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De Facto Chief Justice Says The Only Person Who Knows Everything Is Gotabaya

In an appalling display of his close affiliations with the Rajapaksas, de facto Chief Justice Mohan Pieris has stated in Courts today that the ‘only person who knows everything is the Secretary to the Ministry of Defence Secretary.

Pieris and Gotabaya

This remark had been made by Pieris today during the hearing of a Fundamental Rights application (No: 414/14) where a group of Agricultural engineers/experts had challenged the new service minutes, pointing out it has deprived them of being promoted to higher positions in the Agricultural Department due to being forced to remain part of the Sri Lanka administrative service.

Whilst the case was being heard, Pieris had told that he is well aware and knowledgeable on solid waste management and agriculture and had gone on to criticize the engineers, calling them ‘useless’. At this point, the lawyer appearing on behalf of the petitioners, Manohara De Silva had pointed out the de facto CJ should not let his personal knowledge interfere with the ongoing case while adding that the only knowledge that should be applied is legal knowledge.

However, Pieris had dismissed De Silva’s statement adding that as a judge, he has the power to refer to his personal knowledge as well.

As the hearing proceeded, certain comments had been made on the Colombo Municipal Council, which is not at all relevant to the case that was being heard. However, Pieris had continued to comment on it as he moved on to speak about the Sathutu Uyana fund, which he had claimed was initially mismanaged but is now in right hands of MOD Secretary Gotabaya Rajapaksa.

“The only person who knows everything is the Defence Secretary. He also knows about waste management,” the de facto CJ had stated shamelessly violating professional ethics and the independence of the judiciary. Manohara de Silva had responded to this claim stating, “But I do not want him to do the job of my clients.”

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