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Curse Of The PhD

By Nishthar Idroos

Nishthar Idroos

Nishthar Idroos

The year was 1984 and I had just finished my GCE Advanced Level Examinations. My mind was not settled on a particular course of study post GCE Advanced Level. Law, Journalism and Marketing attracted me equally. I had roughly four months to decide. I had to do something during the interim. It was during this period I visited a relative in anticipation of a job. While talking to him he received a telephone call, he excused himself and left momentarily. The radio was on and an eminent Law professor who later became much publicised figure in the Sri Lankan political scene was on the air expounding outlandish jargon on jurisprudence. I cannot for sure say whether I fully comprehended all what he said, but how he said it held my attention. The gentleman was from the University of Colombo. He was a PhD and was speaking in impeccable English. I later learnt that the individual was a double PhD. He may have not convinced me to embark on a career in law but for sure I wanted to talk like him. His vocabulary verbose, syntax accurate and impact wholesome. I was galvanised.

Nelson Mandela famously said “Education is the most powerful weapon which you can use to change the world.” I don’t think any sensible person would disagree with the statement. It’s a fact, a proverbial truism. It must also be said in the same breath that education can also be misused when largesse is dangled at people supposedly of incorruptible integrity who in fact succumb like rats to its set trap. Also what’s the purpose of education when those with it remain silent when draconian legislation is passed to further strengthen an autocratic ruler.

Namal GL PeirisNot everyone is able to do a PhD, a Doctor of Philosophy, abbreviated as PhD. An award given in many countries as a postgraduate  degree by universities for academic excellence in a chosen field. A doctorate of philosophy varies considerably according to the country yet the social status it produces is quite unique. The term philosophy does not refer solely to the field of philosophy, but is used in a broader sense in accordance with its original Greek meaning, which is “love of wisdom”.

When I completed my Masters twenty five years later I was naturally inclined to embark on my doctorate. Selected a university, spoke to the professor and submitted my proposal and it was accepted. The aura and euphoria I experienced was indescribable. In three to five years people will call me doctor and that was cooly cool. It was at this juncture I met an old friend Uncle Raymond a confirmed rationalist and quintessentially anti-establishment. Though he was twice my age both shared a love or you may call it hate for local politics. We were meeting after a prolong hiatus.

Both were thrilled at the prospect of seeing each other. We did a great deal of catching up. He then asked me what I was up to. I told him the usual. I was in two minds whether to mention my new adventure. Yes I wanted to impress him and I pitched him straight on for about two minutes. He listened to me rather attentively. Uncle Raymond stared at me and remained pensive and then started to speak “So you have made up your mind to become a “Permanent Head Damaged person” I said what do you mean. “That’s what they are, those blokes with PhD’s

“Oh Shut up Mr Idroos” “As if the hell caused by your species is not enough” I was puzzled at this unexpected outburst by my friend Raymond Goonatilleke. I can sense the fury in the man’s face but couldn’t understand why he was displaying such extreme behaviour. Then he unleashed a tirade on me as if I was a pickpocket. “Show me one bugger of your species, of those living now who has left a worthwhile legacy, someone with moral rectitude, show me, show me, show me” This conversation was taking place in the Dehiwala junction area and I was wondering why the cops were not diverting traffic because Uncle Raymond was firing left, right and centre.

“All the rascals are cheaters, deceivers, opportunists and grand scale collaborators” “This is exactly what they are” “If they had fulfilled what society had expected of them, at least the ones who joined party politics could have made Sri Lanka a much better place”. Then he started to mention names of Ministers and MPs and those outside with PhD and started to shred them as if chunky meat was being grounded to make some other by-product. The choice of words was unparliamentary hence not reproducible. Mr Raymond Goonatilleke was a democratic citizen and he had every reason to express his opinion. I surely would have been relatively milder but all five fingers are not the same.

Suddenly a private bus approached almost knocking us down. The conductor on the footboard chewing beetle was at the top of his voice, shouting Moratuwa, Moratuwa. Uncle Raymond looked at me and said “Putha I got to leave” “No hard feelings putha, I told you the truth. I have greater trust in the guy who brings the gas cylinder home than our PhD rascals”. He embarked the Moratuwa bound bus which disappeared into the traffic.

