7 December, 2021


Demand Resignation Of President And Prime Minister – Friday Forum Urges Citizens, Civil Society Groups And Political Parties

The Friday Forum calls upon citizens, civil society groups, and political parties to demand the resignation of the President and the Prime Minister, in the national interest.

Issuing a statement today the Friday Forum said “This will create an opportunity to form an interim government headed by the Speaker, with a new Prime Minister, as we move towards a parliamentary election in 2020, after dismantling the Presidency, as suggested, by a 20th Amendment passed before October 2019. Article 40 of the constitution provides for such a course of action. Everyone including the President and the Prime Minister who see a future for themselves in politics, can pursue their ambitions at a general election, without embroiling this country’s future in individual presidential ambitions. Hopefully a new and younger leadership to guide the destinies of the nation will emerge in parliamentary elections without an executive presidency. ”

We publish below the statement in full:

Grieve For Our Country In Crisis: Prevent A Descent To ‘Yamapālanaya’

Even as our country was struggling to cope after the Easter Sunday terrorism, sharing in solidarity a collective sense of grief with victims, violence erupted on the 13th of May.  

Information in the public domain indicates that the destruction of private properties and businesses of some Muslim citizens and their mosques in the NWP, were deliberate and organized attacks by outsiders and thugs, supported by some politicians and people advocating an extremist communal agenda.  The Human Rights Commission has, in their letter to the Police authorities, confirmed the anecdotal evidence on the Internet that the Police failed to effectively protect Muslim citizens and their places of worship.  This is a serious violation of the government’s obligation to its citizens.

The Threat of Communal Conflict

There is a growing and disturbing environment of mistrust and intolerance in our diverse communities.

The understandable sense of insecurity and fear among our people after the Easter Sunday terrorist violence are being exploited by other groups, promoting a destructive and toxic anti-Muslim agenda, through social media and other communication channels. 

The government has failed to give a strong and consistent message that incitement of communal hatred against any community will not be tolerated, and the law prohibiting such conduct will be strictly enforced. The political maneuverings of the President and the Minister in failing to ensure effective investigation and prosecution of politicians identified with extremist groups, have further undermined public confidence in the administration of justice, and the government’s commitment to national security.   We have seen how this has led to a questionable form of protest (upawasaya) by a parliamentarian, supported by a section of the public including religious leaders.

The controversial Presidential pardon given to the monk Gnanasara, and the wide publicity given to him in print and electronic media, have strengthened a growing campaign by extremists (groups and individuals) advocating a majoritarian political agenda. Some call for isolating and boycotting Muslim places of business, and their goods and services, to cause maximum economic harm.  A recent TV spot focused on a Buddhist monk, who actually called for a “maaranthika satana” (fight unto death) in place of a “maaranthika upawasaya” (fast unto death) to ensure survival of Sinhala Buddhism in this country. Some monks have adopted the unprecedented procedure of issuing what they call a “Sangha order” against an individual whose viewpoint they dislike.  Such movements show a cynical disregard for the core values of Buddhism.

These extremist ideologies fail to differentiate between working for the legitimate protection of the human rights of minorities in a plural society, and advocating a narrow communal political agenda. This has contributed to growing mistrust between minority communities and the Sinhala Buddhist majority. The outcome has been the inability to forge a sense of Sri Lankan identity.

These are all dangerous trends that must be recognized, resisted and addressed, if we do not wish our country to spiral again into internal armed conflict and violence. Despite the government’s failure to give a united and consistent leadership through public statements and actions, many individuals, religious leaders including members of the Sangha and civil society, have promoted national harmony at this time. We have also witnessed acts of great courage in protecting victims of violence within affected communities. It is critically important to support all of them, especially youth groups, publicly rejecting extremist agendas promoted on behalf of any community. There can only be one priority at this time –  ensuring stability and a sense of a Sri Lankan identity. Our survival and progress as a nation depends on it. 

