13 August, 2022


Clinton: A Better Servant Of Corporate Interests Than Trump

By Jude Fernando

Jude Fernando

Jude Fernando

During periods of acute political and economic crises, corporate elites will always prefer a Hillary-type Democrat to a Trump-like Republican. Candidates like Hillary Clinton absorb society’s discontent, drawing attention away from corporations. Instead, they divert the public’s attention by putting a human story in the forefront (“the first woman President!”), and mask neoliberalism with traditional liberal stumping. But Clinton, like her husband before her, will enact policies that discipline the entire political economy to function according to corporate interests, and will continue to ignore and punish the victims of those interests. She (and her corporate backers) are depending on the desperation of Democratic voters to avoid a Trump presidency, and campaign on the promise that there is no viable alternative: it’s either Clinton or Trump.

Admittedly, it’s a hard moment to be a liberal when the party of liberalism has moved so far to the right, but this notion of no alternative (“Hillary, or else!”) is not a cure. Even those who hope it will be a temporary salve while we work to move the Democratic party back to the middle left where it theoretically belongs, will be deeply disappointed. The labor unions who have supported Clinton (sometimes in direct opposition to the wishes of their rank-and-file members) will find Clinton is far less concerned about their interests than their votes. When the Service Workers International and American Federation of Teachers endorsed Clinton, it practically tore the unions apart, and the rank-and-file, as usual, have the right of it. Union heads may feel betrayed, but the rank-and-file know she was never with them in the first place. In fact, unions run by the rank-and-file, like the ATF, Communication Workers of America, the American Postal Workers Union, and the AFL-CIO locals, are backing Sanders.Hillary-Clinton_

The real story of Hillary Clinton’s relationship with labor is diametrically opposed to her campaign rhetoric (rhetoric she never uses when she is not campaigning). She is not and has never been a “tireless and tenacious fighter for working families.” In fact, her top political strategist, Mark Penn, is the head of union-busting public relations company whose corporate clients range from Microsoft to Shell Oil and Pfizer. Hillary Clinton herself sat on Wal-Mart’s Board of Directors, without ever once speaking out against Wal-Mart’s anti-labor policies and union busting efforts. When Clinton says she supports labor, it is a matter of cynical political expediency, lacking any ideological convictions. She finally managed to muster tepid disapproval of Keystone XL and the Trans-Pacific Partnership when unions forced her to take a stand in an election year, but don’t count on that to last 15 minutes beyond her election, when she will shift her positions to serve the corporate interests who have backed her.

Trump, of course, makes no pretense to supporting labor. Trump is a CEO run amok, whose power has convinced him that he, and he alone, is responsible for his own successes (and for none of his failures). He does not hide his intent to run “his” government as if it were a corporation and he the Chairman of the Board. His loathing for anyone who isn’t a financial success and his unwarranted and overweening pride in himself as a paragon of achievement are positively megalomaniacal — in fact, it is hard to overstate the case about Trump, and danger he holds for the country. His supporters are an anti-intellectual, anti-democratic, and atheoretical mob, and he is a wannabe populist dictator whose candidacy — and its popularity — have stunned Europe and much of the rest of the world. There is no telling what excesses Trump may embrace as President and Commander-in-Chief of one of the world’s most powerful militaries, and this is why the big money is behind Clinton. Nobody–not even other corporatists–can control the freewheeling mass of ego that is Donald Trump.

So of course Hillary Clinton looks good in comparison. But only in comparison. Of the Presidential candidates, Trump has the highest unaffordability rating; Clinton is not all that far behind. There comes a point when the lesser of two evils may simply be too evil to pull a lever for, and if a Clinton candidacy depresses Democratic turnout, the result could be a gift for Trump.

Democratic voters who are flocking to Sanders may just not turn up for Clinton, because they are quite sure she doesn’t support their interests. They know she is committed to “free trade” and doesn’t support fair trade. They understand she will not tax the capital assets of the rich, but will help make them richer. They have heard her say that one of her chief goals is to “save capitalism from itself”. And, finally, they know that electing Clinton will make the situation of 99% of Americans worse. Instead of hurling vituperation at this group of disaffected Democrats, and assuring them that it will be their fault if Trump is elected, Clinton supporters who still believe they to be Democrats might want to think long and hard about the positions that Clinton has actually taken (rather than the positions she gives lip service to in her campaign). She is unabashedly a neoliberal corporatist ideologue. If that is your idea of a Democratic candidate, then she’s your woman.
Sanders, on the other hand, offer an ideological alternative. He has been consistently anti-corporatist and, whether he has the power to defeat them or not, he will undoubtedly challenge corporate interest and their expansion into arenas like education and health care. He would fight privatization. His tax proposals are designed to favor small businesses over corporations, and to support a more socially and environmentally responsible entrepreneurial culture. He takes our civil rights seriously. He believes Black Lives Matter. He believes the poor need social support, and that students need free school. He is opposed to foolish wars.

