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Coca-Cola Contaminated Again In Sri Lanka 

By Sarath Wijesinghe – 

Sarath Wijesinghe

Sarath Wijesinghe

Health of the Nation is in Danger

This is most worrying news in Sri Lanka on health of the citizen on the contamination of water supply of the main purifying plant in the capital of Sri Lanka. According to the disturbing news “Water Board” has dealt with the issue of contaminated water by Coca-Cola multinational giant with oil at “Ambawela” water treatment plant with a high cost and the cost of the health of hundreds of thousands of the citizens in Sri Lanka. Coca-Cola has admitted that oil leakage to the water purifying project is due to an underground leak. Contamination of water have been a direct threat to the health of the Nation already consuming contaminated food, liquids and Junk food (from the article in Daily News on 15th March 2008 by the author on junk food) which is already a threat – Most notably the future generation. Vegetables, fruits and all kinds of dry and prepared food are dangerously contaminated as a result of the errant traders who are giving priority to profits at any cost and inefficient and unconcerned officers entrusted with the regulatory process. It is good news that Coca- Cola has been fined rupees one billion for the damages caused which is grossly inadequate proportionately for the damages caused on the health of the Nation and the environment. This is not the first time Coco- Cola is fined and dealt with on same or similar offences worldwide. Coca-Cola has refused to make a statement or to go public for obvious reasons. The media in the United Kingdom accused Coca-Cola alleging water taken from “Thames River” for the production process. The media in the UK on this issue was victorious on the side of the citizen’s health setting an example to the rest of the media worldwide. It is time for our media to be proactive on such matters involving the health of the Nation which is now facing a threat with contaminated food, water, drugs and consumer items at a rapid rate. Is the fine imposed is proportionate and what are the steps taken to prevent further contaminations and whether the necessary certificates and clarifications have been taken and the standards are met. Any Cola drink need not be promoted or encouraged as it is unhealthy and expensive. We are fortunate to be in possession of “Young Coconut and Thambali” which is naturel and healthy to be promoted in place of artificial drinks. It is unfortunate our young generation has not realised the value of our natural and healthy drink proved historically as a most healthy natural and nourishing drink.

Water- life line next to air

Ocean makes up 71% of the earth surface while 29% made up of is distributed for the life of the planet which is as important as air. Safety and accountability of water are major concerns of any government giving top priority especially in countries with no or little water such as Israel which transformed a desert 70 years ago to a leader of agriculture in the world by depending and utilizing 95% of agriculture on technology. Water which is a precious natural treasure for which we are fortunate to be in possession in abundance in Sri Lanka has become a major issue due to overuse, poisoning, misuse, miss- managements, corruption, bribery, inefficiency and related factors. We waste lot of water due to mismanagement and consume contaminated water and food due weak or inactive legislation for proper control of distribution and maintenance of health. The government institutions such as Consumer Affairs Authority, Environment Protection Authority, Local bodies, Water Board, Ministry and Departments of water management, consumer organisations, and heavily internationally funded NGO’s concerned on the Human Right Situation in the counters should be the leader and defenders of the protection preservation and management of this treasure which is facing a real threat due to deforestation and unplanned development projects.

Coca ColaConsumer Affairs Authority and the mandate (Consumer affairs Authority Act no 9 of 2003)

Main objects and the mandate of the Consumer Affairs Authority is to provide the consumer who is identified and defined as “Consumer” (S 75 Any actual or potential consumer of goods or services made available for a consideration by any trader or manufacturer includes any citizen) quality food, water, and consumer items of high slandered at a reasonable price for which the Authority has been armed with enormous powers. It is the duty of the Authority to protect consumer against marketing of goods or provisions of services which are hazardous to life and property of the consumer, to protect consumer against unfair practices, ensure adequate access, and to seek redress against unfair trade practices and other forms of exploitation. Water is a main consumer item and CAA has the power and mandate to deal with Coca Cola situations which is a threat to the public life, health of the present and the future generation. Conduct of the Central Environmental Authority and whether they have the necessary documentation and certificates are matters to be looked into and not discussed. Coca Cola Company too is reluctant for an open discussion and it is time for the Human Right and Public Interest litigators to take this as the Indian Bhopal case which has compensated the aggrieved citizens.

This indicates that there are many stalk holders and powerful players in the process of providing the citizen quality water and consumer items which is a basic human right. Are they performing the duty entrusted on them properly is a moot issue and it is now the time to activate on the process n the name of the future generation of our Nation.