A New Political Order: No Executive President

As we face these challenges, it is also necessary to ask ourselves whether there is an urgent need for a change of course in our governance. By the end of the year we will be called upon to elect a new Executive President. Can we afford an election that will place in office, once again, an all-powerful Head of State who will abuse these wide powers for personal gain, and violate the rights of the people? We do not need a Hitler-like leader who is unaccountable to the people.  This is not a time for “benevolent dictators.” We desperately need a leadership that can help to heal the wounds, reject the advocates of communal hatred and move to a future of peace and progress.  

We as citizens are placed in an intolerable situation when we are compelled to choose among presidential candidates who have repeatedly failed the people, by putting their personal political ambitions before the well-being of the country. It is surely time to call urgently for an all- party consensus to abolish the Executive Presidency within the next few months, supporting if necessary, a revised  20th Amendment to the constitution, already proposed by the JVP.

Politicians in a past regime who abused public office, amassed ill- gotten wealth, interfered with the justice system and violated the country’s constitution by setting up an illegal regime, now claim in this crisis to be the saviors of the nation. They say that they have been victimized in court proceedings. They now announce on public platforms their readiness to take on the mantle of political office and provide leadership with good governance. It is important that we as citizens remember and recall their abuse of power and corruption -even if the “yahapalanaya” government that followed, failed to investigate and prosecute those crimes. It is time to say “enough is enough”, and take a stand in rejecting the arrogant hypocrisy and dishonesty of those who seek our votes yet again, presenting themselves in a new “avatar”, as role models and defenders of the rights of the people.

Sri Lanka on a path to a Failed State?

The President and the Prime Minister are on a collision course, pursuing a personal political agenda, with grave implications for the security and stability of the country. 

In this desperate national environment we as citizens must recognise the serious risks we face in becoming a failed State due to the refusal of the President and Prime Minister to work together in the governance of the country. The President has a record of violating the constitution – a serious ground for an impeachment, which did not take place. From the beginning of this year, he has acted in a manner that demonstrates his incapacity to fulfill his responsibilities. We have a right as citizens to hold him accountable, as Commander in Chief and Minister of Defence for the appalling lapse in national security that cost the lives of 259 people, injured 500 others, and seriously damaged properties in the Easter Sunday terrorist violence. He was out of the country at the time, without establishing a chain of command through his Prime Minister, or an  acting Minister of Defence.  He now refuses to accept responsibility, by seeking to find fault with senior officials. Is he telling us that these officials could act on their own, without reference to the National Security Council, or to him, while he is Minister of Defence and Commander in Chief? Others have pointed out that the Presidential pardon of the monk Gnanassara at this time is an abuse of the Presidential discretion to grant pardon, seriously undermining the judicial power of the courts. The President’s recent foray in the area of international diplomacy, on the summons of the President of China, without reference to his Prime Minister, the Minister of Foreign Affairs, or the officials of that ministry, is an astounding violation of the accountability of a Head of State to the nation.

The Prime Minister has also failed those who placed him in office. We recognise that a partnership in governance that degenerated into an uncomfortable “cohabitation” posed challenges. Yet, he received a second chance to act in conformity with the commitments he made on norms of democratic governance, early this year. However, he placed in cabinet office a person with serious allegations against him, failed under his watch to ensure investigation and prosecution of even emblematic cases, or implement findings of the Bond Commission. His conduct in relation to national security imperatives and his bilateral negotiations on defense with the USA government without reference to the President or parliament have attracted severe criticism and a loss of public confidence.

This irresponsible and confrontational interpersonal conflict between the current President and Prime Minister can no longer be tolerated in the national interest.

The Friday Forum calls upon citizens, civil society groups, and political parties to demand the resignation of the President and the Prime Minister, in the national interest. This will create an opportunity to form an interim government headed by the Speaker, with a new Prime Minister, as we move towards a parliamentary election in 2020, after dismantling the Presidency, as suggested, by a 20th Amendment passed before October 2019. Article 40 of the constitution provides for such a course of action. Everyone including the President and the Prime Minister who see a future for themselves in politics, can pursue their ambitions at a general election, without embroiling this country’s future in individual presidential ambitions. Hopefully a new and younger leadership to guide the destinies of the nation will emerge in parliamentary elections without an executive presidency.

