16 May, 2022


Demonising Muslims Won’t Help

By Mehdi Hasan

Mehdi Hasan

“Whosoever killeth a human being… ” says the Qur’an, in the 32nd verse of its fifth chapter, “it shall be as if he had killed all mankind, and whoso saveth the life of one, it shall be as if he had saved the life of all mankind.”

Thus, the two supposedly Muslim men suspected of ambushing, murdering and mutilating an unarmed, off-duty soldier in the middle of a London street, while shouting “Allaho Akbar” (or “God is Great”), were brazenly violating the injunction of their own holy book. Perversely, it was the non-Muslim cub scout leader who, in trying to save the soldier’s life and standing up to his alleged attackers, was acting in accordance with Qur’anic principles. Let’s be clear: Islam, like every other faith, doesn’t permit the killing of innocents. Armed jihad is permissible only in self-defence and if sanctioned by a legitimate government. To quote from our prime minister’s pitch-perfect statement outside No 10, Wednesday’s broad-daylight barbarism was “a betrayal of Islam and of the Muslim communities who give so much to our country”.

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*Mehdi Hasan is a contributing writer for the New Statesman and the co-author of Ed: The Milibands and the Making of a Labour Leader. He was the New Statesman’s senior editor (politics) from 2009-12.

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    Mehdi Hasan:

    Do you agree that Quran can be interpreted in various ways.

    that is why there are different muslims sects while some are peaceful and some others very violent and very aggressive ?

    Believe me some muslims make the world a very scary place with muslims.

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      Quran versus contradict with each other, believe me Quran is not a book of god. If it was written according to God there should not be contradictions like those. Mr. Mehdi Hasan please be a atheist it’s better than believing these things

      Quran (8:12) – “I will cast terror into the hearts of those who disbelieve. Therefore strike off their heads and strike off every fingertip of them”

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      JIM SOFTY,


      A Miracle to last till the End!

      The Methodology

      The Glorious Qur’an is the pure word of God. There is not a single word therein that is not divine. Divine verses therefore, have not been mingled with the history of the Arabs or the events that occurred during the period its revelation.

      The Book has been handed down to our age in its complete and original form since the time of Prophet Muhammad (p) . From the time the Book began to be revealed, the Prophet (p) had dictated its text to the scribes. The written text was then read out to Prophet (p), who, having satisfied himself that the scribe had committed no error of recording, would put the manuscript in safe custody.

      The Prophet (p) used to instruct the scribe about the sequence in which a revealed message was to be placed in a particular Surah (chapter). In this manner, the Prophet (p) continued to arrange the text of the Qur’an in systematic order till the end of the chain of revelations. Again, it was ordained from the beginning of Islam that a recitation of the Glorious Qur’an must be an integral part of worship. Hence the illustrious Companions would commit the Divine verses to memory as soon as they were revealed. Many of them learned the whole text and a far larger number had memorized different portions of it.

      Method of preservation of the Qur’an during the Prophet’s time

      Besides, those of the Companions who were literate used to keep a written record of several portions of the Glorious Qur’an. In this manner, the text of the Qur’an had been preserved in four different ways during the lifetime of the Holy Prophet (p):

      a) The Holy Prophet (PBUH) had the whole text of the Divine Messages from the beginning to the end committed to writing by the scribes of revelations.

      b) Many of the Companions learned the whole text of the Qur’an, every syllable of it, by heart.

      c) All the illustrious Companions, without an exception, had memorized at least some portions of the Holy Qur’an, for the simple reason that it was obligatory for them to recite it during worship. An estimate of the number of the illustrious Companions may be obtained from the fact that one hundred and forty thousands Companions had participated in the Last Pilgrimage performed by the Prophet (p).

      d) A considerable number of the literate Companions kept a private record of the text of the Qur’an and satisfied themselves as to the purity of their record by reading it out to the Prophet (p).

      Methods of preservation of the Qur’an after the demise of the Prophet

      It is an incontrovertible historical truth that the text of the Glorious Qur’an extant today is, syllable for syllable, exactly the same as the Prophet (p) had offered to the world as the Word of God.

      After the demise of the Prophet(p), the first Caliph Abu Bakr, assembled all the Huffaz (those who have committed the Qur’an to memory), and the written records of the Glorious Qur’an and with their help had the whole text written in Book form. In the time of Uthman, copies of this original version were made and officially dispatched to the Capitals of the Islamic world. Two of the original manuscripts of the Qur’an prepared 1400 years ago still exist today; one is in the Topkapi Saray Museum in Istanbul, Turkey, and the other in Tashkent, Russia. Both of these are identical in content with the Qur’an available all over the world today.

