24 October, 2021


Divorce Maithripala So The UNP Can Form Its Own Government And Implement Its Policies Without Hinderance, Party Stalwarts Tell Ranil

Following the debacle that the party suffered at the recently concluded local government elections, senior members of the United National Party (UNP) and close confidantes of Prime Minister Ranil Wickremesinghe has urged him to prevail on President Maithripala Sirisena to allow the UNP to form a new government on its own.


According to party sources Ministers Malik Samarawickrema, Kabir Hashim, Mangala Samaraweera and a few others had met with Wickremesinghe and told him that the main reason for the party’s poor performance was the fact that it had not been allowed to implement its economic policies.

They had urged Wickremesinghe to break free from President Sirisena and the Sri Lanka Freedom Party (SLFP) which fared much worse. To this end they asked the UNP leader not to renew the ‘unity agreement’ between the two parties which had elapsed on December 31, 2017.

Instead, they wanted Wickremesinghe to ask the President to give them power to implement their economic programme unfettered so that they have an opportunity to go before the people with a less cluttered and confusing track-record.

Wickremesinghe, according to sources, had agreed and was due to take up the matter with the President who he was to meet later in the day.

The UNP has 106 seats in Parliament, a tad short of the 113 required to enjoy an absolute majority. However, Wickremesinghe’s inner circle believe that the party has enough numbers to form a government and implement policies more effectively provided that parties such as the TNA and JVP do not play spoiler.

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Latest comments

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    UNP has no one to blame but itself for the defeat. Here are some excerpts from its 2015 election manifesto.
    – Special program to create 10,000,000 jobs and reduce the development gap between Sri Lanka and the Tiger economies such as Singapore
    – National Audit Bill
    – Fighting corruption will be one of State’s primary objectives.
    – Introduce new laws and institutions in line with the UN Principles on Anti-Corruption.
    – Establish an independent Bribery and Corruption Investigation Commission in line with international standards similar to institutions in Hong Kong and the UK to replace the present

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    Last time I voted for Yahapalanaya. This time I could not decide which devil deserved my vote. So I did not cast my vote. This is not a victory for PPP but a very loud and clear message by the voting public to register their disgust and disapproval for the way the Yahapalanya Government abused the faith and trust the voters placed at the last general election.

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    Write your comment here…we want sajith premadasa he can beat mahinda ..

    • 18

      If Sajith cannot win his won constituency (Thissamaharamaya), how he can win the country?

      • 1

        Don’t get upset looser, thieves, crooks, looters,drug dealers rapist, part hoppers been voted in to parliament is number one national pastime in Sri Lanka.
        Sajith Premadasa is highly qualified with some of the above mention qualification’s.

        • 2

          I do not think Sajith is qualified to be the leader of the UNP, in case Ranil steps down. Explain to me how a loser of a constituency wins a country? Give me a meaningful argument without bla bla.

          Has Sajith expressed any view on national issues during his political career? He is always talking about local issues. If a politician does not have his own vision, he or she does not suitable to be a leader. Sajith had more than enough time to show his vision for the country. What he does is to earn credits for his father´s work. He had failed miserably over the last three years to show his calibre to prove he has the capacity to work as his father. I do find neither a visionary nor a strategist in the UNP at the right moment, who can lead this country to greater heights of economic and social prosperity. The UNP is going to be a dormant party without a skilled leader.

          • 0

            Sajith has the DNA of his father.
            In SL politics, that’s a major requirement.
            Just look at the last Pres, and of course his family.

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    The LG results is a set back. The voter showed his/her disappointment that corruption and nepotism are untouched. Earlier there were only UNP team and SLFP team. A new team SLPP entered the ring and voters did not have any other option.
    “Divorce Maithripala So The UNP Can Form Its Own Government And Implement Its
    Policies Without Hinderance, Party Stalwarts Tell Ranil”
    Do that and we will have a SLFP vs SLPP match – UNP will be at best cheerleaders. The UNP/SLFP team seems to have checks and balances. We need such a government. So learn learn learn from mistakes.
    This ‘divorce’ thingy is kneejerk.

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    It’s their marriage made RW the PM & MS the president so both have a responsibility maintain the wedlock.
    People probably know the dowries exchanged so keeping the mouths shut without listening to fake stalwarts will be vital.

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    Sirasa and MS is the main cause for UNP’s loss.
    There are many up and coming young new leaders who can emerge from UNP.
    Most of the Buddhists cannot understand the name of democracy and that Is a tragedy and hope this will not become another Buddhist Myanmar!

    • 0

      Colonel Gadafpee

      Good name for a bad chap.

      It’s not most of the Buddhists, it’s almost all the minority confined themselves to age old religious/social practices & have become incompatible to live in Sinhala Buddhist majority country to cause problems, not only in Sri Lanka but also in Myanmar.

      You, the minorities have come in friendly manner to live & exhibit bad practices, do bootlicking of western powers & seek international sympathy.