Prof. Savitri Goonesekere and Mr. Chandra Jayaratne

For and on behalf of :

Prof Camena Guneratne, Dr. Geedreck  Usvatte-aratchi, Dr. A.C. Visvalingam,  Bishop Duleep de Chickera, Mr. Priyantha Gamage, Ms. Manouri Muttetuwegama, Mr. Faiz-Ur Rahman, Dr. Radhika Coomaraswamy, Mr. Dhammapala Wijayanandana, Rev. Dr. Jayasiri Peiris, Mr. Daneshan Casie Chetty, Mr Tissa Jayatilaka, Prof. Gameela Samarasinghe, Prof. Gananath Obeyesekere, Prof. Ranjini Obeyesekere, Mr. Pulasthi Hewamanna &  Ms. Shanthi Dias

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Latest comments

  • 32

    All fingers point to the President.

    • 14


      Sirisena is a leach. He won’t resign. Get a burning cigarette butt and burn his butt.

      Ask the Parliament.

      • 5

        225 MPs together with MY3 and Ranil should go . Call for immediate election. We don’t want common candidates either.

        Munga wa, dandue kande gahalath madi

        • 5

          Friday folks- right on!
          Time for new generation, the younger generation to take over and lead the country and this corrupt generation of power hungry politicians must go.
          20 Amendment to the constitution must include a BAN on those over the age of 60 contesting in national elections.
          US Puppet Bondscam Ranil and his corrupt gay boys, who are dancing to the tunes of Trumpland which owns and operates ISIS and the Cabinet of thieves must ALL go — along with corrupt clown Sira. Time for new generation, younger generation to take over.

    • 10

      Who are they ? What’s their politics? We need to know the ultimate motive of FF , otherwise we fall from the frying pan into the fire.
      I mean the Ultimate Motive? Are there any Crocodiles from the cesspools being promoted.??
      We need to know their politics fully and clearly. Absolutely.
      Friday Forums , Monday Clubs, and Sunday Mass! What can they do for the grieving and fed up citizens of SL?? No more failed uneducated Idiots to rule SL.
      Please we need confirmation.

    • 13

      Why should the Prime Minister resign for the acts of sabotage done to our nation by the President and the Rajapaksas Criminals??

      • 5


        He should resign because he didn’t question or protest over several serious misdemeanours of the President. He showed no leadership or courage when needed; instead took everything lying down.

        He should resign because he showed her had no self respect for himself or the office he held. (The presidential dressing down last December in the presence of his wife comes to mind).

        We need a strident, forthright man who can command respect of others through those very same qualities.

        Forthright speech and action and honest conduct in all affairs of state are the needs of the hour, not political manoeuvring and cunning alone.

      • 6

        President Maithripala Sirisena needs to be impeached immediately. Why is he setting criminals free with his presidential pardons?

      • 5

        Why should the Prime Minister resign for the acts of sabotage done to our nation by the President and the Rajapaksas Criminals??

        Well, what action has PM taken to …..say to put the Rajapaksa ‘criminals’ (as you say) behind bars? Lately, he (PM) wants parliament to approve millions more to buy a “Bullet Proof” vehicle to safeguard Mahinda Rajapakse. Is this man mad or what? PM shamelessly says he doesn’t know the security situation of the country i.e. yours and mine, but well aware of Mahinda Rajapakse’s security needs.

      • 2

        Because he the PM acts in partnership with the saboteurs you have mentioned.

  • 18

    Dear peudo posh irrelevant persons of the “Friday Forum”,
    SEVEN Fridays since the Easter Sunday, you pseudo intellectuals who think your bourgeois rubbish conclusions on this atrocity means anything for the people of this country have written to Colombo Telegraph.
    Oh, how swell!
    What were you waiting for?
    Seventh Friday to come so that you can state the obvious?
    Within 24 hours of the bombings the whole country (not the pseudo intellectual bourgeois bulls**its such as you failing lot) already called for the resignation of the President and the Prime Minister.
    After cringing and churning your pseudo educated bulls**it brains- you have come up with the same conclusions (in nice English) that the people came to 24 hours later.
    Took some time to rest a little, polish it up a little, sip a little tea, eh?
    Your words are as empty as the President’s and the Prime Ministers.
    IT menas nothing to the people.
    OH boo-hoo, so now the Friday Forum has spoken!
    So now you lot think someone is going to LISTEN to you?
    You think if people demand the resignation of these people tomorrow it’s a reaction to YOUR call for action?
    You know that rabid saffron clad thug Rathana has more impact than you lot. When he says go- someone goes.
    When you lot say go- someone yawns.
    You irrelevant, unthinking ,insensitive , entitled morons.
    Seven Fridays too late.

