8 August, 2022


Corona Resurgence Is A National Emergency, Wake Up & Act Swiftly & Decisively 

By M.M. Janapriya

Dr. M.M. Janapriya

Being a senior medical professional and a concerned citizen studying and following the flow and ebb of the Corona stream, in my beloved motherland I am greatly perturbed by the way Corona raised it’s ugly head again and how this surge is being managed at the moment. I have absolutely no doubt in my mind that there is indeed community spread now. Even though the health authorities and the media are making a valiant attempt to connect the hundreds of cases scattered over most of the country to one or another of the existing clusters they have failed in style according to a PHI who came on Ada Derana TV on the 26th October 2020.

This is a very serious matter indeed and worse is the fact that the health authorities have been economical with the truth. Please watch the clip here from 6.29 minutes to 6.51 minutes. This man is an apology to a proper head of a very important preventive health Department. Listen to him carefully. The journalist is asking “Hand on heart can you say that there is no community spread of this disease at the moment? The doctor says “Yes of course I can say there is no community spread as at present. There is no necessity for us to hide such a thing because community spread is a situation where we cannot link one patient to another. As at present only 90.7% of the allotted bed capacity has been utilized. Ten percent of the beds are still available for use.” He is paradoxically referring to the measly 10% of Corona beds left as if it was 90%. This man’s reply is completely illogical, incoherent and incomprehensible to most of us proper medical doctors. 

On the same clip the Public Health Inspector comes on next and says “ Covid 19 resurgence that has occurred in relation to Divulapitiya and Minuwangoda also called the second wave has got to a very unfortunate level by now. Together with the sub-cluster recorded in Peliyagoda, cases connected with this resurgence are being reported from all over Sri Lanka. Also at this moment in time several cases whose source of infection cannot be determined are being reported from parts of Sri Lanka. Therefore the situation in the country is dire.” Please watch this video between 6.53 minutes to 7.34 minutes. 

The doctor clearly is holding back the truth the question being is he doing it at his own volition or is he being a puppet of someone or indeed is he genuinely incapable of analyzing the situation and coming out with a scientific inference? If any of these is the case he should respectably resign from his job and pave way for a better person to come in. Also it is evident from the recent happenings that the special Presidential task force headed by the Army (ironically not the head of the health sector) which, up until now seems to have done a sterling job, has been caught napping.     

What happened and how it happened

Friends, Colombians, Countrymen, lend me your ears;

I come to bury mother Lanka, not to praise her.

The evil that men do lives after them;

The good is oft interred with their bones;

So let it be with my darling mother. The noble Brandics

Hath told you mother Lanka a woman of ill fame:

If it were so, it was a grievous fault,

And grievously hath she answer’d it. 

Here, under leave of Brandics and the Rest–

For Brandics is an honourable organization;

So are they all, all honourable men–

Come I to speak in mother Lanka’s funeral.

She was my darling mother, who gave unconditional love to me:

But Brandics says she was a woman of ill fame;

And Brandics is an honourable organization.

It hath brought many a kill home to Colombo

Whose Dollars did some coffers fill:

Did this make Brandcs seem ‘untouchable’

When we, the poor cried, mother Lanka hath wept:

A woman of ill fame should be made of sterner stuff:

Yet Brandics says she was a woman of ill fame;

And Brandics is an honourable organization.

(Might be worth listening to this Mark Antony funeral oration by one and only Charlton Heston in the film Julius Caesar. I watched this as a 3rd year medical student on one of the few 70mm screens in the country at that time at the Odeon theatre, Kandy.) 

This is a summation of the events that led to the most recent Sri Lankan Covid-19 debacle in which some powerful business people must have felt that the nation was an expandable lot. Also this poetic narration might give the confused Sri Lankan public an opportunity to delineate who Mark Antony was and who indeed was Brutus. SARS COV-2 is having a field day here on Sri Lankan soil courtesy utter and miserable mismanagement of the infection by the special presidential task force in which subservient doctors play either the second or third fiddle.

