20 June, 2024


Credible Allegations Point To Ongoing Crimes Against Humanity In Sri Lanka’s North – Sri Lanka Campaign’s New Report

The Sri Lanka Campaign for Peace and Justice has today released a report which presents crimes against humanity allegedly done by the Sri Lankan security forces during the five years since the civil war ended. These crimes include rape, sexual violence, torture, murder, imprisonment, enforced disappearance, other inhumane acts, and land grabs against Tamil civilians in the Northern Province.

tamils-missing-3-630x350The report documents 20 incidents involving rape, and two further incidents involving sexual assault, 12 incidents involving torture,  eight other incidents involving severe violence, nine incidents of arbitrary arrest, four incidents involving murder, and two incidents involving disappearance. In all cases the perpetrators were members of the Sri Lankan Armed Forces or the Police, and the victims were Tamils from the Northern Province. These incidents have all previously been reported upon, but this report demonstrates that they can be linked together as part of a systemic attack on the civilian population of the Northern Province by members of the Sri Lankan Security apparatus.

“Various sources, including a Panel of Experts commissioned by UN Secretary General Ban Ki Moon, have found credible allegations of crimes against humanity committed by both government forces and the LTTE during the civil war. This report is the first to allege that the Government’s subsequent actions after the war and through to the present day also point to the commission of such crimes. These findings underscore the urgent need to demand accountability now, for both post-war and wartime violations.” says the Sri Lanka Campaign for Peace and Justice.

The Sri Lanka Campaign today said; “This report makes the legal case for an investigation into post-war violations using the framework of international criminal law. It relies on public source reports of post-war violations that have been assessed as credible, corroborating these reports with 26 in-country interviews with survivors, attorneys, journalists, and human rights campaigners.

“It is endorsed by UN Panel of Experts author Yasmin Sooka, UN Special Rapporteur on Torture Juan Mendez, former UN Special Rapporteur on Torture Manfred Nowak, and international criminal law and human rights law scholar Professor William Schabas. It has also been endorsed by independent human rights practitioners, including Wolfgang Kaleck of the European Centre for Constitutional and Human Rights and Toby Cadman of the TMC advisory Group. The Centre for Justice and Accountability conducted a thorough review of the legal analysis and research methodology and endorses the report.

“Fred Carver, Campaign Director for the Sri Lanka Campaign for Peace and Justice, said, ‘We are releasing the report now in the hope of influencing the Human Rights Council to mandate the international Commission of Inquiry that Sri Lanka so desperately needs. But the report also has the longer term objective of changing the way we talk about the situation in Sri Lanka. Crimes Against Humanity did not just take place during the final stages of the war in 2009, they appear to have taken place since, and right up to the present.’

“Juan Méndez, U.N. Special Rapporteur on Torture, said, “These documented allegations of torture, rape, sexual violence, enforced disappearance, murder, and other inhumane acts against Tamil civilians are troubling in any context and they elicit an affirmative obligation on the State to investigate, prosecute and punish those responsible. This report raises the disturbing possibility that they have been committed as part of a widespread or systematic attack on the civilian population, which would make them international crimes that should trigger the jurisdiction of international courts if the Sri Lankan judiciary proves unable or unwilling to prosecute them.’”

To read the report click here

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  • 1

    All these reports – Yes it is great! but finally what??? what is the result?

    What can they do against a democratically elected government???

    • 6

      Yes, Sadam had a democratically elected President and Government. Libyan Leader had one. Democracy is not about election. In a country where 75% of Buddhist Sinhala fundamentalists live winning election by a Buddhist Sinhala racist government is not difficult.

      • 9

        This group has no credibility whatsoever in the eyes of genuine human rights activists of international standing since they suddenly mushroomed into existence during the closing stages of the war in Sri Lanka as frantic efforts were being made to rescue Prabakaran and other top LTTE leaders from certain death. Prabakaran, as ruthless as he was, had corralled thousands of civilian Tamils for his diabolical designs. After using them as human shield to protect himself, his family and his close lieutenants and now facing the inevitable end decides to slaughter the hostages in order to turn his defeat into a story of genocide and save face. It was around this time that human rights groups launched an outcry about war crimes by GSL after maintaining a deafening silence for 30 years about war crimes committed by the LTTE.

        Sri Lanka Campaign for Peace and Justice is one of those groups that owes its existence to this sudden genocide/war crimes twist in the narrative of the civil war. Since its inception it has been involved basically in Sri Lanka bashing and its main goal seems to be to derail post-war reconciliation by damaging the countries economic prospects. Its strategy towards this sinister objective is to sabotage the island’s tourist industry by carrying on a boycott campaign.


    • 3

      But for jilmart?

    • 3

      Latest news item;

      Knife attack on civilians at Chinese Railway Station,
      SRI Lanka President Jarapassa speaks out for concerted action to eradicate scourge of terror.

      “It is with deep sadness and dismay that I have learnt of the tragic loss of lives in the senseless knife attack against civilians at a railway station in the South-western Chinese city of Kunming. Attacking unarmed innocent people demonstrates the inhuman and barbaric nature of terrorism. The Government and the people of Sri Lanka join me in extending sincere condolences to the Government and
      the people of China, particularly the members of the bereaved families, in this hour of sorrow,” the President said.

      Why you all are worrying????.
      See, you will not get a president anywhere like that,
      He observe SIll, on every full moon POYA DAYS,
      and Give MAHA DAANA at his Abode ON our accounts.
      his Jarpassa clan also same,
      They do not like killings, hurting human beings what so ever,
      Even considering to ban killing of cattle for meat.
      But Thay Love FLESH TRADING.
      They are so human right Crusaders since their birth.
      and they dislike to see Brick Klins burning.
      That is why they closed the pit called “DOLOSMAHE PAANA” [365 days burning lamp] at Vavniya Joseph Camp.

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    Yes they can do nothing. But we can tell the voters about an electric chair.

  • 3

    The unrelenting campaign to hang war crimes on Sri Lanka is on going. Two-bit ‘NGOs’ spring up daily with baseless allegations in order to enhance this process and gain more traction. Sri Lanka must fight back, and the LTTE fellow travellers MUST not win, as the neoNazis have done in Ukraine.

  • 2

    SL Government actions are making All Lankan Soldiers look bad….

    99% are good soldiers, Heroes.

    1%, are murderers and rapists….. but SL doesn’t do anything to punish them (maybe they have evidences against big shots).


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    Many more violations of human rights against tamils occurred in the past.
    Documented by the North East Secretariat Of Human Rights

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