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Dambala Amila Thera As A Common Candidate!

By Kumar David – 

Prof. Kumar David

In a surprise move (expect many more in the coming months) Ven Dambara Amila Thera, convenor of the AIMP, has declared that the JVP has requested him to come forward as a Common Candidate (CC) of the opposition, and he would be happy to do so if sufficient numbers backed him. This is what a report in the Ceylon Today newspaper reported in its front page on 3 June. The Thera, according to the report, went on to make some pretty revealing comments. “Abolishing the Executive Presidency was not the sole reason” he is reported to have said.  “Improving infrastructure development, establishing the independence of the judiciary, creating a platform for good governance and a people friendly economy based on local production and manufacturing merged with new technology” were stated as reasons for his candidacy!

Dambara Amila Thera

Oh so the good Thera envisages implementing a full governmental programme! Oh so if he wins he will remain Executive President for six years to do all this! If EP is abolished straight away what is the good Thero’s role? None!

This is the same trick that Ranil is trying. Do the two of them think the people of Sri Lanka are so dumb as not to see through his ploy? Respected Thera, are you offering yourself as a Common Candidate for the express purpose of forthwith abolishing the Executive Presidency, or do you have ambition to be president for six years to implement yoru programme? You and your sponsors, the JVP, must answer this question first, with no iffs-and-buts, before anyone can take you seriously.

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