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  • 23

    I cannot agree more.. we had people like Geneve Loss Peiris as well as the old LSSPer – Tissa Vitharana the nephew of its founder the late NM Perera.

    What these 2 academics did with people like Weerawansa/Johnston/Ratharan and Mervyn Silva, who all are educated upto 9th grade or even less. Do they did anything remarkeable for the last 10 years that even we can talk about? at least good or bad, Mervyn may have done at leas something for us to hate him and make fun of.

    GLP was hiding behind that notorious palace pimp and thief Sajin Vaas the so called monitoring MP for External affairs Ministry and I guess this so called professor was to call this rogue as sir!

    Then we have this corruption crusador Harsha de Silva when he was in the opposition – can this guy utter a single word for the daylight robbery of Bond issue of CBSL? nothihng came in from him as expected.

    Then we have this DJ – as most of the readers here have come to a common front., its better not to talk about this man commenting on him will make his feel that he is somebody in colombo political circle.

    • 6

      Nishthar Idroos

      RE: Curse Of The PhD

      1. “Nelson Mandela famously said “Education is the most powerful weapon which you can use to change the world.” I don’t think any sensible person would disagree with the statement.:

      2. “All the rascals are cheaters, deceivers, opportunists and grand scale collaborators” “This is exactly what they are” “If they had fulfilled what society had expected of them, at least the ones who joined party politics could have made Sri Lanka a much better place”.

      Interesting write-up with some support for your hypothesis from the Sri Lankan Politicians, like “Prof.Dr.” G. L. Peiris, and PhDs, from an earlier era, Dr. N.M. Perera and Dr. Colvin R. de Silva. Your Uncle Raymond Goonatilleke, certainly identified the Profession, Politics, where the Ph.D. holders do not show their wisdom, or have turned into Shills or whores.

      Then there are others, who have only passed the GCE OL who mutters, 2 divided by 2 is equal to Zero, 2/2 =0, like the former Minister Wimal Buruwansa. Ask your Uncle if he likes the Wimal Modawansa types to PhDs in Politics, or the Mahinda Rajapaksa types who end up being the bosses of the PhDs.

      For some, especially for those who voted for Mahinda Rajapaksa, stupidity is a virtue. In Sri Lanka, three are people with Common sense and Modayas, Mootals and Fools, and those with more intelligence than those with Common sense.

      I want to remind you that the average IQ of the Group who voted for Mahinda Rajapaksa, including Maninda Rajapaksa and Wimal Buruwansa, is 65. Of course, that includes the Astrologer.

      Now you can understand the situation.

      We have an IQ, Modaya, Fools, Mootals problem. Getting a PhD, will not solve the low IQ problem. That is what Namal Rajapaksa is trying to do. He will have to cheat, like his law exam.

      Anura Kumara Dissanayake’s Speech on Wimal Weerawansa


      2/2 =0 Says, Wimal Modawansa.

      The Astrologer said, Mahinda Rajapksa will win.

      I call it the the Advent of the Modayas, Mootals and Fools.

      The average IQ of 79 for Sri Lanka helps them, because there are are many with IQ’s well below 79.

      The Average IQ of a PhD in in Astronomy, Physics, Engineering is between 125 and 130. In Education and social science is below 110.

      In politics? Do not know?

      • 10

        This article is based on several category mistakes and reflects ILLOGICAL thinking.

        1. Most people who have GENUINE PhD are educated, ethical and well balanced people.

        2. It is Sri Lanka’s political culture that is corrupt to the core and all those who join it – with or without a GENUINE PhD. become corrupt.

        3. Most corrupt Sri Lanka politicians who claim to have Ph.Ds are FAKE doctorates. They are NOT Ph.Ds in any REAL sense – e.g. Mervin Silva.

        Perhaps the uncle of this author suffered from the Sri Lankan disease of JEALOUSY and IRRATIONAL thinking against those who hold Ph.D and are more educated and perhaps more fortunate?! Perhaps he confused corruption in POLITICS with corruption among PhDs!
        Character assassinating all who hold Ph.D and Nothing to do with politics or corruption is plain silly and down right illogical and stupid!

        • 3

          Dead on Dude DS!

