy and using intimidation and bribes to pass it in Parliament.
            (28) Faking a second corona wave to impose quarantine curfews to cover up truck loads of goods brought to the US Embassy prior to the State Secretary’s visit.
            (29) Inviting the US StateSecretary to secretly sign the SOFA&MCC disregarding public sentiments.
            (30) Gotabhaya becoming a dual citizen again via the 20A and thereby holding the high office of President through deception, dishonesty and manipulation.
            I have more to add. But I will stop here.
            All Sinhalese need to be united to stop Rajapaksas’ abusing power. I have fiercely defended them and covered up their mistakes for a long time. I have no intention to defend them further, at the expense of my own country and Buddhism.
            Pohottuwa doesn’t represent Sinhalese Buddhists anymore.
            Therefore, I urge the Sinhalese to leave Pohottuwa as a protest to 20A, the dual citizenship clause and nepotism.

        • 6

          Dear Champa, i am glad u finally realized mlechcha motives of Rajapakshes, as I read this I question d my self how much u have changed since that 53 day fake govt by Gothadi sirisena and mafia boss MR: 😐😐😐😐😐😐😐😐dont u understand that both monks mentioned above are so biased to Rajapakse and they should be charged for all the mess created in the country today. MCC or any other pacts were never signed by GG govt but for their return media and Rajapakshes fooled the very same stupid voters as no times in the past. I never ever thought sri s average mind set ever be fallen to this levels. Y day rev muruthettiwa was very unhappy and revealed that GR is now caught by the blatant lies made by them prior to gain power. Just imagine if GG rulers let Pompeo enter the country , how Tajapakshe would have acted. They would have ruined nation by lying but the direct mediation of so called mahasanga who is really instrumental for srilanka s govt changes. Maha Sanga should first be neutral and knowledgeable about the grave issues of the country not taking any sides. Rajapakshes are world champion s to abuse even dead bodies of any community when power gains would work in favour of their family, knowing this reality why csnt yet maha Sanga stand against them yet today??????😎😎😎😎😎😎😎😎😎😎😎😎

    • 6

      Champa, do you have any credible evidence to support your claim that Rajapakshas are of Malaccan origin?
      I m not a fan of that clan but reality is that most of Sri Lankan’s are of Indian origin.
      How about we ignore this non-sensical division based on tags such as ethnicity, religion, cast etc. Time to move on, let’s be stars of tomorrow.

      • 3

        stars of tomorrow
        Yes, I do have evidence. Rajapaksas are of Catholic Malaccan origin. I have done my research a few years ago. But I kept quiet as I didn’t see Mahinda a threat to Buddhism. (Only once I mentioned their origin here on CT when I was angry about something.)
        Now that I have “discovered” Gotabhaya-Ali Sabry-Basil trio’s conspiracy to destroy Sinhala Buddhist power, our values, our culture and our family-based society nourished and disciplined by Buddhism, I thought it is time to expose their “great betrayal.”
        The “trio” is trying to strengthen Muslims by destroying the foundation of Buddhism and, if allowed Sri Lanka will be the Muslim country they aspired a long time ago. A large number of ancient Buddhist countries in Asia and West Asia have later become Muslims countries. I can’t let that happen to my country.

    • 5

      Dear Champa, dont u understand that both monks mentioned above are so biased to Rajapakse and they should be charged for all the mess created in the country today. MCC or any other pacts were never signed by GG govt but for their return media and Rajapakshes fooled the very same stupid voters as no times in the past. I never ever thought sri s average mind set ever be fallen to this levels. Y day rev muruthettiwa was very unhappy and revealed that GR is now caught by the blatant lies made by them prior to gain power. Just imagine if GG rulers let Pompeo enter the country , how Tajapakshe would have acted. They would have ruined nation by lying but the direct mediation of so called mahasanga who is really instrumental for srilanka s govt changes. Maha Sanga should first be neutral and knowledgeable about the grave issues of the country not taking any sides. Rajapakshes are world champion s to abuse even dead bodies of any community when power gains would work in favour of their family, knowing this reality why csnt yet maha Sanga stand against them yet today??????😎😎😎😎😎😎😎😎😎😎😎😎

      • 3

        I don’t blame Maha Sangha. They didn’t know, one thing and the other was the fear of the “resurrection” of LTTE and Muslim extremism (both of which actually are sponsored by Rajapaksas.).

        • 3

          Part 1

          Dear Champa, Dear Sinhala Man,
          I respect you both more today than in the past.