    • 4


      Ranil is well known for his Incompetency and supporting a corrupt Parliament. Maithripala Sirisena disappointed the Sri lankan EVANGELIST Alliance and other denominations.so, both of them have to go and may Be some one like Sarah Fonseka be nominated for the presidential election. Mangala Samaraweera says I did not , FOR SURE, give any money to FRIDAY FORUM, may be Evangelist alliance has given money. Because, I want to be the Prime minister. Even though, I said I won’t come I might come in that way.

    • 3

      Ado Shyam, you are a cross between a Gona and a Booruwa.

    • 16

      Shyam, pity your prejudice is all too apparent.

      I believe the Friday Forum stood silent until it was proven beyond reasonable doubt that their ‘ demand ‘ for the exit of the top two had enough legs to stand on.

      That, would be the right and proper way to set about things, wouldn’t it?

    • 11

      “Seven Friday’s too late”
      Quote: Pseudo posh irrelevant persons of the “Friday Forum “
      I agree with all what you have said here, I Can see that you’re seething with anger, frustration, and crying for the death of Democracy in our country , which has brought nothing but misery, deaths and destruction.
      I am in the same boat too , the feelings are the same, the same as many other decent citizens of our nation.
      We have seen and suffered in silence for the last 71 years of the self destruction of our nation by NONE OTHER THAN LEADERS WE VOTED FOR AND ELECTED TO RULE OUR NATION .
      Power , Greed and Selfishness took over before Patriotism.
      ” Mother Lanka is Bleeding ” but no bandage will stop the bleed.
      Rabid dog Rathana has more power than anyone else.
      The moment that bulldog Gnana was released from prison after the ” so called promise” not interfere in politics, the next day the ” Big Fat Liar” forgotten his promise and did what he is best at! ” Stirring Racialism”.
      Yes! ” Of the Seven Fridays ” past there was no response no reactions.
      I believe there’s always ” a time and place “to put matters into action to be effective.
      We are waiting for the moment , surely may be the time is right.
      First of all Remove the top 2 men supposed to be in power. The rest of the Crooks will fall into place of as destroyers of our nation.
      Need a clean Sweep. Good luck Friday Forum.

    • 10

      Basically you and authors of the above article have the same view in regards to the national interest of SL. Except you, for some reason wish to pour all your frustration out on a group who genuinely want to bring about an absolutely necessary change. Won’t it be more useful to try to agree and do something for change rather than be petty & engage in name calling?
      You say ‘seven Friday’s too late’ – isn’t it better late than never? Time to start putting on your thinking cap my friend.

      • 6

        Read fully and understand what Shyam and Analyst has actually meant
        before your trollallaahhhh!!
        The Anecdotes are not really difficult to follow .

    • 8

      Why this F F is demanding Ranil’s resignation when all the witnesses revealed that MY 3 had specific orders not to keep him in the security loop? MY 3 has put forward various -some even conflicting – reasons for the conflict between him & Ranil. All his blames & excuses have a common characteristic: He is completely innocent! Since both are humans, I’m certain that misunderstandings from both may have caused the conflict but I have serious doubt as to guilt of Ranil more than that of MY 3. From what I gathered from accidental comments by MY 3, I tend to believe that MY 3’s inferiority complex that arose as a result of “fish out of the waters” feeling when in Ranil’s English speaking educated society was the main reason for the conflict. How fair is to blame Ranil for MY 3’s lack education & intellect?
      Yes, may be you are correct Shyam; for, these so-called bourgeois intellectuals who themselves are engaged in a constant cut-throat struggle against own peers usually fail to understand the “sociology of peoples” that causes the cut-throat means of winning competition! I don’t even think whether most of the members of this FF know the heart-beat of average citizens of SL!

