5 March, 2021


Covert Operation To Cover Up Daham Sirisena’s Misdeeds At Clique

Clandestine moves are afoot to cover up the weekend nightclub brawl allegedly orchestrated by President Maithripala Sirisena’s son, Daham, which left several security guards of the nightclub injured.

Highly placed sources said that the management of the Clique Nightclub, located on Union Place, Colombo 2, has not only issued gag orders on the staff against speaking to anyone other than the police, but steps have already been taken to cover up the incident. As a result, one of the victims, who was beaten by the gang has told the police that he is unable to identify anyone of the culprits.daham-sirisena

Daham Sirisena | File photo 

The Management of Clique has meanwhile used the club’s venue manager to make a statement denying the involvement of the VVIPs son in the incident.

In a video statement on YouTube, venue manager of Clique, Christopher Kern said, “yes, there was an incident between 2.00 am to 2.30 am, where some guests tried to enter the club, but there was a delay in allowing them entry as it was busy inside the club, but later everyone was allowed to go in. While leaving the club premises, three security officers of the club came under attack, which resulted in several glasses being damaged.”

Kern went on to say, “there has been some media reporting that a VVIP’s son was involved in the incident, I can confirm that there was no son of any VVIP’s at the time of the incident, as I was also on duty at the time of the incident.”

However, another source pointed out that as the night club is situated on the sixth floor of the building, there was no possibility for Kern to have been present on the ground floor during the time of the attack. “Usually, only the security staff of the club are at the entrance of the club, not the venue manager. So it’s impossible for him to have been present at the scene of the incident, because the gang attacked everyone on site with bats,” he said.

In just 48 hours since the incident took place, the case has already suffered a setback with the 34 year old injured guard who was admitted to the Accident Service soon after being attacked claiming that he is unable to identify the culprits who attacked him.

However, the CCTV footage shows that the incident took place under good lighting conditions, and therefore it is impossible for the victims to not have seen at least one of the attackers. None of the attackers had disguised their faces during the attack.

Among the culprits who were behind the attack, was a close relative of the Sirisena’s, who had accompanied Daham to the nightclub.

The diagnosis card at the Accident Service stated that the 34 year old victim was assaulted by a group of ‘unknown people’ who had assaulted his hands, abdomen and head. The victim was vomiting since the attack and during admission to the Accident Service on Saturday and he was also bleeding from his mouth.

The undercover operation to protect Daham Sirisena is similar to an incident which took place in 2007 involving notorious Malaka Silva, the son of former Minister Mervyn Silva, who assaulted Chaminda Senasinghe, an accountant because Silva was provoked after seeing Senasinghe with his ex-girlfriend Claudia Kreussler. The Silvas used every venue possible to intimidate and influence the judiciary and the police to subvert the course of justice and safeguard Malaka Silva.

In another incident back in 1997, in a drunken brawl Joel Pera, a Papua New Guinean rugby player of Havelocks Club was shot dead outside Carlton Club in Kollupitiya. Lohan Ratwatte and his bodyguards was seen getting into their car and driving away. No one apart from Ratwatte’s party was known to have had a weapon. The investigation had been placed under SSP Bandula Wickremasinghe, then Director of CID. The case was handed over to the CID as a matter of urgent interest. The Police took no interest in apprehending Ratwatte who was apparently ‘unavailable,’ to even record a statement. But witnesses who implicated him were threatened and ill-treated. The case was botched up. In a letter to the then President Chandrika Kumaratunga, Pera’s wife Vanessa nee Selvaratnam, accused the CID team led by Director SSP Wickremasinghe of throwing out good evidence by various manoeuvres and putting on trial a dummy. The latter was a security man, an employee of a state corporation under the then Minister Anuruddha Ratwatte. The CID was also very quick to go public and pronounce that the minister’s son was not involved, even before preliminary investigations were completed, and although there was no irrefutable alibi for him.

Soon after the killing incident, the Ravaya newspaper carried a headline story implicating Lohan Ratwatte, following its own investigation. Quoting a witness, the article in Sinhala said that Pera was shot by the minister’s son (Wedi tribbe amathi putha).

Even though it has been over 48 hours since the incident, Daham Sirisena is yet to issue a statement denying his involvement in the attack at the Clique Night Club. (By Munza Mushtaq)

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  • 46

    Dimwit, Nitwit, BlockHead Daham Sirisena,

    “Clandestine moves are afoot to cover up the weekend nightclub brawl allegedly orchestrated by President Maithripala Sirisena’s son, Daham, which left several security guards of the nightclub injured.”

    “Even though it has been over 48 hours since the incident, Daham Sirisena is yet to issue a statement denying his involvement in the attack at the Clique Night Club. “

    So you are using your father, President Gamarala Maitipala Sirisena’s influence to cover up? However, this will be posted on every internet media, to show what a Dimwit, Nitwit, BlockHead you are.

    • 26

      Dimwit, Nitwit, BlockHead Daham Sirisena, going berserk..Video


      Question: Are you happy with Yahapananaya and the Gamarala?

      • 21

        Jim Softy told me on the phone that its Mahninda’s son under disguise as Sri Sena’ son. I believe Jim.

        • 5

          Yes, yes, he would be anyway in better form for this work, given all his experiences!

      • 6

        Shocking video. Daham put a gun to the guy’s head. Young chap has no fear.

    • 25

      Guys ! Guys! Think !

      This unruly son of the President of SL has some grudge against the father, he’s doing all he can to disgrace his father but the poor man father is wiping out the stained history of his son’s garbage every time with no success.
      Even this happened while the beloved Thaatha was out of the country.