Struggle against “Rock”

Junk Food Generation, Drug Trade, Aerated waters, Fast Food Chains are a part of world mafia backed by billions capable of buying Governments, Policy Makers, and Powerful Rulers. If the Media and the Civil Society are behind the citizen in need of help and direct, it may not be easy for the mafia to exploit to misguide and ruin the citizen. Mafia is financially powerful, legally armed with the best lawyers, and maintaining the good will and relations with the rulers – some of whom can be swayed and have control over with enormous sums of funds as happening all over the world. It is definitely hitting against a rock though rock could be smashed with dynamite coupled with patience, unity strategy and love to the mankind. It is time to press for new and stringent legislation for environmental pollution and large scale contaminations of water, soil and the natural resources. Main remedy against mafia is to educate and organize the people on/of the danger and the rights with directions and advice to be in the process of continuous pressure and demand the basic rights for which the citizens are entitled to. Organized Consumer Organizations, Media and Civil Society activism should lead the campaign against the “Rock of Mafia”

*Sarath Wijesinghe – a former Chairman of the Consumer Affairs Authority in Sri Lanka

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    Do we really need Coca-Cola? My generation did without it and we are none the worse. This is a taste that is cultivated just to keep up with the Jones’s (or the Pereras and Fernandos). Water from the wells will do for us instead of bottle water. It will keep us healthy. There is thambili if you really need to buy anything. It will help the market for coconuts and people will have a greater incentive to grow more coconut trees. Let us, instead of fighting over language, religion and caste, bring back our old values not only in terms of drinks and food, but in caring for each other which is what the great religions of our country teach.

    • 15

      There are so many articles about the bad effects of Coke. But with the power of the MNC and the media that supports these companies, I think we are fighting a loosing battle. lets teach our children.
      There was a preschool that my nephew attended in Mount Lavinia. That teacher taught the children not to drink Coke and other carbonated drinks and warned against fast food and sausages etc. The little one hardly touches it.
      Instead of spreading racism in our Daham Pasalas, shall we start campaigning against these social evils.
      I suppose if Coco Cola gets to know about these, they might fund daham pasalas to stop such teachings !!!

      • 5

        This is no right.

        If coke would have been that health hazadous, why would Western countries allow them in their supermarket. I perfectly know how Coke has been produced and what the ingredients are. Germans would not allow any kind of health hazardous beverages going through their long held ordinances controlling the food stuffs and their composition. Not only Germany, but switzerland, the Netherlands and several other countries have rigourous law enforcements controlling any innappropriate stuffs being introduced to the supermarkets (LMBG of the Germany keep controll everything).
        May be as it is the case for every intakes, if you would drink only cola for survivial, that could harm you and your health. Latter is common with Asprin too, if would intake 20 Aspirin or Paracetomol that could then lead to toxications and then even causing death. Wrongful info are in lanken air about many stuffs, should be made clear by Uni dons- their mediation can help in the process of adequate awarness among the general public.

        • 2

          Dr. Sarath…. You are spot on….

          I think most of the world population has still not realised the real danger lurking all of them including us….its none other than the World Power and world hegemony resting under the evil clutches of ZIONISM.

          What they did for the last 300 odd years is epic in the entire human history. They brought in pseudo scientists to teach the world about some dumb theories on everything…. Theory of evolution, Medical, financial social….they destroyed everything that was functioning in total harmony with the nature during these times until they kept their evil hands upon all of these and destroyed one by one.

          Its a proven fact that these bastards have a secret/open agenda in population control. All the Western countries are headed by puppet politicians who are bought over by the Jews who owns 99% of all the banks in the world directly or indirectly.

          Coca Cola, Monsanto, Pharmaceutical companies, Medical industry, Military Industrial complexes, financial institutions etc are mostly owned and run by the Zionist Jews.

          US/UK/EU/UN and all its allied countries are run by these scumbags at the moment. They are targeting our CHILDREN……

          World Wars, Socialism, Communism, capitalism, Nazism and all of the world’s criminal entities were the production of the Wall Street and New York Jews oligarchs who were filthy rich during that time and even now.

          De-population is one of their prime projects that they tried and implemented first through Hitler, Stalin, Mao. Behind every revolution that costed millions of innocent lives world around had a secret Jewish hand in it.

          VACCINATION is a way to kill off millions of babies around the world which is still propagated with their pseudo scientific team of Jews around the world. Bill Gates is one of the scumbag who has the blood of thousands of dead children and babies (from Asia/Africa region) in his hands.

          If Sri Lankan authorities have brains and have a duty to protect its citizens, they must fight against the VACCINATION which is poisoning the babies and children in Sri Lanka.

          The information is leaking evrywhere about the sinister campaign of the Zionists in pushing the countries towards Vaccination and Immunization with full of poisonous substances found in it.

          President Maithripala is a former Health Minister, and he should have known better about the danger posed by these Vaccinations.

          The Kidney and Renal diseases found in rural areas and even in the cities is due to none other than VACCINES given to these people and children.

          I should better ask the reader to watch the video that explains in detail about the VACCINES and its deadly effect of children and adults.

          Dr. Russel Blaylock is an expert of this subject and he has fought the Zionist media and the Pharmaceutical Mafia industry in exposing their collaboration in implementing and cover up by the media of its crimes.


          2. NUTRITION AND THE ILLUMINATI AGENDA- Dr Russell Blaylock

          3.The DANGER OF VACCINES – Dr. Suzanne Humphreis

          4. Silent Epidemic; The Untold Story of Vaccines – Movie – directed by Gary Null

          5. Lethal Injection: The Story of Vaccination – Conspiracy Documentary

        • 0

          @ Supun…..You’re Wrong!!!