          Sloppy thinking has been turned into and art form by Sri Lanka political pundits like Idroos and Dayan Jayatilleke. The latter seems to be a favorite of the CT editors.

          CT Editors, you really need to do a better job of publishing.. Apologies mate!

          Illogical articles like this one and DJ whose harangues are just plain tiresome should be left out…

          • 4


            The Writer, Idroos, and his Uncle Raymond Goonatillaka, are reporting on observations and common sense.

            Both Dayan Jayatillaka, Ph.D., and G. L. Peris, Ph.D. support their hypothesis.

            However, they are outliers in the Ph.D. population.

            May be the Ph.D. drops to the ass when they join politics or politicians, as both Dayan Jayatillaka, Ph.D., and G. L. Peris, Ph.D. are proving beyond reasonable doubt.

    • 2

      Super article.Talpahewa in London Sri Lanka Embassy should read it.

  • 10

    so what happened then? Did u do your PhD or not? Having a PhD doesn’t make a person head damaged, it is the society that has labelled PhD holders like that taking the behaviors of certain PhD holders into consideration.

    • 3

      Nishthar Idroos,

      “so what happened then? Did u do your PhD or not?”

      While the requirements vary from University to University, only a small fraction of those with better grades are accepted to pursue a Ph.D. program, usually after some qualification examination or a Masters. however, they all need very good basic intelligence, information analytics and processing power in their brain, in addition to their learnings.

      This is what Norwegian University of Science and Technology Requires for their Ph.D. candidates. Wimal weerawansa and many others would not qualify.


      PhD admission requirements
      In order to apply for the PhD programme at NTNU you must have:

      A master’s degree or equivalent education, that is approved by the faculty where you want to study;
      A strong academic record with a B average or higher — spesifically, a weighted average from your final two years of study (equivalent to 120 credits) must average a B or higher, corresponding with NTNU’s grading system.
      What to expect

      The PhD education programme is primarily comprised of active research work under supervision and includes:

      completion of an independent piece of research (PhD project) in active cooperation with other researchers
      writing a PhD thesis based on the PhD project
      approved organized academic training, ( cf. § 7.3 )(pdf)
      participation in active research groups in Norway and internationally
      scientific and academic dissemination, including the publication of the PhD project work

      Each doctoral candidate’s study is typically financed by a research fellowship, the availablity of which ae generally published as jobs on the vacancies webpage. Typically, doctoral studies at NTNU are coordinated by a specific department. The department with which you wish to study can provide you with general information, information about available positions, as well as help you find the right supervisor within a particular field of study as well.

      Application and admissions

      You must apply for admission on NTNU’s application form. A “PhD plan”, including a project description, must be completed in cooperation with your main supervisor and must specify which issues are being considered, the scientific approach, theory, and method.

      The application for admission must include a PhD plan with: (1) a plan for organized academic training; (2) a project description; (3) a proposed supervisor(s); (4) a work schedule; (5) a funding plan; (6) an estimate of required scientific and material resources; (7) a scientific dissemination plan; (8) a plan for meeting residency requirements; (9) an explanation of how the applicant can participate with active research groups in Norway and internationally.

      For additional requirements and more comprehensive information please see “Regulations concerning the philosophiae doctor degree (PhD) at NTNU.”

      • 6

        This is greater than any PhD which the King of Norway and the west has gladly accepted.- `Water Man Of India`

        Rajendra Singh (born 6 August 1959) is a well-known water conservationist from Alwar district, Rajasthan in India. Also known as “waterman of India”, he won the Stockholm Water Prize, an award known as “the Nobel Prize for water”, in 2015.
        Previously, he won the Ramon Magsaysay Award for community leadership in 2001 for his pioneering work in community-based efforts in water harvesting and water management.
        He runs an NGO called ‘Tarun Bharat Sangh’ (TBS), which was founded in 1975. The NGO based in village Kishori-Bhikampura in Thanagazi tehsil, near Sariska Tiger Reserve, has been instrumental in fighting the slow bureaucracy, mining lobby and has helped villagers take charge of water management in their semi-arid area as it lies close to Thar Desert, through the use of johad, rainwater storage tanks, check dams and other time-tested as well as path-breaking techniques. Starting from a single village in 1985, over the years TBS helped build over 8,600 johads and other water conservation structures to collect rainwater for the dry seasons, has brought water back to over 1,000 villages and revived five rivers in Rajasthan, Arvari, Ruparel, Sarsa, Bhagani and Jahajwali.[2][3][4]

