26 June, 2022


Defence Ministry Says No Restrictions For Foreigners To Travel To North

The Ministry of Defence has announced that there is no restriction for foreign passport holders to travel to the country’s North, and blamed the miscommunication on a glitch on the ministry’s website, due to a technical upgrade.

Maithripala1In a statement, the ministry assured unhindered access to all foreign passport holders who wish to travel to any part of Sri Lanka including the North without any restrictions.

“The defence ministry website was subjected to a technical upgrade recently and all old news publications have been reappearing under a new modified date 03-03-2016, as the technical change was done on that date. Certain websites have taken advantage of this technical glitch and published news posts stating that the registration for Foreign Passport holders traveling to the North was back in force,” the defence ministry said.

The defence ministry lifted the travel restrictions imposed on all foreign passport holders to the North during the first Security Council meeting in January 2015, just a week after President Maithripala Sirisena was elected to power.

“Therefore the defence ministry assures all those traveling to Sri Lanka or visiting the North, unhindered access to any part of the country without any restrictions, and assures that the government is continuously working towards the peace and reconciliation process of the country, and urges people not to be misled by these false news reports,” the ministry added.

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    There is a Tamil govt in the North now.

    Even thought the Sri lankan govt does not dsay it, Even during the Mahinda Rajapakse govt time, any foreign diplomat or apolitician who comes to Sri lanka goes to North and Report to Wiggie the cheap minister.

    Sri lankan govt has given the solution and they don’t want to tell it openly.

    that is why Wiggie want a separate nation now.

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      Hey jim softly
      have you forgotten your medication. your mother is waiting for you. there is a long queue of your clients waiting.

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        What do you say, since the Mahinda Rajapakse govt, every diplomat or the visiting representative(s) from the foreign govt, visited and met the YAPAPATUNA representatives.

        Was that true or not ?

        Tamil are forcing sinhala people for reconiciliation from the govt side and they always play the tribal card.

        Govt is bull$$hiting to the audience.

        Am I wrong.

        When Tamils never talk the truth and always talks something else far away from the truth Can the Tamils getting upset here to be considered important ?

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    That was a worthy clarification.

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    The damage has been done. The miniistry concerned could have acted faster specially under GG. Public
    Coordinating officers must be made to take up the clearance of obviously harmful output that reaches the
    World electronically fast.

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    These all are Yahapalanaya Government’s games. There was another news saying that the PTA is not subject to revision or removal. This was stated by the new defense defense secretary. Then the SLFP foreign minister Mangala had said the old will be abandoned and a new PTA in parity with international laws will be adopted. . Before the computer glitch the defense secretary Brother Prince. After computer glitch Karunasena Hettiarachchi. How the computer is reconciling this difference and reporting old statements in new names? They brought it back and tested the water. When the opposition is too strong putting the blame on computer. LTTE released commander Ramesh is kidnapped by a repainted van. His wife complained to police in no avail. Is the computer repainted van or the computer re-issued an old order? Which is explanation for this abduction? In Kilinochchi the people, including the opposition leader, went to see their land with the approval of army is now marked as terrorist ant being investigated. The New Royal are exact replica of Old Royals, but with pleasing, lot of explanations.

    Never ending dupe master Aappa diplomacy. That is it.

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