          You’ve said: “I perfectly know how Coke has been produced and what the ingredients are. Germans would not allow any kind of health hazardous beverages going through their long held ordinances controlling the food stuffs and their composition”.


          Let me share a video that given full details of the dangerous substances that are being used in almost all the processed food and beverages….

          Aspartame – An artificial sweetener is used in all processed food and beverages. Its too dangerous and it is linked to many adverse reactions.

          The manufacturer of Aspartame is the same cartel that are holding the US/UK and the entire world in their Octopuss tentacles…the Zionists.

          Aspartame: The Bitter Truth Behind This Toxic Sweetener

          Dr. Joseph Mercola: Coca Cola’s Aspartame Propaganda Exposed

          Dr. Russell Blaylock – Nutrition & Behavior Dangers of Aspartame & MSG

          • 5

            Please read below – the fundementals of toxicology:

            Paracelsus (1493-1541)
            What is there that is not poison?
            All things are poison and nothing [is] without poison
            Solely the dose determines that a thing is not a poison

            If you consider Coca cola is poisonous – you guys should fully be away from western medicine. Please check it out for your knowledge. Almost everything is poisonous. But dose determines it. Even tea and coffee could be poisonous. All what I meant is those powerful countries woudl not ban Coca colasince that is a kind refreshing beverage.
            I notice almost every time back in the country- that lanken docs prescribe antibiotics that the western doctors would never ever use. Likewise, to create panics without studying the topic about Coca cola should be done. This means not that coca cola is harmless beverage.

            • 1

              Likewise, to create panics without studying the topic about Coca cola should NOT be done

            • 0

              Come on Supun…

              Did you watch the videos I have shared? NO…. The American doctors are exposing the medical inductry which is nothing but a big scam in BIG Pharmaceutical companies making billions out of selling ineffectice medicines produced in their factories.

              How can you deny the facts the doctors themselves have come out in the open and waging a war to save millions of people who getting affected by the Zionist Mafia?

              Western Medicine is full of scams. Because, the Big Pharma is run by the Zionist controlled elites. Coca Cola could not be banned due to Zionist politics. If any country bans Coca Cola means they are making its parent company annoyed…meaning the Zionist IMF/WORLD Bank held by Rothschilds and the Builderberg group, who are Zionists hell bent on destroying the world population.

              Food and beverage and especially Coffee and Tea or anything that has a brand and is a processed food contains all the poisons needed for the people get sick. When they get sick they may go for the western medical service which has its own poisonous stuff.

              So, the general unsuspecting population don’t have any knowledge about these things and they get attacked from every sides.

              You know, the Zionists are a very small minority of the minorities of the World population. They have come to controll the world power through many years of hard work done through dirty deals and mass murder. How do you think a small minority of below 100 millions controlling 7 billion world population????? By these means only. They need to keep people unhealthy and DUMB. So, they have a better control of everything. That’s why they use their puppets in every country to start up conflicts on anything that was non existent before. Racial conflicts, Nationalistic conflicts, Political conflicts, Religious conflicts…etc..etc.

              SRI LANKA is on their grid for a long long time.
              When the Zionist Jews were planning to impose NWO (New World Order) for the next century, in 1900s they sent Pseudo/Crypto (Hidden) Jews to every where in the world to confuse the local populations with revolutionery ideas.

              Thus came to the then CEYLON Henry Steele Olcott and H.P.Blavatsky to dupe the Sinhala oligarchs into their secret Occultism fashioned as Buddhsit revivalism through THEOSOPHY.

              The Age Of Evil – Theosophy

              Everybody acedemic who knows about WW2 history knwos that HITLER was inspired by HP BLAVATSKSY’s books written on MASTER RACE concepts. The books like “THE SECRET DOCTRINE” and “ISIS UNVEILED” a lot harm to the human race as it helped these Psychopaths to impose their evil plans on the humanity. Thus we saw WW1 & WW2, Bolshevik Revolution, Communist Revolution in China that costed millions of human lives.

              Coming back to Sri Lanka, they mind controlled crackpots in the likes of ANAGARIKA DHARMAPALA who bought these evil people’s ideas and campaigned against the minorities in the early beginnings of the 20th century. What were still seeing in the likes of SWRD’s Sinhala Only, JR’s 1983 genocides, Mahinda Rajapakses open WAR ON ISLAM are all credited to these individuals who poured poison into the Sinhala minds in those periods.

              Didn’t you read BBS Gnanasara’s open declaration of his allegiance to the NWO plans, by saying that HE WILL BE THE ISRAEL if MALIGAWATTE MUSLIMS are the GAZANS….?

              That is a veiled declaration of his being the puppet of the MOSSAD which was in operation for the last 100 years inits many avatars by helping the SL govts., supplying military know how how to BRUTALLY MASS MURDER MINORITIES (in actually an ineternal conflict that can bleed the nations and plus de-population).