    • 1

      Shyam –
      The bane of Sri Lanka is the Sinhala Buddhist Intelligentsia and not the
      SB Voters. Had they directed the Leadership at every wrong turn, even
      in the decade of corrupt rule, politics would not have turned to this shit.

      MS is already trying to take cover – coming to an understanding of his
      future, via the PE UNP Candidate, similar to MRs secret Agreement with
      RW to move out of Temple Trees at the previous PE. The pattern will

    • 1

      Shyam, well said, you saved me some typing, even if I did I couldn’t have articulated so well. I hope the FF nincompoops will read your comment and shake in their boots.

  • 19

    Absolutely common sensical, brave and forthright from the Friday Forum. Very well done!

    It’s up to the gutless print and electronic media to join the chorus.

  • 5

    Yes, it is a good idea, backed by the intelligentsia, but a majority of our politicians do not have consistent principles (e.g. If a party A attempts to appease the minorities Party B opposes vehemently; at another time, when the same appeasment is attempted by Party B, Party A opposes),

    Because of this, it is unwise for the intelligentsia to trust any group of politicans.

  • 6

    It is better to call for a General election. Meanwhile some vital files and documents filed against Rishard Badudeen appears to be missing and new appointments to resigned Muslim politicians as Ambassadors are being considered. Such things should not be allowed to happen until the election is called for. The interests of the country and the public should be given priority.

  • 0

    Finally a direct action demand. To date civil society leaders who canvassed for the ouster of the previous regime have not been as direct as this, and it is welcomed as the only course of action that is appropriate to get the President and the PM to accept responsibility for their inaction, ineptness and manoeuvering out of pure self interest. The welfare of the country was of no interest to them as events have proven. These two leaders are not fit to govern Sri Lanka. The comments about the previous regime are not relevant to this demand, as in this instance it is the fundamental societal fabric of the country, the willful disturbance of communal harmony and above all, jeopardising the security of the country that is at stake here. None of the allegations against the previous regime has been proven for whatever reason, and if they are correct, this regime has been complicit in them by not being successful with even a single conviction against members of that regime. That itself is a reason enough for the President and the PM to resign. However, until proven, no allegation could be taken as being guilty of such allegations. So lets not muddy the waters. The resignation of the President and the PM, appointment of an interim PM should happen. Without rushing into passing the 20th Amendment and learning lessons from the past with the flawed 19th amendment, I suggest that Parliament votes to appoint the Chief Justice as the interim President, and leave the passing of a constitutional amendment to get rid of the Executive Presidency to a new Parliament which will have more credibility than the present one. If the CJ is appointed as the interim President, a general election could be held before the end of this year, and the interim President should be in office till the constitutional amendment is passed by the new Parliament within a period of a maximum of 6 -12 months after the formation of the next Parliament.

  • 4

    Bravo..this is what’s needed, not the rabble rousing against innocent minorities..

    Go after the real enemy of the people, the Sri Lankan government

  • 6

    I too believe , it is now in the hands of citizens, who are our ONLY hope left, who may be able to put a stop to this whole circus and help getting justice to innocent victims.

  • 5

    FF speaks of an “(I)nterim government headed by the Speaker, with a new Prime Minister”, but is silent on the identity of the interim PM the forum has in mind. In the context of the antics at the end of last year these worthies cannot pretend they failed to anticipate that there would be suspicion they are angling for Mahinda as PM. Or were the drafters daft and singularly inept.

  • 2

    Resignation is too decent request. They should by hung.

  • 3

    I do believe the uprise and protest by the law abiding citizens last year , had a huge impact in reversing the course. It was not only unexpected but unusual , so much so, left MS/MR stunned and shell shocked.

  • 7

    “The Friday Forum calls upon citizens, civil society groups, and political parties to demand the resignation of the President and the Prime Minister, in the national interest.”

    Only possible by a Buddhist Monk going on hunger strike.

  • 9

    These guys want to keep these 225 two legged donkeys in Diyawannawa until 2020. That is not what the people in this country want. People want to get rid of these junkies as soon as possible. Dissolve the Parliament and hold election. All of them are responsible for the pathetic situation the people in this country are going through. People curse these damn fools who said ‘YES’ to the 19th Amendment.