From what is happening around us it is obvious even to a second standard school child that 

Corona is everywhere. The “test little trace with passion and isolate with a vengeance” strategy 

of the task force has been defeated hands down. They are still being commandeered by the 

Army and the learned (or not so learned) doctors seem to be just toeing the line. The 

description below describes it all. With apologies to Lord Tennyson, 

“Forward, the Lankan Brigade!”

Was there a man dismayed?

Not though the Nation knew

Someone had blundered.

Theirs not to make reply,

Theirs not to reason why,

Theirs but to do and die.

Into the valley of Death

Dragged the unsuspecting nation.

Corona to right of them,

Corona to left of them,

Corona in front of them

Volleyed and thundered;

Stormed at with droplets and spray,

Unwillingly they were dragged,

Into the jaws of Death,

Into the mouth of hell

Dragged the hapless nation.

This is the current situation. Like in ‘Sama Jathakaya’ we will defer investigating how this came about for the moment and get on with what remedial measures should be called in to action in order to resurrect Sri Lanka and unlike in ‘Sama Jathakaya’ we will pressurize the government to bring the culprits to books once the dust settles.

What mistakes did we do?

  • Victory in the first leg made us believe all was well
  • Task force seemingly didn’t meet for 2 months
  • Didn’t realize struggling India next door could pose a real time threat
  • Viral genome sequencing of the second wave virus seems wanting
  • Realistic numbers of random tests are not being done
  • Politics seem to have come before the country
  • Public is being misinformed. Why?
  • Stringent enough measures have not been instituted yet

Victory in the first leg made us believe all was well 

Be it our innate immunity, herd immunity, successful BCG vaccination of the whole nation, hot climate, airy housing or the virus that came our way being a deleted mutant, I will without hesitation give a lot of credit to the task force for a job well done as per the first wave despite a few lapses it showed from time to time.

It felt almost surreal that we did so well with only 11 people dying all of whom having had other co-morbidities. We were jubilant and quite rightly so. Unfortunately this jubilation led to the authorities taking their ‘eye off the ball” the consequences of which were disastrous. Letting the Navy sailor go home on leave for New Year without completing the quarantine period was foolhardy and also was high handed. This sailor developed Corona and very likely infected a large number on the way home crossing borders of many districts. Together with him there were several other sailors let loose recklessly who too were found to have the infection. Then came the infamous 3 sporadic positives from staff NHSL, from streets of Rajagiriya and of Kolonnawa which predictably became negative within 24 hours in order to maintain ‘no community spread’ status.

Thondaman’s funeral came next. This took place violating every health guideline and more sending a very bad message to the public. Health authorities and the task force wouldn’t care less. Former advised the government it was safe to hold elections without excluding community spread by either doing PCR on large enough random samples in all provinces or indeed checking antiviral antibody levels in these samples or both. This is the reason why the servile doctors were not allowed to head the task force. The powers that be had made a good assessment of their capabilities and assertiveness.   

Task force seemingly didn’t meet for 2 months

Basking in the new sunshine the Task Force apparently missed out on meeting for two long months. I cannot vouch for the authenticity of this statement but this is an accusation society seems to be levelling against the administration. If this is indeed true it is an unpardonable ‘mistake’ on the part of all the members of the Task force especially the medical members who should have advised the hierarchy on the prudence of having regular meetings till the virus threat was completely gone. 

It is military practice to jealously guard the territory recaptured from the enemy with all their might. The present Sri Lanka Army and its top brass no doubt will have first-hand experience in this regard from the war against the northern terrorists. It is however deeply regrettable that this principle was not adhered to, in the Army led attack against the viral illness.  

Didn’t realize struggling India next door could pose a real time threat 

India after a reasonable start lagged severely behind in the race against Covid-19 infection. Infected number is astronomically high and number dead is staggering too. This is fathomable because under the booming economy is a faction of the community amounting to about 50% of the population or more that is desperately poor and is invisible to the rulers. They are malnourished and probably have not had all the prescribed vaccinations. It is very likely that a significant number of these people would not have had their BCG vaccination at all.