        He is one of the members of the National Ganga River Basin Authority (NGRBA) under Ministry of Environment, Govt. of India, which was set up in 2009, by the Government of India as an empowered planning, financing, monitoring and coordinating authority for the Ganges (Ganga), in exercise of the powers conferred under the Environment (Protection) Act,1986.[5]

        In 2008, The Guardian named him amongst its list of “50 people who could save the planet”.[4]

        He sold all his household goods for Rs 23,000 and took a bus ticket for the last stop, on boarded bus going into interior of Rajasthan, along with him were four friends from Tarun Bharat Sangha. The last stop turned out to be Kishori village in Thanagazi tehsil in Alwar district, and the day was October 2, 1985. After initial skepticism, the villagers of neighboring village Bhikampura accepted him, and here they found a place to stay. Soon, he started a small Ayurvedic medicine practice in nearby village Gopalpura, while his colleagues went out about promoting education in the villages.[1]

        After finishing high school education he joined ‘Bhartiya Rishikul Ayurvedic Mahavidyalaya College’ in Baraut also in Bagpat district, and received a degree in Ayurvedic Medicine and Surgery. After which he enrolled for post graduation in Hindi literature, at another college in Baraut, affiliated with Allahabad University.
        He became the leader of local chapter of Chatra Yuva Sangarsh Vahini, a student activism organisation founded by Jaiprakash Narayan (Magsaysay Award, 1965), though after Jaiprakash fell ill, the internal power politics, disillusioned him.

  • 18

    This is truly a thought provoking piece of writing. One of the best example that one can cite is the GLP, probably the greatest Machiavellian ever produced by mother Lanka, with no righteousness, morality or insight.

    Talking about the 19A this man now profess that no Bill intended to amend the Supreme Law, the Constitution, shall be rushed through, denying people adequate time to study and submit their observations.

    It appears that GLP has returned to Sri Lanka from another planet. Where was this man when MR pushed the 18th Amendment as an urgent Bill and had it passed, taking the full control of all organs of government (legislative, executive and Judicial).

  • 16

    Mr Raymond Goonatilleke, you did well and I salute you. Just look at the PhD guys we have in Sri Lanka today, a testimony to what Raymond is alluding to. Certainly, I am not against the PhD’s but many are idiots and wonder where they get their qualifications from. May be like our Namal Baba getting his law degree. By the way, it is the school drop outs who join the University to do law in more that 80% of the cases. So what can you expect from them. What is required is a crash course in morality to all with these PhD’s. Religion at school is not doing any good.

    • 3


      “I am not against the PhD’s but many are idiots and wonder where they get their qualifications from. May be like our Namal Baba getting his law degree.”

      Many Universities have a system, and screen the idiots.

      However, In Sri Lanka they cheat, like Namal Law Exam, and the idiots get it.

      That is why they ask for degrees from Recognized Universities.

      Just because Sri lanka has an average IQ of 79, do not assume it is the same everywhere.

      Singapore has an average IQ of 108.

  • 20

    G.L.Peiris is the perfect example of a clear mountain spring that flowed into mud!

  • 7

    What a load of crap! There are plenty of PhD researchers who had significantly contributed to the betterment of the society with their research work. Medical research is just one area. You cannot generalise and devalue education or specialist knowledge. The problem in Sri Lanka is that the society takes education qualifications as a status symbol. Whether you are a diploma holder, graduate, post graduate or have a doctorate you must choose to serve the society and your profession. If you do not do this the problem is with you. MJA

    • 12

      The point that is being highlighted is not about the acquiring of knowledge and skills but about the mere seeking of titles with no moral rectitude and a sense of honesty and integrity. You can contribute to society even without seeking high parochial titles. In the process of learning and serving if titles are bestowed or come by the way, there is nothing wrong. Just as much as there is nothing wrong in looking to earn a lot of money but with no greed, there is nothing wrong in seeking to learn more and the learning is put to good use.

