28 January, 2023


Dear Dilrukshi, Keep Up The Good Work Without Fear Or Favour

By ANI Ekanayaka

Prof. A.N.I. Ekanayaka

Prof. A.N.I. Ekanayaka

Ms Dilrukshi Dias Wickramasinghe,
Director General,
Bribery Commission

Dear Ms Wickramasinghe,

Keep up the Good Work Without Fear or Favour

Amidst the malicious hostility of some corrupt degenerate members of parliament and their despicable acolytes outside, I am writing to say how much the integrity, independence courage and initiative, that you have brought to the office of Director General are appreciated and greatly admired by all those who value purity of public life in this country. To those of my generation your contribution is reminiscent of the long lost standards of independence and intellectual authenticity that characterized the Ceylon Civil Service many decades ago.

Dilrukshi Dias Wickramasinghe Director General for prevention of Bribery and Corruption

Dilrukshi Dias Wickramasinghe
Director General for prevention of Bribery and Corruption

That MPs can get so agitated about the legitimate investigation of corruption only reflects the guilty conscience of those who have no conception of clean governance whatsoever and are enemies of justice and truth. Moreover for the Speaker to summon the Chairman over a case involving his own brother is an outrageous unethical interference in the work of the Commission and only adds insult to injury. It is incredible that so called people’s representatives should behave with the crass arrogance of those who think they own parliament where the people owe them a living. I hope such evil and disreputable politicians will be defeated at the next General election and evicted from public life altogether.

However for the moment many will join with me in hoping that you as Director General will ignore their taunts and that such opposition will only be an added impetus to relentlessly pursue those guilty of corruption with even greater zeal and resolution than before. Indeed I hope you will count it an honour to be vilified for doing your duty.

It is said of the great William Wilberforce who had to fight 50 years for the abolition of slavery that “ for the first 20 years of his parliamentary struggles he suffered nothing but defeats, insults, rejection from friends, vilification from his enemies, and even threats to his life. In the history of British politics there has been no comparable display of moral courage over such a long period by a single campaigner ”. You are in a long line of dedicated public officers who have in their turn faced unfair criticism for doing their duty without fear or favour.

Millions of decent Sri Lankans will hope that far from being discouraged by the shallow criticisms of people who themselves need to be brought to justice, you will keep up the good work with renewed vigor

With best wishes

Yours sincerely
Dr. ANI Ekanayaka, Ph.D (Lond.), DDPH.RCS (Eng.), BDS
Professor Emeritus, University of Peradeniya

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    Prof Ekanayake is giving recommendation TO Bribery commission head. Some good signs.

    She is targeting Gota. IS it for a genuine reason ?

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      I agree that there are some positive developments. As for Gotabaya, I share the sentiment that he, or for that matter, should have his fair day and that he should be allowed to prove his innocence. We have had enough of white vans and the inexcusable attacks such as that on Rupavahini.

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    Yes, keep up the good work madam. Please also investigate your husband for allegedly “illegally” acquiring land within a national park, illegally cutting down forests to build a holiday home, and also please investigate yourself for drawing two salaries from the government, without fear or favor ;)

    And please arrest people first before you start investigations or press charges against them.

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    I couldn’t help wondering; there are many well-known personalities in the previous regime who were openly doing dubious transactions and corruptions and are still out in the society roaming freely. Many raise their eyebrows as to what is going on and why no summoning to the commission?

    The weirdest is that those who were summoned and remanded were mostly for COMPARATIVELY petty issues involving lakhs (not petty at all in general) where as the million- and billion- involving giants are still at large. Why?

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    [Edited out]
    What Dr. Ekenayake has forgotten is however despicable the personalities may be the JR Constitution that we have in our country mandates the following:

    (1) The Sovereignity is in the people.
    (2) the legislative power of the People shall be exercised by Parliament, consisting of elected representatives of the People and by the People at a Referendum.
    (3) the executive power of the People, including the defence of Sri Lanka, shall be exercised by the President of the Republic elected by the People ;
    (4) the judicial power of the People shall be exercised by Parliament through courts, tribunals and institutions created and established, or recognized, by the Constitution, or created and established by law, except in regard to matters relating to the privileges, immunities and powers of Parliament and of its Members, wherein the judicial power of the People may be exercised directly by Parliament according to law ;

    Even the CIABOC has accept that reality. While all encouragement must be given for good and hardwork it should not appear that the tainted are trying to accuse others with taint. Double drawing a monthly salary for several years, non-declaration of assets, cheating etc. are serious in their own right.

