21 May, 2022


Cry, “Chaos!”

By Charles Sarvan

Prof. Charles Sarvan

Prof. Charles Sarvan

I read in Colombo Telegraph the claim by the Prime Minister, Mr Ranil Wickremasinghe, that the previous President and his supporters are forming, fomenting and are about to unleash a “new fascist Buddhist movement”. It reminded me of Shakespeare’s history play, Julius Caesar (Act 3, Scene 1) from which I adapt and quote a few lines: Shout “Chaos!”, and then let loose the dogs of violence and destruction. Blood and destruction shall become normal, and all pity will be choked by evil deeds.

It is not easy to think of a greater contrast than that between violence and Buddhism. Violence in the name of the Buddha, the Soul of Great Compassion, is an ironic and tragic contradiction. I have suggested elsewhere the following proposition for consideration: Religious doctrine is divine, religion is human. What I mean is that while the original doctrine is claimed to have a divine or near-divine origin (be it from the teaching of the Buddha, of Christ or the Prophet Mohammed), religion with all its paraphernalia, myths and rituals included, is what humanity makes of this doctrine. Perhaps this goes towards explaining how the same religious doctrine can be expressed in very different forms at different times and in different places? Rather than pristine religious doctrine influencing (if not determining) politics, man-made religion becomes an instrument of politics, justifying, even sanctifying, violence and cruelty on the lines of: “I do it not for me but for our religion. God and religion are far more important than mere non-believing human beings”. The willingness to be violent and cruel is made the mark of religiosity: the greater the hate, cruelty and injustice, the greater the piety. For example, one thinks at random of the Spanish Conquistadors virtuously recording that they saved the souls of Native-American babies by baptising them before dashing their brains out.

As for violence and Buddhism, I quote from the Buddhist folk-tale Monkey, by Wu Ch’eng-en, 1500 – 1580, translated into English by Arthur Walley. Page reference is to the Grove Press edition, New York, 1970. “A priest, said Tripitaka, should be ready to die rather than commit acts of violence” (pages 132-133). “To save one life is better than to build a seven-storeyed” place of worship (pages 194 & 256) “Hereupon the Tathagata opened the mouth of compassion and gave vent to the mercy of his heart”: In the bounds of your land “greed, slaughter, lust and lying have long prevailed. There is no respect for Buddha’s teaching, no striving towards good works” (page 283).

Facing the threat of a political and civic tsunami, we have the statement of the Friday Forum (Colombo Telegraph, 27 January 2016) and articles by concerned and caring citizens such as, among others, Sharmini Serasinghe. While I admire and applaud, I confess I also have some doubts. For a start (and as I have written elsewhere), rather than speak about the people or for the people, one must speak with the people. And to speak with the folk, one must speak not only in their language (in this case, Sinhala) but in terms understood by them; in their idiom.

The political right appropriates nationalism. Those who are moderate; those whose social conscience is wide and inclusive, are thought not to be patriotic while the more extreme right (“racist”) one is, the more nationalist he is deemed to be. But this begs the question, “What does it mean to be a nationalist?” I quote words from an article by John King about Britain today titled ‘Flying the flag’ (New Statesman, London, 22-28 January 2016, pp. 28-9). They can, mutatis mutandis, be applied to Sri Lanka:

“Standing up to the multinationals and banks, nationalising and protecting core industries, progressively taxing the mega-wealthy, returning tax credits to those who need them, protecting the public sector, backing open-minded trade unions that fight for the rights of hard-working people, confronting a housing crisis that hurts millions, backing all those vulnerable souls being bullied in the name of “austerity”, dealing with the social cleansing/gentrification of London – this is patriotism if your definition of a country is its citizens and its culture, and this should go a long way towards winning every single election, yet it has not worked out that way.”

While under a dictatorship, the people can to a degree absolve themselves of responsibility, in a democracy a people get the government they vote for and deserve. There is a tendency in some to blame politicians, but do politicians create certain feelings and attitudes or do they cater to, and exacerbate, already existing forces? Isn’t it a symbiotic relationship, the one feeding on the other?
Having come to power on waves of violence can politicians, even if they wish to, calm the storm they churned up? Decency, inclusion and generosity are not tolerated by so-called “nationalists”; concessions and a measure of justice are trumpeted as the most grave of betrayals by them. Mahatma Gandhi was not killed by a Moslem but by a Hindu; Yitzhak Rabin, the most highly decorated general in the Israeli army, was not killed by a Moslem Palestinian but by a Jew; S W R D Bandaranaike was not killed by a Hindu Tamil but by a Sinhalese Buddhist monk. Populist “Banda” was a helpless captive, and then a victim of the fires he himself had irresponsibly and with over-confidence stoked. The present President treads a delicate and difficult path, both in personal and political terms.