              SINHALA oligarchs never blame or find any faults with the Zionists…why? because, they were in cahoots with these MASS MURDERERS of the OWRLD populations for nearly a century.

              They OLCOTT and BLAVATSKY even designed the Buddhist flag sans GREEN colour. That was the 100 years old plan of the WAR ON ISLAM. The Asian tropical countries and even the Buddhist culture cannot miss the GREEN colour. But, even then they avoided it to expose their hate for it due to ISLAM using the same colour for their religion.

              ZIONISTS and the NWO scumbags wants the destruction of RELIGIONS….that’s why they came up with Communism and Socialism to destroy the same. They first destroyed all the worlds old ruling systems to bring about their “DEMOCRATIC” “SOCIALIST” COMMUNIST”ruling system to controll the masses.

              What we are seeing in the world today is the exact thing as they planned and execute in their age old methods of divide and rule.

              Coke matter….
              If any govt., asks to Coca Cola to close the shop means you are severing the ties with the world financial system run by these evil bastards. Which also means that they won’t get Financial and economical support from their huge network. US/UK/EU/UN is all connected to this evil design.

              We also believed once when we were kids about how nice the White People are…so, elegant and so nice, and so human…. But, when we went through the facts which is getting exposed day by day about all the sisnister things these bastards did to the human race…..Now we know how eveil thses scumbags are.

              Of all the world’s conflicts that costed millions of lives directly points the route to the Zionist/Jewish criminal elites and their HQ located in London and New York.

              KARL MARX, LENIN, STALIN, HITLER, MAO all were bloody Jewish bloodlined bastards, who were funded by and backed by the New York Jewish Bankers in the likes of Jacob Schiff and Rothschilds.





              • 0

                David Icke puts in style of how the Zionist scumbags who are controlling the Economic, Financial, Social, Media & Military powers of the world by his own definition called PROBLEM, REACTION & SOLUTION.

                The Zionist have created the 911 (a covert false flag operation) PROBLEM,
                then the people of the world and its REACTION,
                then came the SOLUTION….by sending the army to destroy the Middle East and all the Muslim countries as according to their 300 years of planning to destroy ISLAM.

                WAR ON TERROR = WAR ON ISLAM

                And the Mossad agents in Sri Lanka …Ven.Soma, Hela Urumaya, Mahinda, BBS/Ravana Balaya..etc starting their own WAR ON ISLAM on many avatars changing according to suit the occasion according to its timing and period.

                So, the BBS/Mahinda gangs were funded through Norway by the Mossad and helped them in training sessions in Israel (On trips they went as for Agricultural development studies)…got the training on how to attack ISLAM/MUSLIMS on a multi dimensional level.

                BBS launched ECONOMICAL/ POLITICAL/ CULTURAL / SOCIAL and RELIGIOUS War on them. In pure style of the NWO/Zionists as they are waging everywhere in the same style…..

                Just pick up correct stuffs and draw the lines in dotted picture…you will come to the conclusions.

                David Icke 2015 | The Truth About 911

              • 4

                Devil is not black as he is painted.

                I think highly industrialized western folks would have gone against Aspartam or other sweetners if they are that dangerous. And knowing the realities, I really dont think it is right ot panic poor people. Most of all we need better systems to control anything and everything in this country. Not the basic level systems are appropriate enough to provide the nation with health security, we just dont need to cry for Cola or th elike issues. I really dont think that many among us in the country would consume coke. Coke has been a refreshing beverage for europians and americans for such a long time. Rather than tlaking about other burning issues, that are not that relevant to lanken folks, talking about COKE and contaminations are i think not that important issues, of course, we must be rigorous with law enforcemment aginst thos who go against the prevailing laws polluting flows of the country.
                But this shold be an issue of the state.

            • 0

              Supun… you are a real spin doctor like those who defend the Zionists with so much of sacrifice for the benefits its collaborators…

              Let us discuss the so called the DOSAGE you are discussing about.
              So, according to you even small amount of poison is OK? That’s the very thing they want to do to the world population… Feeding POISON and all those CACIGENIC substances little by little…

              Zionists have funded for propaganda through serviles to misquote and spin the science to their favour.

              Ten Reasons to Avoid Soft Drink Consumption:

              1. A single can of soda contains the equivalent of 10 teaspoons of sugar. This amount of sugar, especially in liquid form, skyrockets the blood sugar and causes an insulin reaction in the body. Over time, this can lead to diabetes or insulin resistance, not to mention weight gain and other health problems. Soft drink companies are the largest user of sugar in the country.

              2. Soda contains phosphoric acid, which interferes with the body’s ability to absorb calcium and can lead to osteoporosis, cavities and bone softening. Phosphoric Acid also interacts with stomach acid, slowing digestion and blocking nutrient absorption.

              3. In diet sodas, aspartame is used as a substitute for sugar, and can actually be more harmful. It has been linked to almost a hundred different health problems including seizures, multiple sclerosis, brain tumors, diabetes, and emotional disorders. It converts to methanol at warm temperatures and methanol breaks down to formaldehyde and formic acid. Diet sodas also increase the risk of metabolic syndrome, which causes belly fat, high blood sugar and raised cholesterol.