      This is the only way the unruly brood of The President knows how to disgrace the father when in power.

      • 12

        What else can you expect from this thuggish son when the father is a traitor and a crook.

      • 11

        Lock up the brat to show the country that HE’s serious about ‘Good governance’?!

      • 2

        This might be mother of lame excuses/explanations for someone’s incorrigible behaviour. This is not the first time this brat has overstepped his boundaries and abused his father’s position, the father is equally to blame for indulging his son’s every whim and fancy & bailing him out of sticky situations, let the idiot son face the music like any ordinary citizen and he will learn to toe the line !

  • 13

    CT, why are you upsetting the yahapalana washing team by publishing such stories?

    Washers, a tip for you. Could not it be Namal R, pretended like Daham baby to do this stupid action in that particular night?

    Think of that and make a story and use all your websites to spread it. There’s a big chance people to believe you, just like they did before Jan 8, 15.

    • 16

      මැර කල්ලි,(hoodlums)
      here’s cool constructive criticism,

      max you make a living with your tangential knowledge but you cant make a life.

      Pimbura-පිඹුරා is your lover.

    • 5

      You need to undergo a therapy sooner or later,

      Please have your little brain checked for the sake of the masses of this country. Your Guru to have one all no go levels have taken us today s situation in the country. Even if the current regime is on a snail pace of being unable to crush all the harm being made by crooks, since they are alert to their good govenrance principles, I believe, these men would not learn it – so draconian steps can only teach them a lession.

      I will be happy if all those sharks together with MAXI moron would have been lock up from any further human association – then only we can even start think of a reconcliation for permament peace for all.

      • 13

        Punchiburampi /soma the Mutt

        try buddha therapy or logo therapy (Jewish tech) both are new techniques.

        `good govenrance` The Authority is the Truth from 74,74, 74, like the sinhala population SriMao republic.

        You need schooling mutt We feel the truth- its gut feeling that comes from education at the most competitive universities and profession.

        you tread where angles dare not because Pimbura-පිඹුරා is your lover.

        • 5

          Maxee the Mule,

          “”from the authorities of yahapalana publicity unit. Because, such dumb lickers are rare.”2

          Your passport is not worth toilet paper. Try this for a change.

          Great Gawd Budd.–I Dreamed a Dream- Les Miserables

          There was a time when love was blind
          And the world was a song
          And the song was exciting

          But the TIGERS come at night
          With their voices soft as thunder
          As they tear your hopes apart
          As they turn your dreams to shame

          He filled my days with endless wonder
          He took my childhood in his stride
          But he was gone when May 2009 came

          I had a dream my life would be
          So different from this hell I’m living
          So different now, from what it seemed
          Now life has killed the dream I dreamed

          (walking along the railway line)
          Rail parre mama yanekota pukka diga van̆duru Maxiee
          pukka digga maxiee, pukka digga Bola wathie_la,dan doon_la
          pim̆burā guhāvē Pemvatun පිඹුරා ගුහාවේ පෙම්වතුන් ((pythons den- Lovers)

          dan band Coons! pukka diga van̆duru Maxiee malli la,

          (golden eagle- ran rājāliyekugē)
          රන් රාජාලියෙකුගේ is to take the lot of you for supper,
          and also feed her chicks.

          Coming sweet coming soon Irma la Douce.

      • 1

        Punchiburampi and timbuttu! I think you guys deserve a promotion from the authorities of yahapalana publicity unit. Because, such dumb lickers are rare.

        • 3

          where almost every 2nd is get backing from culprits to promote crimes, no any government clean the country 100% within a year.

          Max behaves as if he will never see it right. So are masses.
          They are misguided by Rajakapakshe men – the culprits that work for money -which they had then grabed from the state.

          Today, former secretary to president is speechless since his involvment had been compelled to please athigaru and he has been caught by almost every allegations. He cant even express a word to press today.

          I challenge you MAX if you have gut, bring what Mr WEERATHUNGA has to say about the all the diverse kind of crimes may have been greelight by FORMER president secretariat. ::: ?

          This is a challenge to this bugger MAXI MORON… please take on.

          • 3

            This is really good point.

            None of us got to see, former president secretary would give any statement to press ( SEE LANKEN PRESS IS NO BIASED:::::: HA H AHA::: THEY ARE ALL RAJAPAKSHE MEN:::: NOW CLEAR ?)

            Nor have Athigaru or their men added any details about Weerathunga.

            So, now you guys if you have a brain the size of a just born Cangaroo/the size of a bee/ – you would finally get it how brutal Rajakashes have been.

            It is believed even before the Sportler was murdereed alledgly by Rajakashe family, they had the orders to provide the body parts of the dead to the SAITEM ?

            It sounds to run SAITEM; they were on a killing raid ?

            All in all, the harm they the Rajakashe have made on the Wasim family should boomerang on Rajakashe murdrerers sooner than later. Then only we can breath in this island.

            I am a sirlanken living in the europe, but day 1 on, I have been against Rajakashe or any IRC men have been voted by LANKEN stupid folks.

          • 1

            Leela – the octogenarian, do you think, just like you lick the asses of yahapalanaya, I do the same for previous govt?

            Why should I talk on behalf of LW?

            I challenge you to come for a debate over the first one and half years of yahapalanaya Vs the same time period of MR era.

            I know, this is a futile effort because you know only to talk gibberish. (Is it because your age?)