Of course, this assumes that the President genuinely wishes to help usher in a completely new Sri Lanka, one marked by the rule of law and justice, equality and harmony. One recalls the dream of Rabindranath Tagore for his country:

Where the mind is without fear and the head is held high

Where knowledge is free

Where the world has not been broken up into fragments

By narrow domestic walls

Where words come out from the depth of truth

Where tireless striving stretches its arms towards perfection

Where the clear stream of reason has not lost its way

Into the dreary desert sand of dead habit

Where the mind is led forward by thee

Into ever-widening thought and action

Into that heaven of freedom, my Father, let my country awake. (1910)

Granted this is also the dream of the present President, there are many within administrative and bureaucratic spheres, not to mention the security forces and some Buddhist monks, who have a quite different agenda. They are emboldened to ignore, if not flout, directives they dislike confident they can directly and successfully appeal to the emotions of the masses. Besides, the past President was so blatant in corruption, nepotism and ‘cronyism’ that the Island longed for a “cleanser” but it appears some now think the present incumbent is different only in degree and not in essence.

The efforts being made to bring in justice and good governance are not be discouraged: what’s urgently needed is wider, more active, participation and even more, not less, effort. (I hope this sharing of some thoughts will be seen as a minor but well-meant contribution.) Several “noble” (in the Buddhist sense) souls stand as example and inspiration, among them individuals such as Vijaya Kumaratunga, Richard de Zoysa, Adrian Wijemanne, Anne Abeyasekara. A Luta Continua: there’s no alternative.

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    For some years now we allowed IMPUNITY to take over the way we run our civic business. Now evil people in the guise of once venerated priests have taken IMPUNITY to a higher level. They have shown total disregard for the law of this land. Chaos rules! All political leaders should share the blame. All political leaders should now come together to put this evil back in in the bottle, once and for all time. Something tells me that this is not going to happen. The curse will continue for sometime yet.

    • 2

      If you want to talk about IMPUNITY, talk about the colonial crimes perpetrated on our people for 500 years by the Portuguese, Dutch and British Pharisees.

      They killed our men, raped our women and robbed our land.

      Now their left over lackeys (Ranil W, Harsha de S, P.U.K.Mangala) are continuing their line with IMPUNITY on our people.

      We should continue on Mrs B’s path to get all the land back from the mulattos who still hold 50 Acres each of our land.

      That is why we need Sinha-Le.

      • 0

        Yapa M

        Thank You for your interesting response.

        I am depressed that WE still have people going back to that old colonial shit. After all WE gave them a good hiding, and got rid of them. Right?

        Now, after nearly 68 years we still cannot get our act together. Damn, MR had a great opportunity to get us out of the Commonwealth. Why did he not take the chance and free us once and for all time from the old colonial hangover. Sucker! WHY do our Presidents still looking forward to going to Buckingham Palace? Why are we encouraging our children to pay good money to go to those imperial countries for their education? WHY DO many faculties in OUR universities still operate in English (thereby sidelining our rural children). WE should turn down so called Foreign ‘aid’ because that is what keeps us in hock to these foreigners. WE should stand on our own feet.

        Now, as for MRS B…in my opinion she was misguided in allowing 50 acres. There should be NO private ownership of land. The state should keep the freehold on all land, and lease it out. We are too small a nation to allow private ownership of land.

        WE need good Sinha-Le, WE need Demala-Le, WE need MUSLIM-Le, WE need Lansi-Le…and ALL the little but valuable drops of other Le that go up to make Lankika-Le. Good to the last drop!

        UNITED WE STAND PROUD…divided we will be just another ‘tin-pot’ state.

        • 0

          “Now, as for MRS B…in my opinion she was misguided in allowing 50 acres. There should be NO private ownership of land. The state should keep the freehold on all land, and lease it out. We are too small a nation to allow private ownership of land.”

          Don’t you think you might be misunderstood by simple-minded souls like Yapa M? Stick to lowbrow humour.

          • 0

            I did wonder if there was a higher form of life perusing these comments.

            Now I know there is.

          • 0

            Old Codger

            What’s the matter with you? Gone ga ga.

    • 4

      The country survived MR, Gota sponsored Bodu Bala Sena mayhem, when MR was in power.