      Don’t come to teach democracy to Buddhists anywhere in the world.

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    Dr Ranil and UNP could only score where there are more Tamils and Muslims than Sinhalese.
    If you deduct the 1 million Tamils who live outside North , the total Sinhala Vote for Dr Ranil is less than 2 Million.,
    Sinhala majority have leaned their lesson about Boru Politcs ( false propaganda based on lies ) of the UNP.
    And the learning has cost them , jobs , education, health facilities and even their EPF.
    NGOs , the West and the LTTE Diaspora Combo brought us Yahapalanaya by buying SLFP Sira and his unelected mates.
    And the good Sinhala people who supported the SLFP made Sira standing naked after the Election.
    Even if Sira joins UNP there is Bucklys that the great majority will vote for them after the thrashing they have already given Dr Ranil and his crooked lot Galleon Ravi , Rajitha ,Kabir, Mallik, Marrikkar, Mangi ,Harin,,and Kirra..

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    This time too RW failed miserably. If a government failed to secure the majority even after three years in power it is a clear indication of failure. As someone put it, RW is a serial loser. It is high time that UNP finds a proper candidate for the presidency and for the general election. JO is going to town with this resounding victory and Mahinda Rajapakse has already demanded to be the Leader of Opposition and called for the dissolving of Parliament which would have sent a chill in their spinal cord. The battle is now on and it is for the government to respond positively.

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    can the unp stalwarts specify what kind of sound economic policies they could not implement because of the president MS. during the past 3 years i did not come across anything like that. may be it was asecret between MS and the unp ministers.

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    The fact that the UNP’s vote was reduced to 34% is a telling indictment on Ranil’s leadership as well.
    The UNP has just two years to get it’s act together and try and win back the confidence of the voters but definitely not with a Ranil at its helm. If they stick with him they’ll be decimated at the next poll come 2020.
    True he’s done some good for the country, but overall he’s been a failure if he selfishly refuses to budge or the party is unable to force him out it’ll be a simple cakewalk for Mahinda come general elections, and we all know that’s not a good thing for our long-suffering mother Lanka.

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    The UNP need to reflect upon themselves as to why they’ve failed so miserably, at the hands of the their voters.
    some so called “pundits”seem to have opinions based around themselves but none of that makes any sense to the grass root public who made the final decision.

    All those pundits, academicians, and the so called SME’s living outside the territories of Sri Lanka . and trying to interpret the verdict of the local people based from an alien land, my simple verdict is: Bugger off, you do not know shit about how the Sri Lankan society think in the modern times”.

    There are so many variables, such as age demographics, geography, gender ,and even the media reach that influences ( and determines) the political choice of the people.

    Any party who succeeds in scoring on all these fronts would be the ultimate winner in any future election.

    During this election, the UNP was banking on “division and win” strategy, which back-fired heavily due to the division being heavily aligned to the SLPP.
    No wonder Ranil W, felt dissected @ his knees when the results flowed in.

    The best Damage-Control statergy for the UNP as I see it is:

    1. Wait for the cross-overs of the MPs and ministers ( whilst I strongly feel that crossing over of allegiance is a gross violation of democracy, we’ve seen many of such happening over time.

    2. Consider the political options thereupon, and agree on the best of the two options available:
    1 Try to form a coalition government with whoever who is remaining
    2. Pass on the mandate to govern to the SLPP As they are legitimately due ) and again try to establish an agreement with the SLPP

  • 1

    Sirisena has been a liability, in fact, a waste of space. Period. Not only MS & his opportunistic family should go but investigated as well for corruption.

    Ranil continues to prove his lack of leadership & integrity. His inability to crack down on proven crooks, such as, Ravi K. & Mahendran, & inability to keep other blatant opportunists like Rajitha Senaratna on tight leash has brought down the UNP. So far, none of the so called intellectuals & the educated have proven their competence & integrity. Premadasa jnr, with his bogus academic claims & links to dodgy businessmen, could very well be another MR in the making.

    So bring back the known devil? Only this time, once the devil is out of the bottle, is not going be forced back into the bottle again. Flood gates of corruption & mismanagement will be opened wide & all those despicable crooks who have been keeping a low profile will come out of the woodwork to make another easy mega buck. Welcome to the wonder of Asia for the second time.

  • 2

    Sajith ,sajith. Sajith,Sajith ,Sajith ,Sajith, yes ,yes ,yes ,yes ,yes, yes ,yes ,yes . SAJITH PREMADASA

    Appoint him today as Prime Minister .

    Whoever in favour can you please copy and paste as comment with your Nickname ..

    • 5


      Why Sajith ? Why not Eran , Navin or Imthiyaz ? Even Mangala
      or Thalatha ? If Ranil or Sajith can , they can too ! It should never
      be ” my father leader so am I .” Sajith may be a popular choice
      but much wider search is needed . But for all that to happen ,
      first get Ranil’s exit .

      • 0


        Stop your nonsense man, we want this whole set to exit.