            • 4

              come for a debate with a dimwit that knows nothing but to hang on Rajapakshes ?


              Anyways, you and the ilk should be made accoutnable for all the mess faced the country in the last term of Meehararaka.

              Media men work for them even today, painting the picture in favour of them.

              Please read what DM does it today – in terms of SAITEM s laboratorites.

              The days Meeharaka led parties kill you the ilk and pack in SAITEM labs are not far away to be honest.

              Once a multi killer will never change his heads off from the acts.

              You guys go on licking and pleasing them so taht they continue their high crimes.

              You have no idea MAXI moron.

              Not even a single investigation was carried out under Musalaya Rajaapakshe, instead even if the speed is not okay, but they the rulers let the job done by authoriteis today…. that alone
              is enough for me to worship them

              In a countries, MAXI MORONS AR ETHE majority, how can you on the other hand stand again abuses and corruption.

              Wait and see, those men will have to end up in Walikada sooner than later.
              You will have to take care of their flowing toilet pits in Medamulana.

              If you are no blind and deaf- much towards justice is done by current rulers, and no doubt, much more to come.

              It is not an easy task but people will back them for marginalizing you guys soon.

              • 4

                Uncle Dan, you can team up with Aunt Leela for the debate with ‘Maxi moron”. Yes. They say, one donkey at a time but I will take both of you donkeys at a time.

                Out of the loads of crap in your lengthy gibberish, following is just one.

                // If you are no blind and deaf- much towards justice is done by current rulers, and no doubt, much more to come. //

                Justice?? hahahaha… Am I to cry or laugh?

                How mean you damn uncle Dan.

            • 2

              That has nothing to my age, but the knowledge – you the guys are jealous at new rulers not getting illegal work done and live your life .. as had been trained by YOUR athigaru.

              For me no matter you can lick the balls of them, but leave us. And leave innocient masses that sseek but peace in this country.

            • 4

              Max your parents should be so ashamed to have given birth to you.

              You seem to be very far from realities. Even thovil intoxicated men adn women have now turned out ot be educated people. But you guys to hang on the tail of the idiots and do teh job for them has been the big problem of the day.
              Rajakashe are unethical and born idiots will never leave this country in peace.

              His term though brought stop to terror went on the country, it was not who sacrificed fo rthat. It was what the germans call – alles oder nichts effort – all or not effort. The very same leader to have achieved nothing towards reconlciliation in the coutnry in the after math of the war proved the REAL ABLITIES of the man.

              Like a student passed the alevels not sitting the exam but getting it through wrong channels (abusing the system), would never be able to face it at the univerisity – Rajakashes though his all or not event freed the nation from rebel terror – he failed to bring peace.
              Instead he himself and his kith and kin were made rich abusing all the state funds for their benefits. Today his son has been able to afford ops in Australia – paying huge bills for a month, so, how come the men have collected that much wealth – LIke zIMBABwian totalitarian ruler ?

              Just he claimed unethical credit by the war and made every effort to loot the nation and ended up that way, now being unable to accept the defeat now even make every effort to return and continue looting.

              You guys fertilize them – he is not the only person to love this country, we all love, even tamil rebells and muslim or other rebells would do so, since it is the country of all.

              We the sinahalaya should finally change our mind sets, as all srilankens can live the life here enjoying rights equally.

              We all have homo sapien blood btw.

              • 6

                Seela, my parents are happy about me. You do not have to worry about that. Am I to take you one-by-one here what you have written?

                Well, if CT allows me to do so, here it goes. What do you mean by “educated”? You mean to say “thovil'” goers are “uneducated”? On what grounds?

                A simple question: How do you categorized Ranil W, My3 or MR for that matter, who visits a famous “kovl” in South India (The last to visit that place was President My3) for divine blessings? Do you say they are “uneducated”? I do not think you – even in your wildest dreams – want to label Ranil or My3 (You might omit My3 because of his rural roots) as “uneducated”.

                For me, education or knowledge is not just ‘western’ education/knowledge.

                Then you say //Rajakashe are unethical and born idiots will never leave this country in peace.//

                I do not want to waste my time on that because its totally the political animal that is in you speaks.

                And the rest of it, except the paragraph before last para, too does not deserve a reply. Its nonsense and, again, the political animal in you speaks out. In fact, that is the problem with you Seela. You simply cannot remove your political glass when you see things. I only can feel sorry for your mentality.

                Finally you say the old age NGO theory. Sinhalayas are culprits and all others are saints. (You will now start label me as Weerawansa’s man or Gammanpila’s man or, the latest is Gevidu’s man). There is no proper ground for your claim. Knowing or unknowingly, your a part of a nasty team that spread a bogus history and deny what Sinhalayas had done in the by gone era for the betterment of this island.

                Im not saying Sinhalayas are perfect or they are the one and only role models for other nations/races. They have their negatives and positives but the fact that they made this country is undeniable. Bit of laziness in accepting that simple truth by other ethnicities (at least the so called leaders of them) is THE problem in SL.

            • 0

              “Why should I talk on behalf of LW? “


              LW SHOULD HAVE KNOWN EVERY BIT ABOUT THE TRANSACTIONS WHICH HAD BEEN ILLEGALLY MAPPED BY HIS TENURE – EVEN IF THE BUGGER RAJAPAKSHE WENT MAN BEING UNABLE TO DO ONE THING RIGHT – my granny told me, the positions and prestige should be given to the due, else, it can work as ” katusage kare raththaran banda wage” – got it baby boy ?

              “I know, this is a futile effort because you know only to talk gibberish. (Is it because your age?)”