  • 3

    It is not right to condemn and criticize PhD just because there are a few misfits glided in to politics and bring shame to their profession by not doing anything worthwhile or doing wrong things whatever you call as. They are MISFITS and that’s all.

  • 10

    Thanks Mr.Idroos for this nice piece. Just wanted to add that there are no numerous phd holders overseas. But they do not easily use the ‘Dr’ title in front of their names. When I was younger, I really thought that Sri Lankans are a special bunch of smart people, ‘coz most carried this title.

    Also the qualifications on the business cards is another funny thing. All kinds of bachelors degrees, diplomas… In IT, some music and arts… playing some instrument etc… :) is it that important?

  • 12

    There are number of good educated professionals who contribute through their knowledge and skills in their respective fields. Unfortunately, there are opporunistic individuals like Prof.G.L Peries, Dr Dayan Jeyatilaka are also there within this large number of educated community. The behaviour such dirty minded people like Peries and Dayan are not norms. We have seen some universities offered PhDs to people like Mahinda and Gota who were the worst ever human rights violators and corrupters the Srilanka ever had. It is the PhD that made them to become nasty people, it is their criminal backgroud that brought them to this level.

  • 10

    This is what “education” has come to mean, in this era. A mere seeking of titles to embellish one’s name with, either prefixed or suffixed. Lessons in honesty, integrity, rectitude, morality, ethics, uprightness, human values etc. either have taken a back seat or been totally abandoned. The lure of fame, position, power and filthy lucre is too much to resist. In a parallel article in this journal on Sri Lankan Airlines and Weliamuna Report, Mr. Amrit Muttukumaru highlights the fact that apart from the then perverse Chairman and the CEO of SL Airlines, the other illustrious and highly educated Directors of the Board, some of whom have headed the Internal Audit Committee, have been allowed to go scot free, along with the well know external Auditors. These Directors named, are also highly placed Captains of Industry in leading public Corporates. This provides a hint to the extent of crony capitalism prevalent in our society today. Another highly qualified “Dr.”, Arjuna Mahendran is in the news for the wrong reasons. Yet, these very people do not fight shy of lecturing at large on good governance, in the many halls of learning and podiums. What hypocrisy! Does not the whole education system, not just in this country, need fixing?

  • 10

    An informed laymen with integrity should be considered a more useful citizen than a PhD without integrity.
    Dr jayawick

  • 13

    a PhD is a personal achievement where the recipient has done a lot of intense study on a particular subject. It dose not mean he is a master of everything.
    Even in that individual area of study he may make a lot of mistakes. In sri Lanka which has a ridiculous attitude in these matters we think that a Phd is some sort of a miracle maker.
    The only good thing about a PhD is that the student has to work hard and therefore learns a lot of intellectual discipline, esp in the area of sciences. In the arts field i think it is a little different even people like Dayan J and Rajive wijesinghe have arts PhDs.You can judge for yourself their qualities.
    In any area the most important thing is for a human being to be decent, honest and have self respect. Has GL Pieris got these qualities? If he had them would he be a court jester in MR/Namal court of feudal corruption ?

  • 3

    I absolutely agree

  • 1

    When the direction SL Politics was taking and reached its apex, it was mentioned that
    the bane of SL Political democracy rested on the Sinhala Intelligentsia, led by notable
    people like GLP, DJ etc. They fully supported the 18th Amend.which wrought havoc on the
    Administration. Only the ernest Prayers of those concerned was answered on 9th Jany.

  • 1

    PhD or DPhil is an academic postgraduate degree awarded by universities worldwide.


    It is proof of the holder’s advanced knowledge in a particular field.
    PhD degrees from some universities are considered to be more prestigious than others.

    Honorary degrees, commonly the PhD, are awarded to persons who have attained eminence in academic and non academic fields.
    In Sri Lanka, a fawning vice chancellor proposed and obtained approval for award of honorary PhD degrees to a head of state and a top public servant, to further her career in the university system.

  • 7

    Sri lanka has unique set of P.hD holders

    1st Category : Claiming to have a P.hD from some where

    2nd Category : Claiming to have a P.hD from no where

    both categories are equally dangerous , 1st category nitwits behave as if they know every thing , often disregarding other people’s opinions thus pretending them to be best among the best , some of the prominent arrogant so called P.hD mutts are Nalin Desilva, Dayan Jayathilake , Prathiba Mahanama , GL , Rajiv Wijesingha , Ranjith Bandara (Basil’s adviser) , Rohan Gunaratna et al.

