28 June, 2022


Defeating Terrorism: The Sri Lankan Experience

By Rajiva Wijesinha

Prof. Rajiva Wijesinha

Prof. Rajiva Wijesinha

The world seems to be at boiling point at present given the increasing impact of terrorist activity. Civilian populations are subject to ruthless attacks in Africa, the Middle East and now both Europe and Asia. Typically, there is much less attention to what happens in our part of the world, which I believe may explain why there seems no adequate response to deal with the menace. Western powers engage in long distance operations that result in more civilian deaths, in the less developed world, and the occasional claim that an identified terrorist has been killed. But the reach of the terrorist organizations seems only to grow in the face of such operations.

There has indeed in recent years been only one unquestionable success in dealing with terrorism. In 2009 Sri Lanka defeated a terrorist movement that had pioneered suicide killings, with responsibility for several incidents where the victims had been numbered in hundreds. The Liberation Tigers of Tamil Eelam had also killed two heads of government and destroyed several leading moderates of the ethnic group which it claimed to be liberating, namely the Tamils of Sri Lanka (Prime Minister Rajiv Gandhi of India, President Ranasinghe Premadasa of Sri Lanka, Messers Amirthalingam, Yoheswaran, Sam Tambimuttu, Neelan Tiruchelvam, Lakshman Kadrigamar, Mrs Sarojini Yoheswaran, Ketheswaran Loganathan, Alfred Duraiyappa, etc).

And yet, far from this achievement being recognized, and efforts made to replicate it, Sri Lanka became the object of relentless persecution by the Western bloc at the United Nations. While the Sri Lankan government certainly blundered in not dealing firmly with allegations against it, and also in failing to address comprehensively the problems that had created the terrorist movement, the manner in which it has been hounded deserves careful analysis. Not least, one needs to examine the role of the Obama administration, in playing to a public gallery of bleeding hearts whilst continuing a far more ruthless war on those it feared than had been engaged in by previous American Presidents.

These victims of American terrorism, concealed as human rights promotion, included serving heads of state as well as terrorists, while ironically sometimes the latter were deployed to destroy the former when they seemed more dangerous to American interests. But, as Sri Lankan President Mahinda Rajapaksa, a particular object of hate to leading lights in the Obama administration, put it to a State Department official who preached at him, he could not help the fact that his terrorists were not Muslims.

The Obama administration took over the leadership of the movement to sink Sri Lanka (or rather absorb it in the Western system of alliances, the modern equivalent of NATO and CENTO and SEATO) whereas the Bush administration had been less hypocritical. That government had indeed provided some assistance to the Sri Lankan government to deal with its terrorists. Indeed, even after Obama took over, the Defence Attache at the US Embassy spoke up in favour of the Sri Lankan government at a seminar, but added that he had better shut up before he got into trouble.

The persecution of Sri Lanka had begun long before that, with the British leading the charge. As far back as 2006 they had put forward a resolution at the UN Human Rights Council which was designed to stop the successful military offensive that the recently elected Rajapaksa government had commenced against the Tigers. It should be noted that Rajapaksa, elected late in 2005, had continued to observe the CeaseFire Agreement signed by an earlier government and indeed managed to get the Tigers to resume talks, which they had walked out of a couple of years earlier. But after over eight months of continuous attacks by the Tigers the government went on the offensive in August 2006 and proved more effective than had been thought possible. Even while those who had profited out of the negotiations proclaimed that a military victory was impossible, and predicted the imminent downfall of the Rajapaksa government, the Sri Lankan forces liberated the entire Eastern province and began to move to the North.

My own understanding of what was going on developed when I was asked, in June 2007, to head the government Peace Secretariat. With the support of the Norwegian led Sri Lanka Monitoring Mission, I tried to make contact with my counterparts amongst the Tigers, but they resolutely refused to respond. Meanwhile I gathered that funds they had been inundated with during the time of negotiations were being used for military purposes. Though the new heads of UNDP and UNICEF told me they could not explain what had been going on, neither instituted inquiries into how so much funding had gone towards for instance glorification of suicide bombers including a million dollars supposedly for rehabilitation, though conscription and training continued. The unusually stupid earlier head of UNICEF told me complacently in the middle of 2007 that the Tigers had at last agreed to release all those under 17 – she seemed inclined to overlook the fact that they were going to keep those under 18, explaining that the Tiger laws allowed this. When I complained to the head of UNDP about her indulgence she sent me an apologetic letter declaring that UNICEF did stand by national and international laws, but obviously the Tigers had found her a pushover. Where the Americans found such fuddy-duddies to run UN agencies I have no idea, but I suppose he who pays the piper calls the tune, cacophonous though it might be.

I should note though that the Norwegian Ambassador did tell me he would write to protest the abuse of Norwegian funds, and I appreciated his recognition of how loosely his government had dispensed funds, But it was a useless gesture given how much the Tigers had got away with.

I have recorded elsewhere the manner in which funds were poured upon both Tigers and Sri Lankan elements opposed to the Rajapaksa government in theory to promote peace. The impact of such largesse was not studied, understandably so for it seems to have gone, on the one hand into weapons of mass destruction, on the other into efforts to limit the Sri Lankan government’s ability to deal with such weaponry.

Such a study is necessary, for it may explain why the West seems to be losing what it claims is its War on Terror. The Australian expert David Kilcullen, another independent academic who appreciated what Sri Lanka had achieved, has noted that the West cannot win unless it is serious. But unfortunately the West is torn by different motives, and in the end subordinates all principles to what it sees as its own self interest. Sadly that self interest is combined with stunning ignorance of the world at large, and a touching faith in financial largesse, whereas the last few years have taught us that faith is not something money can buy.