    It must be stressed that even if there are matters in which a statement must be recorded from a sitting President, the sitting President must show the example by visiting the offices of the CIABOC and get the statement recorded. There cannot be any shame in that and there is no violation if immunity in doing that. But if a relation of the leader of a political party gets clothed in the powers of the CIABOC for political vendatta and for possible quick promotion then that is far from genuine and things must be put right.

    It is Lee Kuan Yew who said that we must prevent duds from entering the Parliament. It is sad that the only skill that some posses (leave alone politicians, now even bureaucrats) is to suck blood from the nation and fatten themselves. Such blood-suckers deserve the punishment of the law.


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    It is timely to receive the copy of letter from Prof. Ekanayake addressed to Dilruksi Wickremasinghe, D, G. of Bribery commission. This is very welcome and we all need to support and encourage this lady, who has acted courageously so far in conducting her probes on various complaints. Recently, we saw a bunch of goons, taking cover as Members of Parliament, were attacking her and seeking her removal from office.

    Even a child knows that there has been a lot of misappropriation of public funds during the previous regime. All these people who are involved in this theft, try to shout, stir up people with racial and religious basis and indicate any action against them are not legal but these are work of foreign forces.
    At this point, it is interesting to point out last week when degraded flags were used by the guys which included ex ministers, members of parliament etc, the ex President, MR, conveniently and very lightly said these are works of reactionaries.

    Therefore, do not take into notice of all these utterances, rowdy behaviour and demonstrations but please do your best in performing what you are tasked to do and get all those who have acted in robbing the state and public funds, and ammased wealth disproportionately punished severely as possible within the law so that atleast we can eradicate and/or minimise these being repeated.

    Please be assured the public will rise up and show their support to you against these goons, as long as all these are conducted within the law.

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    Well, These are great signs for fairness to everyone.But, what the key is to protect the entire office and the staff. The moment they are exposed they face danger. The individuals can be targeted.

    Presently the country has no threats of terrorism that destructed our our future for decades and we went to bottom rock. The country regained glories no doubt afterwards. But, presently the negatives are not made to strength as instead used to disrupt the normalcy.

    Public need to understand the true picture of political games that comprises all these dramas.

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    Dilrukshi should be allowed to perform her duties without any hindrance.

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    Whilst not wanting to take anything away from the sentiments expressed by the good professor in praising Dilrukshi for her courage, I think the real heroes in our public service are those who stood up against Mahinda Rajapaksa and Ministers in his Cabinet whilst they were still in power with the full risk of being at the receiving end of their blunt force. Those are the real heroes, the unsung heroes, who stood up against Rajapaksa, despite even threats and intimidation, and harassment and abuse. There are many such public officials, who were sidelined and undermined during the 10 year Rajapaksa regime, at various levels in Government, from officials in the Presidential Secretariat itself down to officials at Ministries. I know of two such exemplary public officials who were even threatened with death and injury for standing up against corruption and illegal acts, and those public officials are the real heroes. They had the courage to stand up against the regime whilst the regime still had power and was established with no sign of their exit.

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    [Edited out]

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    ANI Ekanayake is blind. These people have the habit of praising anything/anyone without any evidence or facts if they are their party people or appointed by their political hierarchy. But it’s someone from opposition or something done by opposition they will criticize it without any facts or evidence. This is the problem in Sri Lanka. No person is born without a political party. Political party is their religion. Sri Lankans have no other religion. They will worship the party whether its SLFP, UNP or JVP etc. Their gods are politicians. This is the problem in this country and that’s why sensible people have left the country.

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    Mrs. Wickramasinghe catching customs bribery made me think how strong this lady is, as everyone was afraid to meddle with cuatoms. It was well known that there were many corrupted officers there, but no one was strong enough to take an action though they ware against it. I appriciate her effort to combat costoms marfia. Because of her their unfair dominance is getting limited.

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