24 May, 2022


Clinton Urges Sri Lanka To Prosecute War Criminals

By Ashish Kumar Sen – The Washington Times –

Sri Lankan Foreign Minister G.L. Peiris on Friday apprised Secretary of State Hillary Rodham Clinton of the steps his government is taking to hold accountable those responsible for committing war crimes during a three decade-long war with Tamil rebels.

“We did discuss accountability and informed them of the machinery that has been set up to deal with that,” Mr. Peiris told reporters on Friday evening.

Hillary Clinton

Sri Lankan President Mahinda Rajapaksa in 2010 appointed a Lessons Learnt and Reconciliation Commission to examine the conflict and post-conflict efforts. The commission’s report, which lists almost 300 recommendations, does not name any officials – military or civilian – against whom allegations of war crimes have been made.

Mr. Peiris said Sri Lanka’s attorney general has been tasked with examining the commission’s report to determine whether there is any evidence that would justify the institution of criminal proceedings and stand up in a court of law.

The Obama administration has urged the Sri Lankan government to develop a comprehensive action plan for implementing steps on reconciliation and accountability for the alleged war crimes.

The United Nations Human Rights Council passed a U.S.-sponsored resolution in March that also asked Sri Lanka develop such an action plan.

Mr. Peiris said he did not present an action plan, but gave Mrs. Clinton a “comprehensive account” of the steps his government has taken so far.

“We said, ‘This is the work that we have undertaken and completed so far,’ and we gave them some indication of our priorities,” he said.

“These are the recommendations of the [LLRC] which are capable of immediate implementation, the low-hanging fruit as it were,” he added.

State Department spokeswoman Victoria Nuland said Mrs. Clinton told the minister: “‘Good plan, now you really need to make it public; now you really need to show your people, the world, the concrete implementation steps going forward.’”

Mrs. Clinton emphasized the importance of accountability, strengthening public confidence in the process, and speeding up the healing of the country, Ms. Nuland said.

The Sri Lankan army declared victory over the rebel Liberation Tigers of Tamil Eelam (LTTE) in 2009.
A United Nations panel found credible reports that both the Sri Lankan military and the LTTE had committed war crimes during the final months of the war.

Human rights groups say the Sri Lankan government has been reluctant to hold accountable those responsible for alleged war crimes during the war. Some of the most serious allegations pertain to the final phase of the conflict.

“Two months after the U.N. Human Rights Council criticized Sri Lanka’s lack of progress towards reconciliation and accountability for grave human rights abuses, the government has still taken no concrete steps even to implement the recommendations of its own reconciliation commission,” said Alan Keenan, London-based Sri Lanka project director at the International Crisis Group.

“The absence of any public ‘action plan’ for implementing thecommission’s recommendations reveals Colombo’s continued lack of commitment to meaningful political reform or justice,” he added.

Frank Jannuzi, head of Amnesty International’s Washington office, said the international community must immediately begin its own investigation into the war crimes and human rights abuses.

“The international community cannot wait while the Sri Lankan government makes empty promises amid smoke and mirrors,” he said.

The Sri Lankan government opposes an international investigation.

Mr. Peiris said his government has completed 90 percent of the work connected to the resettlement of people displaced by the war, including rehabilitating 595 child soldiers.

In the Tamil-dominated northern province, the economy is growing at a rate of 22 percent in comparison with Sri Lanka’s 8 percent rate, he added.

The LTTE, which recruited child soldiers and deployed suicide bombers, was designated as a foreign terrorist organization by the State Department in 1997.

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    …Yeah right …. move ya asses…. get it going…. don’t let me repeat it again ….. find ’em & prosecute them …. We know that ya Supreme Court will eventually acquit them …. of all charges …
    But Do what I say NOW …. find & prosecute ’em …..
    ….if you need more weapons … let me know ….I’ll see that you have sufficient ammo too…. disburse the weapons to those who know how to use ’em…. like our Cowboys used to show ye guys….. So do what I say now ….. find & prosecute ’em …..
    Hah hah hah …. Hilarious Clinton…. if you can’t find anyone bring the Jail bird back here where he belongs …. we’ll take care of him better ….. you know what I’m saying…..you said GL was ya name right ?

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      Shut up you imbecile. The US does all the wrong and never faces court trials anywhere. We do not care what they say. We will hang or hide anyone we want. Start with people like you.

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    Milosovic, Mladic, Charles Taylor and all others had 15-20 years. We have still some time.

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    The government must get down to war crimes business immediately.For starters Rudra kumaran,GTF terrorists,Nadiyawen etc should be brought to Srilanka in KP fashion and tried for war crimes.

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      Hei Maxi

      Where have you been for last few week buddy?

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    Is terrorism of LTTE been eridication by GOSL Is WAR CRIME?
    Is violation of Human Rights? Nation state have every right protected secirity and safty his citizens of country. Is Violance of Human Rights.
    What about large number of citized safty and security.
    Is Hillory Clintion knows how hardship has been gone through large number of Sri lakan of Sinhalese Tamils AND Muslims in 30 odd years.
    There is NO WAR CRIMES,IS crime if you have not punished terrorist.
    LTTE leader and gang killed on war front.Not isloated an incedents.

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    This Hilly Madam should bring G. Bush and T. Blair to the the war crime before HE MR.

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    This is a complex issue. What makes it more difficult to sift through this mess, is because this government also behaved like a terror outfit, resorting to indiscriminate killings of Tamil civilians, without putting enough effort into winning hearts and minds, but went on a killing spree to finish it off to the end. Finally they achieved their objective, but at what cost in terms of loss of human lives, devastation of habitats and crushing sources of economic benefits to its people. It may be fortunate (if it could be referred to in such terms) that the present civilian Tamil population living in Sri Lanka, through friends, kith and kin living overseas – international proxy, have the privileged support and sympathy (Channel 4 presentations) to put pressure on the Sri Lanka government on issues of accountability, justice and possible compensation. But, what about the killings that took place under the LTTE regime? Killing of countless innocent Sinhalese, Muslims and even lives of their own Tamil civilians who didn’t tow their line? Absolutely nothing. They get away with it. Free to regroup and possibly set in motion a lobby to keep pushing, or continue their cause for separate homeland – Eelam. We all know the LTTE rump is still surviving, being nurtured and supported on foreign soil. Presently, they have enough fuel to support and sustain their call due to blunders committed in the final stages of the war. To prove to the international community that the government was fighting its war against the call of Eelam and its supporters – LTTE, and not against the Tamil people, should urgently conduct infrastructure development to improve the lives of those living in the Northern and Eastern areas of the country. Resettle those living in camps. Gradually reduce army presence to a minimum. Promote setting up of businesses, factories and industrial sites which would provide jobs and job training facilities, set up schools, hospitals, and simple basic utilities, such as electricity, water and communication and road networks. Normalcy must return, and the rule of law established. The civilian government’s writ must run and not through armed forces, if we are to expect the call of Eelam to die a natural death.

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