    • 1

      EAGLE EYE: Even if SLPP comes, it will be the same, they had it and did the same.. NAGANANDA Kidothuwakku says he will cut down the Parliament to 60. But, He should promise he won’t eventually become another foreign agent.

  • 6

    Friday Forum: What NONSENSE you speak of and “DEMAND”. This call for “Resignation” is absolutely wrong. Why? “RESIGNATIONS” leave all of them FREE of their “Responsibility” and “accountability”. Haven’t you seen what concrete evidences that come to light in connection with the “April 21st Massacre” – through the PSC and the “Presidential Committee” and several court cases that re to be heard? What you should “DO” is to strengthen the Public Opinion to “DEMAND” prosecution of all those who “AVOIDED”; “NEGLECTED” and “FAILED” in the performance of “ASSIGNED DUTIES”; “INCAPACITY TO HOLD RESPONSIBILITIES” ; and “WILFUL DISREGARD” to ensure PUBLIC SAFETY and SECURITY. Do you also NOT KNOW, that there is an “interim Report” that made their “FINDINGS” and “RECOMMENDATIONS” but still not made known to the Public or even to the Parliament, in spit of questioning to place that “Interim Report” for the information of the “Peoples’ Representatives”.? So with all that and many more, you want to find a way to allow them to secure their “FREEDOM”? Just tell us ON WHOSE SIDE you are? But be informed you are not ACCEPTED on the PEOPLES’ side and you wan’t be heard by them..

  • 6

    Everyone must back this move Let’s get on to the streets and see it through

  • 2

    Well said ..
    Brave move .
    Wake up call.
    Good Sri Lankans.
    Long life for Sri Lankan democracy ?
    Will president listen ?
    Will pm listen?

  • 1

    I do not think Ranil would Quit. Because he is now not sure of his Seat, he is thinking of becoming the PM at least via National List.

  • 4

    So let’s pretend these two resign, what next? Are we ready to have the cursed Rajapaksa clan again? Are there ANY decent, honest, and capable leaders, who will put country before their own selfish interests? We do not have ANY leader of higher caliber who can lead this country, unite it, and do their best to make it succeed.

    • 3

      Sorry Tara don’t agree.

      There are 22 million people here. Are you trying to say there aren’t any better than these two who could do the job?

      • 2

        Justice & Fairplay

        “Are you trying to say there aren’t any better than these two who could do the job?”

        Well where are they hiding?
        If they are hiding, from what?
        Why aren’t they out in the open challenging the established norms and the crooks?
        As long as the people are divided along tribal lines, ethnic lines, party lines, ideological (whatever that is) lines, …. and believe in certain person/party to deliver their own interest, fake news, …….

  • 2

    The premier derives his authority from the majority of the Parliament which supports him. Friday Forum (FF) should not expect any of the Sri Lankan politicians to be a British politicians. David Cameron resigned in the face of the referendum results. Theresa May stepped down because of the inability to deliver an acceptable BREXIT. MY3 plus RW resigning! My Foot!. The safest course is to call for early Parliamentary and Presidential Elections. NO Executive Presidency? Must think. If that was not there things like the Bond Scam would just pass-over. On the other hand the President and the Parliament should not fight each other like cats and dogs. Hence like in the 1972 constitution, the sovereignty of the people with respect to the Executive, Legislative and Judicial Power should be exercised by the Parliament on behalf of the people, the President should be directly elected by the people on a non-political footing as the Head of State (Singaporean precedent) who would ensure proper governance and ensure that the trust placed by the people on the Parliament is not abused. HE is the head of the state apparatus making it available for an elected parliament to carry out its policy. HE has no political ideology or vision but will reflect the will of the people at all times.

  • 1

    Before all a neutral speaker.

    (select from SB/Bimal Rathnayake/Udaya Gammanpila/Douglas Devananda/WW or his elaborately speaking Muslim MP – sorry his name?)

    Relax 19A for the time being.

    Ask president & PM to resign unless strong campaign to oust.