            • 1

              MAX MORON and the MEN should be generatically modified, if the kind of people at all to turn out to be average thinkers.

              I will order MONSANTO company to do the job at least in the future.

              As GMO experts to the world, they would do the job successfully.

        • 8

          max the mutt,

          Bana Dana malasanya trying to bring dead hair back to life.

  • 29

    I hope that there is no cover up. The law must apply equally to all. This is NOT Daham’s first offence, and many of them fall in to a certain pattern. Yes, even his jumping on to the stage at the presentations following the 2015 Royal-Thomian; they all show that he has a bloated ego, and thinks he must display himself.

    And so Maithri displayed him at the United Nations; that was not exactly an offence, but was silly.

    The media, and CT in particular have been adept at highlighting the necessary and the unnecessary peccadilloes of the Sirisena family, and has been translating Maithri’s Sinhala speeches inacuurately, and provocatively, quoting without giving the entire context etc. Yes, it is good to have a press that is fearless in criticising the Establishment, but sometimes the things allowed in as comments hit below the belt. “Maithri Mode” is probably a synonym for “Gamarala Mode”. Maithri, after all started off as a “Grama Sevaka” (lovely title), NOT a “Grama Niladhari”.

    Maithri’s elder daughter, “Chatu” (pretty thing!) was mercilessly pilloried about a year ago for absolutely nothing. There must be firmness and impartiality in investigating this present matter; however we must also be rational.

    A danger of my being off topic! This incident MUST, I reiterate, be properly investigated. If that is done, we are likely, I feel, to finally arrive at a point where we will want to hand him over for psychiatric treatment.

    For those who are out for blood, and want punishment, let us term it handing him over to the asylum in Angoda. Seriously, though, people with a position in society end up channelling a specialist doctor. And don’t tell me that the President of the country now has NO position in society, just because his origins are rustic. That MUST be done by the parents, and the MOTHER (Jayanthi, isn’t that her name?) will have to ensure that the medication is taken regularly.

    • 12

      Maithri must be regretting taking him to UN for display. The boy has not risen to that image and sadly now clocking up more mileage as a wayward prodigal son. The entire world will get to know about his nefarious activities, smearing egg on his papa’s face.

    • 15

      There will be a COVER UP not withstanding your hope.

      This guy assaulted a ASP on the east coast I believe during the previous regime and his daddy covered for him. Nothing will change.

      • 13

        Pasikudah; he was drunk and had an altercation with the son of a DIG, or something like that.

        Daddy didn’t allow Daham to be put in jail, but if I recall right, he first visited the victim in hospital, before looking for his son. Not half as bad as what some other MaRa Ministers were up to. By the way, daddy’s name is in this list,


        Mine isn’t only because I never became the President!

        But that’s been followed by quite a few other incidents; so I agree with you that we must follow this up.

        • 6

          Where is Sri Lanka going? My3 is wearing white clothing but playing double game like he did earlier in the east coast for his dumb child. Had he put him in jail then , he would have learned it by now. Here, again poorly educated My3 playing double game. From Thailand he is ordering an independent investigation, and the results is cover up. If he is a good father, he should order the IGP to arrest his dumb child to proof his good governance. The other minister (Ranavaka) did the same when he hit some one in his SUV, he claimed that he never drove the SUV. His victim was in coma state in the hospital for several months. Why are these Buddhist wearing white cloths and doing the opposite thing?

    • 6


      The best way out of this mess would be to come clean; Own up, apologize and pay for the damage. Make a police entry also. At least that will mitigate the overall destruction caused, not the least to your father and OUR President..

      Mr President,

      You may want to consider instructing the Police to carry out an impartial investigations and ensure that a case is filed in the courts of law.

      That action will shut up a lot of the hyenas now howling about. MARA would never have had the guts to do it, but I believe you have.

      Do it, and you will be 10 feet taller for it.

    • 8


      “I hope that there is no cover up. The law must apply equally to all.”

      I agree and so do most others but we are dreaming.

      “This is NOT Daham’s first offence, and many of them fall in to a certain pattern.”

      I can think about half a dozen incidents and there are likely to be others that we don’t know about.

      I am sure that the parents of Daham have used all the love, money and influence they have to help him. He has been provided with extra classes, chances of higher education and employment but his bad behavior continues.

      How to help Daham? It is very difficult to control an adult misbehaving. Even if his allowance, vehicle and security is removed his friends of similar background are going to support him.

      One important step in my opinion would be that the parents publicly admit that their son has problems and apologizes.

      I don’t think that Daham is insane. He needs something to do to keep him out of trouble, less money and some kind of counseling.

      I don’t know enough of the background of Daham but it is possible that he has been neglected by his father and is now trying to get attention in a bad way. It would be interesting to know how Daham behaved in school.

      A punishment might scare Daham.

  • 6

    Seen a report on an alternative website dealing with gossip of Sri Lanka that earlier in the evening, Daham had been involved in a brawl with a another gentleman. [Edited out]

  • 16

    Aiyo Sirisena, Please do not give ammo to Kasmalam and the gang.

    Let your brat son be taught a lesson. By the way, did you not beat him, when he was small. You seem to be justifying the beating of children by teachers.

    We voted you with high regard, please do not make us look fools in the eyes of MARA and the gang. You definitely owe some regard to us for elevating you to the highest position in Sri Lanka.

    Do not let us down, just to protect your son. We are all your sons, brothers and the likes, did I hear you say that we all are one big Sri Lankan Family, regardless of our ethnicity.