This and other reasons may have made this group very vulnerable indeed. We have been having a great deal of interaction with our big brother neighbor especially in the field of garment industry. Even though it is obvious that the powers that be should have been very strict with people coming from India it looks as though the authorities have had only a ‘sweet heart’ relationship leaving room for infected people to be smuggled in.

Viral genome sequencing was not done? 

From the very outset people were yelling from the rooftops that the second wave virus may have come from India. Judging from the speed at which the infection is spreading and the fact that 6 people have already paid the ultimate price, this assumption seems to be not without merit. The only way this suspicion can be put to rest is by genome sequencing of this virus for which facilities are available in Sri Lanka but this has not happened for some unknown reason. Had we established this sooner and deployed stringent anti-spread methods in double quick time we might not have been in the predicament we are in today.

Realistic numbers of random tests are not being done 

It is being said over electronic and print media that a large number of PCR tests are being done daily. These seem to be mainly on suspected cases and their contacts. It was told on ITN news last morning that there were 431 cases found after testing over 10,000 individuals. Going by this alone, the current prevalence is over a million people but the real number is going to be a multiple of this which can only be established or refuted by testing much larger numbers. The constant plea from different Medical Organizations and concerned individuals to increase the number of test done per day though has been heeded to half-heartedly, is nowhere near what is needed to realistically catch all infected people and isolate them. 

Following are the key reasons why testing large numbers matters.

  • Some studies estimate that presymptomatic and asymptomatic transmission accounts for approximately 50 percent of cases and testing is required to ensure that carriers of the coronavirus are not unknowingly passing it on to others. 
  • People generally seem much more likely to co-operate and isolate themselves if they are confirmed as virus carriers. 
  • To break chains of transmission, public health officials need to know where the virus is and who has been exposed to it. In addition, close contacts of virus carriers must be informed so that they isolate themselves, meaning colleagues at work, people in the same apartment building, or those who have been in the same cafes, shops, trains, or planes. This is already happening to some extent but the test numbers are small, there seems to be a pecking order for tests to be done and the results take days to come. Hence the intended outcome of breaking chains of transmission falls by the wayside. In this respect quick access to testing and releasing results quickly are clearly mandatory improvements that need to be made and made quick. 
  • As we have already experienced, certain parts of a country can become hot spots with a high number of cases and with even super-spreaders. This is being done at the moment thanks to testing of contacts in and around suspected places like in the case of Brandix. This is not enough. It is important to test third and fourth layer of contacts too. In addition if we test large numbers in given areas randomly, while getting to know the prevalence of asymptomatic disease in the community, emerging hotspots too will become visible at a much earlier stage than otherwise. It makes a huge difference if a country has 50, 500, or 50,000 cases. Without accurate numbers, governments and doctors are trying to fight a fire without knowing how large the blaze is, or where unseen embers are still burning.

Statistically the number of tests needed to get a very accurate estimate of the prevalence of the disease and to catch all of the active patients, is a 20,000/million population which means we should be testing 400,000/day. I am sensitive to the fact that we are a poor country and don’t have the financial capability to afford so many tests daily. We should somehow try to reach at least 25,000 tests/day till the present wave is gotten under control.

Politics seems to have come before the country 

With the virus rampaging across the country as shown by the number of cases discovered per day even with a modest degree of testing, the powers that be did not seem to have paid a great deal of attention to this problem. For days on end they were preoccupied with getting the 20th amendment to the constitution passed in parliament for which there need not have been such an indecent hurry. This simply shows that for politicians of all colour, the wellbeing of the nation is only a secondary issue. 

Public is being misinformed. Why?

I have almost come to the end of my tether at telling the authorities of the importance of providing authentic information to the public to win public confidence as, well informed public would tolerate strictures that would be incrementally imposed through the epidemic till new detected numbers recede. Trying to curb the epidemic without public co-operation will no doubt prove a steep mountain to climb. In several of my previous articles I have shown how health and other authorities have misinformed the public and therefore do not intend going deep in to the matter again. However as a last ditch attempt to drive some sense in to the impervious brains of the authorities I have broached this topic again at the very beginning of this article. It is well known that countries which have done well in this pandemic have kept their people updated with authentic information. Amongst such countries are New Zealand, Australia, South Korea, Singapore, Hong Kong but Germany would walk away with the medal.    