      Now Yahapalana time, these Bodu Bala Sena and evil forces will face natural justice.

      There are gods, karma, divine forces that will protect our motherland.

      • 0

        Gota sponsored Bodu Bala Sena?

        What evidence do you have, you skunk?

        You Yahapalana skunks (Ganda Weerayas) have begun to believe your own propanda, You crap eaters.

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    President Sirisena is a responsible of a lot of the confusion and Chaos. He has filled the Cabinet with corrupt clowns from the SLFP and hence promoting corruption and a Culture of Impunity for Politicians. Not a single corrupt clown of the Diyawenna Parliament whose corruption has trickled down into every institution in the country has been tried and held accountable.

    Impunity and immunity for corrupt and criminal politicians is the norm of so called Yahapalanaya and people must go on the Street to PROTEST

    1. Against all the politicians – Yahapalanaya and its betrayal
    2. Jarapassa’s Racist BBS which is bent on DISTRACTING the people of the corruption of the politicians.

    These are very dangerous times in Lanka and its requires EDUCATION of the People and LEADERSHIP to apprehend the Corrupt Criminals who have looted the country while wrapped in the Sinhala Buddhist Flag which is an insult to Buddhism.

    The Mahinda Jarapassa family knows that the net is closing in on them and they will make every attempt to UNLEASH CHAOS in Lanka before they are held ACCOUNTABLE and PUNISHED for their CORRUPTION, CRIMINALITY and LOOTING of the public monies. The Thug Gnanasara’s performance in Court was a dry run for this. Already there are twitter messages going about ISIS and Muslims in Sri Lanka to whip up the hate crimes against minorities and DISTRACT the Sinhala Modayas from the crimes of the politicians.

    Politicians in Lanka always use RACISM and RELIGIOUS HATE SPEECH to engineer RIOTS, VIOLENCE and SOCIAL UNREST to cover up their crimes. Ranil Wickramasinghe and CBK must formulate a COMMUNICATION STRATEGY to EDUCATE the people on this.

    1. If the $3 billion stashed away in the Jarapassa family’s secret bank accounts over seas had remained in Sri Lanka there would be no economic crisis and the Rupee would not be crashing. Recovering the $3 Billion to that was stolen by Jarapassa family, rather than borrowing from the IMF which is a rotten Capitalist organization is the solution to Lanka’s economic crisis. The IMF turns a blind eye to Financial Crime and corruption and has institutionalised financial Crimes in the Global South, because the looted funds of Southern DIctoators like Jarapassa boost the economies of the western world in the world while spreading inequality and poverty globally. The Kaiser Report on Russian TV (RT) constantly exposes this.

    2. Ranil also needs to get rid of the corrupt insider trader at the Central bank, Arjuna Mahendran must be tried for financial crimes and former Clown of Central Bank NIvard Cabraal too

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    Firstly let us hope the government will act with foresight and all the firmness it requires to deal with such an evil movement if in fact it exists,as it obviously does.It is ironic that none of the opposition parties during the Rajapakse regime, which is looked at by many as a dark and dismal time for sustenance of the human spirit,never resorted to such unpatriotic and sinister methods to wrest political power or control.These are methods that the LTTE adopted in the most cruel fashion to mislead the Tamil people and plunge them and with them the whole nation into 30+ years of abject misery.Your article seems to imply somehow that there is some religious philosophical basis to the conduct of alleged membership of this manifestly fascist movement and it’s promoters.What Buddhism or Buddhist spirituality is there in a filthy scum like Gnanissara,I ask you?.So to suggest that Buddhism or for that matter any religious teachings generate thinking and action that is directed to the cunning machinations of political retrogrades bent on avoiding the consequences of their heinous crimes,in my respectful view is unfounded.Although some of us either reject or have dim views of the effect of spirituality and prayer, it is undoubtedly a powerful means of preventing evil.The responsibility lies with all religious communities and their leaders to come out forcefully and voice the power of reason and love now.This must occur through a multi-faith movement in this hour of need of the nation lest the country be plunged back into the dark days of racial conflict so soon after it’s end.In passing it must be noted that the actions of the CM Wigneswaran indicates some complicity with the so called movement in the South to give the movement some degree of credibility and justification and urgency and more unfortunately a tool to deceive the gullible people in the south.The solution lies with leaders and people of the North,South,East and West not simply The President,PM and other patriotic and well meaning parliamentarians.