What can be bought is the media, and hirelings in what has now become the Human Rights industry. I hasten to add that many of those who persecute Sri Lanka while sedulously avoiding similar criticism of the massive human suffering caused by American adventurism are not consciously hypocritical. They convince themselves that they are doing good, and see President Rajapaksa as a dictator even though Sri Lanka rescued over 300,000 Tamils held hostage by the Tigers in what their leader Prabhakaran hoped would be a Jim Jones type mass self immolation. The decimation of Iraq and Libya however through lies that the media bought and propagated is ignored, and brave men like David Kelly are forgotten, sacrificed to a culture of sanctimonious mass destruction, through weapons that maim and kill with no risk to those using them.

What underlies such collective wickedness? I fear that behind all this lies what the Indian philosopher Nirmal Verma described as the relentless ‘othering’ the West engages in, seeing what it fears as ‘an inalienable entity external to oneself, which was both a source of terror and an object of desire’ (India and Europe: Some Reflections on the Self and the Other’, Nirmal Verma, 1993)

Ironically, terrorists themselves do not fall into this category for they are not seen as necessarily other, necessarily a threat. Because they do not present a challenge in conventional terms, they can always be absorbed into one’s own programme, as the Taleban were in Afghanistan, as Thaci was in Kosovo (with the well meaning dummy Finn Matti Ahtisaari rewarding him with a separate state, contrary to solemn obligations given to the country of which it was a part when they agreed to such arbitration), as the Libyans and Syrians willing to sodomize their countries were in pursuit of the Western determination to get rid of Gaddafi and Assad. In the end such terrorists, because the West continues to believe they can be managed (as is the case with Kosovo, with the continuation of drug dealing comparatively less of a threat than fundamentalist excesses), are less worrying to Western hegemony than the Russians or the Chinese.

In Sri Lanka, as David Milliband confessed, domestic political considerations led him to support the Tigers, notwithstanding their terrorist activity. Of course he paid lip service to denouncing terrorism, but he did nothing to stop funds going to promote terrorism. There was no question of him trying to save Sri Lankan lives by deploying the draconian measures in place to stop funding for Islamic terrorism.

And then, when President Rajapaksa, having conquered the Tigers, found the West recalcitrant and turned to China to fund his development programme, all hell broke lose. The Western press went to town about how we had become a part of the Chinese string of pearls strategy, with no mention for instance of the fact that we had initially asked the Indians to develop the Hambantota port, and turned to the Chinese when the Indians declined.

Later an Indian diplomat told me that perhaps they had made a mistake, but the fact is that India necessarily works slowly, whereas China can take quick decisions. But all this was grist to the Western mill, which for instance claimed that we had won a vote in Geneva – when our brilliant Representative to the UN, Dayan Jayatilleka, crafted a strategy which routed the European attempt to put us in the dock after we had overcome the Tigers – because of support from China and Russia and Iran and other hate figures to the West. They ignored the fact that we received solid support from India and Pakistan and Brazil and South Africa and indeed almost all countries not in Western pockets.

Ironically, though we now have a government that seems to think subservience to the West is the road to salvation, its leading lights have had to forget the insults they engaged in with regard to China, and have declared that they will continue to need Chinese money for development projects. The West, which also has to rely on Chinese money given its incapacity to control spending (or rather unwillingness, since it is defence budgets that fund weapons of mass destruction that contribute most to mass deficits) sees nothing wrong in economic dependence on China provided political decisions are subject to Western supervision.

Now I do not for a moment believe that Chinese support is altruistic, and I have no doubt that funds we or anyone else gets from China have to be returned with interest. But the same is true of Western aid, and that aid is generally much less productive. As a British friend told me in Cambodia, as an Ethiopian driver told me in that country, the development projects the Chinese fund have concrete outcomes, whereas the capacity building the West funds often leads nowhere, with much of the funding often going back to Western experts.

Rajapaksa did use Chinese aid productively, and the development of infrastructure in Sri Lanka after the war ended was phenomenal. But he did not do enough about human resources development and he failed to move on a political settlement, which was an urgency. It would also have been relatively easy, given that he could have worked with Tamil moderates who had been for so long under the thumb of the LTTE.

But in making the fatal mistake of calling early Presidential elections soon after the conclusion of the war, he allowed for polarization that in the long run prevented progress. The Americans, and the British (to the surprise of the more balanced Europeans, who told me they could not understand what the lead Westerners were up to) supported the former army commander as a Presidential candidate against Rajapaksa. Given that General Fonseka had a reputation as a racist, and had been the toughest in terms of military strategy, it was obvious that there was no commitment to human rights or reconciliation on the part of the Anglo-Saxon opportunists. Worse, they persuaded the leading Tamil political party to support him too, which made it difficult for Rajapaksa to trust them.

I still recall telling him that a few concessions would ease his way, but he told me sadly that, whatever he did, the West would continue to hate him. I think he was wrong not to make an effort, and to work together with more positive forces, including two successive UNDP representatives, and other diplomats, including the Indians and the Australians, but his diffidence is understandable. And because he felt threatened, he moved closer to those racist elements in his government who stood by him against Fonseka, and no longer took seriously the moderate elements in his party and his coalition who would have been happy to promote a fair political settlement.

Rajapaksa then lost the second election he called prematurely, early in 2015. He was defeated by his Minister of Health, one of the moderates in his party whom Rajapaksa had sidelined. But since few others supported President Sirisena, as he now is, he was beholden to the main opposition party which had fought tooth and nail against the Rajapaksa campaign against the terrorists. Several leading lights in the government then believe that Rajapaksa and the armed forces did terrible things during the war and deserve punishment, though the Foreign Minister was gracious enough to say that the terrible things the army had done were under orders and it was the politicians who should be punished, not the soldiery. Clearly he had no idea what had happened at Nuremberg, or perhaps he did not care.