  • 7

    What do you expect from a dimwit with a dick head? Daham SAirisena to to make a statement? my foot.

    • 3


      “What do you expect from a dimwit with a dick head?”

      A person named thondamannay.

  • 8

    “”The Management of Clique has meanwhile used the club’s venue manager to make a statement denying the involvement of the VVIPs son in the incident.

    In a video statement on YouTube, venue manager of Clique, Christopher Kern said, “yes, there was an incident between 2.00 am to 2.30 am, where some guests tried to enter the club, but there was a delay in allowing them entry as it was busy inside the club, but later everyone was allowed to go in. While leaving the club premises, three security officers of the club came under attack, which resulted in several glasses being damaged.”

    Kern went on to say, “there has been some media reporting that a VVIP’s son was involved in the incident, I can confirm that there was no son of any VVIP’s at the time of the incident, as I was also on duty at the time of the incident.”””


    Christopher Kern of Moratuwa, the outskirts of Colombo with a borrowed name has taken 2 giant steps backwards- Greed, and Fear is the Key to drop from Coterie/Clique to non-exclusivity business.
    What a bourgeois bugger a typical of Moratuwa the raiders from July 83.
    Angles believe sheerly in right;
    brutes believe sheerly in might; and
    human beings alone believe that might is right.
    The French: I think therefore I am.
    Watch this French waiters service.-
    Its all to do with civilization-
    whats in a stupid name but hoodwink tourist.

    French waiterhttps://www.youtube.com/watch?v=W9kUC04GHxo

  • 14

    From one Maffia family to another it seems is what we have got disgraceful!!!

  • 1

    I haven’t read or heard about Vimal Weeravansa or Uthaya Gamanpilla raising this matter in public ?
    Is it because if they do then they have to do the same thing they have to do about MaRa’s children ?

  • 7

    Dear Mr. President Sir,

    I applaud you for the initiative taken to curtail the menace of drugs, alcohol and cigarettes in the country. They are a social menace as you rightly put it.

    The incident your son is involved in which is being hurriedly covered-up is already well known to the public and has caused damage. No amount of cover-up will solve your problem. He is also a “social menace” and this incident needs to be addressed with the same tenacity you address the issues related to alcohol, cigarettes and drugs.

    His behaviour has already dented the hopes of Yahapalanaya which we all worked so hard to bring in to being. People are tolerable for the economic woes that MR has given us but they are certainly not going to tolerate your family encroaching corporate Sri Lanka through the appointment of your brother to SLT, Your daughter in advertising and your son running amok. Please take action before the people take action to vote you out. Shame! Shame! and Shame!

  • 9

    I wouldn’t blame this thuggish kid.the father spoiling this young kid future.

    When he had trouble in Paassikuda if as a responsible father he would have leave it the police to deal with it.if he had learn the lessons then it would have happened again.

    The night club management don’t have choice.they have to concentrate on their business.

    There will be another statement from a charity worker saying that he was with them and doing charity work.

    Then the father will say they are trying to sabotaging.and warn the media.

    This is the Sri Lankan cycle.

  • 7

    These are the symptoms of small people in big places!

    • 4


      “These are the symptoms of small people in big places!”

      Hiding behind smart patriotism.

  • 7

    Aiyyo Sirisena! (insert sad emoticon)

    Dear Mr President Accept the loss of your son as inevitable. He is nearly a goner. Your political life is being damaged. The bastard is not grateful for his good fortune to be the son of a President. He does not deserve to be live.

    A year ago the Ruler of a progressive well-run mid-east country permanently lost his son and successor due to drugs and consequent evils. He tried to handle the problem by himself – locking up the brat in the Palace etc. Did not work. You are going to be confronted by the same loss – niyathai. Blame it on Karma, if you wish.

    It is in your interest to not intervene. Let the bastard destroy himself. Be assured you will be judged on whether you all the Police and the Law to handle him without interference. In the meantime take urgent action to salvage your political journey. The People are depending on you to transform the Governance of the Country.

  • 8

    Signs that our dreams of a developing Sri Lanka are going to turn to ashes real fast and instead it’s going to turn into a war zone like Syria! Till these gangsters are destroyed and Sri Lanka is liberated from the likes of them we are still not out of danger and will fall into a state of conflict with the international community. Rajapaksa version 2.0 in the making global community already anticipated this and is probably aware and ready to deal with this situation.

    After the clean up and the dust has settled a new leadership will be cultivated from among the well educated and cultured Sri Lankan’s settled abroad..

    Desapointing, had so much hope in this government that has started to show signs of falling back to business as usual and cultivating a new wave of criminals instead of high quality well educated politicians!!!

  • 5

    I sincerely appeal to the VVIP politicians not to make excuses for their children’s misdemeanours. You will be doing it all their lives and doing them no favours until involving themselves in some fatality. At best, they might turn out like Uday or Kusay, the sons of Saddam Hussein who used to shoot soccer players from their teams when they don’t play well.They might even learn some discipline from fellow inmates in prison.

  • 1

    Guess who is in the forefront of “Save Daham,Bodhi Sira’s Son” Campaign.

    Here is what I read in the LankaeNews, which I subscribe regularly to keep up with the Yahapalana inside information.

    Quote “A pro Rajapaksa infamous Website Mafia group of Srilanka in the name of a rascal, who fled the country and is hiding in England has spearheaded this mudslingings campaign” un quote,,…………….and it goes even further making some nasty allegation.

