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Domestic Accountability Mechanism Is Now Being Planned: Mangala

Ensuring accountability in the New Sri Lanka, will feature as a key component of the reconciliation process, and the architecture of a with international technical assistance as promised by our manifesto are now being planned, the Foreign Minister Mangala Samaraweera said today.

Kerry and Mangala 02 05 2015 Colombo TelegraphForeign Minister Samaraweera made above remarks during the Press Conference with US Secretary of State John Kerry today held at the Foreign Ministry.

“Today, Sri Lanka is well on its way to becoming a fully-fledged Parliamentary democracy, laying the foundations for a new Sri Lanka, built on the pillars of democracy and ethnic harmony. This will allow us to reap the fruits of increased economic growth and prosperity, which have been eluding us for nearly two decades.” the Minister further said.

We publish below his statement is full;

Good Morning Ladies and Gentleman,

It has been a great honour and privilege to welcome the Honourable John F. Kerry, Secretary of State of the United States, to the historic Republic Building which has been the home of our Foreign Ministry since Independence.

Secretary Kerry’s visit is a momentous occasion for Sri Lanka as it is the first official visit by a US Secretary of State in nearly half a century – 43 years to be precise.

I believe that this important visit signifies the return of our little island to the centre stage of international affairs.

This morning we continued a dialogue that began in Washington within a month of my appointment as Foreign Minister.

We agreed to build on a multifaceted bilateral relationship and to forge stronger links between our peoples.

We also agreed to formalize our relationship through a partnership dialogue that will enable us to continue this process on a regular basis.

Relations between our two countries have existed since the adoption of the US constitution, at which time records show that sailors from New England were anchored in the Galle Harbour.

American missionaries, including Sir Henry Olcott, who jointly designed the Buddhist flag flown during Vesak, played a vital role in founding and nurturing some of our best schools both in the North and the South.

Secretary Kerry’s visit to Sri Lanka comes at a very propitious moment.

On one hand, Buddhists in every part of the country, and all over the world, will be celebrating the Lord Buddha’s philosophy of tolerance and non-violence tomorrow, by lighting beautiful paper lanterns in their homes and on the streets.

And on the other hand, it also comes at a time when many Sri Lankans are celebrating the passage of the 19th Amendment to our constitution last Tuesday, which only one Member of Parliament opposed.

This was the apex of the 100 day programme which introduced far-reaching constitutional and democratic reforms.

Today, Sri Lanka is well on its way to becoming a fully-fledged Parliamentary democracy, laying the foundations for a new Sri Lanka, built on the pillars of democracy and ethnic harmony.

This will allow us to reap the fruits of increased economic growth and prosperity, which have been eluding us for nearly two decades.

Ensuring accountability in the New Sri Lanka, will feature as a key component of the reconciliation process, and the architecture of a domestic accountability mechanism with international technical assistance as promised by our manifesto are now being planned.

In this context there are also several areas where the United States can assist us by enhancing local capacity and providing technical expertise.

Sri Lanka, now a middle-income country, can no longer afford to rely solely on foreign aid.

It is in our government’s best interest to attract foreign direct investment as part of a broader strategy to kick-start the economy.

Sri Lanka has been considered a paradise for tourists for many years, but our government is now also keen to make Sri Lanka an investor’s paradise.

In order to do so, we are in the process of cultivating a rule based investment climate. I hope that American investors will take advantage of the many new economic opportunities now opening up in Sri Lanka.

Later today, Secretary Kerry will call on President Sirisena and have discussions with Prime Minister Ranil Wickremesinghe.

I believe these discussions will provide an opportunity for both sides to understand their respective priorities and that the discussions will also heighten our existing close and friendly relations.

I’d also like to take this opportunity to thank Assistant Secretary Nisha Biswal for her unrelenting belief in Sri Lanka and it’s potential, and for the support and encouragement we have received from her over the last few months.

I hope there will be many more high-level visits to come and that today is just the beginning of a very, very special relationship between Sri Lanka and the United States.

I wish Secretary Kerry and his delegation a pleasant stay in Sri Lanka, and hope that he will visit us again soon, so we may have the opportunity to show him more of our beautiful and diverse island.

Thank you.

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  • 2

    Shilud have had a domestic inquiry 5 years ago.

    Better late than never!!!

    • 8

      I have very serious doubts for this so called domestic inquiries as just see,

      A. What happened when thugs of Kudu Dumiya killed then Presidential advisor Premachandra? the evidence was doctored and we all know how they cover up the assasination.