Conversely the President of course has to stand by his solid adherence to the Rajapaksa government during the war period, and is opposed to the witch hunt the West wants. He seems to be supported in this by Sarath Fonseka who is now a Minister, having been brought into Parliament through a procedure that has been challenged in the courts, after he and his party received almost no votes at the last General Election.

How the hunt for Sri Lanka will conclude then is anyone’s guess. But it is tragic that, as the impact of terrorism increases all over the world, the West continues to play games with no understanding either of principles or the practicalities of the world as it has developed since the emergence of what Clinton and Bush and Obama all saw and continue to see as a unipolar world. As a former Secretary General of the UN put it, when you think you are the only elephant in the room, you behave very strangely. And of course you lose sight of the woods as you concentrate on each tree that provides the most tasty morsels for the moment.

*Text of a presentation by Prof Rajiva Wijesinha at the ‘Afkar-e-Taza: Rescuing the Past, Shaping the Future’ Seminar, Lahore, April 3rd 2016

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  • 21

    This is the man, made entire world laughed droping the word ” Zero casualties”. Kalu sudda has all professor qualities to hold lectures but an another square peg in a round hole in terms of his politics and team ablities. This is the reason why I strongly believe, Professors should better take care of Universitiy sutdent by giving their obtained knowledge keeping the chain reaction intact while other men should work as politicians. It s else a greater loss to young generations of a country such as ours.

    Trust me, if GLP and this Kalusudda had been donig their job instead, how many doctor theses could have long been absolved ?

    • 16

      Among the stray dogs, you will identify there are also ones that come to your places, even if you dont like them. The very same behaviours were seen nearing to Rajakakshe by Dayan and Rajeeva for only reasons which are their personal gains. Dayan would love to get posted to somewhere, while the other would love to show off as one another genious. BUt both did nothing much in terms of post war reconcilaiton.

    • 13

      With all respect to your academic achievements, but you are no longer appropriate to lanken politics. Please help instead lanken universities in reforming them for the current standards. There you can do enormous. Please dont waste your valuble time with lanken politics. No professors have proved to be good at lanken politics.

      • 7

        Yes, what we need two for dime intellectuals like you to run the government!
        These people were defending our country at the right time, So we do not have bombs exploding in our arses!

        Go challenge someone of your caliber, rather than trying to be big pundits that know and has done it all!

        These are the kind of people we really need to run this country who has the right intelligence and right exposure who can weather western game in their own turf!

        • 13

          Really ?

          Where do you have supportive information please ?

          Dayan Jayathilaka and Rajive have both proved their inablities.

          But I agree with you that something was added by them while being as a lanken representative. Dont you still think that is their duty to do so ? i MEAN to defend the country in world arena ? That they did more or less.

          • 4

            No, Not Rajiv or Dayan, We must Send Maithripala and Ranil!
            Or Mangala!

            I do not want to analyze this article word by word, But it is factually right,

            If we had the war running for few more years UN would have recognized the Prabhakaran’s peelam as a defacto country and thank god we had Mahinda, Gotabhaya, Fonseka, Rajeev, Dayan there to help the process.

            Ranil would have wet his pants the way the British and France came down on us to stop the war!

            We had a war that sacrificed thousands of our young insanely, It is no longer there thankfully!

            Action speaks louder guys, What have this Maithripala and Ranil has achieved? Now begging for Chinese money! Are they wearing clothes to go?

            The country was on journey and it was all destroyed by lies and own fault of Mahinda!

            I am still waiting for the 15 billion to be found. It appears that Mahinda family members have been better than the federal reserve, FBI, MI6 combined, to transfer 15 billion USD from Sri Lanka without a trace!

            You know Sri Lanka will never be developed! Because We have idiotic politicians without a vision!

            Time to time I hear what Ranil lokka utter in the parliament, very statement like! Not much different to Mahinda!

            And a president head of the cabinet who only come to know anything happened in the cabinet from the news papers! LOL

            Read guys the performance of Yahapalana govt!,
            I am pretty sure this lot will surpass Mahinda clan very soon.

            • 1

              That $ 15 billion story was started By Mangala Samaraweera just before the election. Since that time he used, India, US Federal Reserve’s help, John Kerry’s help, Ex-judge of the International Transparency Sri lanka to find that money. They Spent $ 4 billion to do all that, and the loss has increased $ 19 billion.

              Still Mangala Samraweera could not find that money.

            • 5

              It is perfectly clear that you the like men would never it the way the educated would do :

              “Action speaks louder guys, What have this Maithripala and Ranil has achieved? Now begging for Chinese money! Are they wearing clothes to go?”

              a) Consitutional amenments that had been finalized already last year by introudcing 19AMD was not an achievement ?

              b) High profile wastages/abuses deliberately carried out by former Presidet was not overseen by you for sure…. entourages over abusing lanken airline as their own tax – even if their bums were clear that billions of billions were the loses also by the end of 2015, but to continue such higher abuses (eating out poor mans funds for their over joyful stupdities) were fully stopped by current regime

              c)Presidential powers were curtailed and allowed PM led parliament – as it is seen today.. no surprise intoxicated men of you rnation, regardless of your green pasture where you continue (UK), cant get it for sure

              d) Alone Presidential secretariat – current regime has saved over 50% or more wasteful events. No dansala or Silredi distribution on the cost of poor mans taxes… is not seen gulliable folks fo the kind you represent.

              e) Not forgetting almost even ruling men are being called by FCID and other CID level bodies on investigations…

              f) SF has been put in his place givinghim all the priviledges, that was a long overdue – else, the nation would be cursed by all gods…

              and and.. Srinath, we undrstand you as as die hard supporter to Rajapakshes being intoxicated by his lies (through their media men) but for sure, you will be hated by future generation if you would not sense all the gravity of the problems left by Raja.