Stringent enough measures have not been instituted yet 

Hundreds of cases being discovered daily and 6 of them paying the ultimate price already authorities should have known the matter is serous. But not to be. They are pressing ahead with the ‘test, trace, isolate ‘policy without significantly increasing the number of tests done per day. As such this epidemic is likely to go on for a lot more time to come.

What should be done here and now? 

Under this subheading I have just enumerated what needs to be done as elaborating on each point will entail a laborious process which would leave a voluminous article which would put off even the avidest of readers. Besides, most of the points are self-explanatory. 

  1. Accept that there is community spread. This is a great point to start doing better in earnest.
  2. Lot more testing to find asymptomatic people who keep spreading the infection. Roughly 50% of PCR positives are asymptomatic but can spread the disease. To catch these it is recommended that one has to do 20,000/million/ population/day. i.e. for SL 400,000 tests /day. No financial capability. So do as much as possible, may be 25,000/day
  3. Co-opt more people from the forces, university students grama arakshakas and volunteers to trace and isolate

      4.   Hospitalize only symptomatic cases

  1. Asymptomatic positives to be quarantined at their own homes where feasible. These homes must have several rooms and at least two toilets/bathrooms so that the Covid-19 positive person can follow health guidelines with ease. 
  2. All people self-quarantined should be visited by a PHI or other co-opted for the purpose at least every other day. They will look for worsening signs and if detected refer the patient for admission.
  3. Better still have ‘Corona taxis’ like in Germany. Teams of doctors and nurses in full Personal Protective Equipment in cars visiting all self-isolating patients to assess their progress. 
  4. High risk cases to be admitted to specially designated tertiary hospitals. These would be the elderly and the others with illnesses like, Diabetes, heart disease, high blood pressure, chronic lung disease etc.
  5. Moderate risk cases be sent to other designated general hospitals with medical specialists
  6. Low risk cases to be managed in designated district hospitals and peripheral units. Eg.Fit and young sufferers
  7. Medical specialists all over the island should be kept updated through ‘zoom’ meetings. 
  8. All schools to be closed
  9. Government departments and private sector must have minimum staff attending in person
  10. Encourage working from home
  11. Film theatres hotels, pubs, taverns and all public gatherings to be banned
  12. Home parties be banned
  13. Two families even should not get together
  14. All practices so far followed viz. wearing face masks, hand washing with soap and water and social distancing to be continued at all times
  15. Showering on returning home with clothes going to the washer
  16. Lockdown the districts with hot spots 
  17. Reappraise after I week and if progress is slow
  18. Enforce Island wide curfew  

It is my fervent opinion that the government gives due consideration to my suggestions to put the Corona genie back in the bottle. 

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Latest comments

  • 6

    Doc, there are many (including medical personal) who applauded our “wartime management of Covid” and some even went to the extent of taking victory laps. But even for a lay person like me the numbers never made any sense. Gradually it became obvious to me, this was another Rajapaksas programmed SHAM and not a pandemic containment. Today technicians arrived from China to repair the PCR machine which was purchased few months ago. The Chinese embassy claims” any machine made in China is expected to malfunction when put to test 24/7″. Due to this 20,000 PCR results are still pending. The government,health ministry and administration vehemently maintain” it is clusters”, where you and I know it is community infection. Considering just the above factors explains the impending disaster. Yes India too had but the numbers have gradually come down from 95,000 to less than 50,000 now. I do feel the numbers are close because the admissions to hospitals have been less than 50% compared to what we saw few months ago.