              4. Most sodas contain caffeine, which has been linked to certain cancers, breast lumps, irregular heart beat, high blood pressure, and other problems.

              5. The water used in soda is just simple tap water and can contain chemicals like chlorine, fluoride and traces of heavy metals.

              6. Harvard researchers have recently positively linked soft drinks to obesity. The study found that 12 year olds who drank soda were more likely to be obese than those who didn’t, and for each serving of soda consumed daily, the risk of obesity increased 1.6 times.

              7. Sodas contain High Fructose Corn Syrup, which obviously comes from corn. Most of this corn has been genetically modified, and there are no long term studies showing the safety of genetically modified crops, as genetic modification of crops has only been around since the 1990s. Also, the process of making High Fructose Corn Syrup involves traces of mercury, which causes a variety of long term health problems.

              8. There is absolutely no nutritional value in soda whatsoever. Not only are there many harmful effects of soda, but there are not even any positive benefits to outweigh them. Soda is an unnatural substance that harms the body.

              9. Because of the high sugar, sodium and caffeine content in soda, it dehydrates the body and over a long period of time can cause chronic dehydration.

              10. Drinking soda regularly causes plaque to build up on the teeth and can lead to cavities and gum disease.


        • 0

          Coca is Cocaine….COKE

          Watch the video of its full dark history.

          The Resident: Coca-Cola tied to Nazis, death squads, and drugs

          • 4

            My foot- please read before going to panick the poor people.

            May be the wastes of any company are not being recycled in the country or properly discarded due to the lack of proper adminstration. But we dont need to point the finger only at those companies, but the state should be able to take due action protecting the health of the nation.

            Like the issues heard about Rathupaswala area, two years ago, no any henchmen of the state should be allowed to just leave those hazadous wastes of chemical companies allowing drinking water so contaminated.
            These issues should be properly handled since they definitely lead to long term health risks. As it was the case with Meeharaka Rajapakshe ADMINSTRIATION handled the issues Rathupaswala or yatawala, state must not stay silent in this regard, if coca cola or any other companies leave their wastes to nearby water canals then harming the drnking water resources of the poor man. We must not create an another india or pakistan within the beauftiful island srilanka.

            We need industries but not creating health risks to its people.
            Authorities shoudl react promptly.

    • 1

      You are preaching to a crowd who has got used to Double Black after ditching the time honoured Pol Arakku. We never tire of monkey see, monkey do, the most effective mode of ‘education’.

    • 1

      Coca-Cola is another multi national corporation responsible for countless atrocities across the world and keeps getting away with it by sweeping incidents under the carpet. They tap into their unlimited wealth, influence and resources by bribing officials, lobbying at the highest level to keep their business going no matter the cost, intimidation through their lackeys within the U.S. Federal Government, relentlessness marketing and brainwashing etc etc. This Multinational has caused enough death, destruction and disease! Let’s join the revolution to bring these evil corporations that would do whatever it takes, no matter what the damage to the environment and people, just to make a profit from it! Countless facts from credible sources are available of similar incidents online.

      We need to give this incident maximum publicity in order to ensure justice is served by this organization and set an example for any multi national that intends to do business in Sri Lanka!

    • 4

      I think not only about eco conservation laws, but also in any other areas incl. buddhist or religion culture parliament has to pass new laws or reforms to the prevailing so that law and order could work to the word as it is the case in Germany, Japan or any other law bound societies. Laws should be equal to any one who breaks it. Then only we can expect a civilized society is being built by the new adminsitration. Further to this,We must not go against any good work that has left completed by Gotabaya in the name of urban beautification, with assistance of the army personnel, but we need to continue them so that development projects would not get blocked.
      Recently, I heard water bottling company being out of laws and that is the reason why consumers find bottles of water in markets with sediments of all muds being seen on them. May be any former govt henchmen filled those bottles with river flowing water and sealed them for completion. Those bottles were then brought to the markets with their company labels.