Clinton ridicules Sanders as a “dreamer,” but what is the benefit in electing a neoliberal cynic? If her argument is that she can “get things done” in office, isn’t she effective only because her goals are aligned with those of corporations (and the few moderate Republicans left)? Sanders should fight on for as long as he can, because the longer his campaign continues, the more apparent it will be that he is the only viable Democratic candidate who actually stands for Democratic values. He might not win, but if he keeps up the fight, rank-and-file Democrats might realize, finally, that it’s time to throw the bums out — corporatist Democrats and Republicans alike.

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  • 3

    And a bigger liar as well. Latest been when she proudly announced the no American lost their life under her watch in Libya is Bengasi in Pluto? Stevens, Smith,Doherty & Woods, her answer to names would be from Bill Clintons book be something like this ” Is they were killed if it is it depends on what is means” or “I did not see them killed because I was in a Blue dress”. Finally “What difference that makes now”

    • 2

      Not only a liar, but also has to answer to a lot of sensitive information given to the Chinese, who maybe secretly funding her in a very bug way. They had the first black President and now this writer talks about the first woman President. It is not whether one is black, white, gender but the honesty and capability of the person. Her hubby is one of the greatest liars the world has seen,. I don’t support Trump but I ask why do ordinary Yanks who are basically decent, friendly and gentle so enamoured by Trump?? I think the comments made by the late Japanese Admiral Yamamoto who led the attack on Pearl Harbour in 1941 may throw some light. He said to his jubilant staff after the attack, “My friends, I am afraid all we have done is waken a sleeping giant”. Like that, this first “black” President and the threat of yet another “first” has stirred many Americans with a strong sense of purpose.

  • 8

    like the dead old labour typical of a working class man talking shop – intellect?? Throughout this world there are self made millionaires without being intellects or fraudsters.

    We are in the age of Robots (even China is)not for media intellects to give us garbage and make life more complicated.

    School teacher Obama the liberal brokered a Nobel prize and bestowed more wars on the world. John Kerry Syria and Lanka are synonymous.

    Working class Americans see Sanders no more than a clerk who is not capable of holding the post of president of USA at this difficult time.

    e-mail Hillary and Libya are synonymous while Chinese and Indians hate her double speak stupidity when she exposed herself as State Dep’t in Foreign Affairs.

    Trump is self made like Putin and Xi and both have respect for him.
    The world needs men who can bring these wars to an end not linger for the cooperate sector to milk the world populace by – American psychological war fare the weapon of the liberal intellect.

    Vote for Trump is voting for a better economy where most folk hope to be employed.

    • 2

      Take That,

      Trump was a casino and real estate guy, who cheated lenders and small businesses several times by declaring bankruptcy repeatedly. He didn’t build any good business, but cheated people out of their money, as with Trump “University.” Listen to what Mitt Romney, the last Republican presidential candidate, had to say.

      Trump’s nomination by the Republicans will make sure Hillary wins. But sane Republicans are still voting for Trump in the hope that a colossal loss at the elections will force their party to rid itself of the crazies who support him and the tea party.


      Hillary will be the Democratic party nominee; Bernie gave a good fight and hopefully prevented her from straying too far to the right. I was on last minute travel and missed voting at the primaries, but I will surely vote early for Hillary at the General Elections to prevent Trump from winning.

      • 1

        “but I will surely vote early for Hillary at the General Elections to prevent Trump from winning. “

        Preventions at this rate generally backfire like Commie Ken for Mayor of London. Hillary her self should be tried for war crimes at Libya and how did the couple become billionaire? She can’t handle Putin or Xi and would be a dark period except for her cooperate sector new world of slaves.