    • 9

      Thanks for the article.
      Health officials not only that biased GMOA, should come forward to save the nation.
      According to Dr Wickramanayake, no civil men but millitary has been abusing their power in the control measures being taken today in sl. Most of those millitary men have not the least knowledge about anything, ….. incumbent president as a former high man in srilanken army has been proving it as no other millitary leaders in the world today. ::::: people are to be blamed – GOOD RIDDANCE actually. I have no sympathy about our people – they voted for rascals, today, they have to suffer, not even a year gone, since bitch s sons are back, almost everything is looted to the core. They have failed to do even any appointments, no different to Gamaralas dicisions, today GAMARALA s politics is being appreciated by the very same ill fated voters that voted for most known criminals. 🤔🤔🤔🤔🤔🤔🤔🤔🤔🤔🤔🤔🤔🤔🤔🤔🤔🤔🤔🤔🤔🤔🤔🤔🤔🤔🤔🤔🤔🤔🤔🤔🤔🤔🤔🤔🤔🤔🤔🤔🤔🤔🤔🤔🤔

      • 5


        Sisira Jayakody MP, for Gampaha, the State Minister of Indigenous Medicine, Rural and Ayurveda Hospital Development and Community Health now believes it is impossible to eradicate Corona therefore people have to learn to live with it, a New Norm.

        At the same time single handed generals still believe they are well placed to kill the virus. For them no job is big or small only thinking makes it so as they were successful in eliminating LTTE 11 years ago, (BTW LTTE was destroyed by VP with some help from Hindians).

        Is the government going to stop making efforts to destroy COVID 19 or single handed Generals (15,000 of them) going to con the people?

        • 2

          My dear Native,
          Now some of the goda wedamahaththayas (native docs/thugs) make ever yeffort to introduce their HELA WEDAKAMA, as the only alternative methods in healding COVID. These NATIVE pundits are far from basics of human biology, but go on saying that their HELA WEDAKAMA could do wonders what western medicine has not even touched it yet. The truth is, human body has its own healing powers. Some patients regardless of being undergone to any methods could recover in the course o ftime, regardless of the intake of the medicine. There those astrologists and all native doctors score more – because people are unware of the basics of human biology. The very same is the case with them being caught by Rajapkshe tricks, in voter grabbing tactics in recent elections. My problem is to undrestand very same average, dont seem to worry even if they have all along being cheated on and on. THere I questions, majoriy of srilanka are human beings ?

      • 1

        Mr. LM (Loose Motion),
        Here is some international news for you as you are living in a gutter without being aware of the world situation.
        …..Police in Berlin have arrested 300 demonstrators during protests against Germany’s coronavirus restrictions……
        …..Germany will impose an emergency lockdown…..
        “The virus is circulating at a speed that not even the most pessimistic forecasts had anticipated,”
        “Like all our neighbours, we are submerged by the sudden acceleration of the virus.”
        – French President Emmanuel Macron after ordering a return to lockdown.

        • 5

          But Ms SCP, we are well aware ofthe facts about you… that are still on the recovery mode of your gender op and what you add might be well connected with your pains.
          Please dont forget, that every4th is tested in Germany, but in srilanka it is not even 1/41 x 100 = 2.5% … meaning 2 to 3 in 100 of people. Your statistics as Rajaakshe virologist only misled the thanakola eaters and pave their criminal representatives back be the parliamentarians in this god punished country.

          You the stupid men only ruined the last hope of the destitute in that country, not being able to differentiate good from the bad.
          You talk about unknown topics not being able to grasp the little about the srilanken criminal politics. I really dont know from what end you are talking. I think so long the idiots of your nature would be the majority, this country has no future.
          Now with the VERY SAME cheevaradhariyas that were cheap to bring back CRIMINALS; behave as they are totally ingored by MAHA RAJJURUWOS, …. what more need to do … to make you the ultra modays convinced… ?

  • 7

    Doc, there are plenty of “educated fools (here in CT too) claim the death rates are so low, and road accidents cause more death in a single day. I personally went through the lung scans of infected patients where many of them had anywhere from 10 to >50% of their lungs affected. We do not know the long term effects and morbidity due to this pandemic. I also came across a young patient who developed significant cardiomyopathy post infection. elderly had CNS involvement complicated by encephalopathy, leaving them with residual memory/cognitive deficits. In short we have not seen the whole picture yet. Following Easter GR got elected, claiming Covid success MR got elected with 2/3. The victims of both are still looking for answers.