      And how can one expect any discrepancy, when there have existed several million “Huffaz” (someone who has memorized the entire Quran, word for word, cover to cover) in every generation since the time of the Holy Prophet (PBUH) and in our own time. Should anyone alter a syllable of the original text of the Qur’an, these Huffaz would at once expose the mistake.

      In the last century, an Institute of Munich University in Germany collected forty two thousand copies of the Glorious Qur’an including manuscripts and printed texts produced in each period in the various parts of the Islamic World. Research work was carried out on these texts for half a century, at the end of which the researchers concluded that apart from copying mistakes, there was no discrepancy in the text of these forty-two thousand copies, even though they belonged to the period between the 1st Century to the 14th Century of the Islamic era (roughly from the seventh to the twentieth century of the Common Era), and had been procured from all parts of the world. This institute, alas, perished in the bombing attacks on Germany during World War II, but the findings of its research project survived.

      Another point that must be kept in view is that the word in which the Qur’an was revealed is a living language in our own time. It is still current as the mother tongue of about a hundred million people from Iraq to Morocco. In the non-Arab world too, hundreds of thousands of people study and teach this language.

      The grammar of the Arabic language, its lexicon, its phonetic system and its phraseology, has remained intact for fourteen hundred years. A modern Arabic-speaking person can comprehend the Glorious Qur’an with as much proficiency as did the Arabs of fourteen centuries ago. This, then, is an important attribute of Prophet Muhammad (p). The Book that God revealed to him for the guidance of mankind exists today in its original language without the slightest alteration in its vocabulary.

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        Leave out the angel Gabriel and the Bible for the time let’s talk about the Koran. In short, it not only calls Muslims to submit to Allah, it also commands them to subdue people of other religions until they are in a full state of submission to Islamic rule period

        As for PBHU Muhammad, he organized 65 military campaigns in the last ten years of his life and personally led 27 of them. The more power that he attained, the smaller the excuse needed to go to battle, until finally he began attacking tribes merely because they were not yet part of his growing empire. What is important is what happened after his death.

        After Muhammad’s death, his successor immediately went to war with former allied tribes which wanted to go their own way. Abu Bakr called them ‘apostates’ and slaughtered anyone who did not want to remain Muslim. Eventually, he was successful in holding the empire together through blood and violence.

        The prophet of Islam’s most faithful followers and even his own family soon turned on each other as well. There were four caliphs or leaders in the first twenty-five years, each of which was a trusted companion of his. Three of these four were murdered. The third caliph was murdered by those allied with the son of the first caliph. The fourth caliph was murdered in the midst of a conflict with the fifth caliph, who began a 100-year dynasty of excess and debauchery that was brought to an end in a gruesome, widespread bloodbath by descendants of Muhammad’s uncle (who was not even a Muslim).

        Muhammad’s own daughter, Fatima, and his son-in-law, Ali, who both survived the pagan hardship during the Meccan years safe and sound, did not survive Islam after the death of Muhammad. Fatima died of stress from persecution within three months, and Ali was later assassinated by Muslim rivals. Their son (Muhammad’s grandson) was killed in battle with the faction that became today’s Sunnis. His people became Shias of today. The relatives and personal friends of Muhammad were mixed into both warring groups, which then fractured further into hostile sub-divisions as Islam expanded.

        Muslim apologists, who like to say that is impossible for today’s terrorists to be Muslim when they kill fellow Muslims, would have a very tough time explaining the war between Fatima’s followers and Aisha to a knowledgeable audience. Muhammad explicitly held up both his favourite daughter and his favourite wife as model Muslim women, yet they were invoked respectively by each side in the violent civil war that followed his death. Which one was the prophet of God so horribly wrong about?

        How could all this be if Muhammad is the Prophet of Allah and Islam is for peace.

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          Leela narrate the story of six tusked elephant in full

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          Leela what about your Religion, Buddhism? It is full of violence. It started with Buddha killing Brahmins for insulting Mahayana Sutras! Ashoke followed it by killing Brahmins/ Hindus and Jains to convert them into Buddhism by force. He destroyed their temples and many are converted into Buddhist Vihara.

          Asoka , in fact killed over 18,000 followers of Ajivika sect for just drawing a picture insulting Buddha. He used his powers to force Buddhism in other countries. He sent his son to Sri Lanka to convert the followers of Hinduism and Jainism into Buddhism. Hindus and Jains were here before Buddhism came to Sri Lanka.