  • 5


    “We first heard of Coca Cola contaminating our water over a week ago. Eventually, the Central Environmental Authority confirmed that diesel has been mixed to the water of the picturesque Kelani river which is the main source of drinking water for Colombo and the Environmental Protection Licence granted to the factory was suspended. Coca Cola admitted to a leakage of a fuel pipe and said they ‘regret the accident’. Most media houses in the country didn’t name a cause for the contamination (as if the water contaminated itself). Others used every thinkable euphemism- ‘a certain factory’, ‘a leading soft drink manufacturing company’, ‘a leading private carbonated beverage manufacturing plant’ – you name it (like here and here). These are the very media houses that send us instant SMS news alerts/show live footage whenever a politico is summoned before the Bribery Commission or the FCID on charges of alleged corruption or misappropriation of funds. It was these very media houses that gave us live updates on prime-time news about the Colombo Port City project which also allegedly has a questionable environmental impact. But it turns out, when a multinational pollutes one of the longest rivers in Sri Lanka and contaminates the water we drink, most media houses in Sri Lanka do not feel the need to share this information with us. Why the double standards? The whole incident mirrors influence multinationals have in countries like ours and how profit driven media houses would never report news that’ll cause them losses in terms of advertising revenue. To be fair, some media houses did name Coke- like here and here. Good on them. Information related to the environment and the use of natural resources is an important aspect of the Right to Information and media houses and journalists who advocate for these rights have an obligation to report on incidents such as this. It is however, not clear if Coca Cola is behind the water supply suspension which happened today as well and whether there’s a link between the leak which happened initially and today’s water suspension but things seem to fall into place. It’s tempting to jump on the anti-MNC bandwagon and demand for the banning/boycotting of Coca Cola (which probably won’t happen) but it’s hard to forget that these conglomerates are employers of thousands of hardworking Sri Lankans- who can’t afford to lose their jobs. Coca Cola has exposed us to harmful pollution (sounds familiar?). It’s important to hold them accountable and make them compensate the government and any residents of Colombo who were affected. Coca Cola should own up to their mistake and issue a proper apology and adhere to the ‘highest ethical standards’ it claims to uphold. It’s time they walked the talk. P.S. I didn’t go into why we need to call the quits to Coke altogether because that’s a whole different discussion. But that’s also a discussion we need to be having. It was only in 2006 that the Indian state of Kerala banned the sale and production of Coke and Pepsi after a report claimed that the two companies sold beverages containing unacceptable amounts of pesticide, recently Tamil Nadu also said no to a Coca Cola Plant (but let’s save that conversation for later). Senel Wanniarachchi – See more at: http://adahas.lk/water-supply-suspended-coca-cola-is-probably-to-blame/#sthash.lNHNRTB2.dpuf

  • 2

    All the multinationals will have a field day in Sri Lanka while the corrupt politicians indulge in a dog fight for cabinet posts! with the policy fragmentation that 55 cabinet members is going to cause, Sri Lanka’s economy and society are on a road to disaster unless the Good Governance civil society groups wakes up and launches a massive protest against the Sirisena-Ranil dance to shore up their political parties and power.

    Cannot SLFP and UNP politicians function in a responsible fashion without Bribes aka. Cabinet posts?

    What is the purpose of this gigantic cabinet of 55 members for a SInhala National Government? The country, policy making is going to suffer hugely as a result of having so many Minister and Deputies messing around. What policy coherence can there be in country where so many politicians and cronies are running institutions? There is going to be total chaos and policy fragmentation and Ranil and Sirisena are only concerned about their political careers. This gigantic cabinet is a total violation of the SPIRIT and practice and meaning of good governance and the next struggle for civil society is the people vs. politicians who are winking at one anothers’ corruption! Final question is: How much is the gigantic cabinet of corrupt clowns from the SLFP and UNP for the Sinhala National Government, going to cost the Tax payer in Sri Lanka?

    • 4

      I thought this article put out by CT is about coco cola and not about the large cabinet.

  • 10

    This article highlights a serious problem.But where was Wijesinhe when the terrible Rathupaswela water contamination incident took place under the watch of his godfather Mahinda Rajapaksa? He was busy running the Sri Lanka Embassy in Doha like a thosa kade and the ambassador’s official Residence as a bath made, aided by his wife who runs a little bath made in Nugegoda.

    In the Ratnupaswela incident not only was there severe contamination of ground water but there was a horrendous killing of villagers who protested by Gotabaya Rajapaksa’s goons.

    So much for London based Wijesinhe’s environmental concerns !

    • 4

      Please, when someone writes an article, lets look at the value of the article instead on raking his or past. Sometime we wake up late and realise what we have done or not done. Let see how we can minimise the impact of one of the worlds largest poison deliverers instead of bickering about the writers

  • 5


    The Effects of Cola on Your Body After One Hour

    Cola is the world’s most popular soft drink, with about 1.7 billion serving of cola products consumed every day. Although the drink is popular, and seemingly refreshing, its effects on your health may be serious and in many respects non-reversible. Here’s what happens to your body when you drink an ice cold glass of cola.

    coca cola

    Let’s begin with the ingredients of cola. One can of cola has about 10 teaspoons of sugar, 150 calories, 30-55 milligrams of caffeine and is loaded with harmful artificial flavors and coloring. The major culprit in the cola ingredient list, however, is high-fructose corn syrup, and we’ll tell you why.

    High fructose corn syrup is derived from fructose, a cheaper sweetener made from corn. The harmful thing about fructose is not only its high sugar content, which has been linked with diabetes and a number of other liver problems, but its effect on your metabolic rate, meaning the pace at which you absorb and digest food. So although you may think that a can of cola will help you better digest the food you are eating, it may actually inhibit your digestive process. Of course, this amount of sugar has other effects on your health, so it is best to shy completely away from high fructose corn syrup!

    cola also contains phosphoric acid. Acid is, of course, the last thing that we want to be putting in our bodies because it harms the body’s ability to use calcium and can lead to a softening of teeth and bones, and eventually osteoporosis.