      • 1

        Dear SM,
        why do you think it is good ? Do you think that New Ambassdor would change the opinion ? They both quarrel for the geographical location of the srilanka in their power struggle. Rajapakseh and their backlicking constituent leaders in their vicious SLPP, have uttered anything as to why they stayed away not protesting against Pompeo who left the country asking us the slaves of Rajaakshes to decide with whom we have to deal with in terms of future of the country. Those Buddhist priests behave yet today as if they didnot hear it. I gathered my information from various sources. That added, various thoughts about the danger before the nation.


        • 0

          There’ll always be politics, LM.
          I fear that my comments are often too cerebral. This was just an appreciation of the good mannners to be seen in simplicity.
          Sri Lankans are much too obsessed with pomp and pageantry.

  • 8

    First wave Corona-19 victory? Whose victory? It is called Military victory lead by Military commander Gotabaya. Elections victory with two third majority and 20th amendment victory. The outcome is the second Wave Corona.
    When we say Corona we don’t differentiate between Corona types. First wave Corona was not mild in terms of its impact. Some analysis of Second wave corona identified that now we have a virulent Corona type much more vigorous than previous one. It came at a time when 20th amendment was brought to parliament along with the Indian PM consultation, Chinese team arrival and USA Pompeo arrival. The focus of the President, Prime Minister and Ministers are not about people but about their power. During Easter Bombing Task force did not meet months and now task force not met for two months. Information on how Corona second wave came is hiding like many other information to the public.

  • 3

    What happened to the 1000 body bags they got from ICRC? Was the material used to make face masks?

    • 2


      “What happened to the 1000 body bags they got from ICRC?”

      Very good question.

      ” Was the material used to make face masks?”

      Probably Basil would have exported to Brazil.

    • 2

      Mr Stanley,
      Not just 1000 body bags, whatever being received srilanka today are only for the use of ;Medamulana Rascals.
      Yesterday I went our nearest petrol station, petrol liter prices were 1.18 EURO/liter. The formula is set to adjust to the minute. And I thought how fair these govts have been towards the benefit of the masses. But ballige puthas led srilanka, never gave the huge price concession yet to its general public.

      Tell me what branch is not hugely affected by FUEL PRICES ?
      Today MEDIA dont seem to talk even anything about need of the hour? They just let IDIOTs to abuse almost everything … that is why I heard some wishing Rajapkashes to get infected by COVID sooner than later, so that this country could breath in again.

  • 3

    This is the time for this country to work as a whole to get rid of this virus for good. In order to do this you need all communities working toward the same objective; the objective of getting rid of this virus with minimum effect to the economy and lives of people.

    You cannot do this if you choose to ostracize, vilify and mock a large part of society. By not allowing for burials of covid 19 victims according to WHO mandated guidelines you’re pushing people away from testing and that will not help in anyway whatsoever to curb the spread of this decease. Whether you like it or not, based on scientific fact you have to accept that ‘mandatory cremation’ is not a requirement for the disposing of bodies of covid 19 victims. The WHO has outlined the process for burials of covid 19 victims, and yes these guidelines are applicable to countries that experience high torrential rainfall and have faster water cycles than other countries (eg, India, sri lanka, Singapore, Malaysia, thailand, Madagascar, Brazil etc.) It was only done to show the “Muslims” no mercy and to garner the support of sinhalese.

    • 0

      I agree, dear sitrep24
      I’m resisting the urge to start blaming our various politicians. If we continue to do that we’ll never get anywhere.
      If we really need diversion let us see this recent version of Julius Caesar that presents the politicians in a format ideally suited for the computer screen.
      I find that there are about seven versions of the full play on the Intenet.
      Parents, some of them have the text in English subtitles. To get them on look at the settings, bottom right of the picture – the symbol for a gear in a motor engine.
      As for us, see a good and brilliant vegan Professor’s advice on tackling COVID that he’s given us just yesterday:
      17 minutes

  • 3

    This is the time for this country to work as a whole to get rid of this virus for good. In order to do this you need all communities working toward the same objective; the objective of getting rid of this virus with minimum effect to the economy and lives of people.