              • 3

                This was to the post added by Srinath

              • 0

                what good has the 19th A done?the commissions appointed under 19th are no better than rubber stamps.
                The attorney general was appointed over looking the senior most,now the IGP has been appointed over looking two senior officers and the same goes for the transfer of powers,nothing to show for it except the President doesn’t know anything untill he reads about it in the papers,some funny government!
                When nothing is done expenses do get cut automatically.It is not anyones special ability.
                Even though the ruling party men are summoned to the FCID they simply ignore with impunity. Rajitha has been summoned over ten times but never appeared once,yet!
                SF was punished for becoming a stooge of the yankees.The money,brand new green backs found in Dasun’s mother’s bank vault,US$500,000/-did not fall from the sky.Anura Kumara,at the time an ardent supporter of Fonseka promised to reveal the source of this money but since have forgotten all about it.
                lastly my friend, get over the habit of calling very one a die hard Mahindian when ever some one speak something you don’t like.
                Instead try and show what is said is wrong.

            • 6

              Yes yes, you are dead right my dear,

              only visionary man of the nation is Rajaakshes. And him to have trusted on all illiterate men when taking decisions for the nation, he has all along relied on them. Royal Astrologer had been a director for several businesses… the very same the so called of owner of Peacock mansion make clear all these. Yo dont need to talk about the vision of MR… that is known at least to 50% of voters in the country, and internationally too. Most abusive nature is in his blood – see now how he reacts, being the leader…. it is beyond all ethics and morals. He should relinquish it now – let alone now. You may go on spice their extrements but please be aware what you are doing.

            • 5

              Still you have not sensed it even if you continue your stay in UK,

              lanken politics are no easy as it is in EU soils.

              It is almost like working for an unhealing disease.

              This I realize now – they speak nice but their work done is not the same. They do whatever they think is right rather than being alert to the systems/laws in action. That is their way. So long they will not change .. nothing can change easily.
              But I still believe,even if the govt moves like a snail – they can achieve atleast some during the months to come.

              While looking at the manner Dr Merkel or her counterparts in EU countries do the job, I feel lankens in general take years to get passed tiny amendments. They stay discussiong… time is no money for the, just nothing. What needs to be changed is the attitudes. That can only be done so long proper systems are iimplremented.

            • 4

              I wish could know from what you are talking ?

              You being a man over 65 years or so, should have some wisdom I beleive. But your comments are very naive actually, not knowing the mountains of mistakes done by Rajaakshes.

              • 3

                “I wish could know from what you are talking ?””
                Lankan Eigreese.

                Almari top got and have match box hand put and take.

                Samare : In the list of influential world leaders.

        • 10


          “These are the kind of people we really need to run this country who has the right intelligence and right exposure who can weather western game in their own turf! “

          Do you think so?

          What is the western game and how would Rajiva weather the game? I suppose with his key board and his style of never getting to the point.

          • 5

            Dont take them as serious when it comes from Srinath.
            He is pure blood Rajapakshe appologist that is blind as all other sothern folks.

            He cant have added anything after studying.

            Rajeeva as you said, is a person can never call a spade a spade.
            Nowe being isolated within his 4 walls, making the struggle as his buddy Dayan De Silva does.

          • 6

            Srinath from the UK, and Abhaya from US did work for Mafia King so die hard. They are now saddened being unable to see the mafia king is being marginalized due to his devious act continuation.

            • 0

              Yes, both seem to be suffering from incontinence today.

              I could never tolerate that bugger from the US (Detroit) – Abaya.

              Srinath is blindfolded as many rural folks in the country. Depending on their information, they were all manipulated easily. This I noticed myself while speaking to my family circles last, they thought Rajakashe the living magician wondered them providing them with a highway connecting colombo and matara. Those school teachers inthe country have much less information about overall picture.
              This is why I am very convinced there are no good journos to do the job filling the long overdue gap in lankan info flow. They work for the contracts of the politicians. Journalists are the 3rd force of a country, if they still stay mum not filing the gap as due, no wonder people to go after thugs being unable to make a distinction between the two.

    • 3

      Was busy with BBS, Tsunami funds and family agenda

    • 2

      The best part of the joke of this gentleman was that,

      he said about “Blue eye children born for people in the North”.

      When he was challenged, he said that he will take photograph and prove.

      He still could not prove this nasty remark but shamelessly continues with the title of a Prof.

      Shame on you Rajiva.

  • 16


    You are back with your usual ramble and beating your unabashed drum of self importance.

    You were never a major player though you portray yourself to be one. You never achieved anything either for peace or war. You were even dropped by MARA who found that you were all talk and nothing more.

    Go back to your hole. We don’t miss you.

    • 9

      There is a syndrome called – over superiority of lanken kind (mama thamai miniha – we are the most appropriate and others cantdo the job well – but these are just fo rtheir lip services only- ) their ego is above anything and everything – this is being analysed by the experts in the field. Dayan Jayathilaka, Rajeeva Wijesinghe, Mahinda Rajapkashe, Gotababaya are the few most known patients heavily captured by the mentioned syndrome.