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    Interestingly Dr. Sarvan’s list of noble souls does not include any Tamils, so he obviously thinks that the anti-racist struggle of progressives in the South does not need any Northern counterpart. were that not the case he would mention K. Pathmanabha and Rajani Tiranagama. Ah, but they were murdered as traitors by the Tigers weren’t they?

    • 6

      Dr. Dayan Jayatilleka

      The cheer leader of smart ass patriotism, war crime denier, war monger, redundant socialist,

      Pathmanaba started as a militant nationalist and picked up a few incoherent ideas about Socialism. His manifesto clearly defined what his objectives were, essentially establishing a separate state for Tamil speaking people in this island.

      Excerpts from EPRLF Publication

      The inability of the Tamil political leadership in combating Sinhala chauvinism and national oppression backed by state terrorism, gave birth to new tendencies among the progressive sections of the petit-bourgeoisie, the radical intelligentsia and, in particular, the youth and students. These tendencies were based on the realization of the inadequacy of passive forms of resistance against national oppression and grew out of extreme discontent and frustration with the impotence of the traditional parliamentary leadership in providing a viable programme for the emancipation of the oppressed Tamil Speaking People.


      1. To establish complete liberation of Eelam, the motherland of the Tamil speaking People.
      2. To found a socialist society to complete the political liberation by continuing to struggle for social, economic and cultural liberation.
      3. To fight against Imperialism, Zionism and Racism, since the Eelam
      liberation struggle cannot be seperated from the international
      progressive struggles.
      4. To accept Historical and Dialectical Materialism as our philosophy and guiding light.

      Read the rest:

      In fact when you joined Premadasa’s gang you should have persuaded him to help Pathmanabha establish a Socialist Tamil Eelam from whence you could have organise a proletarian struggle to liberate Sinhala speaking people in the rest of the island.

      You can’t have the cake and eat it.

      Pathmanabha was not a Socialist and was essentially a militant Eelamist.

      Get your facts right before uttering your smart ass patriotic lies.

      • 2

        Native Vedda RE: Dr. Dayan Jayatilleka Comment.

        “Get your facts right before uttering your smart ass patriotic lies.”

        Is Dr. Dayan Jayatilleka, a Ph.D., a Doctor of Philosophy?

        Amarasiri is under the impression that Philosophy means Philos-Sophia, Love of Wisdom, translated from Greek.

        So, “Dr” Dayan Jayatilleka, can’t be a Philos-Sophia, a Love of Wisdom.

        Amarasiri is in a connundrum. Can you please help out Amarasiri?

    • 3

      Dr.Dayan Jayatileka:

      *** Be real for a change. You are mixing pleasure with PURPOSE.

      1)So he obviously thinks that the anti-racist struggle of progressives in the South does not need any Northern counterpart.

      *** The difference is the above is for pleasure.

    • 1

      When one desperate, one gets pedantic! This explains the predicament of Dayan J. If Pathmanabha is still living would he endorse this guy’s racist stance and his association with the despot MR?

  • 3

    Prof. Charles Sarvan

    RE: Cry, “Chaos!“

    “I read in Colombo Telegraph the claim by the Prime Minister, Mr Ranil Wickremasinghe, that the previous President and his supporters are forming, fomenting and are about to unleash a “new fascist Buddhist movement”.

    Was Gauthama Buddha a Fascist?

    Looks like many Sinhala “Buddhists” thinks so. Or, is it that the Sinhala “Buddhists” do not follow “Buddhism”

  • 5

    Sarvan, we take your point about Buddha, Buddhism and non-violence. You didn’t have to remind us of these.

    But the intriguing thing about all the Thambis like you who seem to be writing eloquently on the incompatibility between Buddhism and vilonce are eerily quiet on the subject of Islamic violence!

    Is that an admission that Islam is inherently violent and therefore it is to be accepted?

    Ha.. ha.. humbug, you cheats.

  • 2

    I thank Dr Dayan Jayatillake for pointing out the omission.
    In citing a list of names, almost inevitably, some are left out.

    Of course, K. Pathmanabha and Rajani Tiranagama – and several others – should have been mentioned. My apologies to readers and my thanks to Dr Jayatillake.

    • 9

      Charles Sarvan:

      *** With all due respect you seem to have raised the white Flag after a Call to Surrender by Dayan. Dayan doesnt wag his tail for nothing.Like a Dog he only wags his tails when he smells meat.

      *** Tragic though the killing of the two mentioned may but they dug their own graves. It may have been a folly on Prabakarans part to kill Rajiv Gandhi but he was right to take on IPKF who replaced the Sinhala Army and carried on the Killing Spree.