    Photo: artzenter/ freedigitalphotos.net

    So what happens in your body after you drink a glass of cola…

    In the first 10 minutes: The 10 teaspoons of sugar in the can of cola begin to hit your body. This is actually the total daily amount of sugar you are meant to consume, so you would imagine that your body needs to prepare itself. You don’t immediately vomit from the overwhelming sweetness because the phosphoric acid cuts the flavor and allows you to keep it down.

    After 20 minutes: Your blood sugar levels begin to spike, causing an insulin burst. Your liver responds to this by turning any sugar it can get its hands on into fat, and there’s plenty of sugar at that particular moment.

    After 40 minutes: Your body has completely absorbed all of the caffeine. Your pupils begin to dilate, your blood pressure rises, and as a response your liver dumps even more sugar into your bloodstream.

    After 45 minutes: Your body ups its dopamine production that stimulates the pleasure centers of your brain. This is actually the same way that heroine works!

    After about 60 minutes: The phosphoric acid binds calcium, magnesium and zinc in your lower intestine, giving a momentary boost to your metabolism. Also, the caffeine’s diuretic properties come into play, making you feel the need to relieve yourself.

    Finally, once all of these processes stop and the cola has seemingly passed through your system, you will experience a sugar crash. This may make you irritable or sluggish, and maybe leave you feeling thirsty as you have already gotten rid of all of the water in the cola. At this point, you will probably reach for your next cola and then it’s back to the beginning.

    So before you reach for your next can of cola remember that one moment of refreshing taste has a long list of consequences that can have serious effects on your health.

    Source: Janice D.

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    Water contaminated? So What. Another Rathupaswala type of bribe will put everything right. After all, this is Sri Lanka. And mind you, we are talking of Coca Cola here. Not a tiny, puny Hayley type of company.

  • 1

    The guy is worrying about world over everywhere and everything. He analysing even Thames river. But has not written one sentence of the Old Royal, who to wipe out Jaffna population, purposefully digged in Chunnakam and poured the contaminated oils in the land. No word about North and North Central Kidney disease.

    Coca – Cola has to see the path the shown to Dole, which bought the land from Old Royal’s agents Morali. That was a lesson to Ambassador Balke. Because America, refusing to understand who are these Sinhala Intellectuals, convulsing to sell Tamils one more time to these Lala’s Wild beasts. That is, Secretary Kerry is asking for his share of the lesson of Blake.

    China inserted it too much, by hacking the defense department(Media Central) computers and with its corruption in political suture of Lankave, made agreement to get free the Nooraichcholai. Now America, prematurally, wants the American firms jump into Lankave.

    So, just for the sake of Sinhala Intellectual’s Justice, if somebody find a reason why the Port City cannot be occupied by China, this is good balance, Coca-Cola has to get out of of the Island.

    “We are fortunate to be in possession of “Young Coconut and Thambali” which is naturel and healthy to be promoted in place of artificial drinks.” Idiot; This guy is good only to write political solutions.

    The past, perfect investment of China’s propaganda money. Anti-American!

  • 3

    The Government must demand compensation from Coke for the damage done to the people. It is important to establish this principle of liability in companies both local and foreign. If they profit from business, they must do so ethically and not by harming the people. It would appear that Coke is essentially harmful. It is not necessary for survival. It is like a cigarette company. It simply is a purveyor of harm. The burden to society as a result of health complaints is too great. The profits go to shareholders outside the country. This situation must be stopped.

  • 3

    Coca Cola and other massive corporations should be subjected to the strictest control and regulation in Sri Lanka – They have been and continue to drain groundwater supplies all over the world (India, South America etc.)- leaving no water for use by the people and farmers – governments are complicit in these actions

    Today, it will be very difficult to control big Western companies because our government is very much aligned to western interests and is under obligation to them in no small way

    If we are not careful, we will soon find ourselves in the same situation wondering where the water went. Already, we can see that our birds and insects have disappeared due to unregulated use of insecticides and fetiliser.

    I dont want my country to be a barren land because of the likes of PepsiCo, Monsanto, J&J etc.

  • 2

    Don’t dream girls and boys. Americans, unlike Chinese, are friends of freedom and democracy and only solid friends Sri Lanka has. Coca-Cola is the best drink of the world . I think this issue is a storm in the tea cup and it will pass.. Long live Sri Lanka -US friendship..Long live Coca-Cola.

    • 0

      Paul…..”…Long live Coca-Cola”
      Which ALSO means LONG LIVE ZIONISM?????

      US is falling…and when it falls all the evils in the world will be gone forever…..just wait and see what happens in few more months time…until then you can have a coke and lay in a coma stage….