      As you all could not over see it, Rajeeva was elected as a powerful minister to the HIgher education at the time the 2015 spring removed Rajakashe. How he behaved in process of sacking and holding talks in another prof who then worked as the incharge of UGC was beyond all ethics and morals. He treated LADY professor not with respect- it was seen as a common school master yelled at his mischievous pupils- How come these men feel to behave so as if they should be know-alls? It is the genetics and their nature that would never change make them no fit for anything on long term. This the current rulers noticed at the very begining itself. That is why the writer/professor is now seen nowhere really. No doubt he is highly knowledgeble but all that bring nothing to lanken folks today… it is very sad actually
      Dayan is being interviewed by few channels yet calling him most respect… but he does know the least that 10 year olds can easily grasp about the misbehaviours of the previous regime. Above all, no respect to anyone but to Rajaakshes were easily distinquished in the previous regime. Today, most respectable president in the power would not want to call him as ” Athigaru – Uthumano” etc, but he prefer to mingle with anyone as one another citizen who works for the nation. He has shown by example how he has to be. Even if some areas are still not clear to us about appoitments of the ministers… however, we believe the sitaituon would stay just for couple of more months and once the new consitution is introduced, the numbe of ministers will be as primarily thought.

      Mahinda Rajakashe has been suffering from the syndrome mentioned above as no other, since he has not accepted to have gone wrong as a former minister of finance, even if all the evidences are provable. It is all, the party men stay mum.

      You may have heard Mahinda saying – ” if you cant give it to me”. Even if all and sundry are becoming clear that Rajakashes were beyond all ethics and morals, he goes on saying this – the days he will become laughing stock is very near. Wait and see. All the forces converge to sack the culprits of all kind- this is a long process no doubt.

    • 6

      Dont you miss Dayan ? He is the buddy of the writer.

      He is still being given a safer heaven by some senders callinng the program – Vintage point. I happeend to watch his mimics lastweek at the time he droped the size of the crowds Rajaakshe farts gathered to Kirulapana, his wording became as if the magician above to late saibaba of india could become even more proud:
      The man is twsiting and making every efforts to hype up repeating how magical his god father has been. I still believe, it was the wrong men in media made Rajakapshe untouchable. It is the same one experience in North korea. There, all is said sweetfully about the north korean leader, so people get brainwashed, as nothing can go into their skulls.

      I believe, now DJ cant tolerate Sajith Premadasa anymore, since SP is openly backing the current PM. DJ made every efforts to bring the both apart rather than helping them to see reunited. DJ s camelian nature is only second to that SN SILVA. All in all larger fraction within eudcated people are fed up of him today. DJ and Wimal Buruwanse are compared today can you imagine ?

      Wimal weerawanse was a street man
      DJ was coming from an educated background; his father was once seen as a hero in lanken journalism – but his son to be fallen to the level he is making every efforts to come out – was not what father may have ever dreamt of.

  • 7

    Prof. Rajiva Wijesinha

    RE: Defeating Terrorism: The Sri Lankan Experience

    1. “The world seems to be at boiling point at present given the increasing impact of terrorist activity. Civilian populations are subject to ruthless attacks in Africa, the Middle East and now both Europe and Asia. Typically, there is much less attention to what happens in our part of the world, which I believe may explain why there seems no adequate response to deal with the menace. Western powers engage in long distance operations that result in more civilian deaths, in the less developed world, and the occasional claim that an identified terrorist has been killed. But the reach of the terrorist organizations seems only to grow in the face of such operations.”

    2. “There has indeed in recent years been only one unquestionable success in dealing with terrorism. In 2009 Sri Lanka defeated a terrorist movement that had pioneered suicide killings, with responsibility for several incidents where the victims had been numbered in hundreds.”

    “And yet, far from this achievement being recognized, and efforts made to replicate it, Sri Lanka became the object of relentless persecution by the Western bloc at the United Nations.”

    Did the Westerners know something about the Sinhala Buddhist Terrorism and Sinhala State Terrorism against the Tamils since 1948?

    Thank you. In interesting Article.

    Since you are or were a professor, Amarasiri assumes that you have some knowledge of Philosophy, Love of Wisdom, especially that of Aristotelian Philosophy, which the Islamic Philosophers were quite impressed and debated during the so-called “Dark Ages” in Europe.

    Aristotle talked about Cause and Effect. The Effect, the Terrorism in Sri Lanka has its cause in the Sinhala Buddhist Terrorism and Sinhala Nationalism and Terrorism against The fellow Tamil Citizens, promoted, aided and abetted by the Sinhala State and its various racist politicians.

    Just because the LTTE was defeated, does it mean that the Cause, Sinhala Buddhist Terrorism and Sinhala Nationalism and Terrorism against the fellow Tamil Citizens, promoted, aided and abetted by the Sinhala State, has now ceased? We saw during 2014 this Sinhala Buddhist Terrorism directed against the Muslim Sri Lankan Citizens.

    This cancer has its roots in Mahawansa, and the Sinhala must be told that they are Paras, Paradeshis, Para-Sinhala in the Land of Native Veddah Aethho, like the All the other Paras.


    Mitochondrial DNA history of Sri Lankan ethnic people: their relations within the island and with the Indian subcontinental populations

    Journal of Human Genetics (2014) 59, 28–36; doi:10.1038/jhg.2013.112; published online 7 November 2013


    “Through a comparison with the mtDNA HVS-1 and part of HVS-2 of Indian database, both Tamils and Sinhalese clusters were affiliated with Indian subcontinent populations than Vedda people who are believed to be the native population of the island of Sri Lanka.”

    • 2

      “Aristotle talked about Cause and Effect.”