          Buddha himself is a Hindu born to Hindu parents! His teachers are Hindus and Jains. Jainism is more popular Philosophy then Buddhism! Buddha copied from Hindism and Jainism and manupilated his new Philosophy. Even today Hindus Consider Buddha simply just another Avatar of Vishnu, who has countless Avatar! Jains hat Buddha for copying their Philosophy! They never consider Buddha as a real Philosopher! In fact non-violence practiced by Jains are more reliable. They mot even kill a tree!

          Buddha said eat meat, but do not kill. It is beloved that Buddha’s last meat was Pork. How can someone eat a meat without killing! So, in practice, when he was alive, Buddha justified killing of animals. Some Buddhists like Leela are trying to show others here that Buddhism teaches non-violence and Buddhist are practicing the same throughout history.

          The whole world knows that Buddha preached Violence and they know that it is in the Buddhist Holy
          Books (nirwana Sutra) and they also know that Buddhist in all over the world are practicing violence! So, it is better you put your house in order first.

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        According to what you have written, the ANGEL looks like very much a CHRISTIAN because he is a GABRIAL and it is not a muslim name.

        At one place, you say it pure god’s word {see, “The Glorious Qur’an is the pure word of God. “]. In another place you say prophet Mohomad dictated it and rearranged it.

        Prophet was a businessman and he preached it in order to unite warring tribes and who ever did not listen to the prophet he ordered them to be killed. Prophet himself had killed warring tribes because he did not allow them to be united. Prophet did not want idols or his portrait be painted because other tribes would not accept his words. that is how muslims don’t like idols.

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      Even some Buddhist make world scary place to live.

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    Mehdi Hasan:

    Read Buddhism and see. It is based on non violence to every one including oneself.

    buddhism is very deep yet it is simple to understand.

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      Mehdi Hasan, you are true. If something goes wrong somewhere Islam is blamed. But the conspiracy is getting exposed now. Just look at Sri Lanka, Thailand and Burma no one is blaming Buddhism for what is happening in those countries even though there are sutras in Nirvana sutra, a Holy Buddhist text, justifying violence.

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        You are telling something different from that person’s concern. It was a comparison between teaching of two religions but you compare followers’ behave. Compare what teach in Tripitaka with the teaching in Quran.

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        There is no violence in Buddhist texts. Non violence is the core of Buddhism. This why true Buddhists oppose the violent behaviour of some including monks. Please do not distort a fine teaching.

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          To: Asanka and Wickramasiri!

          There is violence in Buddhist Holy texts. Take Nirvana Sutra and read. There are ample sutras which advocate violence. Buddhism justify killing of infidels, Buddha says in Nirwana Sutra, killing an ant is sin and killing a Brahmin is not a sin or bad Kermis. Buddha says to kill those who insult the monks and the sasanaya! There are more violent sutras. You both better read Nirwana Sutra.

          Then Buddhists are following Buddha’s this teaching and killing among themselves and the followers of other faiths. This is what happened in the 2nd World War, Vietnam War, Korian War, Pol Pot of Cambodia! They killed minorities in Sri Lanka, Thailand and Burma!.

          buddhist are trying to convince the world saying that Buddhism preaches non-violence. They are trying to cover the fact but the whole world know what is written in Nirvana Sutra and they also know how Buddhist countries are practicing violence?

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            Dear mr/mrs DODU,
            Please try not to read books that you can’t understand. Try understanding your holy book first. I MEAN..HOW OLD ARE YOU..? I feel so sorry for you as you have not even given a sufficient brains to understand some simple things. there is one another thing i have to ask?. What Is the DIFFERENCE BETWEEN YOURSELF AND A SHEEP?

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    But Dont follow Sri Lankan Budhist, it is violant

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      David says: “But Dont follow Sri Lankan Budhist, it is violent”

      Let’s see if this above Statement is True?

      Is this the core problem in Sri Lanka?
      Is it the Monk Mahanama Myths the core problem in Sri Lanka?



      This process of birth and death continues ad infinitum until this flux is transmuted, so to say, to nibbanadhatu, the ultimate goal of Buddhists.

      The Pali word Nibbana is formed of Ni and Vana. Ni is a negative particle and vana means lusting or craving. “It is called Nibbana, in that it is a departure from the craving which is called vana, lusting.” Literally, Nibbana means non-attachment.

      It may also be defined as the extinction of lust, hatred and ignorance, “The whole world is in flames,” says the Buddha. “By what fire is it kindled? By the fire of lust, hatred and ignorance, by the fire of birth, old age, death, pain, lamentation, sorrow, grief and despair it is kindled.”