          That every unbiased commenters would know. Your evolution have shown that srilankens are there that really think about the need of the hour.
          But, do you think, if Maha Sanga led by those aforementioned monks did nt pave the main role RaJAPAKSHE to grab power, would it ever possible them to twist the average mind set of the island nation ? Abhayaramaya was the main hideout them to get mobilized all along. The very same Hamuduruwo to add desparity thoughts by yesterday, was what we noticed from Chamuditha s interview with him. There the monk makes it clear, President NGR has confirmed, that ministers dont care even his command today.
          People are not to be blamed, because srilanken people in general would take another few decades to see it right, whole lot of majority have to rather work on their daily struggles than wasting their times for improvement of their awareness of local politics. This you will realize if you would please interview 100 people, coming from various walks of life in the country, even ones incl. local university degree holders.

          to be continued.

  • 7

    Please also write a blog everywhere like in the Hindu and here ,about the still displaced Eezham Thamizh people . The refugees forced into exile , still languishing in Thamizh Nadu , the thousand of Eezham Thamizh who were forcibly expelled from eastern Sri Lanka ,by the Muslim Homeguards and their Chingkalla allies and still not allowed to return. Why are you and your friends silent about them and their plight? You should not be selective . May be these people do not have any funds or resources to get you to write about their pathetic plight and get others to sign.

  • 8

    I have read a similar article in this forum few times asking Tamils to solve the problem of Muslims who were made to relocate in 1990. North is still part of Srilanka, not a separate state. The authority remains in the hands of the Governments of Srilanka where Muslims were always enjoyed ministerial and other benefits. Even now today those who campaigned against the 20th amendment in parliamentary election voted to support the 20th amendment. They didn’t do because the government gave guarantee to settle all the Muslims who were displaced in 1990 or all those Muslims who were affected in the violence after Easter bombing. This government blamed Muslims as terrorists and still they are supporting the government. In 1990, the many Muslims in Jaffna played a key role along with Sri Lanka military as they served as they did in the East. The need is the justice is needed to all, not for one.

    • 4

      But muslims as a whole would network diehard to win their rights. Current minister of justice as a muslim would please both orifices of each Rajapakshe in that family so long his hidden propensities are addressed. Thses buggers are just traitors for their communities so as the constituent smaller party representatives, and oxford educated GLP are all bitch s sons that would nt care much about the true problems of the nation. By the time these vicious men would be ready to shed their last breath it ll surely not be easier since they deceive the stupid majority and their universal franchiseon and on as if fatally cancer patient would be sexually abused by treating docs. 😎😎😎😎😎😎😎😎😎😎😎srilanken mleccha politics 🤔🤔🤔🤔🤔🤔🤔🤔🤔

      • 4

        But muslims in general would nt fight for their rights, instead they have become torch holders to Rajakshe crimes. Best example is the current MINISTER for Justice. He does tno care much about anything so long he has been abused by Rajaakshe rascals for their politics. Rev Ananada THero has been making it very clear, if not for 500 lacks of state funds, they would not have passed 20A in the parliament. And nothing is achieved even if a year is gone since CRIMINALS returned to power. Let alone today people in this country should be very clear, not for the love for the nation, but for getting rid of the on going CRIME investigations, Rajakashes grabbed the power. I have no hope about the futre of srilankens. They will be criticised by the world as no different to IRAKIs in the days to come.All world ranking scales have warned enough that srilankens will only be compared to fallen countries. 🤔🤔🤔🤔🤔🤔🤔🤔🤔

  • 7

    It is heartening to see that 94 Muslims and Tamils have signed this letter which stresses the need for urgent attention. As weak and vulnerable people in the country, Tamils will whole heartedly welcome ethnic harmony. However, all decision and action must be by the all powerful government in power. As this is an important issue I decided to review the official census statistics of Northern province. A short summary of the relevant statistics, one before eviction(1981) and one after LTTE were defeated(2012), is appended here.
    Year 1981 Year 2012
    Tamils 1021006 993741
    Muslims 50991 32364
    Sinhalese 35128 32331

    From the above there were nearly 50,000 Muslims in 1990 and little more than 32000 have returned now. Population of both Tamils and Sinhalese have also gone down during this period.
    The claim that 75 thousand to 80 thousand Muslims were evicted by LTTE is a highly exaggerated figure. No Muslims were killed in the Northern province during the war. Therefore the number of Muslims yet to return to the North can be estimated, which comes to about 18,000 to 19,000.
    If there is honesty and sincerity and with government support we can resolve the issue.

  • 1

    The allegation made by former Chief Minister that unemployment is high in war affected areas is false. Matara, Hambantota and Matale Districts have higher unemployment. http://www.dailymirror.lk/print/slide-1/MP-Wigneswaran-overstates-the-unemployment-disparity-in-war-affected-areas/329-198867

    The government has just announced the establishment of a new FTZ in Eravur.
    Other claims need to be fact checked one by one.