      Pathmanaba should have stayed neutral instaed of taking sides and Rajanis case was similar to Salman Rushdi.

      **** Please just read the following. In the case of Pathmanabas killing 15 of the 17 accused were acquitted. It was a War for Freedom and it was Brutal and any one considered a Traitor like ” Ettapan” had to bite the dust.

      The LTTE’s animosity towards the EPRLF arose from its perception that the EPRLF was pro-India. The animosity increased after hostilities broke out between the Indian Peace Keeping Force (IPKF) and the LTTE on October 10, 1987. The IPKF was deployed in the Tamil majority North-Eastern Province of Sri Lanka under the Indo-Sri Lanka Agreement signed on July 29, 1987. When the Sri Lankan Government announced that elections to the North-Eastern Provincial Council would be held on November 1988, the LTTE gave a call to boycott the polls. It warned that anyone who took part in the elections would be declared a “traitor” and punished. The EPRLF contested the elections and formed a Ministry headed by its leader A. Varadaraja Perumal. After the IPKF pulled out of Sri Lanka in March 1990, the North-Eastern Provincial Council collapsed and EPRLF leaders fled to Chennai. The killers struck on June 19, killing Padmanabha and other leaders. A DMK government led by M. Karunanidhi was then ruling the State.

      Dr. Rajani Thiranagama was a Tamil human rights activist and feminist who was allegedly shot dead by Tamil Tigers cadres after she criticised them for their atrocities.

  • 3

    Buddhism is not a religion but a philosophy ….but in this cursed Island this philosophy had been commercialized for political benefits since independence….

    Majority of the Buddhist countries in Asia is today even yesterday in blood bath …..

    What ever prohibited in this philosophy is followed by so called monks …monk .fathering child is very common in Thailand….having mistress also common …plus gambling etc.

    At least Thai authorities have the gut to arrest and jail these monks but in this cursed Island Sinhalese worship the same monk

    If Buddha visit this cursed land he will jump from Mihintale and commit suicide ..after seeing what is happening in the name of Buddhism


    • 1

      Cholan, you write……Buddhism is not a religion but a philosophy ….but in this cursed Island this philosophy had been commercialized for political benefits since independence.

      The first part of statement is right. However, the bastardisation of the noble message by the adding of other indigenous practices and turning it into a ‘religion’ was well established long before independence. The Sangha had to allow it in order to keep the illiterate cuckoos happy.

      The biggest nonsense was when the Maha Sangha and our political leaders ‘handcuffed’ themselves to each other. The politicians were able to impress the 70% Sinhala-Bauddha electorate, and the Maha Sangha held the power to make or break a politician. What an ungodly state of affairs.

      Can we break the link? Can set each other free? Let the Maha Sangha take care of spiritual matters. Let the politicians WE elected take care of temporal business. O Happy day!

  • 1

    In his analogy from sections of the Chinese “Journey to the West: “Before Chaos was divided Heaven and Earth were one;……”Sarvan could have been more elaborate to explain the significance of this. One of the problems is that the Rajapaksas in their endeavour to promote their kin and their interests suppressed people like Maithripala Sirisena and it is only during the last 12 months that Sirisena had the occasion to blossom into a leader and he has nevertheless not done a bad job.Bensen

  • 1

    Batalanda’s Hora Hora campaign didn’t work until Bodhisira took a few with him and joined Bataanada and cousin Madam under the guidance of Prof Sarvan’s mates in London.

    With Horas who would easily make the A list on their side now, the Yahaplana bosses have run out of steam.

    Now they need a new bogey man,

    Batalanada PM has also created a new class system in Journalism to go along with his Bogey Man…

    He reckons the Yahapalana suckers are the Brahamin class. sorry Brahamin Caste..

    And the others are outcasts aka Wasala Caste. says Batalanda Ranil…

    He in fact named a few, lead by a young Journo who hosts a bloody good quality Political debate program on Prime time TV, as a leader of the Wasala Caste.

    I know we have Dalits and the Elite among us .

    But never heard of this Wasala caste.

    I heard that some of our poor Dalits in the South were called Sakkkiliyas because they collected Elite excreta for proper disposal.

    if that was the criteria which was used to castigate them . it is abhorrent,

    I hope there is no analogy between this and Batalanda’s new Caste classification of the Journalists.

    Simply because that young Derana Journo reported facts as he has seen it.