    Interim govt. headed by the elections commissioner & the speaker.

    Ban making political alliances to avoid complexities & ensure stability after forming a government.

    In case alliances are made, effect that previous entities of the participating parties lost.

    Holding the election. (parliamentary)

    Derive a way to make 2 MPs = 1MP (in other words a strategy to reduce MPs by 50% as our parliament is over crowded & resources are overspent to maintain them)

    Avoid going for constitutional changes.

    If constitutional change is demanded a referendum for it.

    Make president below judiciary.

    1 country 1 law.

    Cabinet maximum 25

    Presidential election.


  • 1

    the best option is have General and Presidential elections at the same time. On the other hand, Sri lanka is a fked up country. some foreign journalists say even before the independence, Sri lanka was in the list of countries of which the election end result must be influenced. So, it is not only Nehru who said, India can not have a foreign policy with out adding Srilanka to that. It is in 1940s, West wrote COLD war Monks and ASIA’s Buddhism.. then they wrote “Militant Monks and Buddhism in Maynmar, Sri lanka, Thailand. Now, they write Buddhism, Violence and Sri lanka etc., so, whether it is Mahinda Rajapakse or Maithripala sirisena or Ranil are one and the same. We need FIDEL CASTRO, MAHATHIR, DUTERTE, MADURO, ‘ORTEGA, KIM IL SUNG or AUN SUN SU KYI to govern Sri lanka. Shin ABE, or THERESA MAY are useless. Are there,during the entire history, because of IMF and World Bank became developed countries.

  • 6

    sirisena should immediately resign. He has proved enough to say that is undoubtedly incapable to be in the office of president. As Ranil has also shown to be a very inefficient leader, it is time he realises that and give way to a new political order. The new political leadership has to be a very strong one. As the Buddhist priest have taken a uppperhand in this whole issue we need a leader who will be able to override the demands of the Buddhist priests.

    People expected much more from muslim politicians like Kabir Hassim who in a press conference directly accused one muslim minister for forcing the release of Mawanalla culprits and taken a 180 degree turn to support that dirty politician by resigning. This proves that politicians cannot be trusted. Kabir Hasim should be ashamed of his action. Its is quite obvious that people like Hisbilla and Rishard who came with a simple carrier bag into politics have amassed billions with the help of Saudhi and local politicians.

  • 3


    Do our poor Inhabitants have to face even Rubber Bullets or Water Cannons on the Streets asking Dr Ranil to Resign?….
    When Dr Ranil is the Patron Saint of the Friday Forum…

    BTW , the FF’s main gripe seems to be not the Wahabis attacking Kochikade..
    But our Gnnanissara coming out of the Yahapalanay Jail..

    FF even wants the Inhabitants to sack the Presidency and make UNP Uncle Karu. the all Executive PM until the next Election..

    Do they want to do it ?., I mean the70 % of the Inhabitant population bar the UNP suckers?..

    How many of those FF dudes go to a Buddhist Temple I wonder…

    • 5

      Mr Sumanasekera,

      I dont know where you reside,, nor what you do. for a living, but from your posts it appears you are blinded by ill-logic and hatred, to an extent where you see nothing good in those whom you dislike. In other words, you are totally one sided.

      Suggest you look at the signatories of the Friday Forum letter. If you can dismiss them as mere ‘nobodies’, then you must be one hell of an intellectual; in fact a colossus!

      Lest you are unaware, acute eccentricity is the onset of incurable insanity.

      • 0

        J & F,

        I know those dudes there are not Nobodies .
        They are the cream of the crop of our beloved Lankawe . where the Per Capita GDP was heading towards USD 4000 after Nanthikadal.

        That is all history after this Yahapalanaya .
        I don’t know what the PC GDP today is , but all I know is it can not be 4000 for

        But I know the Yhapalanaya made 225 Multi Millionaires in Kotte ,some of whom earned up to 34 Million each just by selling their Car Permits to Muslim Traders.

        So their Income must be well over USD 40,000 when that 34 Million is averaged out over 5 years.
        And the other Dr Ranil’s Allowances and wages are added..