        Aren’t surprised about your working class drivel voting for `the party` and ethnic minority just like religious lunatics. Remember when it comes to power (not work) even the Indians who are at present behind the Jewish minority is just 1% of population and the blacks are 10%. When you see the Brexit vote in a couple of months and Trumps backing you will understand the meaning of colony.

        • 2

          Where did you get the idea that
          the Clintons are billionaires ?
          That is nonsense. Bill Clinton made some millions
          by giving speeches @ $100000/speech.

          And the private email server is a non issue blown up by Republicans.
          You don’t know enough about the US, or even the West, to lecture anyone.

          • 0

            [or even the West, to lecture anyone.]
            Have you not read the “The First Amendment” freedom of speech bit confused about your expert analysis of US.
            By the way read this (CNN) — Hillary Clinton and her husband, former President Bill Clinton, combined to earn more than $153 million in paid speeches from 2001 until Hillary Clinton launched her presidential campaign last spring, a CNN analysis shows.

            • 0

              So $150 million = $ billion?
              And lecturing is not about free speech.
              The guy has picked up news from trashy right wing

  • 2

    Thanks for a good analysis.

    People thought that Germany will be rid of its economic ails, they let Hitler in. They regret the day up to now– except for out-of-this-world neo-Nazis.
    Frustrated with Labour, Brits voted in Thatcher. They do not want to remember her now.
    Now India has Modi. The economy is sliding back into a mess.

    Ultra right and fascist alternatives appear to work for a while, but before long they worsen problems.

    Putin and Xi had respect for Rajapaksa too: That is diplomacy, not faith.

    The crisis of the US is deep-seated.
    By the way, what has Brexit to do with the US?

    • 2

      “By the way, what has Brexit to do with the US?”

      Ask Boris and he may teach you English too.

      There was a Hitler in/out because there was external opposition.
      the rest of your harangue is like domino effect which does not work.

      • 1

        Boris J. has no time to tutor anyone but David Cameron these days.
        So you have to answer that and this as well please:

        What has the politics of Boris J to do with the US?
        (Don’t tell me about his dual nationality and the huge tax bill that he grudgingly settled with US Tax Department last year.)

        Can you also kindly suggest a German history tutor for me.

        degilbo stoM

        • 0

          you are not a man of current affairs of the west and ask too many questions.

        • 0

          You do not seem to be one either.
          So people who ask questions are a threat.

  • 3

    “Clinton: A Better Servant Of Corporate Interests Than Trump”

    Who the hell cares?

    Neither one of them can or will make an iota of change. It’s all play acting, baby.

    America will be America and corporate America will be corporate America.

    Every man/woman or any political event of significance is a prisoner of his/her/it’s time. Very few people in history have been big enough to change the times.

  • 2

    I like this Trump bloke, He will leave countries like us alone,

    • 0

      It is not Sri lanka where the leader changes the whole landscape.

      In there, as soon as they become presidential hopefuls they will be briefed and they will change.

  • 2

    I think Sanders is the guy to come if US is to hold on.

    Clinton will ruin the country.

    • 0

      True, but who can save a country that has been on a suicidal course for decades?
      The system is sick.

  • 4

    As a 30+ year veteran in International affairs, social justice and economic policy, I like to propose my recommended and proven “TRUMP CARD” that will serve as the survival guide for any US president:

    The first objective for any modern US president to be a servant of the multi trillion dollar military industrial complex by perpetuating wars and human misery around world. If not, any president shall follow the same fate as did John F Kennedy. (One needs to know US history and what lead up to his assassination to make any sense of this).
    The second objective is to collude with US Federal Reserve to bail-out big banks and the financial sector through subsidies by plundering the US-treasury.
    Third objective is to collude and covertly pledge allegiance to the corporate mafia in order to uphold crony capitalism, and thus be a servant not only of “corporate interest” but also a servant of corporate fraud.
    The fourth objective is on the foreign policy front. Thou shall support AIPAC and all other Israeli lobbyists to escape death by assassin while serving office.
    The fifth objective is to buttress (The House of Saud) and butt-suck Saudi Arabian interests to undermine OPEC – cartel for cheap oil that is the salvation of US economic survival.
    Sixth objective is to be a stellar actor, a liar and con-artist to deceive the main stream media and make every naive American the dumbest people on the planet (if not already) and parrot the words “GOD BLESS AMERICA” even when not.

    There you have it. Good luck to all US aspirants to the presidency. Take my words for “any damn hope” and survival.

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