    2nd category crooks come from all walks of life ,there are tycoons ,philanthropists, politicians, Doctors ,Engineers , singers among them . here are some of those dodgy undesirable characters , Lalith Kothalawala , Soma Edirisingha , Mahinda Rajapaksa , Gotabaya Rajapaksa , Mervin Silva , Eliyantha White , Priyath Bandu Wickrama , Saheli Rochana Gamage (Ayu bo weva Maha Rajanani song )

  • 1

    There is substance in what you say.This not confined to the Academic PhDs, what about the proffessionals? take Accountants – in this case Chartered Accountants -those that audit the accounts. How many of the reports are fudged.History of the PERC is full of fudged reports.How much of skuldrggery is hidden among those reports.I have been reading a number of articles on the damaged wrought on the populace by the power and irrigation schemes since 1977.Without any exception every one of them had been a failure, including Mahaweli that was supposed to provide power even to India.Leaving aside selling power to India, SL did not have enough power even during JRJ’s time.The environmental damage caused is immense.Take the rock at Hambantota.That did not appear over night – did it?The point I am attempting to raise is that for some reason, our professional seems to be cowed, they do not want to criticize their colleagues.
    there is substance in what you say.

    • 3

      perhaps If professional bodies were managed by students bodies then you may get a degree of solace.
      Mind you corruption can be exposed but you cannot win them because it will eat you too.

  • 2

    Yes, there are PhDs and PhDs. So one can find examples of people who do not deserve the degree. But by an large it is a degree that comes after hard work and solid contributions to knowledge. For every bad PhD you cite I can cite 100 or more who quietly sit in their offices and labs and keep pushing back the frontiers of knowledge on a daily basis.

  • 3

    A PhD is a unique level of academic excellence. Achieving this level of knowledge is highly meritorious. Individuals with this kind of qualifications are thinkers and not thugs. Unfortunately for Prof.GLP , he had to work with
    unprofessional and unqualified thugs under a cloud of threat to life and limb.
    Life is precious than any thing else so he chose to be a living coward than a dead hero. He was manipulated by a class of people without any respect or dignity and used him to benefit their own ends. Prof.GLP is not someone who can be ignored and his talents and expertise on matters of economis have to be tapped by the current administration for the benefit of the nation and the people. With enormous knowledge of government Prof GLP cannot be ignored and I am confidently certain that he will be a worthy and valuable presidential adviser or even to be in a fitting ministerial portfolio because Prof GLP is not a politician but a contributor to nation building.

    • 1

      then why on earth even after all this, 2 days ago we see GLP at Medalulana rogue clans ancesteral home with rogues like Mahindananda/Johnie/Ratharan/Arundika etc and what is he going to lose now in this age?

      I find this man is a born coward and shame for his ancesters who are god fearing family from Kaluthara district.

      GLP is a living example of how quick a intellectual can become a pariah of the state and fallen into the gutter.

  • 12

    A PhD is not an attestatation of culture ,character or wisdom. It is the person who matters. A PhD is not a curse on a person, but the person may be the curse for the PhD he/she holds! A PhD is an adornment on an ‘Educated’ person, but just three alphabets behind the name for an ill-educated person.

    Dr.Rajasingham Narendran

  • 1

    Professor GLP’s professional service is available for a fee.

    He is using his talents for the financial benefits and social status.

    His service has no moral value in it. Even a thug can get his service if the price is right for both parties.

    Don’t blame it on Professor GLP or on any other PhD holders.

    Don’t judge people from their academic or professional qualifications!

    Their personal characters have nothing to do with their academic or professional qualifications!

  • 4

    “” I told you the truth. I have greater trust in the guy who brings the gas cylinder home than our PhD rascals”””

    Pakistani healing Dance PhD, are fit to lecture to the 4 walls so great men like Bill, Mark, showed their profs the 2 finger to become household names of the world- onf the network world and the Billions of cash at their disposal- they run countries not potty ministers who come on term assignments or civil servants.