      You ignorant prick, clearly don’t know that cause and effect as the central theme of Buddhism was preached by the Buddha in his first sermon, “Dhamma Chakka Pavattana Sutta” a good 2000 years before Aristotle (who stole the Buddhis ideas including the Middle Path from Buddhism).

      You ignorant priock, again.

      • 2

        You may be right but what matters is buddhism is not being practised in srilanka. They are just buddhists by birth.

        Would they practise it, can people be so indifferent to the levels reached today ?

        Can people harm the other verbally and physically to the manner they are used to this day ?

        Dont talk about them calling buddhists .. rather can help the readers to make their theses: Lankens – majority folks behave as if they are atheists. So please be informed them well before jumping your theories.

        • 0

          There seem to be a common consesus among the tiger leftovers that all buddhists have attained Nirvana or atleast behave as if they have,if not they are not Buddhists!
          No one,whether Buddhists or not will not fold their arms and let tigers or Jihadists or any other to beat them up or kill them.They will most definitely defend themselves as naturally like any other.

          To practice lord Buddhas teachings is one of the most,if not the most, difficult things to achive as it calls for the control of one’s mind where all the good and the evel is born.
          To achive that is a very long journey in this ‘Samsara’ and being born a Buddhist,I think, is the first step towards that goal.

      • 2

        Boom Boom

        The teachings of Buddha And The Law of Cause and Effect 1

        Yes, the Enlightened Buddha, did teach Cause and Effect, which the Sinhala “Buddhists” conveniently ignored, and continued to suppress and prosecute the fellow Tamil Citizens in the Land of Native Veddah Aethho, and the Effect was Tamil Terrorism.

        Do the Sinhala Modayas know Buddhism?

        This cause and effect was recognized by others independently, before Buddha, especially the Persians, Greeks, and Amarasiri assumes that the Mesopotamians, and the Egyptians as well. This cause and effect created confusion among the Islamic and Christian theologians, even thugh the Philosophers advanced it.

        The Basis of Zarathusta’s Teachings

        With possible roots dating back to the second millennium BCE, Zoroastrianism enters recorded history in the 5th-century BCE,[4] and including a Mithraic Median prototype and Zurvanist Sassanid successor it served as the state religion of the pre-Islamic Iranian empires from around 600 BCE to 650 CE.

        Zarathusthra seems to have become convinced that all events of the world are based on cause and effects. He has, therefore, based his teachings on three principles: good reflection, good word, and good deed. He was wise enough to recognize that all the motives of human beings are based on action and reaction. Because, the receiver of every good deed in this world will react accordingly with the good behavior. Therefore, in the realm of interaction, if human beings act favorably, they receive favorable reaction and vice versa. In this regard, if a person robs another one, he should not be surprised when some day he will be robbed as well. Zarathustra never imagined praising a God who is a bribe taker. The one, who is bribed by worship and then he rewards his worshiper with a part of paradise. The Almighty God is not a dealer, he is neither a buyer nor a seller, and does not need also to be flattered by his creatures. The almighty God of Zarathustra, is the initiator of justice, kindness, and truthfulness and guides his creatures to the same principles. That is why, Zarathustra, has based his philosophy on good reflection, good word, and good deed. In Zarathustra’s philosophy, everybody has the liberty to choose the right way, out of his/her good reflection and since human wisdom is more related to good reflection, thus the followers of Zoroastrianism should proceed to the propagation of science and education. In this manner, Zoroastrianism becomes the forerunner of knowledge and enlightenment.


        Greek Archaic Period (750 – 500 BC)
        The Archaic Period in Greece refers to the years between 750 and 480 B.C., more particularly from 620 to 480 B.C. The age is defined through the development of art at this time, specifically through the style of pottery and sculpture, showing the specific characteristics that would later be developed into the more naturalistic style of the Classical period. The Archaic is one of five periods that Ancient Greek history can be divided into; it was preceded by the Dark Ages and followed by the Classical period. The Archaic period saw advancements in political theory, especially the beginnings of democracy, as well as in culture and art. The knowledge and use of written language which was lost in the Dark Ages was re-established.

        Greek Classical Period (500-336 BC) – Classical period of ancient Greek history, is fixed between about 500 B. C., when the Greeks began to come into conflict with the kingdom of Persia to the east, and the death of the Macedonian king and conqueror Alexander the Great in 323 B.C. In this period Athens reached its greatest political and cultural heights: the full development of the democratic system of government under the Athenian statesman Pericles; the building of the Parthenon on the Acropolis; the creation of the tragedies of Sophocles, Aeschylus and Euripides; and the founding of the philosophical schools of Socrates and Plato.


        The Law of Cause and Effect 1

        The foundation of Buddhism is the Law of Cause and Effect. Without knowing this deeply, one cannot understand Buddhism or move forward on the path. The Law of Cause and Effect is made up of these three essential guidelines:

        Good deeds bring good results.
        Bad deeds bring bad results. ( Sinhala Racism and discrimination Tamils brings Terrorism)
        Your own deeds bring your own results.( Mahinda Rajapaksa?)

      • 5

        Boom Boom- Dim Sung Choon,

        “You ignorant prick, clearly don’t know that cause and effect as the “

        Panchatantra Sanskrit was before buddha story There is no buddha it was a story o keep the masses content. UnESCO and Japan excavated Lumbini and Taxila and there is no evidence but of tree worshipers.

        Panchatantra is about animals and you behave like that – you got a pain in your bum- all fart.

        When you know sanskrit speak up stupid offshot.

  • 15

    Has anyone got any idea what this chap is talking about?

    • 14


      He is on the Moon.

      Why cant he peform his teachings to the students as it should be.. let alone then he can achieve a lot. Knowledge is power, which is but no match to lanken politics.