  • 1

    Foregoing, Sinhala Intellectual Dayan De Silva, the PhD’s comment is a good example of how the government has been splitting and running from the start by Don Stephen, who is another hybrid patriotic National Father. Dayan PhD the Ganasara of CT, after facing overwhelming opposition to his hybrid patriotism in CT, has been playing low profile in CT. He had put a halt to his claim of May 2009 victory, which is in fact a method of hiding the head under the sand, rather not a victory of saving the Wildlife Sanctuary Land’s patriotic Buddhism.

    As all religious leaders (gods and prophets) are once were political figures of their land, in all religions politics and theosophy are intertwined. With the better understanding and after the birth of UN, Secular democratic constitution is the solution for any divisive fights. But to prolong the fights, it has been decided the new constitutions will be also Buddhist Constitution. Other than M/S Serasinghe, no other writer has opposed that so far in CT. That is, basically in everybody’s mind, they all like to continue the same struggle to teaching the incest and bestiality stories to everybody in Lankawe, through the new constitution too.

    Earlier, New King put the blame of not implementing the Solomon West Ridgeway – Chelva pact on Junius Richard. (I am not biased in not writing Chelva as Samuel John, because it is the Hindus crowned his and “Father”, when he actually was not a Christian Father. Hindus are well aware that it was a Christian led them and they never expected him to change the religion.) The fault is not on Junius Richard, it is the hybrid patriotism which is killing the country. Two notorious crooks named Ehelepola and Phimathalawa schemed against the Tamil king and had him disfranchised and deported to South India, from where his ancestors came. This has been interpreted by the Sinhala writers as patriotic act of these crooks as having their land released from Tamils. The same thing Don Stephen did to Tamils in 1948. Now hiding this under the sand, Ranil has lambasted the media as chauvinist racists. Is the Media started the racism by disenfranchising the Tamils? No! It is the UNP. Is the media refusing to sign the ICC accord which is recommended by UNHRC? No it is Ranil?

    Ranil is hitting the media hard as the one sawed racism, but praising him in front the people as the man saved Wildlife Sanctuary, by following the tradition of UNP leader Don Stephen who disenfranchised the Tamils, he too have successfully blocked the ICC accord. Then like a real fox, he is calling the media as Hippocrates. There is no justice in Sri Lanka. There is power abuse in Sri Lanka. This government took the help of America to oust the power abusing president. Now they want to change the constitution to stop permanently the power abuse. In the 1950, 1960 there were appeals made to Privy Council against the verdicts of Indian Pakistani voting law and the Kodeeswaran case. There was not any victory for Tamils on these cases. But realizing the danger of the appeals, the Sri Lankan constitution was changed to do away with Privy Council appeals. Ranil followed that path and refused to sign the 140 countries signed Rome Treaty. Lankawe is 175th in the 179 surveyed countries for the media freedom. So Ranil took his freedom to blast at media. There is a power abuse in Lanka. They reached America to help them to curb it. There is no justice. Why they are not ready to reach Secretary Kerry and ask him to help them? Isn’t because by power abuse, Ranil could not come to the PM but if there is injustice, it is only Tamils affected? When there is power abuse, without fear they unseated the Old King, but when Tamils wants the ICC accord signed why they are pointing at, as they are scared of, the Old King?

    “For a start (and as I have written elsewhere), rather than speak about the people or for the people, one must speak with the people. And to speak with the folk, one must speak not only in their language (in this case, Sinhala) but in terms understood by them; in their idiom.” From the very beginning of 2015 January, this was the question we too have been raising here. Can somebody here attach if the Yahapalanaya government has taken any effort to teach the SinaLE Wildlife Sanctuary of any real facts of the need of secular democratic constitution? Though in every negotiation with the foreign diplomats these EP, PM. FM and the other rogue ministers do not fail to insist on the need to respect the Ayatollahs and their atrocities to their survival, why they have never attempted, for a change, tell the truth to the people that there is concern of the IC about the Sinhala Buddhist racism?

  • 2

    The Rajapakses are of Malay stock originally.

    Amusing to see them espousing the cause of the Sinhala Buddhist!

    • 1


      “The Rajapakses are of Malay stock originally.”

      That probably helped him to be more intelligent than the bulk of the Sinhala Buddhists and Sri Lankans, Why?

      The Average Native Malay IQ is 92 whereas the average Sinhala Buddhist and Sri Lankan IQ is 79. See supporting data below.

      National IQ Scores – Country Rankings

      ——– Country
      ———————– %

      1 Singapore 108

      15 Malaysia 92

      28 Sri Lanka 79


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