        People are looking for ways to make them extinct.

    • 1

      Another uneducated rascal

    • 0

      Appoint Sajith?

      That man whose father was famous for cheating people with lotteries & built houses as if he was giving homes?

      Lotteries must be banned as it will help mother Lanka to get rid of a bunch of unproductive politicians.

  • 2

    Neoliberal policies of UNP will not work and Ranil had failed all the time. 2015 was a planned accident with marriage to MS who had no policies and no governing leadership. For eg. Ranil’s mindset over private medicine has been rejected, and Sirisena abolished approved SAITM with words. Comic if not for the tragedy.
    Now MS needs to correct his mistake and nationalise SAITM requested even by Ryan J. and state parents. But the obstacle is Ranil’s policy which MS clings to so he wont become a nobody. What kind of robbers are these who embezzle trillions and then say govt has no money to pay staff in SAITM to correct mistake of this combo. When the Rajas step in, will solve with one stroke, shocking all. Watch able leaders.

  • 2

    Why, why , you are right ,agreed ,Eran would be the best, ,but we are not so blessed to have someone of his Superior Character and charisma as our leader ,he is a God believer a sincere believer and truly God fearing. He is Christian so no chance .sad but true.

  • 1

    Unlike some of our past leaders and present ones He will never sacrifice his faith for worldly powers .

    I hold him very dearly in my heart with sincere respect .

  • 0

    The President has played His last card up his sleeve and played it well I must say.

    From now on he is free from.
    all blames .

    Whatever bad happens to the Country Ranil has to take full responsibilities and if by chance any good happens then the credit and appreciation goes to the few sincere members in the party .

  • 0

    I think yet none of pur politicians have understood the people .

    No one should become exited ,people have been playing well from day one they changed the government, I must say Sri Lankans are showing a very matured attitude ,not talking of political stooges who play racism bigotry and spread hate for political gains of their masters ,its the Larger population of this country .

    The Rajapakshe voters have given him the opportunity for the third time with terms& conditions ,that is they have this time used the Sinhala style ,(Which is the most wise, I agree), Its not give and take ,its gan nu day nu (Take and give ) and the UNP voters have done the same with UNP they leave the members to sort out the leadership issue ,and the party as a whole to deliver .
    So next election ,they will both jointly decide , this is the message ,I wonder why Politicians get it wrong all the time. So if one of them beat thee other in delivering, the Country is theirs to rule ,if in case both work harder and deliver together ,the people will honor both and who knows,we may for the first time have a hung Parliament (ofcoz hoping to see the westminister system back soon,it might force to end personal agendas and make all work towards the country for once in a lifetime ,a balance Parliament will do a lot of good ,but provision must be made to end crossover ,cheating the people of their franchise.
    As for The President His voters have relived him.the task of taking the blame for others screw up..
    We wait to see the future election manifesto of all parties .common Citizen’s needs first .Transport ,Healthcare , human rights protection to all,environment & Resources protection in every corner of the Island ,tranperency in Tenders, equal distribution of grants &funding to all under Social enterprise ,no free bees .and max to the Farmers.

    We need to see the West minster system with a true Senate to control ,if not everything is a waste & we be back to square one ,no matter who rules

  • 1

    The people must insist on a Senate ,of wise elders of good reputations ,none bias among the retired educated professionals.

    Who can offer a second opinion on the house decisions and even veto anything that is detrimental to the nation and people.

    Without such a body , it will always be a joke of democracy or Socialism ,call it whatever you want , neither the people nor the country will progress.

    We do not want any flashy illusions of first countries , we need to keep it simple ,politicians and others should consider to start paying taxes and duty same as the people if they want luxury vehicles,or let them allocate normal vehicles as duty free to whomever it is allowed to.

    People must take control of the country .Don’t let yourselves be fooled again ,no such thing as racism or hate and if any government is not capable of nip in the bud ,then such a government is fake and out to make a bogey man of one and milk the rest .

    People should think more maturely
    Our country has rich culture to offer for tourism,. ..

    So let’s concentrate on that ,we have a beautiful multi-Culture to be proud of and something that have come to existence naturally ,so Please don’t let it be destroyed by any ethnic group.

    We the people who have reached our seniority in age request every single youngster from all faiths and races to unite and not be fooled to another blood bath ,this soil is still wet with the blood of many of our great men and young . History repeats they say ,but it should never and its in the hands of the young to see it never repeats.

  • 0

    The following policy issues of UPFA affected GDP.

    Banning of Glyphosate reduced the acreage under rice by 25% and increased the cultivation time by 2 to 3 weeks. Tea Plantations & maize cultivation was also affected by this decision..
    Not upgrading and moving the existing casinos to the City Centre dampened tourism and affected building construction in the prime areas of Colombo.
    The proposed ban on imports of white asbestos used for over 50 years in the production of asbestos sheets without any negative impact on the health of workers or users, soured the relationship with Russia.
    Halting the Port City project dampened construction and increased the cost.

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