  • 8

    This incident of eviction of Muslims took place in October 1990. Prior to this date, there were incidents where Tamils were forcefully evicted from their villages by Muslims in the eastern province. Violent incidents on Tamil villagers in Veeramunai in 1954 and at Karavagu village in 1965 where Kariappar MP was involved, shouldn’t be brushed aside. There were two other Muslim MPs involved in the violent incidents at Upparu Trincomalee in 1983 1985 & 1990 and this village is no more a Tamil village now. I could cite several cases where Tamil villages have become Muslim villages upon Tamils were forced to flee ; tamil schools have been renamed as Muslim schools; Hindu temples were demolished; Medina bakery and a mosque were built on the demolished site of two temples. Jeyanantha moorthy’s book titled Destroyed Tamil villages , reveal several other incidents.

    I urge the signatories to write a balanced appeal next time.

    • 5

      Dear RMN

      I agree we should have a holistic approach to problem solving as all should take responsibility indeed.

      Accountability/Ownership is critical where we stop this divisional politics forever and become a leading HARMONIOUS Nation delivering the religious preachings in our daily life. Otherwise the religions are was the of space and become irrelevant to human empowerment too. All these notions of infidels and all that should go too such SL muslims can be the change and be the progressive Islamic people for the world too.

  • 1

    Dear Folks

    Should we not consider new model villages throughout the land that reflects our diversity where we mic everyone together…as suppose to Muslim areas/Tamils areas and Sinhala villages etc.

    We are a progressive people and should work to shape a better world using the riches of our culture/religions etc…..let is be positive and say ” come from ashes” a new and sustainable concept people of Sri Lanka has shaped for a better tomorrow and setting example to the world too?????

    Germans built something great and the Japanese did even better fare the war…why not us?? may be the calling on the card we do not see/hear?

    • 2

      Dear T.V.:
      Taking people from different ethnicities and populating them into a single village doesn’t make a model village.

      A model community can have many ethnicities/multi-religious or can be monoethnic/religious. In other words, ethnic and/or religious diversity isn’t a pre-requisite for a model village.

      We don’t need to shuffle all races, ethnicities, religious positions, and nationalities and pour the cocktail across the planet to make a model planet.

      What makes a model village, town, city, province, country, planet? The moral resolve to be blind to all those superficial differences and thus enacting equitable treatment of all humans. Only that can be the foundation for organic birth of lasting multiethnic communities.

      Impetus for such villages, towns, cities, provinces, and country need to be from a nation’s constitution founded on equality, respect for individual rights and freedoms, rule of law upheld with equitable justice, and a society that holds its government accountable without impunity.

      As a whole, we are not progressive but morally degenerative. Politicians are widely blamed for corrupting the electorate; if true, then it’s further evidence of a morally fickle society which isn’t capable of forging a stable, principled constitution.

      • 2

        Dear S

        I agree word by word what you said.

        I was coming from a different angle to see how we can set some example as to how some progress could be made given our journey sometimes looks so disintegrated?? an unfortunate history/appropriate trouble shooting/perhaps a quick fix and move forward so all can get on board.

        However I totally agree what you say…all should be a natural flow and not an artificial fix nor is secularism means same all live together.

  • 3

    What a surprise I had, in going through the names and the organizations that have stood in solidarity with this issue of “Land” and “Houses”? Wasn’t there a “SINGLE” “SINHALAYA” to sign and show solidarity with this grievance? Did the “Organizers” of this “Campaign” contact any “Sinhalaya” of any organization to express his/her solidarity? Or, was it the request/contact was made, but “DECLINED/REFUSED” to sign? The ultimate “RESULT” I see in that “OVERSIGHT” or perhaps “EXCLUSION” is that this is going to be an “OPPORTUNITY LOST”. The “DIVISION” has been created and that “Division” will lead to further the already existing “DISTANCING” to be widened. These types of actions by employing “Divisional Strategies” to “WIN” will never “WIN”.

    • 1

      Dear Simon

      Not sure what you saying pls?

      • 3

        TV: What I wanted to say is simply: This “GRIEVANCE” of “Loss of Land & Houses” must be made a “National Issue” and NOT “Sectarian”.Those “94” signatures convey that “Sectarian” (Muslim & Tamil) message to the rest of the country. Why not enlist the support and endorsement of ALL who are in solidarity with the issue? At least now start these issues on a National Basis.

        • 1

          Got it and thank you. Agreed.