    Barack Obama wrote a love note to Narendra Modi in TIME magazine
    NaMo just completed a civil nuclear deal while Australia is taking administrative stock at India for its first sale.

    “As a boy, Narendra Modi helped his father sell tea to support their family,” Obama wrote of Modi. “Today, he’s the leader of the world’s largest democracy, and his life story—from poverty to prime minister—reflects the dynamism and potential of India’s rise.”

    “When he came to Washington, Narendra and I visited the memorial to Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. We reflected on the teachings of King and Gandhi and how the diversity of backgrounds and faiths in our countries is a strength we have to protect. Prime minister Modi recognises that more than 1 billion Indians living and succeeding together can be an inspiring model for the world.”

    Then here is the Chai ka mallai boy from over head who has the potential to keep you in the brood than playing` one super power against another` like Egypt Nasser to be what it is today even Afganistan or Pakistan or Bangaladesh.

    Modi was once persona non grata in Washington—he was denied a visa to the US after the communal riots in Gujarat in 2002, in which more than 1,000 people, mostly Muslims, died while he ran the Indian state.


  • 3

    “”He was a PhD and was speaking in impeccable English. I later learnt that the individual was a double PhD. He may have not convinced me to embark on a career in law but for sure I wanted to talk like him. His vocabulary verbose, syntax accurate and impact wholesome. I was galvanised.””

    This exactly is the reason only Laffir became a world champ in his class of interaction with the pool game.

    Unlike India who can boast of Tagore for Nobel P in English Literature and many with Booker prizes Lanka just ….
    Just you wait, ‘enry ‘iggins, just you wait!
    You’ll be sorry, but your tears’ll be to late!
    You’ll be broke, and I’ll have money;
    Will I help you? Don’t be funny!
    Just you wait, ‘enry ‘iggins, just you wait!
    Just you wait, ‘enry ‘iggins, till you’re sick,
    And you scream to fetch a doctor double-quick.
    I’ll be off a second later And go straight to the the-ater!
    Oh ho ho, ‘enry ‘iggins, just you wait!
    Ooooooh ‘enry ‘iggins!
    Just you wait until we’re swimmin’ in the sea!
    Ooooooh ‘enry ‘iggins!
    Then they’ll march you, ‘enry ‘iggins to the wall;
    And the King will tell me: “Liza, sound the call.”
    As they lift their rifles higher, I’ll shout:
    “Ready! Aim! Fire!”
    Oh ho ho, ‘enry ‘iggins,
    Down you’ll go, ‘enry ‘iggins!
    Just you wait!

  • 0

    Amen, for that! What is not understood is how suddenly corruption is a big subject on just the previous government. Corruption and terror regimes started with the very first Executive president, JRJ. Not only did he want to reign forever, but also he unleashed the fear of terror, first by giving the police a ‘holiday’ on him being elected. Next he brought spurious charges against Sirimavo and took away her civil rights. Imprisoned CBK’s husband Vijaya without any charges, and worst of all the uprising of the LTTE happened under him. He was called a ‘lame duck’ by the foreign press because he could do nothing about it. Such a lame duck was he, that he was forced under threat by India to sign the fateful 13A. India had him eating out of their hand sending their troops here, against international law. And of course his successor, RP, anyone remember his terror regime? Dead bodies everywhere? He became a billionaire as well. The country was run under Emergency throughout too. So why it is only MR the target now? At least MR ended the 30 year war. No one can take that away from him.

  • 2

    Poor author, he was obviously not smart enough to get a PhD. Looks like he has a huge chip on his shoulder that doesnt have a PhD.

  • 1

    Let us not mix up education- high education even with character. A Phd does not mean the guy has good character. We have to judge the Phds from their contribution to new knowledge or new insights.
    As for our masses remember the folk saying that the Sinhalayas are modayas.

  • 1

    it is total irrational to develop hatred towards ph.d.ph.d holders simply because of the performance of a few political academics.i am not naming them. ph.d is a program to train professional researchers and the candidates are required to discover/invent something to add to the existing body of knowledge. to prepare a thesis one has to do a vast literature survey which involves reading hundreds of material relevant to the theme. without taking up ph.d program one need not go thro’ all these without an express purpose. by reading all these it is possible for him to become an expert in the area of his study. another aspect is that he/she formally studies the research methodology regorously and applies that knowledge to undertake his research. there iis no promise to make great men/humane mind/uncorrupted person thro’ the study of ph.d. i am not talking about the boru doctorates given for rs.35000.