        I don’t even want to think of the Sums of Money they have collected from Bond Dealers and Highway Builders.

        While our majority of the inhabitant population in fact 70 % of them can’t even make USD 3000 a year.

        Those FF dudes I am sure are not too far behind their mates in Kotte, when it comes to their earnings and pensions and dividends.
        So certainly they are not nobodies.

        But they should also think about the poor souls in fact 5,8 Million of them in 2015 and a heck of a lot more now who are suffering from their Democratic , Neo Capitalist rule of Dr Ranil and his Secular Mates and their Muslim Buddies who have been running the Cabinet for nearly 5 years..

        And keep blaming our poor Sinhala Buddhists even when the Muslims attack Catholics and destroy their Holy Places..

    • 0

      KAS, mate from what I hear at least one of the FFs has patronized one temple to acquire one body organ for one son. Legally of course and all above board and what not.

  • 3

    Cleaning and Decorating Experts have now come into action to sweep the dirt collected by years of Tyrannical rules under the Carpet.These are the people who brought the Twin HEROES TO OUST THE MAHINDA CABAL ,after having consciously faithfully supported all what was done by the cabal in the past.

    Now they want to change the lead players, but whom do they want to replace this leadership. ? Do they not know what happened in the country since 1947?

    Where did they hide when even enshrined constitutional safeguards against discrimination to Minorities were openly flouted by the Citizenship Act of 1948 and Sinhalese only Official Language Act of 1956 and twice in the Constitutions of 1972 and 1982 , the Prevention of Terrorism Act only to brand the political struggle of the Tamils as Terrorism and Tamils as Terrorists?

    The UNHCR Resolutions and this Government’s commitments to International Body to implement remain blatantly flouted for years and the Tamils remain shackled in complete slavery. Above all other signatories , Dr. Radhika Coomaraswamy, is personally aware of the REAL TRUTH and ironically she is a member demanding the Resignation of the two.

    Once these two Guys resigned as demanded, is everything against them totally absolved? What logic is this and who will pay for all the scams , crimes and the public money squandered by the two. Is their resignation is more holy and noble than giving pardon to Ven. Gnanasara Thero ?

    If the intention is to give a cosmetic face lift, please go ahead regardless.

  • 1

    Professor savitri why are you associating with a ruffian like Jayaratne who hasn’t even seen the inside of a University. Please separate the wheat from the chaff and revive the Friday forum with some genuine intellects devoid of petty partisan posturing.

  • 2

    WE the People are well and truly stuffed! Our vote has been devalued. We are helpless in the rise of a theocracy, or maybe I should rephrase that as ‘theocrazy’. There are something like 20 identifiable ‘monks’ jostling to lead a storming of the gates, foremost being Rathana, and Gnanasara. Gnanasara came out of incarceration bursting with ideas to make up for lost time. Taking Mummy to tea with the President was an affirmation that Gnansara is back at top table. Those who witnessed the charade would have noted the gushing confidence in the chameleon in that room (no, not the President, the other one ). As if the Easter atrocity wasn’t enough, Gnanasara has hatched plans to make a hundred towns sizzle with hate.So, will the government curb his plans? or, will they ignore the warning signs just as they did at Easter?

    • 4

      Spring Koha

      “As if the Easter atrocity wasn’t enough, Gnanasara has hatched plans to make a hundred towns sizzle with hate.”

      The saffron clad thug lamented some months ago.
      There was no one to support him meaning Gotabhaya was out of office.
      He also lamented he couldn’t obtain T56 as LTTE was no longer in existence.

      Imagine if LTTE is still operating in this island.

  • 2

    With the present system of 225 MPs, unlimited no of ministers, thousands of representatives in PCs and other local government bodies, nobody Even Shakraya (or his son Vaima) would not be able to put this country correct. No politician in the current scene is going to do that and we have to think about an outsider. Keep on saying “enough is enough” will not do!

  • 0

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  • 1

    Both are greedy for current position they are holding. So it will not happen guys.

  • 3

    instead of writng letters why does the forum not have a press conference on tv. which will have a greater
    impact than wrting letters which only a few people read
    as an alternative the members can organise a fast unto death like ratana who won his demands

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