      B. Even this Yahapalanaya have dissapointed with their actions so far like any politician whatever the crime done, will be housed in the Merchant ward in National hospital and this makes a joke as Basil Rajapaksa who was asked to remand and the best he can get is the Prison hospital was taken to the Merchant Ward and he got ‘kiribath’ served for him and his visitors from the hospital itself as mentioned in the Weekend newspapers.

      C. with 100+ days these guys could not get Wele Suda reveal his political masters and those who protected him from LE agencies and list goes from the Sec of Defence/sec of Internal security(ex-IGP), DIGs etc etc which is in public domain.

      D. What happened to those Lambos/personal helicopters/white horses etc etc, ther is no clue?

      D. Notorious drug lord, kudu Lansa was appointed to the SLFP working committee together with kudu Mervin and is this the Yahapalanaya?

      We need real solid people with integrity to conduct a domestic mechanism and unfortunately our system does not provide anyone to carry on this job internally and whatever comes up will be an eye wash.

    • 0

      Oh come on….Henry Steele Olcott is a Satanist who introduced the evil THEOSOPHY and started the early Islamophobia by with Helena Blavatsky and used another Satanist picked up from local population….Anagarika Dharmapala.

      Most mass murderers and criminals were from Jewish origin and even Hitler read the Blavatsky’s books (The Secret Doctrine/Isis Unveiled) that led him to launch his MASTER RACE concept to be imposed on the world.

      Dharmapala a former Christian was chosen for the job of attacking Islam in the early 20th century. He did it well and it is his legacy which is used still to spill blood – The Master Race concept fed into the Ceylonese by Blavatsky’s evil writings. So, 1915 riots against the Muslims is the first result of it.

      HAVE WONDERED WHY the Buddhist flag has no GREEN colour in it????? That’ the clue to find out about the hidden Anti-Islamic agenda. I mean, the Buddhist cannot miss the green as the BO TREE LEAVES are green…and not blue or Orange when its fresh.

      So, they were careful from the initial stages in designing the flag and transforming the dumb Sinhala oligarchy at that time to feed them with the NEW AGE ideas with the blend of of anti-Islamic touch also the only agenda which is leading the UN in bringing forth the NWO program into alive.

      Gnanasara, Mahinda JHU and all the dumb heads wanted the agenda of Anagarika to be imposed on the population. Therefore, they introduced BBS/Ravana Dogs etc with the help and training from MOSSAD on the techniques which is almost similar to the Zionist methods in attacking Islam and the Muslims.

      You don’t have to be a ROCKET SCIENTIST to know the connection between the mass murdering Zionists with their money power and manipulations of the truth to bring forth their agenda to the fore.

      Kerry is a shameless paid servant of the Rothschild system and a Evil Zionist. What more do you want when Kerry comes to show the clean face of US while it was the US which is conspiring to usurp the land of Sri Lanka by keeping it constantly occupied with unending internal conflicts to sell their weapons and fund their money on interest.

      Sri Lanka is attacked by a multi-pronged Zionist plans by the US/UK/Israel/EU etc… They tried all their dirty tricks by trapping Mahinda Gobbapakse to fix the entire country in their evil net. So, BBS became a handy to destablisation through the US Citizen Gota (the Goon).

      The US has no legitimacy in lecturing anyone about HUMAN RIGHTS and good governance. They are totally against any of those universal laws. That’s why they always select a CRIMINAL to run a country of their “interest”. The Criminal then controls the masses under his rule. Mahinda is one of them. Remember, Mahinda was trying to make Colombo a Las Vegas. The Zionist came with their money and baggage by putting James Packer as their face.


      If anyone is serious about facts…then you cannot miss to watch these videos:

      1. THE AGE OF EVIL – Theosophy

      2. SATAN, THE BEAST AND THE FALSE PROPHET – Part 1 The Secret Doctrine of Theosophy

      3. SATAN, THE BEAST AND THE FALSE PROPHET – Part 5 – The Nazi-Buddhist-Hindu Catholic Church of Devil

      4. ZIONIST:The Hidden History of Jewish Bolshevism.avi

      5. Killuminati The Movie

    • 3

      Domestic Accountability Mechanism will not work! It is like the thief being the judge and the jury!!