    You cannot do this if you choose to ostracize, vilify and mock a large part of society. By not allowing for burials of covid 19 victims according to WHO mandated guidelines you’re pushing people away from testing and that will not help in anyway whatsoever to curb the spread of this decease. Whether you like it or not, based on scientific fact you have to accept that ‘mandatory cremation’ is not a requirement for the disposing of bodies of covid 19 victims. The WHO has outlined the process for burials of covid 19 victims, and yes these guidelines are applicable to countries that experience high torrential rainfall and have faster water cycles than other countries (eg, India, sri lanka, Singapore, Malaysia, thailand, Madagascar, Brazil etc.) It was only done to show the “Muslims” no mercy and to garner the support of sinhalese.

    • 4


      “This is the time for this country to work as a whole to get rid of this virus for good. “

      I am sorry when people have empowered viruses in many forms, for example the saffron brigades, armed forces, crooked politicians, war criminals, functionaries, …. their only interest is to grab more power, more land, more resources, how to enrich themselves.

      The saffron brigades travel all over North East accompanied by a large retinue, members of STF, Police, Army, yes men from Department of Archaeology, Department of Forestry, Department of ….. this Department of that, Department of other, ……….. a large mob, on a great mission to grab land in the pretext of archaeological sites, ….

      You should tell these land thieves lazy bumps to work as a whole to get rid of this virus for good.

  • 2

    The good doctor is right. The issue with the cluster theory is that it is a self-fulfilling prophecy. The more you test the contacts the more are found . but those outside the cluster will not be found.

    Despite what these Sri Lanka hating clowns in CT say. the Govt had done a pretty good job until they got complacent. It is time to control this disease at the level it is found. But if they keep with this cluster theory I am afraid they will lose control.

    Please forget the cluster theory and conduct as many tests as possible.

    • 4


      “the Govt had done a pretty good job until they got complacent.”

      Please clarify.

      Sisira Jayakody, the State Minister of Indigenous Medicine, Rural and Ayurveda Hospital Development and Community Health, now believes people have to live with virus as he sees it as NEW NORM.

      What are the Single handed Generals doing to deal with it? Are they conning the people and his self claimed strong leader? It appears, waste of time, waste of resources, waste of lives, ………….. Seriously do these (15,000) generals know what they are doing?

    • 2

      a14455 / October 31, 2020

      ” The more you test the contacts the more are found . but those outside the cluster will not be found.”

      This is the reason why WHO announced it louder ” test, test, test” but you bastards did not let srilanken doctors to go for it even if the very same idiots come with the kind of statements today.
      Srilanka is an island nation, if TAIWAN and NEWZEALAND did it, why could not SRLANKENs contained the virus. If we had good leaders with brains, nothing would have reached that far.
      India until few weeks ago did their best to your eyes, but now it has become the second country where most die almost every day. You guys not having the little in head but to go on prasiing criminals and their actitivies further is beyond our bearing.

  • 3

    The proposals seem to make sense if our only concern is being rid of the virus.
    Has anyone done some arithmetic on the cost of implementing the proposals, and the feasibility of some like ‘Showering on returning home with clothes going to the washer’ and ‘working from home’. What percentage of households can do these?
    Besides, human beings are not readily programmed for a set of conditions and then reprogrammed back to normal function.
    The impact of some of the drastic steps on emotional side of the human being will be a medium and long term issue.
    Already the lockdowns and curfews have deprived a large fraction of the low income population of much of its earnings if not all of it.
    Do we not need to take a holistic view?
    I have not the answers, but trust that we can learn from other countries with comparable conditions.
    I wonder how Haiti, Cuba, Nicaragua and Venezuela have low and near the lowest infection and death rates per million population in their respective regions.
    Also why and how Poland and Sweden (of EU countries) have resisted pressure to impose lockdown?
    Is not there anything for us to learn from these countries and much of East Asia & SE Asia?

    • 0

      ps. Belarus with all its political troubles is reportedly the least affected by the virus among European countries.

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