    LankaEnews was the “Spear” of the the UNP, not just the head, when Batalanada Ranil ‘s mate Debonair Samaraweeran launched the mighty Yahapalana Battle Tank to roll the Dalit Government of Rajaakasa, with Suren Surendran, Sambandan, Mangalan, Bedouin and of curse Madam and Daham’s dear Dad on Board.

    LankaeNews always used to boast that it had reporters in important places like the Ministry of Defence, even when Gota was in charge.

    Now I wonder whether LeN got this sensational news, direct from the Deputy Minister there, who as I understand is Batalanada Ranil’s .own Cousin.

    • 3

      KASmaalam KA Sumanasekera

      “LankaEnews was the “Spear” of the the UNP”

      LankaEnews is not yet the “Umkhonto We Sizwe” (Spear of the Nation)what the country desperately need now in order to put the crooks, corrupts, war criminals, bigots, racists and stupid (yourself included) behind bars unless they agree to submit themselves for a self analysis, express their remorse for what they did in the past 68 years.

      • 2

        Dear Native,

        You seem to be an optimist..You reckon Batalanda will give them a TV station as well.

        May be HIRU. when they put it on the market to pay the legal bills of their Half a Brain equity holder..

        Batalanada will be delighted , And no worries to raise the money either,with the Singapore mate & SIL sitting on that pile of Yahapalana LKR 5 Billion which was raked in, in just 12 months.

        Even if the Uncle puts the whole lot to help Batalanada, SIL will replenish it just another 12 months..

        Sorry 11 months..

        How cool is that..

        Did you say crooks and corrupts?

  • 9

    Mr. President Maithripala Sirisena, are you going to wait until your son turns into a murderer like the Rajapaksas sons!? Is that the kind of father you want to be!? The Nation and the World is always watching. Do the right thing turn your son over to the police and let the law punish him for his crimes now and correct him. Don’t wait till he murders someone by then it will be too late for his soul…

  • 4

    Hang on all you people,

    Sri Lanka is a Sinhala Buddhist country. I repeat, just as all the politicians and Gnanasaras repeat, this is a Sinhala Buddhist country. It is enshrined in the constitution.

    So what clubbing at night club? All is good in this top class Dahamsala.

  • 3

    I would like to repeat the following;

    “Your beliefs become your thoughts,
    Your thoughts become your words,
    Your words become your actions,
    Your actions become your habits,
    Your habits become your values,
    Your values become your destiny.”
    -Mahatma Gandhi

    Which honorable father will condone this sort of vulgar behavior of own son. However, it is alleged to be the son of the first citizen and the most powerful political leader of the country. Well my dear fellows, there is not a single honorable politician alive in Sri Lanka since 1953. Therefore, this incident and the people involved prove there aren’t any exceptions.

    Whether it is VVIP, VIP or Simple Simon or gamarala, it does not matter our national affairs have been managed and mismanaged by a bunch of corrupt and immoral (morally bankrupt)set of goons including the present regime. This tradition will continue until the people demand “Real Change”. When will our people demand “Real Change”? – It is a million dollar question.

  • 6


    a)Covert Operation To Cover Up Daham Sirisena’s Misdeeds At Clique

    b)Exclusive: CCTV Video Footage Of Daham Sirisena Led Mob Attack On Clique Night Club

    c)Sirisena Brat Led Mob Smashes Night Club And Assaults Staff

    While not condoning any misbehaviour by any VVIP’s sibling CT has gone overboard on this issue by carrying three features on this incident which no doubt will bounce back and affect the integrity and the repute of CT. Yes, incidents of this nature need some focus be it any politico government or opposition but a multiple of articles makes any discerning viewer feel its not a spotlight but a witch hunt.
    CT repeated sensationalising of this issue will draw CT into the category of some main stream media who have lost the confidence of the public by resorting to some gutter forms of journalism.

    Once again I repeat that I am not endorsing the debasing action of any politoco’s offspring whoever it maybe but CT should not resort to making it a tool by overplaying the issue with a view of discrediting the sibling involved’s parent.Once its OK but a triple barrage makes one wonder what the intention of CT is,

  • 1

    I don’t see any fault in that. Lankawe and Tamil Eelam Modayas pick up a government only save this unruly brat. That was the only purpose of the candidate who was on the ticket of CC.

    For a sincere candidate, we recommended CV had to be selected as CC. But Attanagalla Princess had her heart fully filled with revenge. She piecked a person matched her temperament and agitated status. He ate the appa in the night and before the rooster crows in the morning, he crossed the line. It was only to save his son.

    We are making a constitution to save the Old King from UN electric chair; Not to give the fair share to Tamil minority. We conducted an election to save the New King.

    Sampanthar pushed Tamils from the pan to the fire by supporting this government. I have a question; other than Sampanthar and Sumanthiran anybody can answer. Let’s say the CC lost because Tamils did not vote for him. Old King came to power. What would be the status of Lankawe now? What the international governments would have done in that situation?

    My answers to that is situation would not have much different than this in Lankawe, but the IC might have gone a way ahead to fix Lankawe, a needed medicine to the diseases.