          For that the article need to be a little bit more inclusive of Sinhalese right to live in freely in Jaffna too?? I am not sure what the land power requirement for the devolution means? anyone understand please let me know?? In Tamil Nadu the same?? seriously do not understand that?

          • 1

            TV: Thanks. You said something that was in my conscience for a long period of time. You say: “Sinhalese right to live in freely in Jaffna”. What I would like to let ANYONE live anywhere they wish to without creating “Tribal Ghettoes” that would automatically lead to establishing” Borders” and “Tribal Wars”. You will see what”Land Power” would bring about. It is like giving “Razer Blade” to a “Monkey”. You perhaps know and many don’t say openly (which I do) all our “Politicians” and their “Follower” are nothing but “MONKEYS” or “WORSE”. Have a nice day.

  • 2

    If this is not a vision/mission statement that should be incorporated by all parties in their manifesto and the upcoming constitution should make this as a standard condition for any political parties who want to empower our people through their services

    “In remembering the eviction and its continuing legacy, we the northern people make a commitment to forge lines of solidarity across cultural, ethnic and religious differences; and to attend to concerns of class, gender, caste and other forms of marginality among our communities and across communities. Thus, we in the north can shape a common vision for its future founded on social cohesion, democratic practice and political justice.”

    This I hope is not another ploy by the TNA to appease the Muslims so they can still buy time to kill off the last man standing in North and East on behalf of their proxy masters. If so this will be the last move in the chess game or rather the last nail in the coffin. TNA should demonstarate they can facilitate the required land space as part of their city and rural planning for the North/find the money to do the work (this is not the GOSL scope)/Muslim parties can bring acceptable International players to help them build their townships I hope will integrate Tamils and Sinhalese within and not in the outskirts of such setup. “Integration” is the buzzword snd not Ghetto making.

  • 1

    “Our survival in the north as human subjects rests on the social, political and economic inter dependence of Tamils, Muslims and other communities in the region”.

    This sentence should explicitly include Sinhalese?? but does not??

  • 0

    The brutal expulsion of more than 72,000 Muslims from the North was a colossal blunder committed by the LTTE in 1990. Commemorating the event is fine, but there is another side to the story in which the signatories conveniently swept it under the carpet.

    The LTTE realized their folly and apologized. At a press conference held in Kilinochchi in 2002, the LTTE political advisor Anton Balasingham appeared alongside the LTTE leader Veluppillai Prabhakaran and explained that they had already apologized to the Muslims and that the Tamil homeland also belonged to the Muslim people. Balasingham also expressed that the expulsion of the Muslims from Jaffna was a political blunder that could not be justified and said that the LTTE leadership would be willing to resettle them in the northern district.

    But what is not told by Balasingham is that the expulsion of the Muslims was a retaliatory move by the LTTE over the urgent appeal by eastern LTTE command which complained bitterly that Muslim Home Guards aided and abetted by the Sinhala armed forces were driving out Tamils in their thousands from border villages in the east.

    Tamils have been systematically and forcefully evicted out of their villages by Muslims in the eastern province since 1983. Violent incidents on Tamil villagers in Veeramunai in 1954 and at Karavagu village in 1965 where Kariappar MP was involved, shouldn’t be brushed aside.

  • 0

    Jeyananthamorthy, a journalist, has written a book titled Destroyed Tamil villages documenting in detail the eviction of Tamils in the east.

    In 1990, Muslims destroyed the Kalikoil temple at Oodamavadi. MLM Hizbullah ex-MP bragged that it was he; he alone as the Chairman of the Batticaloa District Development Committee took over the Hindu temple land (once 100% Tamil village) and handed same to the Mosque Trustees. This takeover took place despite vehement opposition from Tamil MPs.

    Hizbullah also boasted that it was he who was instrumental in building a three-storey market that included meat (https://youtu.be/YKy75wxbDpI) stalls! Obviously, he was promoting Islamic fundamentalism styled Wahhabism — a hard-line strain of Islam blamed for breeding militancy — proposed a direct path to God, albeit one that aimed to return the religion to the time of Prophet Muhammad.

    Over a dozen villages in the eastern provinces that were once occupied by Tamils 100 % are now occupied by the Muslims. Worse the village names have been Arabised like Meeravodai, Jinnah Nagar, Meelath Nagar etc. Prior to 1985, the Muslims lived mainly in Oodamavadi, Eravur and Kaththankudi. Today more than 50 Muslim villages have sprung in the eastern province thanks to Arab funding.

    Muslim population in the east has exploded during the last few decades. They constitute the majority in two out of the 3 districts in the east.

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