    • 0

      He is talking about himself and thinking the world is full of fools and nobody knows terrorism in Sri Lanka was created by the Successive Governments put into power by the majority Sinhalese to finish off the competent Tamil race and to convert Sri Lanka into a Sinhala Bhuddist only Country. He is undoubtedly a strong believer of this Sri Lankan politics.

  • 11

    Oh no, not again

  • 3

    Good to hear from you after some time. Interesting and informative article! Thanks.

    • 8

      He himself cut his head being unable to show his team ablities at the begining of the current regime. Becoming a prof in a filed is a greater achievment, but these men to join undoeble politics not knowing the ground realities of the lanken kind – should finally be stopped. Why I am saying this is – A professor can do lot more good work within their life time rather than wasting their valauble times being joined to politics of developing countries. They sure can be advisers but nothing more.
      The MAN focusing her (if he had been rehablitated), would have been best fit as minister of higher education: But we all know the man s qualities being swollen headed as no other- but more similar to his one and only buddy Dayan Buruthilaka who has now been on a treatment on TICKs. Dayan is presently overwelmed alone by observiing at the crowds on the most recent rally held by so called join opposition (after shocks of alibaba and 40 thieves)

  • 15

    One of the biggest apologists for the Rajapakses (in spite of being treated with disdain by his ‘ruler’), returns with his usual egotistical “me, me, me” mantra.

    His concluding line, “… when you think you are the only elephant in the room, you behave very strangely. And of course you lose sight of the woods as you concentrate on each tree that provides the most tasty morsels for the moment”, suits him admirably!

    • 9

      but remember this man sat with Rev. Sobitha thero. After that only the man distanced from teh courrent regime; being unable to get on with current cabinet. Since then he switched on to attached Prime Minister. Most or less the boy is no far differen to SN SILVA who is unpredictable in many ways. Good thing was, he showed his disagree to last regime but not criticising them bold.

      • 2

        yes the guy is unique, placing his ego above the country.

        We saw it at the begining of the current regime. This and his mirror image, Dayan are the most know-all in lanken affairs. They behave so. Nobody else can know anything and everything about lanken politics than the both.
        Today, their knowledge is isolsated to them and that is why just few men call keep ties with them. This man is even innocient than the Katusu jayathilaka.Jaythilaka when he opens his mouth, only about his fantasies… his all what he has done while being in Paris, Geneva bla bla.. very convincing even about the future predications no second to Royal astrologer, but still being in teh spotlight..
        lately had been very surprised alone by seeing the crowds gathered to their rally. That is the only topic for him for the last 4 weeks. Vintage point where he is interviewed was so low level .. as no times before. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Ir_rw6DOnpQ

  • 6

    Dear Professor Wijesinghe.


    With more than one person claiming credit for winning the war in terrorism in Sri Lanka, I take it that they agree that ending the war was a good thing, and took many more years than it should have. You will remember that the UN legitimized the war waged by the Sri Lanka government by cautionining that ‘human rights be protected’ You know the story.

    The current fortunes suffered by Sri Lanka may be reversed some day. If terrorism can see a resurgence, then Sri Lanka may be again stronger in opposing what it sees as foreign occupation of its democratic institutions. Things change, and this is some comfort.

    What is important is that the Western machine of civilization must and will continue, each regime attempting to enforce its civilization on the rest of the world, from the Greeks, the Romans, the Spanish, the Dutch, the Portugese, the Americans and possibly the European Union. Fortunately for the world, China has not seen it fit to spread democracy and support freedom struggles worldwide.

    Would you agree that the core of Western civilization is not its ordinary masses, but the wealthy elite, who grew even richer during the financial crisis recently past, and seem to be in strong position for the future? This elite must survive, since it is they who feed the slaves.

    I think you are right in saying that “In the end such terrorists, because the West continues to believe they can be managed … are less worrying to Western hegemony than the Russians or the Chinese.”

    So this is why terrorism has been a useful tool for the progression of the civilization machine .

    September 11 served as a springboard to use of force, it remains to be seen what the current game is afoot with Syria.

  • 4

    Al – Jazeera

    “Two new studies by political scientists offer compelling evidence that the rich use their wealth to control the political system and that the U.S. is a democratic republic in name only.”

  • 2

    The way he drops David Kilcullen’s name is interesting.

    ‘Can the Sri Lanka Army be Described as a Counterinsurgency Force?’ is an article by Rob Pinney and available online at:


  • 6

    Who did !! Attack !! Innocent civilians !! Promote unrest among civilians !! Who did settle convicts and others among Tamils !! Who set fire to The Jaffna public library !! Who killed Tamil civilians in 1956 !! 1958 !! 1977 !! 1981!! 1983 !! The forces /government /Mahinda not alone won the war !! Douglas!! Karuna !! Like many other Tamils too help to win !! As the government disclosed 22 countries help to win the war against Tamils !! But not peace !!

    • 2

      who did start 1939?
      who wanted vellala caste to rule north for eternity?

      • 3

        sachoooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo the stupid II

        “who did start 1939?”

        New year dawns every year each year.

        Like other years 1939 was also born without any support or midwife.

        “who wanted vellala caste to rule north for eternity?”

        KASmaalam K A Sumanasekere. Did you want to do it by yourself? Sorry you are late, the winner is KASmaalam.

        • 0

          You called Sach ‘the stupid II’
          Why don’t you answer him instead of hiding behind ‘Sumane’

  • 6

    Wijesinha completely ignores the State Terrorism which prevailed since soon after independence, which was the cause of Tamils taking up arms against successive governments.

