15 May, 2021


Coronavirus & Its Origin, Source & Spread

By A. Sivapathasundaram –

A. Sivapathasundaram

Tentacles of Corona Virus

The “Corona Virus” – name initially given to the virus when it started and then re-named “Covid-19”— first striking in Wuhan, capital of Hubei province in China, in December last year, has now brought the whole world to its knees.

The virus has spread its poisonous and destructive tentacles around 209 countries and regions around the world. It is reported that as at April 18, 2020, around the world, 1, 527, 486 people have become infected, 579,190 recovered, 154,726 died, and 57,086  in critical condition. The numbers continue to rise at a terrifying speed. We have an unprecedented situation where countries and cities have closed their borders; people have been ordered to stay at home. Economies are floundering catastrophically and the livelihoods of many millions are being destroyed. 

Questions in the Minds of People

It is but natural, and in fact inevitable, that ordinary people all over the world are confused and angry too. They want to know what has happened and who or what really is the cause of it all. Many theories are being floated on them. It is said by certain quarters that it is not the time to discuss about this, everyone should focus on how to contain the virus , the priority is to save lives, and that discussions about it would only detract from the issues of solving the crisis. 

True, the States, the Governments and the Authorities should primarily concentrate on how to face this contagion and contain it, while also mitigate the sufferings of the people for whose welfare they have the ultimate responsibility. No doubt, all citizens and individuals should necessarily follow and obey the various restrictions imposed on them by their respective governments and ensure compliance.