  • 3

    With regard to technical assistance from the US, it may be worthwhile to request more scholarships to train SLAS officers in advanced management at places like Harvard. Even the President Sirisena has commented on the value of such training.
    Secretary to the PM is a fine example to show how week our bureaucracy is. He is an officer who cannot conduct a meeting in English. He is said to have had overseas political postings thanks to Bogollagama yet he is not up to mark. He is not fit even to be a clerk! He is good only at planning his children’s education abroad.
    It is imperative that Sri Lanka selects about 30 SLAS officers with potential to become Ministry Secretaries and train them now itself as we can now afford to do it. It will definitely be a huge investment for the future.

    We must follow the Malaysian experience in building their bureaucracy. Malaysia spent heavily on training their human resources at prestigious universities abroad. It has paid dividends in terms of a solid critical thinking bureaucracy which contributes to development.

  • 4

    Domestic Accountability Mechanism is indeed the key phrase. Sri Lanka will survive or perish on the international stage by it.

    It is our incompetence that got us here. We now have to listen to silly lectures from the likes of Kerry & Cameron. All to implement something, we should have implemented all along. On our own accord, for our own sake.

    Now we have to do it for Kerry’s and Cameron’s sake. Who’s back is being scratched by the die-ass-pora.


    • 5

      Ben (believer in Jaffna library burnt by LTTE), U should remember fools like British left Ceylon & gave all powers 2 Sinhala Buddhist monkeys, what they done ruined everything….ruined u r life and mine. We Tamils need total brake from u all. Don’t blame Kerry or Cameron these 2 cowards help u 2 defeat our great warriors…u Sinhala Buddhist must be grateful 2 them….

  • 4

    ” Domestic Accountability Programme Is Now Being Planned – Mangala ” hope it does not end like the accountability programmes carried out by the semi dictatorial, military controlled previous regime.
    Otherwise it will be like taking the IC again on a ride as per the old saying “PARANGIYA KOTE GIYA VAAGE “.

    What MS, JHU, JVP, UNP, TNA and others have to be careful is the exploitation of this issue by MR & Co , gang of 4 and the likes of BBS for their self interest and come back to power , by fooling mainly the people in the South.
    If MR becomes executive PM whole of Sri Lanka will suffer and end up as AVAMANGALA.

  • 1

    Is this the cat that came out of the bag !! with a puppet and a pimp at the helm it is a real possibility.

  • 2

    The crimes that were committed were international crimes not domestic crimes. They were crimes like at the lowest, crimes against humanity and at the highest the crime of genocide. These are not domestic crimes to be tried by Sri Lankan judges who simply do not have experience of such crimes. There must be an international tribunal set up to try these crimes. One must not forget that over 70,000 Sinhalese youth also were killed during the JVP uprisings. There must be accountability in respect of them too though no Sinhalese group seems interested in the colossal massacre that took place during those times. There must be a deterrence against such bloodshed for human life cannot be treated with such callousness especially in a country which claims to profess Buddhism.

    In the case of the Tamils, genocide is a credible claim as such killings have been going on from 1956 and have remained unpunished by the domestic courts. During black July killings, Tamils were killed with the complicity of government ministers. There are photographs of Sinhalese dancing around while Tamils were being tortured to death. There was evidence in plenty. There were no prosecutions. Let us not hoodwink ourselves or the international community by this talk of domestic prosecutions.

    Tamils must ask for an international tribunal to test the nature of the prosecutions that could be brought. If there is credible evidence for a charge of genocide, then, the prosecution must be for genocide. This is an issue to be decided by an international tribunal not by local pundits. The Tamil diaspora will continue to agitate for prosecution of genocide of all those who can be identified as being involved in such crimes.

  • 1

    We must seriously consider why no agreement either local – between the leaders of both ethnic communities including NFA or international, between India and Sri Lanka ever worked during last 6 decades? To understand this we must consider why some groups that are hell bent of preventing singing of National Anthem in Tamil. Singing or speaking in a language that the singer or speaker understands is simple for many to understand. One must understand what he sings or speaks otherwise murmuring or mouthing will not serve any purpose other than maintaining a slavery status.

    Domestic accountability mechanism will buy time for this government and postpone finding any reasonable solution to the ethnic problem. Publication of UNHRC report in September may by-pass and alter the itinerary of local mechanism. Though the present president is trust worthy his talk of preserving unitary status of the system make sensible and sincere people worry about the future.

  • 0

    Domestic Accountability Mechanism [DAM]?
    Will this DAM obstruct Investigation into War crimes?

    Appropriately coined anyway!

  • 0

    This is an eye wash to fool international community…..

    Let them enjoy their own circus ….

    Tamils will never accept this…..

    Only an international Independent inquiry will expose the murderers …and punish them…

    Don’t white wash your crimes ….

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