      1. Ron Paul’s Last WARNING for America!

      2. ‘Dollar valueless, about to crash’ – World Bank whistleblower

      3. Food – The Ultimate Secret Exposed full version

    • 0

      Paul, not the best but it is refreshing one. There is almost nobody that would go radically against coca. But the most interpret it without knowing the facts. Anyways, let these few worms to spread wrong views about coks. I really dont think that lanken popu is dependent on coke, but the europeans yes. I know my friends and colleague that cant be without cola. They love it as they do it with beers. Sure, that can harm if you would drink it almost every second.. latter is common to tea or coffee too. It s the quantity makes it an unhealthy drink.
      Best for the lanken would be mud mixed water bottles that are found in local markets. I think those manufactureers that abuse water anaytics laws should be put behind the bars then only others will learn a lession. There are rumours i really dont know the truth, there are lot more abusers that would fill up their bottles with flowing river – without a precheck for thhe gurantee. as we knnow it those flowing water in canals or river are filled with ions. In Europe, all the cheap water bottles contain more ion.. aplonaris or vittel would control those values.

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    The best way to fight this evil and stop the damage to the health of the nation, especially youngsters is for parents to set an example. If parents are using coke and other junk food, children are going to follow. Please put some dirty coins in a glass of coke and see how clean it becomes. The bleech in the drink is doing this. Imagine the erosion it can cause to our digestive system? Is it a surprise that cancer is on the increase with all the junk food that is around.

  • 0

    Dammit! There have been places where the water so bad I brushed my teeth with coke. Those were hard times indeed, because I to take my rum neat.

    As the man said, everything in moderation.

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    When BP had a burst oil pipe in the Gulf of Mexico, the US made them pay US$Billions in compensation to the affected US citizens. When Union Carbide poisoned the whole village of Bhopal in India, thousands died and children are still being born malformed, but the compensation was a pittance. It would be interesting to see what compensation the Sri Lankans would be receiving.

    • 2

      Nothing. We are simply a dumping ground for the products that the West no longer has a market for, or where the market is dying

      • 1

        What do you mean man ? On the west, almost everyone would love to drink a glass of coca cola. I am sorta very cautious whenever I eat and drink anyhting. But I am also used to drink coke once a while.

        • 0

          @Samuel Jayaweera

          Look for topics such as the massive epidemic of Juvenile Diabetes and Juvenile Obesity sweeping the west (never before seen), find out why pop vending machines are being banned from schools and workplaces. Read up on the Sugar industry, Corn Syrup and sweeteners. Kids in the west dont drink water anymore – they open a can pop instead.

          These companies take the water that is available in the ground for all, bottle it and sell it to us at many thousand times the cost.

          Sure, I too like a cold cola once in awhile (actually prefer beer, it’s better for you !) but the marketing practices of these MNC’s is insidious. As Westerners wake up to the negative effects of what they have been doing to themselves for the last 50-70 years, market share is dropping. Solution : increase the penetration in the 3rd world to keep profits up – Same goes for cigarettes, by the way. Smoking rates in the West have been on a continuous drop since the 70’s. Big Tobacco has been increasing it’s attention in the 3rd world.

          Must we be as dumb and go thru the same cycle ?

          • 0

            You talk about paediactric diabetes – that is common among the migrant s in Germany and several other countries. Now whereever you go, medic professionals talk about migrant groups from srilanka (lanken tamils) and their specific health problems. I think lack of VIT D due to the change of habitats – may have a greater influence on this. Also I believe more research on the topics should have been done in order to draw conclusion as to why these groups are met with that. German docs explain me about this again and again. I am not sure, as one who is very intersted in diabetes studies, I beileve it isthe stress factor of the parents that affect rather than anything else. May be we will get to read more on the topic in next few months years. These numbers are rapidly on a rise.

            • 0

              Dear Samual

              I am no doctor and I am reasonably sure you are not either

              What I said was that these diseases were unknown in these countries (regardless of immigrants or not), not so long ago
              40 or 50 years of observation does not lie.

              Personally, I care about the kids in my life and will do everything to protect them from these things which were unknown in my childhood.

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    From the consumer point of view, consumer protection authority has a major role to play. As per many researches I have done, analyzing the consumer protection laws, including competition law, it was revealed that the above issue has not been addressed properly by the consumer protection authority. More over, public neusence act also plays a major role to safe guard the rights of the public and to protect the environment. But main problem is that the monopolistic power and the money of these multinational companies will prevent media to make a criticism against them.

    Mr. Sarath Wijesinghe has comprehensively addressed the issues and he has properly analyzed the laws to safeguard the public. In other countries, public interest litigation plays a major role in similar circumstances. Therefore the public must address and take necessary actions pertaining to these issues because still the Japanese people are suffering from the ” minimata” disease which was occurred before couple of decades. Therefore as public, we have to be alert and take necessary actions against the environmental pollution as well as against the illegal trade practices by various traders and manufacturers.
    Aparrajitha Ariyadasa

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    Hello everyone,

    Apologising for bringing in a indirectly related topic

    I would like to ask you all to search for, and watch a documentary called “Sugar Coated”

  • 0

    So., popular conception has it that Coca Cola has managed to persuade the Powers-that-Be to sweep this shocking violation against our people, under the rug.

    We can expect more rape of our country by Western interests in the future since our government is now unapologetically pro-western !

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