    He also ignores the situation now in the north and east where there is a military regime in place, ‘terrorising’ citizens daily.

    • 2

      Justice, Spot On!

      The starting point for all our woes can be traced back to when SWRD beat JR to playing the communal card. Both JR and SWRD had been toying with the communal card but DS and Dudley and other grandees kept them in check. Then, the impatient SWRD broke away….the rest is history. He promised the Bauddha-Sinhala electorate nirvana, and revenge for all the indignities they suffered under the white master. Ironic, mind you, because the Bandaranaikes (among others) were enablers who helped the colonial master enjoy a trouble free run of our blessed island.

      Within a couple of years, the communal dogs were let loose and we were on the slippery slope to hell. The first exodus of decent people started then. Soon the country fell under the likes of Cyril Mathew and his odious ilk. There was no return. The Sinhalese had knowingly started down the road to baiting our Tamil brethren, and fooled themselves that it was a conflagration they could control. Thirty years of misery ensued.

      Pappa Wijesinghe should have explained all this to young Rajiv.

      Sadly, we saw the Professors true colours emerge when he was called on to head the ‘Peace’ secretariat (what a misnomer, that). Then with forked tongue, that spoke out of the side of his mouth, he played the apologist for a visceral government who were determined to do the right thing, but in the wrong way. Professor sold his integrity for a mess of pottage.

      He may impress the indulgent foreigner with his speeches, but he doesn’t impress me (and many others).

      Professor is an opportunist at best.

      When PM RW sent him away, he should have recommended Professor read a good book on ethics – but then, truthfully, Professor is beyond redemption.

  • 6

    Rajeeva is another ” mama thamai” supremacist like DJ. & Rajapakses.
    He nicely scratch DJ’s back in return DJ will nicely scratch Rajeeva’s back.

    I stand corrected . I haven’t heard or read Tamil Buddhist Laksman Kadirgamar using ” mama thamai ” after all his team effort paid dividend. Who made use of these dividends. Main ones are MaRa & GoRa.

    I hope some one will enlighten the CT readers why the SLFP meritocratic system chose MaRa over Lakshman Kadirgamar or how MaRa hijacked the strategic political plans of Kadirgamar & Chandrika had in resolving the national issue that has not been solved since 1956.

    • 4

      How come Dayan still to have a place in lanken TV, being intvited by them repeatedly, is there a large vaccum of lanken senior diplomats ?

      We perfectly know DJ is a no means impartial. He is like a cobra and making every efforts to prove the other way around if anyone would go against him. Leaving all the factful evidences aside, as he has been now, he covered Rajakashe on and on. I think the psedo maxist seems to be amusing the crowd and attention given to him. Latter seem to be his disprin to be away from his psychological colapses.

      • 2

        It is all becuase those media institutions are biased.

        They still work for the agendas of previous adminsitration.

        Like a blood cancer patient need to be transufed with pure cancer cells free blood, almost all authorities across the country should be cleaned by step by step. Then only we see them working unbiased.

        If there are issue sthat need to be criticsed shold be given a place else, media censures shold be imposed as it is the case in GERMANY, uk OR ANY WHERE democracy is being enjoyed to some higher levels.

        • 0

          Samuel Jayaweera,
          The Maharajas, like all the other big businesses, have their people planted on all sides. They give free publicity to these people.
          Milinda Moragoda, Sarath Kongahage and his wife, and the journalists like Susil Kindelpitiya ,Susara Dinal,S.M. Marikkar, Sriranga , Buddhika Pathirana, who have been sponsored to Parliament/ PC by the Maharajas.
          The Maharajahs are working on their very own agenda, not M.R’s or anybody else’s.

  • 5

    Rajiv how can you compare the baby’s faced Tamil rebels confined to the Vanni jungle fighting for recognition of the Tamils within Sri Lanka to international terrorist groups like ISIS and Al Queda who have infiltrated every major city in the world and can kill at will indiscriminately any where in the globe.

    • 1

      The prof says”In 2009 Sri Lanka defeated a terrorist movement that had pioneered suicide killings, “

      He is giving the LTTE too much credit. The Japanese invented suicide bombers in 1944.

  • 0

    [Edited out]

  • 0

    The whole country knew that the VAT was to be increased from 11% to 15% and some goods and services that were excluded were expected to be included from the 1st of April 2016.

    Then the whole country knew that was postponed until after the new year and will be effective from 2nd march 2016.

    Lo!and be hold! President Sirisena as if awaking from a deep slumber claims ignorence and declaires that he would not allow that kind of hardship to fall on his poeple and scrap the whole action and not just that he will kick out the experts who recomemded this kind of hardship on his people.

    Yesterday two of his henchmen meekly says at a press briefing that the tax hike will indeed be inforce but the poeple will not be effected badly as this tax will be paid by the MARTIANS!!!

  • 1

    The problem with this guy is that he is ugly as hell and he has known it since he was a child. His politics is simply based on hatred of Ranil, his first cousin

    • 0

      Oh No, cannot be, no. Cousin Ranil is Rajiva’s guru. Why only recently, Ranil sent him away with a long reading list, and told him “Come back and seen me when you have grown up”.

      Apropos his legendary ugliness; ugly is only relative, so I won’t start on the long list of Gollum-lookalikes in our public life. Even I have to wear dark glasses and a paper bag over my head when I go out.

      But Rajiva was loved by his dear Amma (if only on pay day). So there is hope for all of us ugly bastards.

  • 0

    Spring Koha..God or nature did play a cruel joke on this fellow. Both brother and sister are both very good looking. This ugly shit wouldn’t have been loved as a child. Fault of parents for which the rest of us have to pay!..Parents should love even the fuglies.

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