    The following was written before 10/9/17 debate on Presidential election of America. Still it worth to repost:

    October 10, 2016 at 3:36 am

    The ongoing on American election has a very close correlation with the January 2015 election. Republican’s situation is similar to the common candidate seekers in Lankawe, that time. The CC selectors of that time were in turmoil. It costed Sobitha Thero’s life. He was forcefully put in hospital and sickened by Old King’s doctor, by some unconfirmed media reports. Republicans are in turmoil, now. They may lose the edge in the Supreme Court. Their senate and house majority will be in difficult situation. The current sweeping of Trump wave may bring back the senate to Democrats. (ha…ha) Nobody wants trump in the white house. Republicans, in this election season, are second time demanding Trump to quit the race. Russians are accused of masterminding a hacking strategy to down Hillary. But only country in the world wants Trump to come to power is Lankawe. They are peculiar thinkers, if “Modaya thinkers” is not a decent denotation. To indicate the country’s position, right after the RNC, FM Mangala openly praised a past Republican State Secretary, who was known for her thorny deals and wagging at Georgia after losing the election and hurt the America’s respect. But astonishingly the present Secretary, John Kerry is associated with the current government success of grabbing the power. Thus goes the faith of Lankawe’s Sinhala Intellectuals. In that interesting story, Madame Clinton also was secretary and in fact she was the one decorated the post right after Secretary Condoleezza Rice left. It is believed she was tight on GLP. So, many times, GLP, a conservative UNP crossover, sent Hakeem to see the American officials and avoided facing them. Right after RNC, Mangala prematurely fired his rocket to show his displeasure of Secretary Kerry for not obeying to his words. Though he was shrewd enough not to drag Clinton into that, still foolish enough to compare Secretary Rice and Kerry. By calling earlier one, Condoleezza Rice as Lankawe’s friend and Secretary Kerry is not, he let down Secretary Kerry. As we know even if New King were the winner of the election, power was not supposed to change the hand. It was Secretary Kerry forced Old King out of Temple Tree House. To hide his down fall of the coup, Old King invited Ranil and handed over the Manson to Ranil. As the Presidential Election was only held that far and no general election, Ranil was still only an opposition leader, a post even Amirthalingam, Sampanthar like Demulu Paraos dirtied, it is not clear how Ranil went and accepted the EP Manson’s keys. So Ranil fooled the Modayas that there was coup on that night and he went in and stopped it. Ranil so far has not explained if the Old King wanted to gives the not direct to New King, though the procedure should have happened like that, but not even the Cartel’s King DM did not go and take the keys to hand over to New King. The only explanation could be is Secretary Kerry, who was suppressing the long brewing expected coup and influencing the power transfer, might have believed Ranil better, not DM. In any case, Colombo media openly advertised it was American State Secretary saved the day. They even claimed if he needed, might have sent the American troops. Otherwise, by now, New King would be sleeping peacefully next to LTTE leaders’ bed-rocks. For doing this service for UNP and SLFP, we have written in these pages that Secretary Kerry will have to apologize to the Congress and sarcastically we asked him if he would take undersecretary Blake’s word or Indian PM Manmohan Singh or third one that we could have suggested with some comical sense. Again Colombo Media broke another story i.e. When New King was in New York on the matter of attending UN’s meeting, Secretary Kerry had expressed his disappointment that the racist elements in SLFP have prolonged the progress in Lankawe. Racist elements are not new to SLFP. Right after the war he published a Sinhala Intellectuals composed report on the name of foreign affairs committee saying the Lankawe had improved in Human rights issue after ablution of LTTE with the American help. Then he repeated many times the same message when is the State Secretary. Another twist here is Lankawe’s old King said to be have influenced the State Secretary selection in America by defeating Susan Rice, thus helping John Kerry being selected by funding millions through American PR firms. These were investigated in America too. This is more complicated than the GCE (a/l) Calculus. We really don’t know what was where, when and how. But it is certain, though outside the UNSG and American leadership had praised the New King’s achievements in that sitting, but they all too had shown their long faces to New King. In between January, 2015 and little before from, after September 2014, when the election was declared, interesting developments took place in Colombo. For long, many were looking for a CC. There were no candidates from UNP, from middle path and from SLFP. Chandrika “Piddicha Pillaiyar” (created Ganapathi) is this old King. He was accused of many crimes. White flag was one of them. Health Ministry was hopelessly destroyed by corruption. He was too associated with Old King to take divorce or to pose a clean look. The same way like now, New Prince had put him then also in a very difficult situation. He had only one way to escape, which is the suicidal EP election. It is not just he was not expected to win, but not to get the chair if he wins. It was secretary Kerry defused bomb that was waiting to blast off as a coup, as per Colombo Media. By first leela of the New Prince at that time, New King went, he won, and he was crowned. Now this is the second leela. American Administration, which is going out, is giving pressure to see the result for effort they put to bring this clan to power. UNSG leaving and want to see the result of the Joint Statement he made with Lankawe government in 2009. UNHRC has prolonged the start of investigation hoping Lankawe would do something good (even a new constitution) and defuse the pressure on them to investigate. Lankawe did not do anything and the deadline 2017 March is quickly approaching. China is holding on the neck for the loans or threating to cut out fresh ribs from the back loin while the cow, Lankawe, is alive. The nervous India, because of China’s intrusion, is rushing to sign ETCA. Old King and Joint Comedians are threatening to form a new party and kill off Thahti’s SLFP. It in that tense environment the New Prince has staged his new leelas, as per some Medias. Yes, there are contradictions on other Medias that it was the Old Prince, but it is not vindicating the New Prince or Father, the New King. Today the second round of debate on American presidential Election supposed to take place and Trump is expected to be confirmed where he was placed and he should be. While American democratic election process is going to eliminate the non-fit, the Lankawe election process had forced the country to escape from pan to jump into fire. As we saw only one group people are looking forward trump to win the election, which is Buddhist Sinhala Lankawe, a country where the sense of democracy is misplaced and thus they have elected the new king. He had come in with the bag and baggage he had. Now the country too is stuck with it.

