23 March, 2023


Daily Mirror Takes Strong Stand Against Suppression Of Media

Taking one of the most strongest stands a media publication has taken in recent times, the Daily Mirror, Sri Lanka’s most circulated English daily, circulated today carried a front page in ‘reverse’ with a message at the bottom stating “only true freedom of the press can change things around” in celebration of the world press freedom day. 

Daily MirrorDaily Mirrors readers were in for rude shock this morning when the paper arrived with the front page in reverse with one reader posting on Facebook saying that he “ran behind the paper man to tell him something was wrong”.

The stand comes in the wake of widespread media suppression by the Rajapaksa regime with clear instructions to media heads which include owners and editors to desist from publishing anything to do with the ruling family.

The stand against media suppression taken by the Daily Mirror is the second such visible and imagery stand taken by a print media institution after the Ravaya edition during the appointment of Chief Justice Sarath Nanda Silva under the Presidency of Chandrika Bandaranaike Kumaranathunga.

Among many other instances of such stands, The Island newspaper, another leading English Daily, to this day refers to Chief Justice Dr. Shirani Bandaranayake as the “ousted” chief Justice instead of using the term “former” or “43rd Chief Justice”.

The Island Newspaper in all articles referring to the Former Army Commander Sarath Fonseka, refers to him as ” General” to this day, in clear protest of the moves of the executive in court martialing Fonseka and the illegal impeachment of the Dr. Bandarnayake.

In its editorial the Daily Mirror also averred to the longstanding need for a vibrant journalistic culture among journalists.

“Firstly, we need to turn the searchlight inward and see what has happened to journalism here. It was once a vocation, then became a profession. But sadly, now it appears to be largely a case of by-lines or buy-lines and a business for personal gain or glory. That may be the reasons why veteran Editors believe that any training now should focus more on what is journalism than how to be a good journalists” the editorial said,

Taking a complete swipe at the ruling Rajapaksa regime the Editorial provided reasons for the suppression of the free media.

“In that spirit we could turn the searchlight on what is happening in our country. During the past nine years especially, media freedom has been suppressed to a large extent with some sections directly controlled by the Rajapaksa regime and others remotely controlled through billionaire businessmen who apparently give huge amounts of campaign funds to VVIPs in the ruling coalition”

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    This is a joke on your part, right?

    DM website do not mention it anywhere or show it.

    Here is its print copy.


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      CT are you joking?! The Daily Mirror is a Mahinda Rajapaksa regime RAG.

      Everyday DM has on the front page pictures of MR rather than high lighting abuse of power by politicians or the people’s concerns. Today there is yet another picture of Jarapassa giving gifts to Buddhist monks. It is as if DM thinks Jarapassa and is GOD and wants to build a cult to worship of CORRUPT POLITICIANS in Sri Lanka. The DM does not know the meaning of ETHICS or “speaking TRUTH TO POWER”

      There is NO REAL ANALYSIS of the reasons behind the Train crash or the nurses strike or SECTOR ANALYSIS of the Transport and Health and Education Sector messes.

      The so-called ministers of these sectors which are in a huge mess should be identified as RESPONSIBLE and asked to RESIGN by the press and editors for all deaths caused due to the crash and the strikes in a poorly run and highly CORRUPT health sector.

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    No, it is there on the 3rd page A 3.

    Not the cover page.

    So, it cannot have been on the cover page.

    Having it on the first page itself would have been too risky for the DM, I suppose.

    Ravaya it was the first page itself.

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      No, it was on the first page. I thought it was a bad copy at first. it is sad that no one who reads the CT seems to be in Sri Lanka

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    Editors and Journalist MUST boycott the monthly breakfast meetings with
    the President from May 2014 to May 2015 to prove that Press Freedom
    exists! Will they, after 500 of them accepting Laptops, Interest-free
    Loans etc.

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    Last night the Hiru TV reporter and a News First corrospondent who went to Video tape the Elephant Calf abduction by a Very powerful Govt. VIP in Udawalawe was themselves abducted by the abductors and the Police.
    Their Video cameras were confiscated and damaged by the abductors. Only after villagers intervened, their liives were spared. Later the Police gave their cameras that had been damaged sans the video tapes.

    now a case been filed by the reporters against the same Police and the abductors who abducted them.


    Hiru received International awards for their investigative journalism TV awards.

    Still no arrests been made by Police to captuer Pistol weilding Hambanthota thug Mayor and today UNP staged another Protest in front of Hambanthota police.
    Thanks to Dinamina Reporter cum Photographer this UPFA thug Mayor was exposed to public with proof.

    Rajapakses say they don’t have an opposition to fight with. MR systamatically dismentling opposition parties, while bribing their members to join him.
    Also he bribe Journalists to write good about him and to cover up the truth. Those who oppose him, he either bribe them or make them disappear using white vans.

    Yesterday Gen.Sarath Fonseka said that his life is in danger of an Assassination plot planned by the Rajapakses.

    Today Pres.Rajapakse says Media is not free and should be regulated.


    Regulated for what…….To tell lies and hide their corruptions, thuggery, loot, rapes, murder ethenl, drugs, Cocain, Casino mafia etc.

    Rajapakses are fear of the truth coming out as now the Press is his opposition.

    Daily Mirror is doing a wonderful job of keeping us the public informed after MR bought Sunday Leader. It is only DM that we have today to read some unbiased and unsensored news.

    It is only a united opposition that could stand against Rajapakse tyranny and Dictator and we all support all the Free media including DM fro standing against Rakapakse “Mee Harakas”….Water Buffalos.

    DM should be awarded an International award for their bravery and investigative Journalism and great reporting.

    Thank you Daily Mirror and keep it up.

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    Your being able to write this article proves fredom of the press. Don’t forget about responsibility of the press. That is to present facts, not spin! Media is not for regime change or petty personal arguments. The readership deserves news not fluff and childish misuse of the public space that media is.

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      That’s why CT is blocked within Sri Lanka.

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    It high time before you are swept out! Bensen

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    DM hope not just today but tomo too.

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    After their recent visit to Maththala airport the UNP has released a scathing report that both Colombo and Maththala receive monsoon rains and hence flights cannot be divert from Colombo to Maththala in case of bad weather.

    I just left comment on DM asking who told UNP MPs (Eran Wickremeratne) that Hambantota receives any monsoon rains? Even an O/L student would know that both Hambantota and Mannar never receive any monsoons. In fact they both receive the least amount of rainfall of all areas.

    The comment has been moderated out. I guess I should have left it in reverse as they have done in their front page! :D What a bunch of hypocrites!

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      If President Rajapakse keeps on clearing Jungles and land in Hambanthota to build mega projects, the little rain they get will disappear.

      Hambanthota could soon become a concrete Jungle and a desert without water.

      This is what happens when Muts, astrologers and water bufflows are becomming decision makers.

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