  • 0

    One must read the writer’s message with due contextual emphasis.

    While the achievements of a PhD are universally recognised as contributing to the relevant pools of knowledge with originality, the use they put their titles to, are sometimes questionable, as in the case of some Sri Lankans mentioned.

    On the other hand, those who receive honorary doctorates should really have contributed to a field of study or practice and hence society in general, without undertaking formal studies ending with submission of a thesis.

    The writer’s uncle would probably have stereotyped people with this title and one should excuse him for his outburst. The picture of Peiris with Rajapakse’s son speaks volumes of how he demeaned the status of “doctor” or “professor” as a mere stooge of the powerful.

    • 0

      You mean original research like this man (now with PhD) who is supposed to have lived in caves once his father was imprisoned???
      Most PhD’s if they miss teaching at campus end up as banking clerks – `perhaps what they say goes over the general public heads.

      From 1975 to 1979, Xi studied chemical engineering at Beijing’s prestigious Tsinghua University as a “Worker, Peasant, PLA” student (gongnongbing xuesheng). In 1975, education was more political and practical than professional, and Tsinghua University “was no longer so much a centre of learning, but functioned as a liaison office, where science and engineering majors spent 80% of their time on learning practical subjects and working in factories, 15% of their time studying Marxism–Leninism–Mao Zedong thought and 5% of their time doing farm work and “learning from the People’s Liberation Army”.[13] Commenting on the quality of this education, Joseph Fewsmith wrote; “it was probably a decent education, but not as good as he would have received prior to, much less after, the Cultural Revolution”.[14]
      From 1998 to 2002, he studied Marxist philosophy and ideological education in an “on-the-job” postgraduate programme at the School of Humanities and Social Sciences, again at Tsinghua University, and obtained a Doctor of Law (LLD) degree, which was a degree covering fields of law, politics, management, and revolutionary history.[15] However, commentators have questioned this qualification, pointing out a series of problems with it. The Sunday Times of London commissioned scholars to read the unpublished PhD thesis who noted that the content has little to do with law, appears to contain no original research, and reads like a collection of quotes from existing published works.[16] Writer Joe Chung compared Xi’s works with those of other scholars and found that numerous passages had been copied from previously published works or works published around the same time as Xi’s. In one case, citations were shown to have been copied from another work, including misspellings and punctuation errors in that previously published work. Based on this research, Chung raised the question of whether Xi plagiarised his PhD.[17] The Sunday Times article also noted the poor esteem of his previous qualifications and speculated that the PhD was invented by a committee in order to improve Xi’s public image.[

    • 3

      “” status of “doctor” or “professor” “

      Know the thief in the parcel that runs the island.- it’s multi-nationals.

      Doctor GL Peiris was only a student as far as we know of him.

      Because everyone during GL’s time from practicing at court read Nani Palkiwala of Bombay- the walking dictionary of law of evidence – he could quote chapter verse of the law off hand.- he slogged it out to be great and stopped Indra from eveicting the CJ.
      While your very own Choksy PC spat at his adopted nation just to get his own ethinics
      into eating the heart of the islands economy with their clenched fisted policies- purity of aryan (where the lives the iranian) blood.

  • 0

    Not all PhD guys are bad.

    The lot with MR were shocking. Imagine GL, DJ, Tissa, and them being given PhDs!!

    The new lot is no better. Harsha is no where to be seen after the CBSL bond scandal after being such a critic of Nivard!!!

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    After working several years as a doctor one man was reported to be a fake degree holder for that he went to jail, but what about the satisfied and cured patients?
    A profession is given to the least bidder not for the qualified. To prove your qualification if you work on probation, the management couldn’t evaluate rather pretend to do the opposite to degrade on false pretexts. ‘Yes, you are not only qualified but overqualified, sorry, we can’t pay that salary you deserve, we need a trainee’. Unique!
    In this market value if someone pays you well, it is not wonder you tend to worship him, the art of living!

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