  • 5

    From the Ratwatte case, the Rajapaksa’s, Malaka the thug, and now this rascal Daham, it seems the young family members of the politicians are arrogance, violent, and getting away with murder. These children of our cursed politicians think they are above the law, can do anything they damn well please, knowing their parent is dishonest enough to protect them from the laws of the land.

    How sad for Sri Lanka. No wonder we are called a banana republic.

  • 4

    Very good. These incidents will show the people who real Gamarala is and certainly this will be his last lap in politics.

    Disgracedul. This is what happens when people of no class or third class get in to positions.

    Mr Gamarala the boot licker ask West and the ones you worship for help

  • 2

    Hi Gamayas Putha please keep it up and make sure you end your Appa Dadas rule. People of this country are with you and hats off to you as you are doing what JO has failed so far.

  • 1

    n Sri Lanka the trend appears to be that political sons first get caught to some brawl, sleeze and scandalous behaviour and then finally enter into politics. What a method of intitation into politics! We know that a good many of political sons in the 2000 to 2006 era got into some scrape and now are junior politicians themsleves. Somehow or the other no political son ever got convicted. Of course in one case the fellow was found guilty bu the magistrate but overturned by the High Court on appeal. The process of covering up can have strange stories such as the victim tying himself up in a tree.
    Off and on there are serious scrapes turning into murder. Then what! The famous up country murder finally resulted in the politicos and their children going scot free and the minions sentenced to death.

    We did not vote to throw Jarapassa for the conitnuation of this unhealthy tradition. It is high time that both ranil and Maithree get together to put a stop to this unhealthy practise.

  • 0

    These are villages who have been educated in Colombo but still behave like village thugs. They must be booked.

    • 1

      So,in your theory, how many of the generation a SinhaLE has to has to be cradled and feather bedded in Cinnamon Garden to become a HumanLE, that is your class, the Colombo elite? How much of the villager ID you have so far you recognized in New King or the New Princess?So much of the Old Royal clans’ Villager IDs have been cleaned off? In’t it interesting to watch the Lankawe’s thathi Villagers beating the concert organizers with Thirukkai Vaal because women concert goers throwing underwear and bring shame to a Nirvani called Buddha and Puttha Villagers dwelling in the nightclubs and brawling on the public roads?

      You are calling New Royal family as Villagers. The fashion of the new CT style commenting is in a peculiar direction. Thero De Silva calling somebody as Sinhala Buddhist Extremist. Ahelandeswarar calling Mavai, Sritharan, Ananathi, Suresh, Yoheswaran like politicians who influence the TNA Tamil politics as elites. I wonder if all the Lanawyans are name called, where is the real, average lankaweyans is hiding? Are hiding in the holes like the mammals of the Jurassic Park time and waiting for the Cenozoic era?

      Dudley might have been the only gentleman came into Sinhala Politics from the Sinhala elites. But he never cared the so called villagers and was never accepted by the villagers, or the Sinhala Buddhist. He behaved like one the Kerala mercenaries converted as Kandyan Sinhala Intellectual. Specially not one South Asian Royal family in the democratic era has performed a leader. Nehru, Bhutto, Senanayake, Rajapakse, Bandranake, …. like that you can name as many families as you want, but they all are burglars, daytime looter, merciless murders. All the famous leaders had come form endured families. This is the case of the Lincoln, Obama, Kamaraj, Shastri, Annadurai, Lenin, Marx… Even SJV had his suffering and pain though he lived in Cinnamon Garden and made million and spent Millions on bringing up FP. These leaders had seen the suffering of the people. Even elite Mohandas Gandhi returned to village life to honestly lead the freedom war.

    • 1

      Well you have noticed too.
      What happens when the villager comes to town ???

      You can take the Villageman to town but you cannot make the Village man to behave like one whether Educated or Not….
      It’s all in the UPBRINGING!!

      • 0

        When UNP guys go to SLFP they behave live Duminda Silva, Rampukavella, GLP, Analyst…… Don’t they? To be like Old King you have be born not in the farming village, but on the hot sandy village beach. When he was born, even the planet were on the beach too. Isn’t why when the UNHRC was passing the solution he was lying on the beach and sending out half nude pictures in the social media? He really like the beach.

  • 3

    Before preaching Bana and good governance to the public the president must discipline his son first.

  • 0

    Is this a result of being denying locals to this night club? If so, I am happy they hit them. but sorry for poor guards.

  • 0

    Gamarala Sira, son of village headmen and a teacher tells stories of his past but not revealing the true status of his son’s thuggery behavior. These good virtues haven’t been passed to his next generation and this is the second reported cases of his sons involvement in open brawls.

    If he cant put his family in order do you believe he is capable of leading a country towards good governance.

    I recall an incidence where Sira explained to Aljazeera journalist when she raised nepotism. What a joke and he displayed his true nature although he acquiesced former regime.

    This country of ours will never be restored in all respects.God Bless Sri Lanka. I suggest we should hand back to British.

  • 0

    Hello – This is called “SELECTIVE YAHAPALANAYA” Please don’t put the Police Officers in trouble. Let them do their work independently. We all know that Sirisena family of Polonnaruwa are no saints. Second generation Sirisena’s has inherited what their Bappa’s were doing then. “GAHE KATU ULKARRNA ONE NEHE”
    To err is human- Podi Sirisena at least now behave like a gentleman. bye – Nihal Gunatilake

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