      So, since some Sri Lanka Buddhists show hatred and ignorance, they are not following the teachings of Buddha, especially JHU and BBS.

      This issue has nothing to do with Muslims. BBS and other monks were after the Christians for a long time, and of course they were after the Tamils for a very long time.

      This has little to do with Buddhism. It is Sinhala Racism with the Buddhist monks blessings.

      It goes back to monk Mahanama Myths, in the 5th century CE.
      The curse of Lanka.
      Bali, Indonesia, Hindu Island escaped this curse.
      Yesterday, a JHU Sinhala Ravaya racist monk, committed suicide by burning himself, saying he was against cattle slaughtering.

      The worldwide facts are given below:

      The number of cattle slaughtered worldwide.


      Rank Country Total Slaughter (1000 HEAD)
      1 India 42,100.00 (Country of Buddha;s Birth, Hindu)
      2 China 40,900.00 (“Buddhist” Country)
      3 Brazil 40,300.00
      4 United States 32,612.00
      5 EU-27 27,300.00
      6 Argentina 12,400.00
      7 Australia 8,100.00
      8 Russian Federation 6,800.00
      9 Mexico 6,300.00
      10 Colombia 4,300.00
      11 New Zealand 4,146.00
      12 Canada 2,985.00
      13 Ukraine 2,390.00
      14 Uruguay 2,230.00
      15 Venezuela 1,550.00
      16 Egypt 1,340.00 ( Muslim)
      17 Belarus 1,205.00
      18 Japan 1,155.00 (“Buddhist”)
      19 Korea, Republic Of 938.00
      Year of Estimate: 2013
      Source: United States Department of Agriculture

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        Great Amarasiri, You are a true follower of Buddhism. But it is only a philosophy, philosophy cannot guide people. These extremists org are talking violence in the name of Buddhism,

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    Yes, we saw your Buddhism in Burma,.. and so called Monks.

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    Armed jihad is permissible only in self-defence and if sanctioned by a legitimate government.

    Rubbish. When Muhammed conquered Mecca and Medina by the sword, what is self-defence?

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    The real question is why is ISLAM the ONLY RELIGION which has had VIOLENT CONFRONTATIONS with EVERY OTHER RELIGION on earth ??

    This is the question that bothers me

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    Waiting for comment from Lester, Leela, Observer et al is liking waiting for Godot :)

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    What you have written here is lies, and you have given the wrong interpretation of Quran. Killing an innocent muslims is considered killing all. that is the truth.

    Read the following.

    Did you know the verse in Quran that says “whoever kills a person” only applies to muslims according to….?

    “whoever kills a person, unless for spreading mischief and murder, has killed all of mankind”

    problems with this. What does mischief mean? What context is it?\

    Sayid ibn Jubayr said “”He who allows himself to shed the blood of a Muslim, is like he who allows shedding the blood of all people”

    Mujahid ibn Jabar said “He who kills a believing soul intentionally….is as if equal to if he had killed all people”

    [Source , Tafsir ibn Kathir]

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    Jimsofty-We Sri Lankans experiencing Buddhism to the hilt, last four decades killing in the Island over 250,000. Last year alone 8000-1000 sexual crime-attacks, 1759 children were raped but non-violent, what few beautiful words?.

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      What about abortions
      Fathers raping daughters
      Brothers raping sisters
      Elderly parents are at home for the elders

      Visit Sarvidya – you will see so many children out of wedlock, due to rape…..

      All they can do is talk about how bad is Islam :)

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    “Buddhism” and “Buddhists” are 2 different things.

    You can learn much about a philosophy or ideology from the PERSONAL CONDUCT of the teacher of philosopher. ie : Did he practice what he preached ??

    Non violence or AHIMSA is the hallmark of Buddhist teachings.

    The Buddha was an intellectual who rejected life as suffering and practiced what he preached by being ” compassionate and non violent” to everyone including his enemies who were trying to destroy him.

    He did not resort to blood thirsty, cruel warfare UNDER ANY CIRCUMSTANCE. He never resorted to violence even in so called “self defense.” Gandhi picked up a lot from the Buddha.

    This is more that what could be said about many other “prophets of peace” except perhaps Jesus,

    Even Moses was involved in battles and wars that brought untold misery to others.

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    It is a global issue. Please read “the religion of peace” website for facts. It is updated daily.

    The common denominator is what it is whether in London, NY, Iraq, Syria, Mumbai, Bali, Kathankudi, Kalmunai, Kuragala, Chechnya or wherever.

    I don’t think SL should be any different to the rest of the world in its response. SL must follow global trends.

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    Why hate us Muslims? we can be cool too , we are all the same

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